How to Stop Bleeding

How to Stop Bleeding

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When you are wounded and bleeding, you should not panic, but calmly tackle it. The first thing to do is to stop the bleeding. You should be equipped with the knowledge to know exactly how to stop bleeding [1].

In aid, hemostasis is critical to avoid fainting or even death from blood loss [2].

Hemostasis must be complied correctly with the principles. The aid must be based on the nature of each injury and bleeding in wounds to choose the appropriate measures to stop the bleeding, do not do anything arbitrarily, especially when put a tourniquet or it will cause danger to patients [3].

Types of Bleeding:

You can look at the wounds are bleeding to distinguish three cases: capillary bleeding, vein bleeding and artery bleeding.

  • Capillary bleeding is bleeding from the small vessels; blood slowly runoff on wound surface and then it is self-holding after a short period of a few minutes.
  • Vein bleeding: dark red blood sweats, not the strong rays. Blood clot forms quickly and bit hurt veins. But you should pay attention to the case of major vessel injury as jugular vein, vena cava, subclavian vein of massive bleeding risk [4].
  • Arterial bleeding: blood sprays as a ray and according to the beat [5].

We can apply one or more of the following ways to stop bleeding. They are natural ingredients; therefore, you can be free from worrying about side effects of chemical drugs. Here are the top 15 simple methods for how to stop bleeding that you can consider applying when accidents happen so that you can effectively and quickly stop the bleeding as well as prevent severe loss of blood.

1. Press Arteries

Use your fingers to press firmly into the artery, on the wound sections from the wound to the heart. You can use your fingers or both hands to press the artery, depending on the degree of damage and press location. It is one of the simplest ways to stop bleeding as anyone can do it anywhere [6].

2. Fold the Limbs

While the limbs are folded, arteries are also folded, leading to the results that surrounding muscles will compress the artery to stop the bleeding.

However, this measure can only be applied to stop the bleeding without accompanying with fracture.

3. Dress Wound Heavily

Wind a tape round and squeeze tape loops relatively tight so that they can crush heavily on damaged parts. This measure will help enable the formation of clots to stop bleeding [7] [8] [9].

Apply this measure with the wound without major blood vessel damage.

4. Bandage with Insert

This method is similar to the above ways to stop bleeding but uses something to insert onto the artery location. Insert is placed in the path of an artery, between injury and heart, as well as close to the wound. Then, you should fix the insert with many relatively tight tape loops in circle or no.8 style.

Requirement of this measure is that insert objects must be placed right in the path of the artery and fixed with relatively tight squeezed bands.

5. Bandage with a Cork

Bandage with a cork is to use gauze as a node to insert into the wound.

Bandage - How To Stop Bleeding

This measure is appropriate with deep arterial bleeding wounds, alternating between the bones, neck injuries or pelvic.

6. Use Tongs to Clamp Blood Vessels

The method is applied to large, shallow wounds.

You should use tongs to clamp blood vessels in the hurt area. Keep this and then transport the patient to the health facility [10].

7. Place a Tourniquet

This is a hemostasis that uses rubber bands or tightly twisted cloth wires.

How to place a tourniquet: press the artery above the wound to stop the bleeding. Tourniquet must be placed immediately close to the wound. Use cloth or gauze to line in place to put a tourniquet.

Put a tourniquet and twist slowly then stop pressing arteries. Just monitor circuit or the bleeding in wounds until the circuit or the bleeding stops.

The tourniquet must be exposed, do not let pants, sleeve or band obscure it [11] [12] [13].

Tourniquet - How To Stop Bleeding

The above ways to stop bleeding are usually applied in cases of severe and deep wounds, leading to the loss of a big amount of blood. However, in case of shallow and not too dangerous wounds, you can apply some simple natural home remedies for bleeding. For example, if you accidentally cut your finger while cutting food and around you has no antiseptic or hemostasis instruments at all, then you can apply some of the following tips on how to stop bleeding by using raw materials available in the kitchen of your house.

8. Basil Plant

Take some fresh basil leaves the rinse them off. Grind the leaves well to take a paste. Apply the paste on the bleeding wound. Basil can be used to treat spider bites. You can learn more at Home Remedies for Spider Bites.

Basil Plant - How To Stop Bleeding

This natural medicine may be used to immediately treat snakebite, before putting the victims to the hospital. It is one of the best ways to stop bleeding.

9. Turnip

Take turnip (radishes) and rinse it off. Then crush it to get a paste. Take the paste to cover the wound.

Alternatively, you can cut half a turnip, put it in salt and then gently rub the bruises. Blood clots will be rapidly dissolved. No matter what types of bleeding yours is, you will get rid of it soon.

10. Venetian Silk Leaves

When you have minor bleeding wounds like cuts, scrapes the skin, just take some Venetian silk leaves and wash them off. Grind them well then smash directly into the wound and tie heavily.

You also can use dried leaves to carbonize and grind to get the powder form. Then sprinkle this powder onto the surface of the wound. Hemostatic effect will come quickly.

11. Cactus

Take some cactus leaves and wash up. Then grind then well to get a paste. Apply the paste directly on the bleeding wound on the limbs to stop the bleeding immediately.

Cactus - How To Stop Bleeding

12. Balm – Mint Leaves

Take some fresh balm-mint leaves then rinse them off with water. Chew up the leaves and use it to cover the wound to stop the bleeding. In addition, take some dried balm-mint leaves then grind to get the powder. Use this powder to sprinkle onto the surface of the wound. This remedy will help promote the healing process quickly.

13. Onion

Use the whole onion plant, includes onion roots, stems and leaves to grill. Then grind the grilled onion to get a paste. Apply the paste directly onto the painful areas or contusions. In fact, onion is one of the most powerful tips on how to stop bleeding. Onion can be used to treat hematoma as well. You can find more at How To Treat A Hematoma.

Onion - How To Stop Bleeding

14. Banana

Get the core of a small banana tree and chew or crush it. Apply the final product onto the surface of the bleeding wound and bandage it well. This will stop the bleeding immediately. Banana even provides nutrients to reduce oily skin. You can learn more about Home Remedies for Oily Skin.

Banana - How To Stop Bleeding

15. Other herbs

Use either or both two types of leaves: spines baking leaf and betel leaf to grind to get a paste. Then mix the paste with lime puree and dry this mixture. When bleeding, take an enough amount of this dried mixture and grind to get the powder. Sprinkle the powder onto the bleeding wound and bandage. This method will help stop bleeding quickly as well as promote the healing process.

Caution: When preparing these ways to stop bleeding, you should make sure that the storing and grinding items must be clear. Also, you must wash the herbs carefully to remove all dirties on the leaves because they will contact directly to the bleeding wound.

This article has given you both tips and natural home remedies for how to stop bleeding. You can either or combine some ways to stop bleeding in order to get the best results. However, after applying these temporary hemostasis managements, if the situation becomes worse or the wounds are dangerous, you should promptly put victim to the nearest medical facility to get the best treatment.

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*Disclaim: The effectiveness from applying these natural tips will be depended on the body condition of the applicant.

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