Top Superfoods for Hair

Top Superfoods for Hair

Hair is one of essential body parts that reflect obviously the health condition and beauty. No one can deny that they don’t want strong, healthy and beautiful hair but not many of them can get or remain it. This is due to many factors that possibly affect the condition of our hair such as genetic predisposition, illness, stress, hair care products and especially diet. It should be noticed that hair needs to be nourished from inside, thus your diet plays a vital role in improving the hair condition. Basically, hair is made of keratin, a kind of protein that is available in many sources from nature. Besides, there are also other nutrients that are essential for hair such as iron, fatty acids, B vitamin, carbohydrates, zinc and sulphur. Accordingly, it is necessary to keep your diet balanced and nutritious to have healthy hair and prevent various hair problems.

Here are top 10 superfoods for hair that you should know.

1. Cottage Cheese

Cottage Cheese - Top Superfoods for Hair

Being abundant in high quality proteins, including whey and casein, cottage cheese are a trusted ingredient used to moisturize the scalp. When your scalp get stronger and well hydrated, the hair also becomes healthier and shiny. Additionally, the content of vitamin B and D in the cheese contributes significantly to the process of hair growth while the amino acids actively nourish the hair strands.

Cottage cheese can be used as a snack or added into side dishes.

2. Eggs

Eggs - Top Superfoods for Hair

Keratin, a kind of protein, is known as the main composition of hair. Therefore, to have strong and healthy hair, providing enough proteins through your diet is necessary. Among food rich in these substances, eggs are standing out for its high quality protein, which is extremely good to promote hair growth and prevent breakage. At the same time, the B vitamins and biotin in eggs help prevent hair problems and keep your scalp hydrated.

You can choose having one egg served daily or making a hair mask with eggs.

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3. Quinoa

Quinoa - Top Superfoods for Hair

Besides eggs, quinoa is also an ample source of protein that you can make use of to benefit your hair. The protein in this grain has been discovered with high quality, thus it is used in several hair products. Meanwhile, the vitamin E in quinoa helps control the natural oil production on the scalp, keeping it well hydrated and the hair healthy. Other nutrients like niacin, B vitamins and biotin also work to promote hair growth and strength.

You can make use of quinoa by using it in salads or other dishes.

4. Almonds

Almond - Top Superfoods for Hair

Another ingredient you can use as a superfood for hair is almonds, which are packed with zinc, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin E, etc. Specifically, the zinc in almonds functions to ensure the circulation in the scalp, keeping the hair shiny and healthy. Plus, the other factors like vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids actively work to prevent hair problem and accelerate the growth of hair.

Consume a handful of roasted almonds as snacks during the day or eat 2-3 almonds after soaking them overnight.

5. Broccoli

Broccoli - Top Superfoods for Hair

The vitamin A and C in broccoli are believed to benefit the hair by producing sebum, a natural conditioner for hair. The other substances in the vegetable like potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium and omega-3 fatty acids also contribute to the growth of healthy hair and prevent many problems like split ends or breakage.

Broccoli benefits you the most when it is eaten raw or lightly cooked.

*Disclaim: The effectiveness from applying these natural tips will be depended on the body condition of the applicant.

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