How to Prevent Hangover

How to Prevent Hangover

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It will not be called a party if there is no wine, beer or any spirits with ethyl alcohol. This beverage seems to be the most popular drink in not only in the United States but also in the whole world. The statistic reported shows that in 2014 there are 87.6 percent of adults in the United States, ages 18 or older consume alcohol at some point of their life [1].

Since alcohol can change people’s mood, emotions and consciousness, it has both advantages and disadvantages depending on the amount you consume. One of the biggest trouble alcohol can get you in is hangover after the alcohol leaves your body. This is an unpleasant feeling you can have after drinking too much alcohol.

Dizziness and headache are the first and most obvious symptoms of hangover you have to experience. Also, hangover can cause you fatigue, nausea and vomiting, rapid heartbeat. You will feel sensitive to sound or light and even feel irritability and depression.

This is definitely not a good experience for anyone. So… it is better for you to prevent hangover rather than finding way to deal with it after the alcohol has left.

Here are some effective and simple treatments you can use for how to prevent hangover just by using natural and available ingredients…

1. Drink in Moderation

The first and easiest tip helping you to avoid hangover is not drinking at all. To some people, it might sound a little bit strange and nonsense since they come to the party to drink, it is too much to ask for not drinking at all. However, you should be aware that the more alcohol you consume, the more severity of hangovers you will experience. There is no amount of alcohol that is said to be safe for every one.

However, it is not necessary to completely avoid alcohol. If you drink, remember to drink it in moderation and take it slowly.

2. Having another Drink

After one night of drinking, you promise yourself not taking any drops of alcohol after experiencing the unpleasant feeling of hangover. However, it is exactly the time you should take another drink to put an end to all the annoyance.

The formaldehyde, which is converted from methanol, is a substance contributing to the hangover you are enduring. In this case, there is nothing better than alcohol that can inhibit the methanol metabolism, prevent the formation of formaldehyde. The methanol will be soon removed through breathing and urinating [2][3].

Although this is a quite famous remedy for hangover, it still holds a risk to your health and lifestyle. So think carefully before you opt for this solution.

3. Avoid Drinks Containing Congeners

Whiskey - How to Prevent Hangover

Besides ethanol, there is another substance produced in the process of sugar fermenting while making alcoholic beverages, which is called congeners. These are harmful substances, including acetone, methanol and isopentanol.

According to experts, drinks with rich content of congeners tend to cause hangovers in the higher level of intensity, compared to drinks with the low one [4][5].

Therefore, to prevent hangover, try to choose alcoholic drinks with small amount of congeners such as gin, rum and especially vodka and avoid drinks with high amount of these toxic chemicals like whiskey, tequila and cognac.

4. Skip the Bubbles

Research shows that drinks with bubbles like champagne are likely to affect your body more quickly than others. The bubbles are responsible for this condition since it helps alcohol hit the blood easier. Therefore, avoid champagne or any alcohol mixed with carbonated beverages.

Champagne - How to Prevent Hangover

5. Water

Alcohol causes dehydration. If you notice, you can see that alcohol promotes urinating, making you feel fatigue and thirsty [6].

All you need to do is drinking more water. This is a simple and easy way to supply your body with the necessary amount of water. By this way, you can successfully prevent the symptoms like thirst, headache and dry mouth.

Between drinks, remember to have a glass of water and drink a big one before you go to bed.

Drinking Water - How to Prevent Hangover

Find out more about other benefits of water at How to Get Rid of Sulfur Burps and Home Remedies for Water Retention.

6. Sleep

There no need to prove a fact that you cannot get good sleep after drinking too much alcohol since it is so obvious. As a result, your body will get tired and exhausted.

Do not push yourself too hard, if you still feel fatigue, call it a day and get a lot of sleep until you find your body gets back on track.

7. Eat before Drink

It has been proven in various studies that people with an empty stomach are easier to get drunk than people with a full stomach. The effect of alcohol seems to come faster and be much more severe in case you eat nothing before drinking. The reason for this is that an empty stomach allows alcohol to absorb faster.

Therefore, to prevent hangover in the morning after, make sure you have a proper meal or at least some thing on your stomach before going to drink.

8. Use Your Mouth

Chatting - How to Prevent Hangover

One interesting fact about drinking is if you talk more while drinking, you can reduce the risk of getting drunk and prevent hangover. This is due to a simple fact that while you are chatting, you are not drinking, which in turn reduces the rate of alcohol hitting your blood. Furthermore, by chatting, you help the methanol discharged better through breathing.

9. Breakfast

Breakfast - How to Prevent Hangover

With those who has low levels of blood sugar, hangover seems to be much more severe than other. This condition is called hypoglycemia.

If you leave your stomach empty on the morning after, the symptoms of hangover such as headache, fatigue and dizziness are likely to stay and affect you longer.

Therefore, make sure you have a proper healthy breakfast even if you are too tired and do not want to eat anything. This is the only way to restore your levels of blood sugar.

10. Using Supplements

Some drugs with anti-inflammatory properties have shown effectiveness in treating the condition. Besides, you can also use foods or herbs that are able to reduce inflammation to prevent hangover such as lemon, honey, ginger or ginseng.

*Disclaim: The effectiveness from applying these natural tips will be depended on the body condition of the applicant.

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