Top 10 Health Benefits of Honey

Top 10 Health Benefits of Honey

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It seems to be that nowhere on earth do not know and use honey as a part of culture diet. This ingredient is known as a superfood made by bees using nectar from flowers and has flavor of sweetness, which is from the monosaccharides fructose and glucose. During the process of honey, honeybees convert nectar into honey by regurgitation and evaporation then store it in wax honeycombs inside the beehive.

Thanks for its precious properties, honey has been long used in traditional remedies and now in modern medicines to treat various type of beaity and health problems. Another reason for its popularity is the easiness in consumption as you can take honey directly or have it on bread, or with drinks, etc.

Here are 10 health benefits of honey you should know about.

1. Sweetener

The next time you need sugar, use honey instead since it has 69% glucose and fructose, which means sugar can be used as a sweetener. Moreover, honey is better for your health than normal white sugar.

Sweetener - Top 10 Health Benefits of Honey

2. Prevent Cancer and Heart Diseases

The properties of flavonoids and antioxidants in honey work effectively to remove free radicals from the body, thus, reduce the risk of some cancers and heart diseases.

Heart health - Top 10 Health Benefits of Honey


3. Ulcer and Other Gastrointestinal Disorders

During the process of making honey, the bees add an enzyme that makes hydrogen peroxide. This explains for its use as a natural antiseptic in traditional medicines. Furthermore, thanks to those properties, treatments with honey help a lot with disorders such as ulcers and bacterial gastroenteritis.

Gastrointestinal disorders - Top 10 Health Benefits of Honey

4. Improve Athletic Performance

Since ancient time, athletes have used honey to increase their physical performance. Through time, scientists discover the ability of honey to maintain blood sugar levels, muscle recuperation and improve recovery time than other sweeteners. Moreover, even most sensitive stomach can easily convert carbohydrates in hone into glucose. Therefore, it is ideal ergogenic aid to boost energy and enhance physical performance.

Physical performance - Top 10 Health Benefits of Honey

5. Cough and Throat Irritation

By consuming honey, you will help yourself to relieve nocturnal cough and improve sleep quality.

Cough - Top 10 Health Benefits of Honey

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6. Blood Sugar Regulation

Unlike white sugar and artificial sweeteners, honey has the extract combination of fructose and glucose, which help regulate blood sugar levels.

Honey regulates blood sugar - Top 10 Health Benefits of Honey

7. Wounds and Burns

Honey has shown itself as effective treatment to heal wounds and burns thanks to antimicrobial properties. Besides, it promotes autolytic debridement and stimulates wound tissues, thus, speeds up the healing process. Honey also helps in encourage moist wound healing.

Honey treats burn - Top 10 Health Benefits of Honey

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8. Vitamins and Minerals

The type of vitamins and minerals in honey depends on the type of flowers used for apiculture. They are commonly vitamin C, calcium and iron, which are likely to be much more than regular sugar in other source.

Honey - Top 10 Health Benefits of Honey

Another nutrient fact of honey is that there are a large quantity of friendly bacteria contained in honey, including up to 6 species of lactobacilli and 4 species of bifidobacteria. Therefore, honey can be a great source of probiotic.

9. Skin Treatment

Honey has been always on the list of beauty treatments for women’s skin as it helps with moistening and nourishing. Its ideal partner for combination is milk, which creates smooth, beautiful skin.

Skin treatment - Top 10 Health Benefits of Honey

10. Weight Loss

Despite the fact that honey possesses a larger amount of calories than sugar, it efficiently aid digestion to get rid of fat stored in body. For better effect, you can use the mixture of this ingredient and lemon juice or cinnamon.

Lose weight - Top 10 Health Benefits of Honey

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