Surprising Benefits of Amazing Papaya

Surprising Benefits of Amazing Papaya

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Papaya is the fruit of the plant Carica papaya, which has origin in Central America and Mexico. This fruit choose tropical region as its favorite climate to grow.

There are two main types of papayas: Mexican and Hawaiian. Both are packed in a butter-yellow skin and have the flavor of sweetness. Papaya is used in culinary when it is unripe or green. As this fruit is fully ripe, it is popular used as a fruit, including its juice.

More than a fruit, papaya contains a lot of nutrients and substances, which are beneficial for human health, including lowering the risk of developing heart diseases, diabetes, obesity, cancer and stress, etc.

Here are 12 reasons explaining for how papaya can completely change your life.

1. Cholesterol and heart diseases

Diseases related to heart are often caused due to the build-up of cholesterol in arteries, which blocks the blood flow, leading to heart attack. However, there are several substances found in papayas such as fiber, antioxidants, vitamin C are confirmed to have the ability to reduce this build-up and lower the triglycerides levels inside the body.

This makes papaya a great solution to lower cholesterol and prevent diseases related to heart.

Heart Disease - Surprising Benefits of Amazing Papaya

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2. Weight loss

Papaya is a delicious fruit but low in calories. It is estimated that there are only 120 calories in a medium sized papaya. Therefore, you can resort to papaya whenever you feel hungry but do not want to take in high calories food. Additionally, this fruit is full of dietary fiber, which is soluble in your stomach, making it feel full and no longer craving for sugar.

Generally, papaya is good for those who want to improve their appearance or health by getting rid of excess weight.

Weight loss - Surprising Benefits of Amazing Papaya

3. Immunity

Immunity is seen as a shield to protect body against harmful external environment. Without immunity, people are vulnerable to virus and bacteria, which eventually leads to illness and diseases. Therefore, building a strong immunity is necessary for your health and eating papaya is among the excellent way to do it. This is due to the ability of this fruit to make up for 200% of vitamin C in your daily requirement. All the nutrients in papaya works well together to reinforce your immune systems, making it work at its best.

Papayas boost immunity - Surprising Benefits of Amazing Papaya

4. Diabetes

Some people assume the sweet taste of papaya is owing to its rich content of sugar. This assumption is so wrong since this fruit is really low in sugar and glycemic index. Moreover, the vitamins and phytonutrients make papaya not only safe but also good for people with diabetes because they reduce the risk of developing heart diseases in diabetics. Even with those who are totally healthy, papaya also help contributes to prevention against this disease.

Prevent diabetes - Surprising Benefits of Amazing Papaya

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5. Eyes care

There must be a reason for mothers to make their children consume papayas regularly. Some believe it is because of the ability to nurture and protect the eyes of papayas. To reinforce this assumption, science has proven this health benefit due to the discovery of the presence of vitamin A and flavonoids such as zeaxanthin, lutein, etc. in papayas. All these substances function to benefit the mucus membranes in the eyes, protecting them from damage, even macular degeneration related to aging. Papaya is believed to be even better for eyes than tomatoes and carrots.

Eye care - Surprising Benefits of Amazing Papaya

6. Arthritis

It has been confirmed that consuming papayas is a good way to strengthen your bone thanks to vitamin C and the anti-inflammatory properties present in this fruit. By having 1-2 servings of papaya everyday, you will help yourself fight against several types of arthritis.

Arthritis - Surprising Benefits of Amazing Papaya

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7. Digestion

Junk foods or restaurant foods are always attracted to people than healthy food at home. However those foods are usually not good for your digestion since they contain a lot of oil. To deal with this problem, papaya produces a digestive enzyme and fiber to improve your digestion. All you need to do is consume papayas 30 minutes before or after the indulge meal.

Be cautious, this remedy is only for occasion. If you constantly having meal with junk food or excessive quantity of oil, your stomach will be considerably damaged.

Indigestion - Surprising Benefits of Amazing Papaya

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8. Menstruation

Menstruation would be much more comfortable and friendly to girls and women just with the yellow superfood. After being absorbed, papaya release an enzyme helping regulate the flow during menstruation. As a result, it helps to ease the pain and relieve all the symptoms caused by this period.

Menstruation - Surprising Benefits of Amazing Papaya

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9. Stress

Legend has it that papayas make you forget about stress and feel happier. This is not because it has a magic function to make you feel full and happy. It is proven by many scientists that the rich content of vitamin C in this fruit is a great natural medicine to regulate the stress hormone, leading to a reduction of stress.

Happiness - Surprising Benefits of Amazing Papaya

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10. Skin

Another benefit of papaya is for skin as it helps improve skin health, treat acne and inhibit sings of aging. This fruit is enriched with antioxidants, vitamin C, vitamin E, which assists your skin to fight against free radical damage. By consuming papaya daily, you will help yourself to prolong the youth and stay younger.

Healthy Skin - Surprising Benefits of Amazing Papaya

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11. Hair

Not only skin but also hair is a part of body that gets benefit from papaya. This fruit is able to make hair smooth, moisturized and eliminate dandruff as well as promote hair growth for those who are facing with hair loss. Besides consuming directly papayas, you can also get some papaya extract and apply onto the scalp and hair to improve the condition.

Hair care - Surprising Benefits of Amazing Papaya

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12. Cancer

The antioxidants are one of the nutrients in papaya that works effectively to protect your cells against free radical damage. Besides, phytonutrients and flavonoids also efficiently contribute to the process. This helps prevent various types of cancer, especially colon cancer and prostate cancer, which has been proven in many researches.

Papayas prevent cancer - Surprising Benefits of Amazing Papaya

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