What To Eat Before Workout

What To Eat Before Workout

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In this article, Authority Remedies will help you learn what to eat before workout.


It is absolutely good if you have the habit of doing exercises every day. Exercises are fundamental to maintain our well-being and they are the most effective means to keep health problems from disturbing our life. In addition, workout will sharpen our appearance and improve significantly our confidence. However, there are many things you should bear in mind when you decide to go to gym.

The efficiency of your practicing is decided by not only how hard you try in the gymnastics, but also what you eat before and after workout. While post workout meal is getting more and more attention because at that time, the body gets exhausted and hungry, the pre workout meal is often ignored. It is true that you should not consume anything at least half an hour before workout because they may reduce the effectiveness of exercises. Nevertheless, it is even more harmful when you go to gym with an empty stomach. Not only do you lack energy to perform strenuous exercises, but you might also experience low blood pressure, which puts your health in danger.

Making a decision on what to eat before workout is not an easy issue, though. You should not choose heavy meals. Instead, choose some of these following 10 natural pre workout foods in order to get the best result in gym.

Below are top 10 recommendations on what to eat before workout.

1. Banana

Banana - What To Eat Before Workout

Banana is such a wonderful fruit that it can serve as both pre and post workout food. Containing a large number of fast-acting carbohydrates, bananas can give you a significant increase in the energy level which stimulates your physical performance. Furthermore, the presence of much potassium in banana is also beneficial for the muscles and nerves. In general, banana is one of the best recommendations on what to eat before workout.

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2. Yogurt

Yogurt - What To Eat Before Workout

If you are new to workout and confused about what to eat before workout, you had better choose yogurt – one of the simplest foods to digest. If you want to maximize the benefits you get, combine it with some dried fruits. Besides, Greek yogurt is highly recommended because it can work as efficiently as other types of yogurt, but it contains less sugar.

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3. Oats

Oats - What To Eat Before Workout

Known as a rich source of fiber, oats are another tip on what to eat before workout. Fiber has positive impacts on the release of carbohydrates that are responsible for energy you have. Thus, if you want to stay as energetic as possible during the workout, consume oats at least 30 minutes before.

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4. Smoothies

Smoothies - What To Eat Before Workout

Smoothies are the best pre workout foods you should try to provide your body with enough nutrients to perform strenuous exercises. They have a high content of protein which is digested easily. Smoothies made from berries are the best recommendations from professional experts.

5. Caffeine

Caffeine - What To Eat Before Workout

Surprising as it may seem, you are suggested to consume a bit caffeine before workout. It is actually a great tip on what to eat before workout. According to some researches, caffeine can help your body release more energy and stay away from fatigue. Furthermore, caffeine is ideal for obese people as it makes a great contribution to the efforts of burning fat. Nevertheless, it should be consumed with a very small amount.

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6. Chickpeas

If you do not have much time to prepare before workout, you can choose chickpeas – a great pre workout food. The advice is to consume a quarter of a cup and you can combine fresh lemon juice to make it taste better. Scientists calculated that ¼ cup of chickpeas can provide proteins, carbs and fiber with 10, 30, and 9 grams, respectively.

7. Egg Whites

Egg White - What To Eat Before Workout

While egg whites appear in the list of post workout foods as a great support for the rebuild and growth of muscles, they are actually great for preparing your body before workout as well. You should remove egg yolks because it takes a lot of time to metabolize the fat in the yolks, which will prevent you from working hard in gym. On the other hand, the egg white does not provide any fat for the body. Instead, your body gets about 4 grams of protein.

8. Wholegrain Bread

This pre workout food is more suitable for those who intend to go to gym during the lunch break. You should consume a slice at least 45 minutes before doing exercises. Besides, to maximize the benefits, combine it with honey or jam so that your body gets more and more energy.

9. Apple

Apple - What To Eat Before Workout

Another simple pre workout food is apple. It can be considered as one of the best sources of fiber whose positive effects on your energy level are mentioned above. It really increases your energy level and helps you do exercises to the fullest extent. In addition, its nutrients are effective to prevent muscle pain during the workout as well.

10. Dried Fruits

Last but not least, when you do not have 30 minutes to relax between the pre workout meal and the workout, you should use dried fruits. As they are very light, not much pressure is put on you, but you still get some improvements in the energy level to do exercises. Dried pineapple or berries are the best suggestions on what to eat before workout.

*Disclaim: The effectiveness from applying these natural tips will be depended on the body condition of the applicant.

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