The 19 Woman-Only Apps That Aim To Complete Your Life

The 19 Woman-Only Apps That Aim To Complete Your Life

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While trying to keep up with late nights at work, balancing a social life, turning up at daily yoga sessions and attempting to follow the new-rad diet, the adequacies of a smartphone come into play and make things easy for women.

The email apps, calendar and Skype occupy commendable duties by keeping people on top of  their tasks. However, there is always a time when you end up saying to yourself, ‘If only I had an app for that’. Well, ladies, your wish has been granted.

There are numerous life-hacking apps that every tech-savvy woman would love and should have in her mobile device. Here is a list of some of the best ones.

The Fashionista

1. Stylebook

Being a woman feels hard when despite having an overloaded wardrobe, you still don’t know what to wear. The Stylebook application works as your very own virtual closet by reminding you of the magic your secret cabinets truly hold. The app manages everything from your favourite outfits and size-fits to the best style inspirations by taking pictures and uploading them on your device.

2. Cloth

Similar to the Stylebook app, Cloth app provides you with a similar yet more enhanced experience by categorizing all your outfits and uploading snaps of the best-matched clothes on your smartphone.

3. Snapette

Snapette takes you on an easy yet luxurious window shopping adventure by bringing your favourite items closer to you. With this app, which usually works for stores in L.A, Boston, San Francisco, NYC and Tokyo, you can take snippets of the fashionable clothing items, tag their brands, price and share it with fellow shoppers on Snapette for a product analysis.

4. Opi Nail Studio

This app can be a real time saver when you are picking the best nail enamel for that quick manicure at the salon. All you have to do is download Opi Nail Studio on your device, alter the virtual skin shade for it to match yours and try on different nail colours that go best with your skin tone.

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5. Sephora To Go

As the name suggests, you don’t have to visit the Sephora Store every time a hot-new-deal pops up. Download Sephora To Go on your smartphone and browse the latest make-up trends within the comfort of your home.

The Healthy Lass

6. Good Guide

It’s important to steer clear of harsh ingredients that make skin and hair products. The GOODGUIDE app helps you pick out items that are green and friendlier to the environment. Simply photograph the target item’s bar code and the app will tell you how safe, sulphate and parabens-free a particularproduct is.

7. Nike Training Club

There are numerous work-out health apps on the market but Nike Training Club proves to be distinctive and happens to stand out every time. The app encompasses all your daily exercise needs; featuring cardio, core, strength, balance, a training schedule and flexibility exercises while also allowing you to create your own work-out moves.

8. Yoga Stretch

If you prefer exercises with a slow built-up of core body strength, Yoga Stretch is a must-download for you. The app helps create your own customized movements while allowing you to play your own preloaded music in the sessions. A fantastic application for every woman who loves yoga.

9. MyFitnessPal

Gone are the days when a health-conscious goon had no idea about the exact number of calories in a cake slice. MyFitnessPal makes sure every individual keeps a track of their fitness by providing them with an actual diet tracker and an efficient calorie counter.

10. Clue

An app created by a Danish Entrepreneur Ida Tin, Clue, aims to work as a basic period tracker. The app predicts when your period will arrive and keeps a close check on your premenstrual symptoms. Unlike other period tracking apps on the market, Clue doesn’t involve stereotypical pink or floral accents.

11. Check Yourself

The non-profit organization, Keep a Breast Foundation, launched CHECK YOURSELF to encourage women to conduct monthly mammary tests. Instead of visiting the hospital every month for a check-up, the CHECK YOURSELF app allows you to conduct an assuring self-examination at home.

12. Beautiful Me

Beautiful Me is for all women who take care of their skin. The app enables instant detection of the user’s skin profile and helps them better understand their own facial features; hence, promoting the use of only the best skin products.

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The Self-Sufficient

13. Circle of Six

Circle of 6 has been dubbed as the ‘21st Century’s Rape Whistle’ by some. This protection app allows its users to identify six best family members or friends that can be a part of their ‘circle’ in case of unforeseen emergencies. You can click on the pin icon, sending a message with your location to your circle who can then save you from a potentially troublesome situation.

14. Cab4me

Catching a cab home at 3 am in the morning can be quite a feat. Cab4me is the best taxi finder application you can have on your smartphone. The app uses your GPS location to find a cab nearest to you, with reasonable payment methods, no matter what the time.

15. Near+Now

For all those times you have felt like painting the town red with your girl squad;Near+Now brings you a list of all cool clubs, bars and restaurants in your area, bound to make your weekend nights worth every while.

The Mix Sphinx

16. Find My iPhone

It has happened to the best of us; experiencing a mini stroke when you can’t find your latest iPhone.Find My iPhone lessens your anxiety by allowing Apple users to log in to their online account and coordinate with the GPS of your phone’s location.

17. Textalyzer

Besides the Diva Chat App from AirG, Textalyzer is the like the best friend a woman can ever have. The app creates a ‘don’t text’ forbidden list that stops you from messaging any undesirable individual under careless ‘alcohol influence’ and when the company runs the survey for public reviews, they receive a very promising feedbacks from their users.

18. Giiv

Getting people a gift to remember has never been easier. With Giiv, you can send your friend a gift from online stores like Macy’s and Sephora via a single text message.

19. Evernote

Evernote is a better upgrade of the standard note pad. Usually referred to as the ‘super notepad’, Evernote app allows you to keep text, voice and photo notes accessible from any device or desktop.

There is a strong community of female users behind many online appsthat offer advice, tips and solve problems that women face regarding their health or safety. Befriend technology and download the best-suited apps to amp up your life-game by a significant mile!


*Disclaim: The effectiveness from applying these natural tips will be depended on the body condition of the applicant.

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