How to Reduce Eye Strain

How to Reduce Eye Strain

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Eye strain is such a common problem of the majority of people nowadays. With this article, Authority Remedies will introduce to you top 15 tips on how to reduce eye strain.


Eye strain refers to the tired eyes after a long period of time of focusing on something. In this day and age, the number of people suffering from eye strain is dramatically increasing, due to the ubiquity of technological devices. Everybody, especially children, will have tired eyes after using computers for too long. Many drivers also suffer from this problem after long-distance driving. Normally, the discomforts caused by eye strain will disappear if you close your eyes and let them relax for a while [1].

However, when you notice one of these symptoms, you should intervene to reduce eye strain and its annoying consequences as soon as possible [2].

  • Headache or the pain in the neck or back.
  • Your eyes become more sensitive when exposed to light [3].
  • Your capacity to concentrate is lower.
  • You find it difficult to open the eyes [4].
  • Your vision is affected.

You do not need taking drugs to reduce eye strain. There are many natural home remedies that can help you achieve the goal without side effects on your health. Here are top 15 simple and effective tips on how to reduce eye strain that you can consider applying in order to get rid of eye strain and protect your eye sight.

1. Cold Water

One of the simplest tips on how reduce eye strain is cold water. The sudden change in the temperature can awake the cells and enhance the flow of blood. It gives a quick relief to relax your muscles and help you get rid of swollen eyes effectively [5].

Cold Water - How to Reduce Eye Strain

  • You can wash your face with cold water immediately after noticing eye strain.
  • Alternatively, you can take advantage of a cloth dipped in cold water and put it over the eyes in about one minute until you see improvements.
  • You can use the coldness of ice cubes by keeping them in a cloth and applying the cloth over the eyes in about 5 minutes.

2. Warm Compress

Another way that works as well as cold compress in the efforts to reduce eye strain is warm compress. The warmth can bring a comfortable feeling for your eyes and warm compress can be used to deal with Pink Eye as well [6].

Warm or Cold Compress - How to Reduce Eye Strain

  • A soft and thin cloth should be dipped in warm water and then, squeezed to remove water.
  • Keep the cloth over your closed eyes and try to relax in about one minute.

3. Chamomile Tea Bag

Another great tip on how to reduce eye strain is chamomile tea bag. With soothing quality, chamomile can help relax the muscles near your tired eyes and therefore, reduce eye strain efficiently. With this method, you can be free from worries of swollen eyes [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12].

Chamomile - How To Reduce Eye Strain

  • Get 2 chamomile tea bags dipped in boiling water.
  • 5 minutes later, take them out and keep them in the fridge.
  • When the tea bags are cool enough, you should keep them over the eyes affected by eye strain for approximately 5 minutes.

In addition, the chamomile tea can be consumed to help you get rid of headache, a common symptom of eye strain. This is also one of the best Ways to Handle Anxiety.

4. Black Tea Bag

Black Tea Bag - How To Reduce Eye Strain

If you cannot get chamomile tea bag, you can think of black tea bag as a wonderful alternative in the eye strain treatment. It contains tannic acid which is believed to be beneficial for the eyes and skin. You should replicate the same procedures as you do with chamomile tea bags to reduce eye strain quickly and effectively [13].

5. Rose Water

Rose water can be considered as the greatest tip on how to reduce eye strain, thanks to its soothing quality. Furthermore, when you use rose water, you also foster the condition of the skin areas near the eyes. Rose water has been used for years in order to get rid of dark circles and swollen eyes at the same time [14].

Rose-Water - How To Reduce Eye Strain

  • First, you should get cold water to wash our eyes.
  • Two cotton balls should be soaked in rose water and put over your closed eyes.

This method ought to be followed twice per day to get the best result.

6. Cucumber

It would be a serious mistake if cucumber is not mentioned in the list of tips on how to reduce eye strain. With astringent quality, cucumber is very great in the attempts to relax the the muscles around the eyes. Therefore, puffiness can be prevent successfully.

Cucumber - How To Reduce Eye Strain

  • Wash a cucumber first.
  • Keep it in the fridge in about half an hour.
  • After taking it out, you should chop it into thick slices that are placed over the eyes for several minutes.

7. Potato

Potato - How To Reduce Eye Strain

Potato can work in the same way as cucumber in the eye strain treatment. It is a great tip on how to reduce eye strain and it is useful for those who find it hard to keep their eyes open widely.

8. Whole Milk

Containing some beneficial fats, whole milk is the next tip on how to reduce eye strain you should always keep in mind. It is great for soothing the eyes affected by long hours of staring at technological gadgets. In addition, milk has positive impacts on the attempts to deal with irritated eyes as well [15].

Milk - How To Reduce Eye Strain

  • A cotton ball should be soaked in cold water and rubbed over the eyes in several minutes.
  • At the same time, try to relax your eyes and body.

9. Tomato

Tomato has been used in the process of taking care of the eyes and skin for centuries and it comes as no surprise that tomato remains a popular tip on how to reduce eye strain [16] [17].

Tomato - How To Reduce Eye Strain

  • Get a fresh and clean tomato cut into thin slices.
  • Get two of them applied over the tired eyes to reduce eye strain quickly. Remember to close your eyes.

10. Sunglasses

This is not only a tip on how to reduce eye strain, but also a suggestion for you to protect the eyes better. When being exposed to the sun, you had better have your eyes protected by wearing sunglasses in order to avoid the harmful rays from the sun.

11. Hydration

Eye strain often comes with dryness which causes many discomforts for you. While washing the face with cold water is a great tip on how to reduce eye strain, you should also make sure that your body does not lack fluid. You can read Home Remedies for Dehydration in order to come up with how much water you should drink every day [18] [19].

12. Massage

Eye-Massage - How To Reduce Eye Strain

Massage is great for every tired part of the body, including the eyes. It is a great tip on how to reduce eye strain. In addition to saving your eyes from tiredness, massage can enhance the flow of blood in these areas to prevent the appearance of dark circles.

13. Palming

This is a super easy tip on how to reduce eye strain and everybody can do it without much time and effort.

Palming - How To Reduce Eye Strain

  • Have two hands rubbed together very fast.
  • Put the warm hands over your closed eyes gently and try to relax your eyes in approximately half a minute.
  • Then, open the eyes and look around.

This process can be repeated several times to reduce eye strain quickly.

14. Eye Exercise

Like any other part of the body that works for the whole day, eyes need to do exercises to stay healthy in the long run. In general, eye exercise is beneficial for its flexibility and capacity of concentration [20] [21].

A simple exercise is to roll the eyes in several seconds. Then, keep blinking the eyes repeatedly to prevent the dryness.

15. Vitamin A

Vitamin A - How To Reduce Eye Strain

Among nutrients, vitamin A is the most important and beneficial for the eyes. Therefore, to reduce eye strain and to strengthen your eyes require you to consume more vitamin A. You can easily find a great source of vitamin A around you, from carrots, broccoli to fish. You can combine them in order to diversify your daily meals.

*Disclaim: The effectiveness from applying these natural tips will be depended on the body condition of the applicant.

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