Top 10 Serious Animal Bites You Should Know

Top 10 Serious Animal Bites You Should Know

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Animal bites which can easily cause infections or many of them can lead to death are extremely serious when the culprits are venomous animals.

Even though, they are tiny spiders, little worms or they can be cold – blooded animals such as lizards and snakes.

Some of them lead to infection due to the spot that the bite occurred.

The bacteria from the animal’s mouth or paws can invade the skin and triggers the infection.

Moreover, some of them can be fatal if the animal that bites is venomous especially those with extremely toxic.

When the toxicant has spread all over your body, it can lead to paralyzed nervous system, heart collapses.

More severely, victims can be dead after the bite several minutes.

It is important to note that there are hundreds of animals all over the world and we may not know much about their habitants as well as venom however, we have listed 10 of them which can be ranked as the most venomous animals. These animals can cause the most serious bites so be careful with them.

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1. Platypus

Platypus - Serious Animal Bites

You may know that this is the only mammal that lay eggs, platypus is an otter – footed, duck – billed and beaver – tailed mammal which lives in the East of Australia.

Initially, you may wonder why this harmless – looking animal can attack you and cause death.

Indeed, this cute looking animal may not look like the most venomous and dangerous animals in the world however, a male one who obtains ankle spurs can invade high amount of venom through its bites.

It might not cause death to a strong and healthy human being, but it will lead to intensive pain.

And the pain is so prolonged that you wish you would have never felt pain again.

2. Stingray

Stingray - Serious Animal Bites

Stingray often use their stingers as a self – defense mechanism whenever they feel threatened, therefore mostly it is accidental when people get bitten by them.

The stingrays “bites” cause pain, serrated barb which can break off the wound and lead to bacterial infections which can worsen the problems.

The venom from its tail can lead to excessive pain, muscle cramps and swelling.

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3. Stonefish

The stonefish can be considered as one of the most venomous sea creatures living in Indo – Pacific regions.

They are hard to find since they can camouflage in the sand or mud.

They possess 13 sharp toxic spines therefore, one bite of this creature can lead to intensive and fatal pain.

It can kill human easily without treatment.

4. Black Widow

Black widow spiders are the most venomous spiders.

You may wonder why clock spider or huntsman spider are not the most dangerous spider due to their horrifying appearance, in fact, clock spiders are completely harmless animals.

They may bite but only for defense purposes unlike black widow, their bites can lead to irregular heartbeat, cramping or powerful and painful muscles contractions.

You can recognize them by theirs typically black color embellished with some red patches on the abdomen.

Even after the bites such long time like weeks or months you may still experience hallucinations as well as word slurring.

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5. Tarantula Hawk

Tarantula Hawk - Serious Animal Bites

They can be called big spider wasps and their name indicates that their preys are tarantula.

They are native to the region from India to South East Asia, Australia spreads all over to Americas and Africa.

They are packed with a strong venom and it is believed to be the second most excruciating sting of any insects.

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6. Rattlesnake

This is quite famous for its exceptional tail and venom as well.

It belongs to viper family which does not obtain the deadliest snake bites however, the most distressing ones.

All of them are known to be native to the Americas.

The victims of the bites may suffer from immediate and intensive pain.

The symptoms can be counted are nausea, anxiety and heart failure without treatment even immediate treatment.

7. Box Jellyfish

Box Jellyfish - Serious Animal Bites

Box jellyfish is the most toxic animal in the world and its venom ranks the highest in the world deadly venom.

Not only does it be extremely venomous but it also cause prolonged pain.

Its tentacles possess more than 5000 stinging microorganisms and when they catch you, the venom may cause heart failure, strokes, nervous system collapse as well as cardiovascular destruction.

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8. Bullet Ant

Bullet Ant whose scientific name is paraponera clavata is named after its strong sting because of its venom.

Regrading to Schmidt Sting Pain Index, the pain caused by the bullet ant bites is worth 4.0+.

It can last up to one day and cause inflammation. The ants are native to lowland forest in the South America (Paraguay and Nicaragua).

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9. Gila Monster

This is an extremely venomous lizard that ever live on Earth.

It is native to the South West of the USA and North West of Mexico.

This monster’ venom come from its bottom teeth, though the strength of the venom is not powerful enough to kill an adult human, similar to platypus, it might cause excessively long pain and discomfort.

Some people said that the pain could have been compared to being fired alive.

10. Arizona Bark Scorpion

Arizona Bark Scorpion - Serious Animal Bites

Scorpions has been notorious for centuries for its venom and its aggressive characters.

And the most venomous award goes to Arizona Bark Scorpion which is native to North America as well as northwestern Mexico.

The bite can cause distressing pain comes along with tingling, numbness as well as vomiting.

It can last up to 72 hours. Fortunately, the anti – venom are available therefore, deaths caused by this type are quite rare.

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