How to Treat Shin Splints

How to Treat Shin Splints

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In this article, Authority Remedies provides you with valuable information about shin splints, particularly their causes and symptoms as well as a number of money-saving tips on how to treat shin splints workably.

Imaginably, when you are about to finish running in the morning or an aerobics class at night, then here comes suddenly a problem: shooting paint occurring in the front of the ankle and continuously going up to the kneecap. As you touch directly those areas or either side of the shinbone [1] that feels like tender and sore; this could be the result of shin splints.

What are Shin Splints?

Medically, shin splints arise when you feel painful in front of the lower legs. The pain can come from the inflammation taking place inside the muscles, bone tissue [2] [3] around the shin or tendons [4] . Shin splint are found available in dancers, gymnasts, runner or even military recruits. Even though this problem is not indicative of severe health problem, it can cause discomfort to most people and affect negatively their careers in a quite long period of time.

What cause Shin Splints?

Shin splints are caused by the overuse of various activities and an increase in physical training. Generally, those activities have highly impact on the lower legs. Some common activities partly taking responsibility for shin splints include:

  • Running ( In case of being new to this exercises, you can have a greater risk of shin splints)
  • Increasing the number of days, the amount of times of training or taking a longer distance than usual
  • Performing exercises that regularly start and stop like baseball, military training or dancing.

People who are more prone to this problem can be those who:

  • experience a rigid foot arches [5] or flat feet
  • have workout training on hard surfaces
  • do not put on suitable shoes

What are the symptoms of Shin Splints?

According to some studies, symptoms of shin splints can vary; however, there still exist some common ones:

  • pain as you push on the shins
  • pain during or after exercising
  • pain in both legs or even one leg
  • aching pain in front of the shin
  • pain that can be better after taking a rest

If shin splints are left untreated properly, the legs can hurt even when you are not walking.

How to Treat Shin Splints?

Since shin splints are not a serious problem; therefore you can treat it effectively at home. When the symptoms of shin splints are noticeable, it is highly recommended to take a rest first and then use some home remedies to deal with it on time.

Following are top 15 incredible ways on how to treat shin splints both effectively and naturally.

1. Taking a rest

Taking a rest - How To Treat Shin Splints

One of the most essential things that you need to do when shin splints possibly drop by is stopping exercising and taking a rest right away. Indeed, you had better rest till you fell free from aches and pain. In order to heal shin splints, you should lie down as much as possible, stop walking or running fast. At the same time, replenishing your body with plenty of water to accelerate the process of recovery as well as keep your body staying away from dehydration. As the pain reduces, you, now, can walk slowly until your body feels strong again to keep up following your dream of sport.

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2. Stretching

Stretching - How To Treat Shin Splints

Stretching [6] can be applied easily at home to help you prevent further shin splints invasion. All you need to do is to put two balls on the top of your feet and then slowly blend the ankles before lowering the heels. This treatment can stretch the calves. When you feel better, you can stop stretching. Practice the exercises in 40 seconds to have a feel of it. Do remember that you should ease in those stretches and release them slowly and gently.

3. A New Pair of Shoes

A New Pair of Shoes - How To Treat Shin Splints

Another helpful tip on how to treat shin splints workably is giving yourself a new pair of shoes. A research has stated that bad shoes’ condition can partly contribute to shin splints by a wide variety of ways. If you put on old sneakers, the risk of coping with shin splints while you work out is relatively high, which then leads to unnecessary stress on the shins and causes a splint occurring even sooner than you thought. Getting a new pair of shoes can be a good prevention and best treatment for shin splints.

4. Cross Training

Cross Training - How To Treat Shin Splints

Listed in the top natural remedies for shin splints, cross training is a very useful tip to offer you a good source of relief from shin splints. This performance can make you sweat; thereby, burning a number of stubborn calories. If you have just got over shin splints, try not to practice running since it can have a harsh affect on your body. Bill Pierce, Professor and Chair of The Health Sciences Department has said that three runs combining with two cross training sessions is actually enough for cardiovascular workouts during an entire week so as to prevent shin splints from returning.

5. Hot Tubs

Hot tubs aid in relaxing your tight muscles and become a wonderful shin splints treatment. After running, you can take a hot tub and make sure that you can treat yourself enough until the tub cools down. This treatment can bring great results when being used in winter because the muscles are warmed up enough and the soreness can go away. In addition, this can stimulate more perspiration [7] and sweat as well as result in the loss of fluid that can destroy your performance when running.

6. Towel Exercises

Towel exercises are among shin splints exercises that can help you treat and prevent this bone-related problem. Those exercises are believed not to be so complicated to perform. You can totally try some simple towel exercises at home without any help in order to reduce anterior shin splints. Here is one of them.

How to apply:  

  • Get your foot bare and put them on a towel
  • Squeeze the toes towards yourself and hold your towel under your foot
  • Keep the towel gathered and hold it for about three seconds before putting it down
  • Practice the treatment for 10 times

7. Consuming Coffee

Several researchers have stated that people consuming a cup of coffee before the workout can help relieve lethargy as well as muscle soreness by half. However, do take a note that you should not consume much coffee since it is unhealthy and has a negative impact on your general health condition.

Consuming Coffee - How To Treat Shin Splints

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8. Cherry Juice

Cherry Juice - How to Treat Shin Splints

You might believe or not, but, a cup of cherry juice has been proven to be beneficial for treating the sore muscles as well as shin splints. This juice is a well-known shin splints treatment as it can give you a quick recovery. Cherry Juice is loaded with anti-oxidants called anthocyanins [8] [9] that are good for reducing inflammation. To reap one of the most impressive health benefits of cherry juice, you ought to drink it on the day you will have workout to get less pain.

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9. Ice

Ice is a traditional treatment for shin splints to help relieve the inflammation resulting from every sport injury. If you see those above- mentioned helps are not effective enough at all, try the ice cure to get positive outcomes.

How to apply:

  • Pour some water into a cup or a foam
  • Place it in the freezer
  • After finishing, peel back the cup to get some ice and massage it on the shin area for about 10 minute at once
  • Practice treatment for four times on a daily basis for per week

You can also opt for icing the area with frozen vegetables, including corn kernels or peas.

10. Elevating

The treatment of elevation is among amazing and simple tips on how to treat shin splints effectively. Practicing elevation can help reduce pain resulted from shin splints by relieving the swelling and getting the fluid away from the leg area injured.

Elevating - How to Treat Shin Splints

How to apply:

  • Lie down on your back
  • Keep your leg elevating so that the affected shin is seen above the chest

11. Ginger Root

Apart from the above handy-tips, ginger root compress is another good therapy for shin splints treatment and mostly applied by athletes who take part in spot competition to help them with fast recovery while practicing.

Ginger - How To Treat Shin Splints

How to apply:

  • Pour about four cups of water into a raw ginger root but not boil the mixture
  • Strain and bring it back in a pot
  • Soak a clean towel in this mixture and then squeeze the towel before gently rubbing it on the affected shin
  • Leave it on for about 10 minutes until it cools down
  • Perform the treatment for four times daily

12. Anti-inflammatory Drugs

If you want to get your pain released more effectively, some drugs can be recommended for you, such as aspirin [10] , naproxen [11] or anti-inflammatory drugs [12] [13] . Those drugs help ease pain and relieve the swelling. However, they should be used as needed since they can have some side-effects. Remember not to take them daily. For safety reasons, go to take doctor’s consultation before using them to treat shin splints.

13. Fish Oil and Turmeric Milk

Fish oil is rich in Omega 3 [14] and anti-oxidants [15], which have been shown to be effective for relieving the symptoms of shin splints.

Fish Oil - How To Treat Shin Splints

Regarding turmeric treatment, turmeric milk is known as a traditional cure for shin splints. This kind of meal is loaded with anti-inflammation properties that help reduce swelling as well as inflammation. For better result, you can drink about two cups of turmeric milk per day to tackle this problem.

Turmeric Milk - How To Treat Shin Splints


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14. Epsom Salt

Epsom Salt - How to Treat Shin Splints

Epsom salt makes itself a trusted home remedy for shin splints. You can make use of it to cope with irritation and thereby easing the symptoms of shin splints. Thanks to the abundant of magnesium [16] [17], Epsom salt can help minimize the swelling in the affected area. All you need to do is to mix some Epsom salt with warm water and then dip your legs in this solution for about 25 minutes to get instant relief.

15. Mustard Oil Massage

In fact, not many people know that mustard oil is one of the most incredible helps on how to treat shin splints in a healthy and natural way. The treatment is very potential for promoting the shin bone as well as the affected muscles. Due to some essential properties found in mustard oil, it helps with strengthening the blood circulation and thereby preventing further swelling outbreak. More importantly, mustard oil helps ease the inflammation caused by this problem. Simply as its name suggests, you can massage the legs gently with mustard oil for at least 3 times per day to get a quick recovery.

Mustard Oil - How To Treat Shin Splints


*Disclaim: The effectiveness from applying these natural tips will be depended on the body condition of the applicant.

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