How to Stop Cravings

How to Stop Cravings

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Food cravings are simply defined as a powerful desire for a specific food, which can be related to hunger. This is an extremely common situation for most people, especially young adults. For those who are on diet, food cravings seem to be the hardest part that can destroy all of their attempts to cut down on calories. Particularly, the foods people desire when they are cravings are often junk foods that contain a huge amount of sugar and calories [1].

Therefore, to successfully achieve your goal, learning how to stops craving is necessary.

Here are the top 10 simple tips on how to stop cravings for foods and sugar that you should take note to successfully cut down on calories and lose weight

1. Water

Drinking Water - How to Stop Cravings

Sometimes when you feel hungry, it is not actually you are craving for food. In fact, you might only thirsty and need some water.

Whenever you find an appetite for foods, try a glass of water before deciding to eat something or not. The water may help the craving go away if your body was actually thirsty instead of hungry [2].

Besides, even if you are really suffering hunger, drinking a glass of water can help you feel full and reduce the urge for food. It is recommended to have water before meals if you are on diet and want to lose some weight since it can effectively reduce your appetite.

2. Protein

Protein is an essential substance in our body, which is used for the formation and repair of tissues, hormones and enzymes as well as the health of skin, bones, blood, muscles, etc. Besides, it also contributes significantly to the satiety of the stomach, prolonging the full feeling so you can stop food cravings [3][4].

Proteins - How to Stop Cravings

With a breakfast that is rich in protein, you can get enough nutrients as well as energy to work for all day without the desire for food or snack.

3. Eating Healthy

There are a lot of factors that can lead to food cravings and one of the main reasons is the nutrients deficiency. As your body doesn’t get enough nutrients it needs for normal functioning, it has to send a signal to your brain and create the feeling of craving for food.

Therefore, to make sure you avoid sudden urges for food just after your eating, make sure you get proper and healthy meals to provide enough nutrients for the body. In this way, you will effectively control food cravings.

4. Stops Your Imagination

According to experts, when a person gets cravings, he or she tends to imagine the food that he/she wants to eat. This way only increases the cravings that you cannot resist it. So, to control your cravings, stop imagining foods and simply think of another things. You can also chew gum that is sugar free to get rid of the food images in your mind.

5. Distract Yourself

Shower - How to Stop Cravings

Another way to stop food cravings is distracting yourself, making the cravings no longer in your mind.

Whenever you feel hunger and want to eat, immediately find something else to do instead of rushing for food. You can take a walk, a shower or have a chat with your friend.

By thinking of anything else but food, you can temporarily forget about how hungry you are and control cravings.

6. Plan a Healthy Diet

The fact is most of people do not plan their meals. This make you have to think what to prepare for the following meal, and then the cravings might come and make you feel tempted.

To solve this problem, try to make a plan for your meals for the next day or the whole next week so that you will already know what to eat. This will help a lot in reducing the spontaneous idea of food that can come up in your mind at anytime of the day.

7. Reduce Stress

Relax - How to Stop Cravings

Stress can make you lose appetite but at the same time, in some people, especially women, stress can cause food cravings. Specifically, when people are under stress, they are likely to get more cravings and consume more calories than usual [5][6].

Additionally, cortisol, the stress hormone produced during this period is a harmful substance that can lead to weight gain and belly fat [7].

To reduce stress, you should take a rest, mediate and have a cup of herbal tea. Try to slow down to think more clearly and get yourself out of the trouble.

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8. Good Sleep

Lack of sleep or insomnia seems to be a not so dangerous condition, but actually it can put you at risk for many other diseases if you do not treat it properly. For instance, sleep deprivation can easily and quickly induce fatigue, heart problems, diabetes and so on. Also, the hormone balance in the body is one of the factors that are definitely affected by the lack of sleep [8][9].

Good Sleep - How to Stop Cravings

Consequently, your appetite regulation will decrease and you are likely to experience many sudden urges for food during the day.

Before you find the solution for how to stop cravings, make sure you get enough sleep with good quality to maintain the hormone balance.

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9. Get Fresh

It might sound strange when you are desperately craving for food and they tell you to go brush your teeth or gargle your mouth with mouthwash. However, it seems to be effective in most of the cases. When your mouth is clean and fresh, you will definitely not want to mess it up. That’s how you try to stop food cravings.

10. Give Yourself a Break

When it comes to food cravings, it is not necessary to completely avoid the food. In fact, you can munch on a handful of nuts like almonds, walnuts, etc. The fiber as well as protein content in the nuts helps your stomach feel full and no longer cravings for foods.

*Disclaim: The effectiveness from applying these natural tips will be depended on the body condition of the applicant.

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