How to Increase Your Calcium Level

How to Increase Your Calcium Level

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What is Calcium?

Calcium is one of many essential nutrients which keep your body healthy and strong. Calcium is needed by majority of cells in your body from heart to muscles and even nervous system. However, its most crucial function is playing the role of building block for bone in your body. The level of calcium needed might vary from one person to another, but everyone will benefit from consuming foods that are rich of calcium as well as vitamin D, magnesium which are required for calcium to perform at its best [1].

You will find that calcium is the mineral which is considered the most abundant as many functions in your body require calcium to perform such as bones need it to be strong, nervous system needs it to transmit messages, blood needs it to clot, muscles need it to contract as well as heart needs it to regulate the rhythm [2].

In case, your diet is lack of calcium, calcium will be taken from your bones to provide for other parts of the body. That will make your bones weaken and it is sometimes called osteoporosis. Lack of calcium also takes impact on your mood as it will make you become depressed, anxious, irritated and have trouble sleeping [3].

Even though, you might know how important calcium is for your body. There is a fact that not many know how much and where to get supply of calcium as well as other elements such as magnesium, vitamin D and K…

What causes Low Calcium Level?

Calcium can be obtained through 2 methods. The first one is foods and supplement consumption and the second one is that calcium will be drawn out from your own bone. Therefore, your diet is extremely important in supplying calcium [4].

Provide enough calcium for your body is important for all genders and all ages as you need it for its significantly essential function of building bone mass and prevent osteoporosis [5].

Speaking of osteoporosis, it is a disease which indicates the loss of bone in mass. It happens due to bones are getting weaken which is the perfect condition for fractures. The worst of this disease can be the inability to move and sometimes death as people with this disease cannot recover after accidents. However, this fatal disease can be totally prevented with sufficient calcium supply [6].

The level of calcium can be varied due to sex and age. Here are some consultable measurements of calcium balance for different age gaps [7].

  • 0 – 6 months: 200 mg per day
  • 7 – 12 months: 260 mg per day
  • 1 – 3 years: 700 mg per day
  • 4 – 8 years: 1000 mg per day
  • 9 – 18 years: 1300 mg per day
  • 19 – 50 years: 1000 mg per day
  • 51 – 70 years: 1000 mg per day for male, 1200 mg per day for female
  • Over 71 years: 1200 mg per day

Here are the top 10 most effective remedies for how to increase your calcium level which you can easily apply at home in order to maintain a balance level of calcium for your body as well as improve the wellness of your bone…

1. Consume Calcium-Rich Foods

The most priority method for how to increase your calcium level is including more foods that are rich of calcium in the diet [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13].

  • Non-fat or skim milk
  • Dairy products such as cheese and yogurt
  • Greens with dark leaf such as kale, spinach, turnip…
  • Fortified cereals and orange juice
  • Fish such as sardines
  • Blackstrap molasses
  • Products from soy such as soybeans

Foods which are calcium-fortified are recommended due to their high absorbability such as rice milk, almond milk and soy milk as well as bars and cereals for breakfast and orange juice.

2. Early Morning Sunlight

Vitamin D is essential as it encourages the absorbability of calcium and improves the regulation of calcium in your blood [14] [15].

Your body can obtain vitamin D through sunlight; therefore it is recommended to sunbath for about 15 minutes in the early morning. This is the most natural method for how to increase your calcium level [16] [17] [18].

Sunbath - How to Increase Your Calcium Level

Keep out of sunlight in the time from 10AM to 4PM as it is harmful during those times. Remember to put on sunscreen during those times when going out. Sunbath in the morning is significantly beneficial for your health, for more information about its benefits, please read: Home Remedies for Vaginitis and Weak Legs.

3. Consume Magnesium-Rich Foods

This is another nutrient which is required for the absorption of calcium. Also those two nutrients are familiar in the term of metabolism and the absorption of intestines as well as renal excretion of those twos is interdependent [19] [20] [21].

Lack of calcium can come from deficiency of magnesium. Also magnesium is hard to store in the body; therefore it is important to add more magnesium-rich foods into your diet [22] [23] [24] [25].

Magnesium-Rich Foods - How to Increase Your Calcium Level

Magnesium-rich foods can be found in many categories such as vegetables like spinach, cucumber, green bean, broccoli; nuts and seeds like pumpkin and sesame seeds, cashew, almond…

Magnesium is extremely essential for your body’s wellness, for more information about how it is beneficial to your body, please read: Home Remedies for Bursitis and Increase Stamina and Energy.

4. Daily Supplement

In order to maintain the required balance of calcium every day, supplement is recommended and it is a highly regarded solution for how to increase your calcium level. It is available in many forms such as capsule, tablet and powder as well as liquid.

You will need to consult the doctor for appropriate dosage and you should take it together with foods or after having meal in order to encourage the absorption.

However, control your dose of daily supplement as excessive dose might damage the heart and bring negative impacts.

5. Quit Drinking Soda

Any type of soda even decaffeinated or diet can obstruct the absorption of calcium. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid excessive intake of beverages like soda. If you want to know how to increase your calcium level, the first thing you should do is stop consuming soda [26].

Quit Drinking Soda - How to Increase Your Calcium Level

Excessive intake of soda will lead to high level of phosphate in your blood which will encourage the leaching of calcium from bones as well as excretion of calcium through urination. Furthermore, phosphate also reduces the absorbability of calcium.

Besides soda, alcohol is also recommended to be taken in moderated amount.

6. Avoid Caffeine

In case you are diagnosed with deficiency of calcium, it is recommended to stop consuming coffee as caffeine is similar to phosphate in the negative impacts on calcium in your body [27] [28].

The normal dose for daily intake of coffee is 2 cups per day. Also to reduce the impacts of coffee, it is better to consume together with milk. However, it is best to have some green tea or any other herbal teas instead of coffee [29] [30].

Make sure to go for decaffeinated tea and keep out of any caffeine-laden beverages [31] [32].

7. Avoid Consuming High Sodium

Excessive consumption of salt can contribute to the loss of calcium as it also prevents the absorption of calcium similarly to phosphate and caffeine [33].

Take other spices and herbs to enrich the flavor of your cooking rather than using salt. Furthermore, keep out of processed foods as they are rich of sodium.

8. Raisins and Prunes

The reason for these fruits to be recommended for how to increase your calcium level is because of the boron. That mineral is extremely effective in helping your body prevent calcium from flushing out by promote the functions of oestrogen as well as vitamin D. By increasing calcium but not this mineral, it will all be worthless effort.

Prunes and Raisins - How to Increase Your Calcium Level

Boron also encourage the production of oestrogen which is significantly beneficial for those who are on menopause. Lack of oestrogen during this period will activate osteoclasts which are cells in charge of breaking down your bones.

Boron can be found in many vegetables and fruits such as cherries, almonds, oranges and apples.

9. Avocado

This fruit is well-known as a rich source of magnesium – a mineral with equal importance as calcium itself as without magnesium, calcium cannot be absorbed well. This will lead to the excessive amount of calcium becoming toxic which will in turn calcify the arteries, trigger heart attack and other cardiovascular diseases.

Avocado 1 - How to Increase Your Calcium Level

Magnesium can be obtained from various foods such as wholegrain, oat and greens with leaf, oily fish and dark chocolate.

For more information about the benefits and applications of avocado, please read: Home Remedies for Sagging Skin and Dry and Rough Hands.

10. Consume Vitamin-D-Rich Foods

Besides sunbath, it is recommended to consume more foods that are rich of vitamin D such as oyster, shrimp, fish, butter, cheese, margarine, fortified milk and cereal, egg and liver. It is why this method is often recommended by nutritionists for how to increase your calcium level.

Another option is taking vitamin D supplementary pills after consulting the doctor.

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*Disclaim: The effectiveness from applying these natural tips will be depended on the body condition of the applicant.

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