Proven Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

Proven Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

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Coconut oil, which used to be known as a cooking ingredient now becomes so popular for its health benefits that it is placed on the top of superfood list. It has the largest consumption and production in tropical countries such as Thailand, Philippines, India, etc.

Although, saturated fats make up 90% of coconut oil, it cannot harm people if being used in moderation. On the contrary, this edible oil has a great number of health and beauty benefits, including taking care of skin and hair, reinforcing digestive and immune systems as well as protecting against diseases and illness.

Besides saturated fats, coconut oil also contains unsaturated fatty acid, poly-phenols, derivatives of fatty acid, derivatives of fatty alcohols, vitamins and minerals. For the nitrous content, coconut oil benefits us in both traditional and modern medicine.

Here are the 10 benefits coconut could bring to us.

1. Skin Care

Coconut oil has been long widely used as a skin care products for its effects in not only preventing dryness and flaking of skin but also inhibit the signs of aging such as wrinkle and sagging.

Skin benefits of coconut oil - Proven health benefits of coconut oil

Furthermore, coconut oil knows how to make use of its properties, especially antioxidants to combat various skin problems like psoriasis, eczema and many kinds of skin infections. Unlike mineral oil, there is no side effect of using coconut oil on skin.

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2. Hair Care

This valuable liquid is active in promoting hair growth and improving your hair quality, eventually makes it smooth and shine. Moreover, it also strengthens and recovers damaged hair; especially the one caused by hygral fatigue by supply the necessary amount of protein.

Hair benefits of coconut oil - Proven health benefits of coconut oil

By regularly using coconut oil to massage your scalp, you will no longer worry about dandruff, also lice or lice eggs.

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3. Heart Diseases

Due to the high content of saturated fats, the benefit of coconut oil to heart health has been a controversial issue since 1970s. In fact, 50% lauric acid effectively presenting in coconut oil protects human from many heart problems such as high cholesterol and high blood pressure, etc. Adding to the point, coconut also reduce the incidence of arteries injury and damage, thus actively prevent atherosclerosis. It is suggested that a frequent coconut oil intake is good at maintaining healthy lipid profiles in pre-menopause women.

Coconut oil prevents heart disease - Proven health benefits of coconut oil

4. Diabetes

Diabetes has become a common disease all around the world. To solve this problem, people can resort to coconut oil as inexpensive and available natural remedy at home. Sine it helps control blood sugar then improve the secretion of insulin, coconuts oil is effective in preventing and treating diabetes.

Coconut oil is good for diabetes - Proven health benefits of coconut oil

5. Weight Loss

It has been confirmed that the rate of abdominal in women dropped significantly when there is presence of coconut oil intake since it help take off excessive weight. By getting rid of stress on the pancreas, coconut oil functions to burn more energy and help with weight loss.

Coconut oil in coffee - Proven health benefits of coconut oil

6. Immune System

Thanks to antimicrobial lipids, capric acid and lauric acid, coconut oil is able to promote and strengthen the immunity. The lauric acid, after being reverted, turns into monilaurin, a useful substance in a fight against viruses and bacteria causing diseases such as herpes, influenza, cytomegalovirus, etc.

Coconut oil promotes immunity - Proven health benefits of coconut oil

7. Digestion

By using coconut oil as cooking oil, this liquid benefits us to improve the digestive systems and protect our stomach against problems related to digestion. The saturated fats turn out to be a helpful assistant that efficiently deals with various bacteria, parasites and fungi causing indigestion. It also aids the process nutrients absorption such as amino acid, vitamins and minerals.

Aid Digestion - Proven health benefits of coconut oil

8. Anti-Inflammation

The chemical layer of coconut oil applied into infected areas helps prevent external dust, especially fungi, bacteria and viruses. More than that, this wonderful oil promotes the healing process of damaged tissues.

Coconut oil combats inflammation - Proven health benefits of coconut oil

It is also discover that coconut oil can combat not only the viruses of measles, herpes, SARS and other dangerous diseases but also bacteria causing ulcers, urinary tract infection, etc.

9. Stress Relief

Another benefit of coconut is helping you free from stress. Furthermore, it is indicated that people having a lot of coconut are among the healthiest people on the planet. Therefore, the habit of regular eating of huge quantity of coconut oil is passed from generation to generation in many parts of the world.

Coconut oil helps relieve the stress - Proven health benefits of coconut oil

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10. Alzheimer’s Disease

Although there is no conclusion of coconut oil’s effect on Alzheimer’s disease yet, some studies have confirmed the ability of this oil to boost the function of the brain and help with improvement in patients with mild form of Alzheimer’s.

Coconut oil boosts brain functoin - Proven health benefits of coconut oil

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