How to Heal Bone Fracture

How to Heal Bone Fracture

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In this article, Authority Remedies introduces to you top natural remedies for broken bones, one of the most popular health ailments that spare no one. Learning how to heal bone fracture is regarded extremely vital in order to protect your bone from further damage.


Tooth and bone enamel are considered as the hardest mineral substances in each body; however, while most people can work out the value of strong teeth, some still wonder or even underestimate the value of strong bones till a problem happens [1] [2] . According to a study, strong bones play an important role in not only providing strength, balancing for your body but also improving your posture and appearance. With strong and healthy bones, you will look and feel more youthful.

What is Bone Fracture?

Bone fracture [3] occurs when a bone in the body cracks or breaks. More specific, in case more pressure is placed on a bone than it normally is, the bone tends to break or split. A crack of any size is named a fracture.

What are the causes of Bone Fracture?

Generally, bone fracture is the result of injury, including motor vehicle accidents, a fall from a height or sport injury, but it can also be caused by osteoporosis [4] [5] . Another common causes of bone fracture can be:

  • Direct blow
  • Repeated forces caused by running, leading to stress fractures of ankle, tibia, hip or foof
  • Child abuse

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What are the symptoms of Bone Fracture?

When suffering from bone fracture, you can witness some of the following symptoms:

  • Intense pain
  • Inability to move a limb or restricted mobility
  • Swelling, bruising and bleeding
  • Tingling and numbness [6]
  • A misshapen joint or limb that can look visible

How to Heal Bone Fracture Naturally?

When it comes to bone fracture, it is necessary to take any immediate medical attention and keep your bone immobilized until you are helped. Some of the best home remedies for bone fracture are available, which you can easily apply them at home.

Following are top 10 impressive ways on how to heal bone fracture to aid in promoting the speed of healing and recovery.

1. Cold compress

Cold Compress - How To Heal Bone Fracture

Cold compress is among top home remedies for bone fracture that many people place the belief to use. This treatment can get your bone relieved from pain and swelling. Applying the ice packs to the affected areas up to 4 times daily in about 10 minutes can bring about good results. Both ice packs and cold compress are effective in healing fracture pain. Your bone can get repaired too.

2. Ice

Ice - How To Heal Bone Fracture

Like cold compress, ice continues to be one of the most excellent helps on how to heal bone fracture. For the first two days of bone-breaking, you might need to put a Ziploc bag that is full of ice on your injured areas for 20 minutes. This method is believed to work if you’ve been fitted with a cast. You also need to ensure to place a towel between the cast and the bag of ice to get rid of wetness.

3. Pineapple

Pineapple - How To Heal Bone Fracture

Consuming a half of a fresh pineapple per day is one of the most useful ways on how to heal bone fracture. Bromelain [7] present in this fruit enables to worsen swelling and inflammation. You should avoid processed or canned pineapples that do not supply the same effect.

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4. Calcium

Note that bone mass can keep increasing during life until you are 30-40 years of age. Later years, net bone loss can happen when bone resorption surpluses the amount of bone produced. Bones can keep losing their density every year after 30 in men and women. Therefore, in order to promote the health bone, a daily intake of Calcium is fairly critical.

Known as an essential substance for supporting the bone health, calcium supplement [8] is one of the most perfect choices for bone fracture repair. You can find out high sources of calcium in most bean and green leafy vegetables like Brussels sprouts, broccoli, kale, mustard greens or collard. These kinds of food are also rich in magnesium that serve well as a bone healing supplement.

5. Vitamin Supplements

Vitamins [9] are an indispensable element that supports greatly bone health whenever there is a problem. While boron assists in healing break bone, magnesium and potassium can encourage bone health by promoting the healing process and protecting it from any other destruction. You can opt for raising your consumption of bone-healing vitamins by choosing foods containing those above mentioned suggestion.

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6. Zinc

Increasing your zinc digestion [10] [11] can promote significantly the repaired tissue damage connected with a broken bone. Several foods that contain a decent source of zinc are beef, pork, turkey, lamb, seafood, chicken and seafood like oysters, clams, lobster and salmon.

7. Vitamin C

Vitamin C - How To Heal Bone Fracture

Another effective natural home remedies for broken bones comes from the support of vitamin C [12] [13] . Some health researchers have suggested that the intake of vitamin C-rich foods can stimulate the formation of collagen [14] , which helps the body create healthy bones. You should include this vitamin in your regular diets. Foods owning a rich level of vitamin C are known as bell peppers, oranges, papaya, cauliflower, or strawberries.

8. Essential Oils

The answer on how to heal bone fracture is no longer hard to tell since some essential oils can even work better. This treatment when is applied to injured areas can accelerate the process of healing as you expect. Essential oils such as helichrysum, fir, or cypress can help repair bone and strengthen bone health. Regarding the application, you can rub the oils for 3 times daily or until your condition gets helped effectively.

9. Avoid caffeine and Alcohol

Apart from foods, substances or drinks providing such good essential elements for protecting bone health, there are another foods that you need to avoid because they can weaken bones if used in a large amount. Caffeine is no exception [15] [16] . This is due to the fact that those chemicals present in a cigarette can possibly work to destroy the healing process of broken bones. Damage duration can be even more than five months longer for severe breaks. When the body contacts with tobacco products, caffeine makes the amount of oxygen that reaches bone tissue reduce.

As alcohol has a negative impact on your bone mass and disrupts the absorption of calcium [17] [18] , limiting drinking alcoholic beverages is one of the most helpful ways to maintain the strength of your bone health.

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10. Use Pillow

Pillow - How To Heal Bone Fracture

Using pillow to elevate a broken ankle or foot helps relieve from swelling. In order to speed up the healing process, it is highly suggested that your broken bone should be put in a higher position than your heart. This helps blood and fluid be drawn away from the injury. Placing some pillows at the end of a bed is a trusted home remedy for bone fracture.


  • Do not move the person when the broken bone is not stable.
  • Do not move a person who has pelvis, an injured hip or upper leg when it is not needed.
  • Do not move a person suffering from a spine injury.
  • Do not straighten a bone or change its position if the blood circulation does not appear hampered.
  • Do not reposition a possible spine injury.
  • Do not try to test to move the bone.

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*Disclaim: The effectiveness from applying these natural tips will be depended on the body condition of the applicant.

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