How to Lose Weight Fast

How to Lose Weight Fast

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Even though the concept of the ideal weight has changed throughout time, weight loss always seems to be one of the biggest concerns, especially for women.
In 2007, the National Center for Health Statistics of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention published the report that more than half of adult women in the United States are overweight with the exact number of 60 percent.
As a result, it is not difficult to understand that the intense search for weight loss has driven many people to apply crazy and illogical methods.
Despite the fact that information about weight loss is available on the Internet nowadays, not everything is accurate and scientifically proved.
In fact, only a number of methods have been applied for ages and generated great outcomes.
One of the very first steps in the journey to lose weight is to re-examine your daily diet. There are some specific components of the diet that might trigger unwanted weight gain.

Here are some common nutritional causes for weight gain:

Causes for weight gain


Sugar is widely known as the main reason for obesity in daily diet.
When the consumption of these foods is high on a daily basis, the possibility of obesity is significantly increasing (1).

Not only are they more exposed to obesity, but they might also suffer from a series of health problems, from heart diseases to diabetes (2) (3).

Even the brain can experience some damage when the intake of sugar is excessive, especially in young children (4).


Another common cause of weight gain in your diet is refined carbohydrates.
Refined carbs are the main reason why you feel hungry more often. Consequently, you will consume more foods within a short period of time, which obviously results in obesity (5) (6).

Free Fatty Acids

There are many studies which shed light on the association between the level of free fatty acids and obesity (7) (8).
Free fatty acids are claimed to cause insulin resistance, which is commonly seen in overweight people (9).

They are also responsible for type 2 diabetes (10).

A diet that supports weight loss will exclude these following foods:

  • Sweetened beverages: soda, energy drinks, sugary or sweetened powdered drinks. They often include the excessive addition of sugar. Though they raise your energy level immediately, the long-term effects are by far from positive.
  • Rich-carbs foods: bread, pasta, cakes, cookies or cereals…
  • Processed foods: frozen fruits and vegetables, fast foods, crackers…
  • Alcohol: Despite the uncertainty that alcohol directly leads to obesity, many experiments and studies have pointed out that frequent alcohol-drinkers have higher BMI and body fat rate than non-drinkers (11).

After understanding what to avoid and eliminate them immediately if they appear in your meals, you had better switch to healthier foods and try to use them as much as possible.

Below are top 10 simple tips on how to lose weight fast.

top 10 simple tips on how to lose weight fast

1. Water

Water has direct significant impacts on the well-being of almost all species on earth. For human beings, water is conducive to every process taking place inside the body (12) (13).
Those obsessed with weight loss need to know that water can actually help them achieve what they want.
Drinking water will make some changes in metabolism and increase the amount of calories burnt off (14) (15).
It is recommended that the consumption of half a liter of water every 30 minutes, especially before meals, will enhance the efficiency of losing weight by 44 percent (16).
It is definitely one of the simplest tips on how to lose weight fast.

2. Green Tea

Green tea, another type of fluid, should be included in daily diet as it is also one of the best tips on how to lose weight fast.
With its richness of catechins, green tea is famous for its significant benefits on people’s body, especially their digestive system (17). Plus, it is considered as a great contributor to cancer prevention (18).
The catechins which are present in green tea are claimed to support the fat-burning process as well (19) (20).
Though there is still no hard evidence, green tea is widely accepted as an effective way to lose weight (21).
You had better consume it after each meal.

3. Coffee

Many antioxidants can be found in quality coffee; therefore, coffee provides a variety of health benefits.
Caffeine and coffee are tested to result in 3-to-11-percent improvement in your metabolism and this helps speed up the fat-burning process by maximum 29 percent (22) (23) (24).
Nevertheless, it is essential to bear in mind that no sugar is allowed to be used. Or else, you will get even worse results (25).
Note: When coffee is excessively consumed, your body might grow tolerant to it and its positive effects will be hardly seen any more.
It is recommended that you use coffee once or twice per day in 2 weeks and then, drop this habit in the next 2 weeks. Repeat doing so every month.

4. Fresh fruits

Some people find themselves stuck on a dilemma. On one hand, they cannot defeat the hunger with fluids. On the other hands, other types of foods will have no positive effect on weight loss.
Therefore, fruits that are rich in water and other essential nutrients are the best choices on how to lose weight fast (26). They will limit the amount of calories you take in the body and still make you feel full.
Some kinds of fruits recommended are tomatoes, lemons, cucumbers or lettuce (27).

5. Cayenne Pepper

Another familiar ingredient that can serve as one of the greatest tips on how to lose weight fast is cayenne pepper.
The presence of capsaicin in cayenne is the main reason why this works for weight loss. Capsaicin enhances the metabolism considerably and at the same time, makes you less eager to consume foods (28) (29).

6. Yogurt

Undeniably, what you store in the kitchen reflects your eating habits and it also has great influence on your weight (30).
Thus, if you are looking for tips on how to lose weight fast, it is a good idea to make some slight changes in your kitchen by replacing unhealthy foods, such as processed foods, with natural ones.
Healthy snacks can save you as much time and effort as processed foods do, but the bottom line is that they are completely healthy.
The appearance of yogurt will definitely bring about positive changes in your weight (31).

7. Coconut Oil

Recently, more and more health benefits of coconut oil have been revealed (32).
It is beneficial to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases (33).
Because of its high content of medium chain triglycerides, coconut oil is also a great tip on how to lose weight fast (34).
These special fats are mentioned as effective metabolism boosters. In addition, they can lead to up to 256-calories reduction on a daily basis by reducing your appetite (35).
How to use:
Coconut oil ought to be used as a replacement for cooking fats when you prepare foods. It is not suggested that coconut oil be poured directly on foods.

8. Cinnamon

Another simple tip on how to lose weight fast is cinnamon, which is believed to boost metabolism significantly (36).
Besides, it also reduces the risk of oxidative stress (37).
When combined with honey, cinnamon will give you even more impressive results.

  • Prepare powdered cinnamon and raw honey.
  • Mix one spoon of cinnamon into boiled water.
  • Half an hour later, pour raw honey and drink the mixture in the morning.

9. Eggs

One of the most traditional methods on how to lose weight fast is eggs.
In addition to its low cost, egg is well-known for its richness of proteins and necessary nutrients as well as its low amount of calories.
In fact, high-protein foods, like eggs, will make you feel full more easily and quickly. Your appetite will be reduced and there is a limitation in the amount of calories taken in the body (38) (39).
Note: To get the best result, eggs ought to be consumed during breakfast.
If you are patient to follow this method in about 2 months, you will be 65 percent more successful in weight loss than those who choose bagels in the morning.

10. Sleep

Last but not least, sleep is crucial to weight loss (40). In fact, the deprivation of sleep will cause an unwanted increase in weight (41). This phenomenon can be witnessed in both adults and children (42) although the risk of the latter is higher.
The need for sleep is not uniform among us, but studies have demonstrated that an adult should spend at least 8 hours on bed per day (43).

*Disclaim: The effectiveness from applying these natural tips will be depended on the body condition of the applicant.

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