How To Treat Frostbite

How To Treat Frostbite

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In this article, Authority Remedies draws your attention to a number of wonderful ways on how to treat frostbite workably. Apart from that, you can get any of the useful information about this condition that will be shown clearly as below.

What is Frostbite?

Winter does bring not only the extreme cold but also some other fatigues and one of them is known as frostbite. As your skin is continuously exposed to the very cold temperature during long time, the risk of diagnosing with frostbite is relatively high, which then it becomes a real medical ailment.

Frostbite is known as a considerable damage to the skin as well as several essential tissues and mostly occurs when it comes to the arrival of extreme cold. According to proven studies, this problem is considered most popular freezing injury.

Causes of Frostbites

Basically, there remain some causes of frostbite. Besides the body skin taking long exposure to cold temperature, it can be due to the excessive intake of alcohol, using of wet clothes or even other health ailments such as diabetes. More importantly, frostbite seems likely to develop when you:

  • consume beta-blockers [1] [2]
  • smoke
  • contract poor blood that provides constant supply to the legs
  • suffer from Raynaud phenomenon [3]

Symptoms of Frostbite

Once you are diagnosed with this, one of the most noticeable symptoms of frostbite is softened skin. Additional symptom can be a stinging sensation, an indication of a crucial sign for this health disease. Some other of frostbite symptoms can stick with:

  • Needles and pins feeling, accompanied with numbness
  • Redness and serious pain on the skin and muscle
  • Hard and cold skin for contacting with the cold for a long time
  • Lack of feeling, followed by achiness or throbbing

Without proper diagnosis, severe frostbite can leave over gangrene (dead tissue) [4] , blisters or damage to muscles, nerves and even bone.

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Frostbite can be on any part of the body, including the hands, nose, ears and feet, most common places that are prone to the problem.

In case that frostbite has no impact on the blood vessels, you can hope for a potential recovery. However, if frostbite affects the blood vessels, gangrene can happen and amputation therapy (the removal of affected skin or body areas) is highly required.

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How to Treat Frostbite?

To tackle this problem effectively and naturally, some good home remedies have been shown to produce positive outcomes just in a very short time. Hence, you should take a closer look at some of the following treatments.

Here are top 15 workable ways on how to treat frostbite that should be taken into consideration.

1. Aloe Vera

Regarding skin-related problems, aloe vera is a trusted home remedy; hence; frostbite is no exception. Aloe vera can help treat this problem, even when the condition is getting worse due to its effort of killing bacteria, fungi and virus, which aids in relieving the inflammation triggered by frostbite. It is also loaded with vitamin E [5] [6] that is extremely good for the skin health.


All you need to do is to get the gel extracted from aloe vera leaves and frequently apply it on the skin per day. You can opt for using pure Aloe vera to cure this problem.

2. Tea Bags

Tea bags are another useful tip on how to treat frostbite for most patients. Those bags can soothe the affected skin area and thereby reducing pain as well as the stinging sensation associated with frostbite.


How to apply:

  • Add about 10 tea bags to hot water
  • Dip the frostbitten areas in and leave it on until the water is cooled down to room temperature

The tea helps soothe the skin and encourages the flow of blood to the affected skin areas. If you find it hard to dip those areas in the mixture, you can rub a soaked cotton ball over the affected area before washing it off slightly with water.

3. Fluids

Many experts have proposed that dehydration [7] can be a contributing factor to frostbite; hence, replenishing your body with water or fluids plays an essential role in getting rid of frostbite. The treatment can help restore the sugar as well as salt. You can drink plenty of fluids including juices, warm water or hot cocoa. Also, tea and coffee need to be limited since they are packed with caffeine [8] that partly takes responsibility for dehydration. Alcohol [9] should be avoided as well because it can thin the blood and weaken the swelling caused by frostbite.


4. Mustard and Olive Oil

Thanks to the acids present in mustard oil, it is an effective home remedy for frostbite. The antibacterial properties can boost the blood circulation when it is regularly used to massage gently on the affected areas.


Another handy-tip on how to treat frostbite is warm olive oil. This oil can help strengthen the blood circulation and subsequently moisturizing the dry skin in order to fight against bleeding and the damage of skin affected by frostbite. To reap one of the most amazing health benefits of olive oil, make sure that the oil is warm enough to protect your skin from further devastation.

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5. Hot Compress

Hot compress treatment aims to reduce swelling, pain and irritation caused by frostbite. This cure can produce a good source of relief quickly and effectively.


How to apply:

  • Put the hot compress on the frostbitten skin areas
  • Leave it on for several minutes to cure pain
  • Apply a cold press and wait for about 2 minutes

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6. Ginger Tea

Considered as an effective treatment for frostbite, ginger is a common kind of herb that should not be looked down on. Ginger, itself, affords immerse health benefits. Therefore, consuming about 250ml of ginger tea per day can bring satisfactory results for your health problems, especially removing frostbite. In addition, ginger tea is used to increase the circulation of the blood owing to the anti-analgestic and anti-inflammatory agents.


Alternatively, you can mix crushed ginger with lemon juice and honey in equal amounts or add some slices or fresh ginger to a glass of water.

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7. Cayenne Pepper

Apart from curing effectively some other health ailments such as constipation and a stomach ache, cayenne pepper is an excellent help on how to treat frostbite. This hot red chili pepper can relieve burning sensation and pain instantly triggered by frostbites, accompanied with boosting the blood circulation.


How to apply:

  • Grab about 10 grams of cayenne pepper and boil it with a glass of water
  • Simmer the pepper for at least 10 minutes
  • Allow the solution to cool down and then dip your affected areas into this
  • Or, use a wash cloth to apply over the frostbitten skin

8. Camphor

If you want the symptoms of frostbite to go away, do not forget camphor [10] [11] . Camphor is a very good cure for this health issue because it can generate the heat that is used to promote blood circulation and accordingly easing the pain caused by frostbite.

Regarding the application, you can totally massage it with camphor oil in case your frostbite is not severe. Remember to rub it less than some drops because they can easily cause harm to your body. From five to eight drops is more than enough to help treat frostbite.

9. Witch Hazel

In many specific cases, witch hazel [12] [13] helps treat frostbite on toes and hands. You can take advantages of this herbal supplement by pouring a little dosage of witch hazel and rubbing it on the affected skin areas. This assists in strengthening the frozen skin as well as banishing the frostbite infection.


10. Banana Peels

Applying the fresh banana peels to cover your frostbite is among powerful tips on how to treat frostbite efficiently. This cure is proven safe and to help relieve the swellings caused by frostbite. Banana peel treatment is extremely useful for curing frostbite without requiring any use of medication.


11. Rosehip

Rosehip [14] [15] is widely known as a useful way on how to treat frostbite thanks since it is loaded with a very high source of Vitamin C [16] [17] , an essential substance that help promote the healthy skin. All you need to do is consuming a cup of warm rosehip on a daily basis. This best home remedy can be applied easily at home to remove frostbite issue.


12. Mullein Flowers

Not many people noticed that mullein flowers can treat frostbite well. In fact, it is a famous herbal cures for many health diseases.

How to apply:

  • Mix some mullein flower with a little amount of olive oil
  • Rub the handmade paste on the affected skin areas

13. Horsetail

Be famous for its container of very rich source of silica, horsetail [18] has been shown to be effective on re-producing the tissues of skin. Plus, it also offers collagen that is found to be extremely good for cell regeneration. Thanks to the above reasons, horsetail makes it possible to become one of the most incredible home remedies for frostbite.


14. Keep the Body Warm


As you are suffering from frostbite, you should go to a warm location. In addition, it is necessary to get rid of wet clothes and put on fresh clothes. Here are another ways to keep your body warm:

  • Remove tight jewelry
  • Cover your body by a warm blanket
  • Place your hands under the stomach of another person
  • Soak your body into warm water
  • Soak a cloth in warm water and then rub it on the affected skin areas
  • Blow warm air to relieve the symptoms of frostbite
  • Try to avoid heating pad or heater

15. Bandages

Bandages can help remove the both frostbitten toes and hands. The way using it is not so complicated that you can apply at home. It protects the affected areas against pollutants and cold. Before covering with bandage, make sure that the bandages are loosely wound and not affect the flow of blood. The best way is to place cotton among the fingers or the toes to have them separated. If the bandages are wrapped too tightly, it can cause harm and constrict the blood circulation to the tissues.

*Disclaim: The effectiveness from applying these natural tips will be depended on the body condition of the applicant.

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