How To Lower Your Cortisol

How To Lower Your Cortisol

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In this article on Authority Remedies, you are going to learn how to lower your cortisol naturally and efficiently.


The cortisol, which is also known as the stress hormone, plays a fundamental part in every process of our body. It is produced when there are emotional or mental changes or when you feel depressed. The cortisol helps to send the signals to the body so that it can react to cope with stress [1].

However, when the level of cortisol inside your body goes beyond control, it is the moment you have to know that problems appear. According to medical researches, high cortisol is strongly related to many health dangers, like high blood pressure or diabetes [2].

High cortisol may result from the nutritional deficiency or your suffering from stress for long periods of time. Adrenal fatigue is believed to be a common cause for high cortisol as well. You can realize that your level of cortisol is abnormally high when you experience sudden weight gain or weight loss. Other symptoms of high cortisol include dizziness, excessive sweating, anxiety or palpitations [3].

As mentioned above, high cortisol can bring a series of worth-concerning consequences. Therefore, it is crucial to know how to lower your cortisol in case it is too high. Below are 15 tips on how to lower your cortisol that you can apply immediately at home without much money and effort.

1. Salt

Salt - How To Lower Your Cortisol

Salt must be the simplest, but most transformative way to help you on how to lower your cortisol. It can limit the production of stress hormone inside your body and make up for the energy level you lose due to high cortisol. The recommended salt is sea salt of great quality. You are not recommended to use an excessive amount of salt, however, because it may lead to some problems relating to digestion [4] [5] [6].

2. Fish Oil

Fish Oil - How To Lower Your Cortisol

Fish oil is another popular recommendation on how to lower your cortisol, as it can provide a huge amount of omega-3 fatty acids. These acids are claimed to be active in the efforts to lower your cortisol. If you can include fish in your daily meals, it will be even a greater idea. In case it is impossible, you can use fish oil as a wonderful alternative way [7] [8] [9] [10].

3. Black Tea

Black Tea - How To Lower Your Cortisol

There is a considerable amount of caffeine in different kinds of tea, including black tea. Although caffeine is assumed to increase the level of cortisol, the University College London carried out an experiment to test the efficiency of black tea in the attempts on how to lower the cortisol. The result showed that the cortisol level of those who consumed black tea 4 times per day in 6 weeks was much lower than that of those who did not. Therefore, black tea is proved to be very effective in keeping your cortisol low. You should drink a cup of black tea 2-3 times on a daily basis [11] [12] [13].

4. Berries

Berries are definitely one of the best tips on how to lower your cortisol as they are natural remedies that can even improve your health in general thanks to the richness of vitamins. Specifically, vitamin C which is contained in berries is beneficial for lowering the cortisol level. Dark berries, on the other hand, can supply antochyanins, a special substance that is good for the treatment for high cortisol as well.

Berries - How To Lower Your Cortisol

Lastly, what can be better than consuming some berries when you are depressed? They are claimed to help you get rid of stress effectively.

5. Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate - How To Lower Your Cortisol

Many antioxidant nutrients in dark chocolate, say, flavonols and polyphenols, are great for dealing with high cortisol. Dark chocolate is reported to be one of the best ways to Handle Anxiety – a symptom of high cortisol as well [14] [15] [16] [17].

However, you should not purchase chocolate which is sold at supermarket. They contain chemical sugar and are not beneficial for your health. It is worth finding raw chocolate.

6. Olive Oil

With anti-inflammatory quality, olive oil really stands out among natural home remedies for how to lower your cortisol. Noticeably, olive oil can transform cholesterol into testosterone that is more beneficial for a man’s health. Besides, the secret here is the presence of oleuropein in olive oil. This compound is believed to be very powerful in keeping the level of cortisol low [18].

7. Sleep

Sleep - How To Lower Your Cortisol

Sleep is the most conventional advice to get rid of almost all health problems. It is true that when your time of sleeping is not sufficient, your body will be negatively affected and there will be something wrong in some parts of the body. High cortisol is not an exception and the best way to lower your cortisol is to make sure that you do not lack sleeping. Scientists recommend that you have to sleep for 7-9 hours on a daily basis so that your body has enough time to relax and recover [19] [20] [21].

8. Water

Drinking Water - How To Lower Your Cortisol

Although water cannot bring immediate effects in the efforts to cope with stress and depression, it can at least guarantee that your body is not going to be dehydrated. Dehydration is a scary process that can cause hundreds of problems in your body without your perception and it will be too late when you realize one [22] [23].

9. Chamomile

Chamomile has been known as a great way to deal with sleeping problems, such as Insomnia. It can help you fall asleep more easily and improve the quality of your sleep as well. It, in turn, will reduce the severity of stress you suffer from.

Chamomile - How To Lower Your Cortisol

  • Take some spoons of dried chamomile flowers into boiling water.
  • Keep steeping the mixture in 5 minutes and then, strain it.
  • You ought to consume the tea 2-3 times per day.

10. Oatmeal

Oatmeal - How To Lower Your Cortisol

Oatmeal is the next tip on how to lower your cortisol. It can stimulate the production of serotonin in your body. Serotonin is responsible for your happiness and when it is produced more, your mood can be improved significantly. As a result, you can get rid of stress and lower your cortisol at the same time. From now on, you can use oatmeal more regularly to prevent depression [24].

11. Avoid Alcohol

Alcohol may be an important part in the parties where you had much pleasure with your peers. However, it is just a contemporary fun and it is not happy any more when you know you suffer from some diseases due to high cortisol. Alcohol can worsen the condition and destroy all of your efforts to lower your cortisol in a long period of time. Therefore, to get the best result, you should avoid alcohol and keep it as far away as possible.

12. Garlic

Garlic - How To Lower Your Cortisol

You are surprised at another benefit of garlic, aren’t you? It can be considered as one of the best spices in the history thanks to thousands of applications in the medicinal world. Here, garlic can improve the amount of testosterone and nitric oxide. Besides, it can protect the body from inflammation. All of these advantages contribute to the attempts to lower your cortisol.

13. Oyster

Oyster - How To Lower Your Cortisol

In addition to increasing the libido for men, oyster can be used as a great way for how to lower the cortisol. Its aphrodisiac quality is well-known all around the world. Oyster can also provide a great amount of zinc that reduces the level of stress hormone effectively.

14. Yoga

Yoga - How To Lower Your Cortisol

If you want to stay away from as many health problems as possible in the future, practicing yoga should be prioritized in your daily life. Coming from India, yoga has become a global phenomenon to keep people healthy and energetic. It is absolutely suitable for those who get exhausted due to high cortisol [25] [26] [27].

15. Massage

Massage - How To Lower Your Cortisol

You can do massage on your own or have somebody else help you to lower your cortisol. It is one of the simplest ways to get rid of depression – one of the most common causes for high cortisol. Massage also improves the blood circulation in your body and this can help you stay away from heart problems [28] [29] [30].

*Disclaim: The effectiveness from applying these natural tips will be depended on the body condition of the applicant.

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