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First of all, start with our guidelines.

Contribution guidelines:

  • Who can write for us: Experienced writers, bloggers or experts in the field of health/fitness/food. SEO-driven submissions are not welcomed. Therefore, do not send submissions or bio references that promote a business or service not in line with our philosophy.
  • Content Requirements: Neutral, helpful and entertaining tone. We accept original articles about Health, Fitness, Nutrition, Lifestyle, Beauty and DIY Recipe only.
  • Content Quality: The content must be 100% original and unique. The article must not have been published anywhere else and will not published anywhere else once it is accepted. We will not accept any responsibility for any copyright or ownership infringements made by contributors.
  • Reference: When a research/study/statistic appears in your content, it is important to include its source. It is preferred that all links of these sources are scientific, academic and/or reliable papers. You should put the link in square brackets and number them [1] [2] [3]… You can see one of our articles to know how it is done.
  • Word Number: The minimum number of words is 750.
  • Benefits: There is no compensation for contributions, but you have the chance to include one link back to your website, blog or social media profile within the content of the post and 1-2 more link within your profile. Keep your bio with 2-3 sentences (preferred no more than 120 words) and a photo of you or your service. You will be able to change your bio anytime if you have any new information or links you would like to include. We reserve to right to edit your post.
  • Attached photos: We require all contributors to submit at least 3 photos along with their articles. The featured photo should be 753 pixels width by 440 pixels height. The two other photos will be used within the content and they should be 600 pixels width by 350 pixels height. Make sure that you have permission to use the images you will submit as we do not accept any responsibility for any copyright or ownership infringements made by contributors related to photography.
  • Social media shares: It would be lovely if you promote your article on social media channels after it is published. The number of fans or subscribers on your social media is an important factor in our evaluation of your proposal. So, please mention it in your e-mail. AuthorityRemedies also may promote your posts on social media and feeds, so make sure you subscribe us so as not to miss them.
  • Write an email to ashleybennet@authorityremedies.com and state clearly who you are, some of your achievements, your service and your idea for contributing first! Don’t submit an article already finished. Pitching me with the idea will saving the time of yours and mine. Before choosing the topic, please use our search tool at the top of the page to avoid duplicating content. We accept topics that do not appear on our website only.

By submitting your article to AuthorityRemedies.com, you acknowledge that you have read all of our Terms and Conditions and all steps to submitting content carefully and agree with all rules stated.

Normally, we will contact you within 7 days after your submissions, so please be patient!

In case you do not receive any reply, please do not hesitate to contact us because we have to deal with a huge number of e-mails.

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