Melissa McCarthy’s Weight Loss Secret

Melissa McCarthy’s Weight Loss Secret

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There aren’t many plus size superstars out there, so when one starts to dramatically lose weight, all eyes turn on them.

Melissa McCarthy has managed to lose weight in such a way that left everyone on the red carpet and in front of the TV wondering what inspired her, and what kept her going.

The 45-year old plus size actress, writer, producer, fashion designer and mother of two has always looked great, but recently, she looks jaw-dropping gorgeous!

Over the last year, Melissa McCarthy managed to drop an incredible 50lbs!!! And she did it the right way and keeps at it still.

Melissa McCarthy Amazing Weight Loss Transformation

So, the question we are all asking is: how in God’s name did she manage to lose weight so fast? We all know that weight loss is a tricky business and requires much dedication and hard work. So how does super busy actress find the time and the energy to do what Melisa McCarthy did?

Rule number one of the “lose weight manual” says: Don’t starve yourself! Melissa McCarthy certainly didn’t. Melissa was smart in her approach to losing weight and turned to water every single time she felt hungry. So, before every meal, she drinks a tall glass of water with lemon. Drinking water expands your stomach and makes you full, so you will eat less.

Another key thing you should do when trying to lose weight is to try boosting your metabolism. Melisa improved her metabolism by drinking 2 cups of hot green tea every day and taking the all-natural Garcinia Cambogia extract which helps your body consume an overabundance of sugar, keeps your voracity for food in check and keeps your energy and vitality levels up.

Having your metabolism in check will do wonders for you if you want to exercise regularly and lose weight. And that’s exactly what Melissa McCarthy did.

As far as meals go, at least half of Ms. McCarthy’s calories per day come from high quality protein sources. She eats plenty of egg whites, fat free turkey, grass fed beef, grilled chicken and other protein-rich foods.

These food choices allow her to keep her insulin levels low for 12 hours straight, but she still has enough energy to stick to her exercises and feel absolutely great.

There are tons of rumors online that Melisa turned to surgery to achieve the weight loss she has during the past year, but these have been rubbished both by her and her personal trainer. The truth is, she managed to change her mind set and turn to a healthier way of life that does not require much sacrifice. She is more disciplined and determined, now more than ever, to shed 100lbs in total!

Melissa McCarthy’s Fashion Line

This amazing actress has struggled with her weight issues all her life and knows how hard it is to find clothes that will fit you and look good on you. She is on her way to say farewell to these worries due to the weight loss and the amazing waist she’s been flaunting on the red carpet, but also thanks to her all new fashion line for plus size women.

Her new line Seven7 consists of leggings, tees and denim for women sizes 4-28 and all of her pieces cost up to $150. Another of her dreams realized. Helping women that are dealing with weight loss problems and inspiring them to keep at it.

Melisa McCarthy: The Key to Happiness and Weight Loss

The substantial weight loss made Melisa McCarthy a much happier and healthier person. Her proactive approach to dealing with her eating routine has proved quite successful and thanks to this, she has inspired so many people around the world who are just at awe at her dramatic weight loss and new shiny look.

People struggling with weight loss are also struggling with the urge to eat as much as possible, even when they are full. The first mistake one makes is starting to starve oneself. If you starve yourself, you will lose your energy, won’t have the will or strength to exercise and yes, you will probably lose weight, but make no mistake, the pounds will come back as soon as you get tired of this crash-course diet that never works. Eat right, try to exercise, get a good night’s sleep and live right. It’s worth it.

You need to be smart like Melissa and start living healthy. The weight loss will come as a natural consequence.

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*Disclaim: The effectiveness from applying these natural tips will be depended on the body condition of the applicant.

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