Top 10 Blueberry Health Benefits

Top 10 Blueberry Health Benefits

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Top 10 blueberry health benefits will be the topic Authority Remedies covers in this article.


Among berries, blueberries are the second most popular fruit and every year, they exceed every other berry, except for strawberry, in the amount of consumption in America alone. This fruit can be consumed raw to get the best result or included in many dishes in order to make them more flavorful. The journey of blueberry from its hometown – North America – to every area in the world began hundreds of years ago and nowadays, it is commonly used in every continent.

The majority of people choose to use blueberries because of its fresh and wonderful flavor. Hardly do people have a full understanding of its health benefits. In fact, there have been many researches on the health benefits of blueberries and some of them are really impressive. Blueberries contain a variety of vitamins and antioxidants that are needed in many processes in our body. Therefore, if you are well aware of them and use blueberries with the appropriate amount, the benefits will be even better.

Here are top 10 blueberry health benefits that you ought to know in order to gain the best from this amazing fruit.

1. Eyes

Eyes - Top 10 Blueberry Health Benefits

The eye’s retina is much more vulnerable to oxidative stress than any other part of the body and when damage happens, your eyesight will be affected severely. Foods that contain a high content of phytonutrient antioxidants have been used for years to prevent this scenario from coming true and thankfully, blueberry can meet this demand. Thus, one of the best blueberry health benefits is to reduce the risk of oxygen damage in the retina thanks to its richness of anthocyanins. In addition, antioxidants in blueberries can make the retina less vulnerable to the sunlight as well.

2. Control Weight

Control Weight - Top 10 Blueberry Health Benefits

Despite its small size, blueberry has an impressive amount of nutrients. Scientists have calculated that there are about 4 grams of fiber per one cup of blueberries. The percentage of vitamin C, K and magnesium is 24, 36, and 25 percent, respectively. Furthermore, it does not provide much calories for your body (around 84 calories in one cup). Thus, one of the best blueberry health benefits is to help you control your weight more easily and effectively.

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3. Heart Health

Blueberry health benefits have strong connection with the improvements of cardiovascular system, which means that your heart can benefit much from blueberries. If you use blueberries at least once or twice per day, the balance of blood fat is enhanced significantly and the level of cholesterol reduces. In addition, the blood components get more protection to stay away from oxygen damage.

Heart Health - Top 10 Blueberry Health Benefits

According to studies carried out on both male and female participants, blueberries are reported to be very supportive for healthy blood pressure.

Overall, one of the best health benefits of blueberry is to maintain your heart health.

4. Anti-Aging

Anti-Aging - Top 10 Blueberry Health Benefits

Oxidative DNA damage is a natural process that takes place in our body for every second without our recognition. It is responsible for the aging process we experience throughout time. Nevertheless, as a result of the science’s advances, we have known more about the nature and how to slow down this natural process. It is also one of the most amazing blueberry health benefits you had better be aware of. With a high content of antioxidants, blueberries can reduce the effects of DNA damage on your appearance.

There was a study carried out in 168 people for a month. They were provided a liter of blueberry juice on a daily basis and after one month, the rate of oxidative DNA damage in these people was measured to be 20-percent lower.

5. Anti-Cancer

Anti-Cancer - Top 10 Blueberry Health Benefits

Oxidative DNA damage is also responsible for the growth of cancer cells in our body. Therefore, blueberry health benefits include the prevention against cancer as well. Breast cancer and colon cancer are the two most common types of cancer that can be prevented effectively with blueberries.
For more information about these types of cancer, please read How To Prevent Colon Cancer.

6. Brain

Another consequence of oxidative DNA damage is on the function of our brain. And once again, you can use blueberries to prevent it from happening. Some studies conducted on animals reveal that blueberries can activate the areas of our brain that have significant effects on our intelligence. Moreover, blueberries are believed to slow down the effects of aging process on our memory as well.

In another research, 9 old people consuming blueberry juice on a daily basis had a lot of improvements in their brain function.

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7. Digestion

Digestion - Top 10 Blueberry Health Benefits

Thanks to the abundance of fiber, one of the most amazing blueberry health benefits is to improve your digestion and help you stay away from digestive problems, like constipation. Other nutrients, such as sodium, copper and vitamins, in blueberries also make great contributions to a healthy digestive system. Thus, you are recommended to consume blueberry juice regularly to get the best result.

8. Anti-Diabetes

Unlike other fruits, blueberries contain less sugar which makes up for only 15 grams per one cup. On the other hand, this fruit can provide many essential antioxidants, such as anthocyanins. All of these qualities are beneficial for the efforts to fight against diabetes. You can consume them raw or their juice to get the best blueberry health benefits.

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9. Urinary Tract Infections

This health benefit of blueberries will make many women suffering from urinary tract infections happy. Blueberry works as effectively as cranberry in the treatment for these infections thanks to the presence of substances that eradicate the bacteria in the bladder.

10. Muscle Pain

Muscle Pain - Top 10 Blueberry Health Benefits

Last but not least, one of the best blueberry health benefits is to help relieve the muscle pain caused by strenuous exercises. If you are used to performing hard workout every day, then blueberries should be the fruit you stick to, along with some other popular ones, such as banana. Blueberries are super effective in reducing the soreness and pain in the muscles.

*Disclaim: The effectiveness from applying these natural tips will be depended on the body condition of the applicant.

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