How to Stop Teeth Grinding

How to Stop Teeth Grinding

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In the morning, are you always waking of with a sore jaw– the result of teeth grinding at the previous night? Read our article to know how to stop teeth grinding.

What is Teeth Grinding?

Teeth grinding is a phenomenon of gnashing or excessive tightening of teeth in the upper and lower jaws and it often occurs during sleep [1].

Usually the patient is not aware of this phenomenon, but there are also people who have gnashing of teeth at the wake. The gnashing of teeth between the two jaws causes unpleasant sound to people who sleep together and the people around [2].

Teeth grinding is not life- threatening but it can affect the quality of life and the people around as well as causes certain harms such as [3]:

  • Wear, chipping, fracture fillings in the teeth, teeth abrasive surface …
  • Muscle pain, headache, sore throat …
  • Pain dystrophy mandibular joint, making chewing difficult and sometimes difficult gaping.
  • About Beauty: people with chronic disabilities for a long time may get lopsided face and looked older.

What causes Teeth Grinding?

There are many factors that may cause teeth grinding; they can work separately or together, including [4]:

  • Stress from work or work pressure.
  • The dysfunction in the central nervous system.
  • Malnutrition in young children or elderly exhaustion …
  • Drink plenty of alcohol and tobacco.

These favorable factors make up the severity of diseases such as periodontal inflammation, spasms of the jaw muscles… will increase the grinding of teeth or clenched teeth [5].

Currently, there is no satisfactory method, but there are a number of measures on how to stop teeth grinding [6].

Here are the top 15 most recommended tips for how to stop teeth grinding that you can consider applying in order to prevent that habit from recurring as well as protect your jaws and teeth.

1. Vitamin B5

Vitamin B5 is an essential element for the teeth grinding treatment due to a nutritional deficiency.

This nutrient can curb and reduce not only the teeth grinding symptoms but also the stress and hyperactivity.

Therefore, you should take a dose of 5- 10 mg vitamin B5 or pantothenic acid each day as compensation so that you can escape from the teeth grinding soon. Vitamin B5 is always available in some kinds of food such as: fish, chicken and eggs.

2. Calcium

Besides vitamin B5, calcium is another effective tip on how to stop teeth grinding [7].

Calcium can support and consolidate bones as well as assist the neural development effectively [8].

3. Magnesium

The lack of magnesium often leads to the bruxism. Therefore, the supplement of magnesium is very important to alleviate the teeth grinding symptoms [9].

Magnesium - How To Stop Teeth Grinding

Some sources that are rich of magnesium include: green vegetables and nuts. For the ones who don’t like to eat a lot of vegetables, they can choose green drink to supplement the necessary component to the body. Foods containing vitamin magnesium are also effective Home Remedies for White Teeth.

4. Vitamin D

Vitamin D can be very helpful for how to stop teeth grinding as it is necessary for the absorption of magnesium and calcium [10].

Vitamin D can be easily taken by the exposure to the sunlight. Another source of vitamin is fish. You can apply both or either of these methods to supplement vitamin D to your body so that you can get rid of teeth grinding soon.

Vitamin D - How To Stop Teeth Grinding

5. Potassium

Potassium is another factor that is very necessary for the body as the lack of this component can lead to the teeth grinding at night.

To increase the amount of potassium inside your body, you can eat some kind of foods that are rich of potassium such as: bananas, tomatoes, potato skins, oranges or orange juice.

6. Vitamin C

Like other kind of nutrients, vitamin C is an essential component that will eliminate teeth grinding symptoms [11].

Vitamin C - How to Stop Teeth Grinding

Vitamin C can be found easily in almost all kind of fruits, and citrus fruits are the ones that contain the most amount of this nutrient.

7. Himalayan Salt Sole

As its name, the sole is made from the Himalayan salt – the pink salt that contains approximately 84 kinds of minerals. It not only is the an excellent ingredient for how to stop teeth grinding but also remove the negative energies.

You can make the sole by dissolving the salt in water. Continue to add salt to the water until it reaches the point of saturation that means no more salt can be dissolved in the water, and then you can get a sole.

Apply this method whenever you get a teeth grinding and you will see the results come quickly.

8. Milk

Milk should be added in your daily diet as it can be a great tip on how to stop teeth grinding.

Milk is a natural source that contains a lot of calcium and mineral. According to some researches, a cup of milk has 276 mg of calcium – the essential element for the treating of teeth grinding.

Milk - How to Stop Teeth Grinding

It is better to take at least 1 cup of milk every day to supplement the necessary components.

Milk is also beneficial when it helps us stay away from bad breath, such as onion breath. You can read more at How to Get Rid of Onion Breath.

9. Bone Broth

Other sources of mineral are bone broths. They are not only delicious but also full of mineral and highly nutritious.

Bone broths can support the immune system and strengthen the digestion. As you add this soup in your daily dishes, you will find that the teeth grinding symptoms is alleviated completely.

10. Ikan Bilis and Seaweed

These two kinds of food are mineral – rich sources that will supplement enough necessary mineral to your body [12].

Ikan bilis is one kind of dried anchovy that is originated from Malaysia. This dish can bring not only calcium to the body but also the yummy taste to your mouth [13].

Seaweed is a traditional food in daily diet of Japanese people. Like ikan bilis, this food can obtain calcium as well as a lot of minerals.

Seaweed - How To Stop Teeth Grinding

11. Valerian, Lavender and Chamomile Oil

These essential oils are also helpful on how to stop teeth grinding by increasing the intake of necessary minerals and calcium [14].

Valerian can give the people who have teeth grinding vivid dreams or deep sleeps. However, lavender oil is very lovely and sweet and chamomile is a wonderful home remedy. Chamomile oil can be used for children who are teething and it also helps in calming overwrought nerves.

12. Skip Coffee and Wine

One of element that will exclude the teeth grinding symptoms when sleeping is relaxing and reducing the activity of the body at night. However, coffee and alcohol can have the opposite effect: caffeine and alcohol can cause stressful mind. This will lead to the difficulty in sleeping and increase in the risk of having teeth grinding.

Therefore, you should reduce and avoid drinking these kinds of drinks so that you can get a deeper sleep at night and escape from the teeth grinding. In addition, this habit will strengthen your teeth and gums. You can learn more about How to Get Strong Teeth and Gums.

Coffee - How to Stop Teeth Grinding

13. Apply a Warm Towel to the Jaw During Sleep

With gritted case due to the strong force acting on the jaw and tooth (like a punch in the jaw with), a gauze or towel pressed against the two jaw bones can be useful to you.

Prepare a clean and soft cotton tab and place it between the two jaw bones to prevent the touch between the two sets of teeth when having grinding.

14. Join a Yoga Class or Meditation

Meditation or yoga can help relieve the stress and muscle contraction. This will bring you a deep sleep that would be a good tip on how to stop teeth grinding, no matter what are the causes of teeth grinding.

15. Use Fitted Mouth Guard

The use of fitted mouth guard should be done by a dentist. If you go to any counter medicines to buy, you will lack the expertise diagnose to your case.

In fact, there is no common teeth grinding treatment for all cases. The dentist will look at the bite and jaw muscles to understand the condition you are suffering, then design a mouth guard use for your own fit.

These simple remedies may help you avoid unexpected results and bothering people around them.

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*Disclaim: The effectiveness from applying these natural tips will be depended on the body condition of the applicant.

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  1. I cannot understand why do people grind their teeth, even some adults, while they know it is a bad habit. By the way, those above tips might be helpful but I think they cannot stop people grinding teeth in sleep!

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