How to Lose Weight Without Exercise

How to Lose Weight Without Exercise

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Not many people really like gym and working out. Some even don’t want to lift their fingers for gym if they do not embark on a mission to lose weight. However, you have to do want you need to do. A serious effort on gym seems necessary for those who want to quickly shed some extra pounds on their body.

In fact, “necessary” doesn’t mean compulsory. You can learn how to lose weight fast without spending your effort, time and money on expensive training programs that can make you feel exhausted and suffering.

Here are some handy tips recommended by health experts that tell you how to lose weight without exercise and also prevent further weight gain…

1. Do not Skip Your Meal

Never skip a meal and think that it is a good way to reduce your calories consumption. Since you leave your body hungry without nay food or energy intake, you are likely to end up eating too much at the next meal or having wrong food for snack.

Breakfast - How to Lose Weight Without Exercise

The time you eat also has impacts on your weight. The best time for breakfast is just after 7 am, lunch is between 12.30 pm to 1 pm and dinner is between 6 pm and 6.30 pm.

Do not skip meals and keep healthy snacks around in order to successfully lose weight without exercise.

2. Chew Thoroughly

The time to eat the meals is another factor that can affect your weight loss. For how to lose weight without exercise, you need to chew food slowly and thoroughly. This is a good way to decrease your food consumption and send a signal to your brain that you’ve had enough food. Additionally, by chewing thoroughly, your digestive system can absorb nutrients from food sources better, which in turns prolongs the satiety [1].

According to a recent survey, fast eaters are likely to get more food while eating, leading to weight gain and obesity.

3. More Protein

Protein has been found with the ability to reduce hunger by making you feel full faster and longer than other nutrients. Accordingly, you will take in fewer calories in the current meal as well as the next meal [2][3].

For instance, with those who have eggs or other protein-rich foods for breakfast, the fullness is prolonged for the whole day, leading to a decrease of calories intake in the next meals [4].

There are plenty of protein rich foods you should consider such as fish, meat, tofu, beans, eggs, nuts, seeds, and so on.

For more other methods to reduce food craving, please take a look at How to Stop Craving.

4. More Fiber

Fiber - How to Lose Weight Without Exercise

Fiber is another essential substance in the diet for people who want to learn how to lose weight without exercise. Like protein, fiber increases satiety and prolongs fullness. This is due to the fact that the substance turns into gel form in our stomach when it is mixed with water. Accordingly, the digestive system needs to take more time to process the food and absorb nutrients [5][6].

You can find fiber in various food sources such as beans, oats, flaxseeds, cabbage, celery, berries, etc.

5. Water

Drink Water - How to Lose Weight Without Exercise

Sometimes the thirst can make you mistake for hunger, thus you will find something to eat instead of drink water. Therefore, consuming an adequate amount of water is a good way for how to lose weight without exercising [7].

Additionally, even though you are not thirsty and have already taken enough amount of water, it doesn’t mean you stop drinking. The more water you take, the less hungry you feel. The water will suppress your appetite and temporarily fulfill your stomach and make you no longer craving for food.

Asides from 8 glasses of water a day, drink one more glass before every meal you have.

Let’s find out what else water can bring to you at How to Get Rid of Sulfur Burps.

6. Reduce Portion Sizes

Dishes - How to Lose Weight Without Exercise

Large portions of dishes make people want to eat more, which in turn increases calories intake. Therefore, reducing the portion sizes is necessary to lose weight if you do not want to end up being fat and obesity.

Instead of having foods with the portion sizes you are used to have, cut them in half and put in smaller dishes. Even if you feel not enough after finishing the dish, you know you need to stop eating.

7. Keep Electronic Devices Away

Bad Eating Habit - How to Lose Weight Without Exercise

It seems like electronic devices has a massive impact on people’s life that they can not go a day without cell phones, TVs, computers, etc. And it is really harmful if you also use these devices while eating. Once you get distracted at a meal, you forget how much you have eaten. As a result, overeating is unavoidable.

For those who regularly watch TV or use their cellphones, try to form a new habit, keep electronic devices away while eating, so that you can pay attention on what you are eating and how much calories you are taking in.

8. Get Adequate Sleep

Lack of sleep or inadequate sleep is among the main reasons for an increase of cortisol, a stress-induced hormone. Furthermore, it will possibly affect the ghrelin and leptin, appetite-regulating hormone. All of these impacts can make you feel more craving for foods, especially unhealthy ones [8][9][10].

Let’s imagine one night you stay up so late, your body get tired and hungry and there are lots of foods in your fridge. How can you resist?

If you still find difficult to fall asleep, read also How to Get Good Sleep.

9. No Sugar-Sweetened Beverage

Sugar-Sweetened Beverage - How to Lose Weight Without Exercise

You will definitely ruin all of your efforts by indulging yourself with sugar drink. When you consume too much sugar, the liver will be overloaded and turn off the rest into fat accumulated in the body. Additionally, the liquid sugar is processed in a different way from solid food, thus your body will not feel full even if it has taken a huge amount of calories from sugar drinks [11].

Make sure you completely avoid any kind of sugar drink. You can choose water, tea or coffee instead.

10. Keep Unhealthy Foods Out of Sight

Keeping unhealthy foods around your house while being on diet is not a good idea for how to lose weight without exercise. Whenever you feel hungry or craving, you will immediately think of the places where keep these foods. Into the bargain, seeing these items also increase your craving even if you just had meal before that and have no mood for eating.

The solution for this is not having any unhealthy foods in your house or at least, keeping them in out of your sight like in closets. Instead, try to place healthy foods visible on where you can easily see.

*Disclaim: The effectiveness from applying these natural tips will be depended on the body condition of the applicant.

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