How To Get Rid of Blemishes

How To Get Rid of Blemishes

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In this article, Authority Remedies is on target for collecting some useful information about blemishes and lending you a hand on how to get rid of blemishes both naturally and effectively.

There remains a fact that your skin is one of your best friends and if you like your skin, then it “likes” you. Undeniably, skin provides you with effective protection against some of the harmful elements that are willing to invade into your whole body and thereby holding you together. However, if you are one of many women who wish for a glowing skin, but still witness spots or acne, even skin discoloration, this can be a far-reaching dream.

What are Blemishes?

Blemishes can be a nightmare to most people, particularly when they are getting old and the presence of aging spots is apparently noticeable.

In details, blemishes are the term used to describe the dark spots or skin discoloration. Blemishes embrace various types, resulting from many other factors, not just only acne. For instance, people can be born with blemishes such as port-wine stains or birthmarks; the others might focus on some other common forms including sun spots, liver spots, freckles, moles and skin tags.

In other words, acne is one of the different blemishes we have on the skin. Blemishes can vary in size, in which some grow pretty big and occupy a larger part of your skin surface. In some urgent cases, you need to look for medical attention for any skin change or blemish that spreads fast all over the face.

Blemishes do not exclude any part of the body; however, the most common places that blemishes appear very often are your face, shoulders, neck, and back. And watch out! They’re easily confused with acne since these could be related to each other in a way. So how different are they?

Difference between blemish and acne

The term “acne” originates in the “the highest point” term, which arrives from the Greek language. It’s the skin condition that is often found in young people. The main cause of your acne is mostly seen as the Androgen hormone. It means the higher levels of Androgen can stimulate the oil glands and then release more oil than usual. However, according to some certain studies, they also highlighted that it’s the genetic reasons causing acne.

If you have mild acne, go to treat it with some OTC (over the counter) medicines without needing a doctor prescription. As for the severe acne condition, let’s see your dermatologist, instead! Meanwhile, some blemishes are said to mirror the skin discoloration issue.

As stated above, your skin becomes darker in some certain areas of the skin. Such a thing occurs due to different reasons. Some of them might arise naturally while some others are triggered by other illnesses. So what exactly caused those ugly blemishes? And how to get rid of blemishes completely?

What cause Blemishes?

One of the leading causes of blemishes is the breakouts of acne. Also, there emerge other factors such as genetics, imbalance of hormones, poor diet with lack of skin care as well as aging and UV rays exposure [1]. Do remember that excessive usage of comestic products can cause the same problem.

Here are the details you shouldn’t miss:


No doubt, acne is one of the most commonly seen and frustrating skin issues everyone has, especially the youngsters. The causes of them are often hormonal and stated to be due to some particular medications.

Your acne is created due to the hair follicles inflammation and oil-producing glands of your skin. This is caused by the bacteria that reside in your hair follicles, and they can multiply in those blocked pores. Below are the most common acne scars causing your blemishes:

  • Rolling acne scars: They own wide depressions with one sloping edge, and would occupy around 30% of all the acne scars.
  • Boxcar scars: They own wide depressions with noticeable edges, and tend to occupy about 25% of all the acne scars.
  • Ice-pick scars: They are often deep and pitted as well as occupying about 70% of all acne scars.

UV exposure

Here’s another reason for you to store more sunscreen in your pocket. Aside from liver spots, the UV damage probably triggers your melasma. This often goes with some unusual dark patches.

You’ll see them pretty common in pregnant women and those who are in their 30s. So it’s highly recommended to remember that your hormonal changes due to pregnancy or even the post-menopausal therapy might increase your melasma.

Besides, the UV exposure can worsen your freckles by darkening them more. Though they cause no harm for you to worry, they possibly mean an increased risk of skin cancer.


Having grey hair won’t be the only thing that comes to your aging stage. There are some blemishes that are considered as the sign of aging, and these are typically sorted into three different types as below:

  • Liver spots: They appear due to the overly excessive exposure to the sun or other ultraviolet light forms. You can recognize them by seeing the flat and brown spots showing up in your skin. However, most of them are harmless and not causing any serious problem.
  • Purpura: It occurs once your small blood vessels (capillaries) tend to break and let the blood be leaked into your skin. Therefore, you might see this blemish red at first, but then it will turn brown.
  • Seborrheic Keratoses: These types of blemishes appear in brown or black and small formations You might see this as a sort of skin growth, but their growths here are not harmful at all. But in some cases, the seborrheic keratosis is hard for you to differentiate from melanoma – another severe form of skin cancer.Therefore, if the skin has any unwanted change, you need to consult a doctor for better treatment.

Skin diseases

As you know, there are some particular skin issues that can affect your skin badly, especially when they leave behind the annoying blemishes. Apart from the above-mentioned seborrheic keratoses, which occur with aging, some skin diseases causing those marks on your face would be:

  • Rosacea: This skin problem is known to cause your reddened complexion and pimples that will leave behind some marks later. The reason for this condition is still unknown.
  • Herpes: It’s mostly caused by the presence of the Simplex Virus Type 1. Next, it will leave behind the bad-looking scars around your lip, cheeks, and nose. In this case, you might need to have some reliable surgical procedures and medicinal creams to make them fade out.
  • Chickenpox: Another common skin issue we’ve encountered the most is chickenpox that is triggered by the Varicella Zoster Virus. This condition results in a typical skin rash that easily creates little and itchy blisters, which finally scab over. Its most common symptoms would start from ten to twenty days after your exposure to the sun.

Genetic disorders  

From time to time, the reason why these blemishes arise on your skin could be in your DNA. Aside from the acne, some genetic disorders you’ve got will increase the severity of the marks on your face. Look! Here are they:

  • Darier disease: This disorder can leave some wart-like blemishes right on your forehead. They’re often yellowish and a bit hard to touch by hands. At times, you probably notice them a bit greasy and possibly emit an annoying odor. Any exposure to the UV, wounds, scratching, or the intake of medications are claimed to worsen the condition.
  • Fabry disease: Unlike the above disorder, this one is triggered due to the formation of a certain kind of fat in the cells of your body. It’s likely to contribute to the buildup of a series of tiny and darkened red spots (Angiokeratomas), right on the skin.

Then how about the other gene-caused blemishes? These are the birthmarks, Mongolian spots, or hemangiomas. Well, they tend to fade over time, or simply shrink their sizes once you age.


A few certain cosmetics can cause the blockage of your skin pores, and this also leads to the bacterial buildup around those pores. Next, they will form some dark spots and unwanted patches. The frequent use of soaps or deodorants is said to lead to these blemishes.


It’s sometimes hard to learn how to get rid of blemishes when the air around you is unluckily not pure. In fact, the air has a lot of unhealthy chemicals and harmful gases that will certainly lead to your skin damage. As a result, the blemishes are formed on your skin.

How are your blemishes formed?

Since the word “blemish” has almost become associated with acne scars. And to be honest, if you’ve just spotted discoloration or any noticeable mark on the face, acne scars would be the most likely culprits causing them. If so, then how can a blemish be created? Look below now!

  • A blemish often starts with your blocked pores, which will be triggered by the higher production of sebum – the natural oil human produces. It’s increased like this due to the production of the male hormone or the so-called testosterone. You all own a bit of testosterone, even women. And the higher testosterone volume, or being so sensitive to it could be the reason or the oil/sebum production.
  • The extra natural oil can easily block your pores, which can be seen as another opening of the skin where your sebum would flow out. Both oil and dead skin cells are said to gradually increase due to that blockage, and then this will form your whitehead or blackhead.
  • The surrounding environment within your blocked pore feels airtight, offering a perfect home for germ known as the P. acnes. The bacteria here leads to your skin inflammation and causes the redness as well as other irritating effects of blemishes.

Because of such harmful factors, the presence of blemishes enables to completely spoil your look. Most of the teenagers and even adults have acne and skin blemishes on their faces or other skin parts. Since this skin problem possibly makes you feel uglier, it can also lead to the loss of confidence [2]. Therefore, it is a wish for people to remove blemishes immediately.

What are the symptoms of Blemishes?

In many cases, a blemish; however, is a symptom of an inflammation or an infection occurring on the skin. Some common symptoms of blemishes include:

  • Presence of bumps, following with pus, mostly on the face
  • Pustules that look stretched and painful
  • Skin discolorations, mainly in the winter or the spring
  • Brown and dark patches on the skin
  • Modification in the texture of the skin
  • Extra itchiness and dryness in the affected skin caused by a blemish.

Other symptoms of blemishes can also include whiteheads, blackheads, pustules and pimples as they occur due to clogged pores[3]

Remember that there is no need to confirm your suffering of blemishes when all these symptoms appear on your body. A few people can experience all of these symptoms but you might see nothing more than the occurrence of bumps or brown and dark-colored spots on the skin.

How to get rid of Blemishes?

Although blemishes are a common skin ailment, it can be treated at home with a number of natural home remedies.

Be attentive! Here are the top 19 most effective home remedies for how to remove blemishes which you can easily apply at home in order to deal with blemishes and restore your fair skin.

1. Lemon

Lemon, especially its juice is considered as one of the most popular tips on how to get rid of blemishes. The juice can serve wonder as among skin-lightening home remedies for dark spots and the hyper-pigmentaion thanks to the bleaching effect.

How to apply:

  • Mix lemon juice with attar
  • Combine ½ can of yogurt into this solution to create an anti-acne paste
  • Apply it to your face
  • Leave it on for 30 minutes to get its extraction can be absorbed into your skin

This method is believed to successfully make you skin clean and smooth [4].

Lemon Juice - How to Get Rid of Blemishes
Lemon Juice

2. Aloe Vera

Being one of the beautified substances that a lot of women like to use, Aloe Vera contains a number of vital vitamins and minerals giving you a helping hand in blemish treatments and home acne treatments [5].

How to apply: 

  • Cut a slice of Aloe Vera (throw away its peel, because it can burn your skin)
  • Rub it gently on your face for about 2-3 minutes and rinse with clean water.

In the first time of using, you will feel a little bit itchy. This is completely normal feeling and it will soon disappear from the 2nd time.

Aloe Vera - How to Get Rid of Blemishes
Aloe Vera

3. Cucumber

Cucumber is widely known as one of the quickest methods on how to remove blemishes, thanks to its cool and fresh effects. Accordingly, you can consume or use cucumber to apply on your face daily without worrying about any side effects [6].

How to apply: 

  • Cut a cucumber into slices and rub them on your face.
  • Wait for 30 minutes and rinse with water.

Alternatively, you can use cucumber juice to rub on your face from 1-2 times per day (after you wash your face).


  • Make a mixture of a small cucumber with a cup of oatmeal.
  • Add a teaspoon of this mixture to a spoon of yogurt and apply to your face.
  • Peel it after 30 minutes and rinse it off with water.

Cucumber is magic treatment for lots of skin-related problem thanks to its cooling effects. It is considered as one of the greatest superfoods on earth.

Cucumber - How to Get Rid of Blemishes

4. Tomato

Tomatoes are reckoned as one of the most effective ways on how to get rid of blemishes potentially thanks to its profile of vitamins and nutrients. If your face has some acne or small spots, you only need to grind a tomato and use its meat to rub on your face. By regularly using tomatoes, your skin will not only be safe from blemishes or acne, but also always stay fresh and glow [7].

Tomato - How to Get Rid of Blemishes

5. Carrot

So how to get rid of blemishes with a carrot? The carrot is a vegetable rich in nutrients which is used to prevent cancer, heart attack and so on. Furthermore, there are a lot of vitamin A that is found in carrots helping protect cuticles on skin, support the new tissue cells to grow and nourish the skin as well as fight against strong ultraviolet rays [8].

Meanwhile, vitamin C in the vegetable works to rejuvenate your skin, tighten astringent pores, confront with inflammation and bacteria.

Carrot - How to Get Rid of Blemishes

To make use of the ingredient, you can eat carrots daily with other foods, which will help you effectively treat different skin problems, including blemishes and acne.

Otherwise, you can use carrot juice to drink, and the pulp of carrots to apply on the pus acne. Your blemishes or acne will be no longer swollen and itchy. You can find more about other benefits of carrots at Home Remedies for Acne Scars.

6. Garlic

Garlic - How to Get Rid of Blemishes

Garlic has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, helping to reduce itch very well. Besides, garlic also helps blur bruise, cleanse and brighten skin. This is the reason why garlic is a wonderful blemish treatment at home.

More than a familiar spice available in the kitchen, garlic can support effectively acne and blemishes treatment.

How to apply:

  • Peel garlic and chop off then use the pieces to rub directly on the skin acne pus.
  • Massage the skin gently and rinse it with clean water.

Pustules will be significantly improved after you implement the method [9].

Another option is that you can also puree garlic and extract its juice then apply to your skin. Aqueous of garlic will be absorbed through your skin better, helping to tighten pores, soften skin and support the skin to be lightened. Also, the remedies for blemish with garlic can prevent inflamed and itching skin.

7. Potato

Potato - How to Get Rid of Blemishes

To quickly get rid of blemishes, you can use countless different nutritious and natural ingredients, including the potato that contains lots of starch and necessary vitamins such as vitamin B, C1, C2. After being absorbed into your pore, the nutrients reduce inflammation and confront with acne [10].

Use cotton which is dipped into potato juice and apply it to your face. Doing this is exactly how to get rid of blemishes the most effectively.

8. Papaya

Papaya - How to Get Rid of Blemishes

One of the most surprising health benefits of papayza is it can help you deal with blemishes. Papaya is rich in vitamins which are good for health. Eating papaya can not only bright your eyes and skin but also curb pimples. Therefore, you can apply a papaya as one of home remedies for blemishes.

Then how to get rid of blemishes with this fruit at home? To make a papaya mask, first, you need to prepare papaya, milk, honey, wheat flour. Peel a papaya, grind it and mix with milk, honey and wheat flour to form a paste.

Every day, before bedtime, use this mixture to apply to your face for 20-30 minutes to eliminate acne or blemishes fast and make your skin beautiful.

9. Lemon and Eggs

This combination between lemons and eggs is a great solution for those who are looking for quick tips on how to get rid of blemishes. While lemons can lighten the skin, the egg whites contain the sulfur helping dry up blackheads and whiteheads to create a clear complexion. Also, it enables to stop new blemishes and thereby tightening the skin.


Honey - How to Get Rid of Blemishes

How to apply:

  • Squeeze a half of lemon and mix with one tablespoon of beaten glair.
  • Apply it to you face and leave it overnight.
  • Rinse off with warm water.

Note: Make sure that you do not to apply the mixture to your mouth and eyes.

Plus, honey can be used as a wonderful ingredient in other treatments such as Home Remedies for Oily Skin.

10. Yeast and Yogurt

Yogurt - How to Get Rid of Blemishes

Commonly, oily skin is prone to blemishes or acne, and yogurt is one of the best home remedies for how to get rid of blemishes in this situation. This is due to the ability to reduce excessive oil and eliminate acne of yogurt.

How to apply: 

  • Mix one tablespoon of yeast with a little yogurt to create a smooth mixture
  • Apply it to your oily face and leave it for 15-20 minutes
  • Rinse off with warm water, then cold water to close pores

Oily skin can be treated naturally and effectively thanks to a great number of treatments.

11. Oat

Oatmeal - How to Get Rid of Blemishes

Oats are acknowledged to have soothing properties, and an amazing effect on eliminating acne. This makes the oats inevitable in the list of top home remedies on how to get rid of blemishes.

How to apply: 

  • Mix 2 tablespoons of oatmeal, a teaspoon of baking powder, and some water to form a mixture.
  • Apply it to your face and rub gently.
  • Wash your face off with water.

12. Turmeric

Turmeric - How to Get Rid of Blemishes

It is said that Indian brides often use masks made of turmeric before the wedding to help them have beautiful skin. This turns out to be such a wonderful treatment for blemishes.

How to apply: 

  • Mix 1/2 cup of green bean powder and two teaspoons of turmeric, sandalwood powder and almond oil
  • Combine with some water to form a mask
  • Apply it to your face and leave it for 5-10 minutes.
  • Peel it and rinse with clean water.

13. Toothpaste

Toothpaste - How To Get Rid Of Blemishes

It is not necessary to use natural ingredients for how to get rid of blemishes. Instead, you are able to make use of other available materials in case there is no vegetables, spices left in your kitchen or you are too busy to go to groceries to get them.

Apply a little toothpaste to the acne before going to bed. The swollen acne will be reduced obviously after a night. This is really an easy tip on how to get rid of blemishes that you should not skip. It is also a popular acne treatment.

14. Lavender

Lavender Oil - How to Get Rid of Blemishes
Lavender Oil

Oils extracted from natural ingredient are always good friends of women in beautifying progress. And one of the oils you can use to serve as a blemishes treatment is lavender oil.

How to get rid of blemishes the right way with that herbal oil? Think of applying it to your skin after washing thoroughly your face. Leave it there for a few minutes then wash again with water. Just after a short time,  you will be completely surprised with the unexpected result that lavender oil bring to your skin.

15. Violet

Violet - How to Get Rid of Blemishes

More than a beautiful flower, violet makes itself a trusted home remedy to help deal with blemishes and acne.

How to apply: 

  • Boil some violet petals for 10 minutes.
  • Drink it as tea and condense remaining into 80ml water.
  • Apply this condensed liquid to the acne, 4 times per day.

16. Avocado

Avocado - How to Get Rid of Blemishes

Undeniably, avocados are completely rich in vitamins and minerals that can nourish the skin and eliminate skin problems. For how to get rid of blemishes, here is another way you can use it effectively at home:

How to apply: 

  • Select very ripe avocado, extract its pulp, puree and add a few drops of olive oil.
  • Spread across your face about 30 minutes
  • Rinse with water
  • Do this at least 2-3 times a week until you see improvement.

17. Banana

No matter what causes blemishes, you can get rid of them immediately with banana. This fruit can be regarded as one of the best home remedies for skin problems. Puree a ripe banana and apply it to your face for 30 minutes. Bananas will help provide the natural moisture, clean your skin and prevent breakouts of acne.

Banana - How To Get Rid Of Blemishes

18. Rice Powder and Yogurt

Rice Powder - How to Get Rid of Blemishes
Rice Powder

These two natural ingredients are extremely good for your skin and improve the blemish condition.

Prepare 50-100g rice powder and a can of yogurt, then mix them well. Next, gently rub the mixture onto acne skin. If possible, massage and relax in 15 minutes while listening to some music. Finally rinse with water. Do this on daily basis in at least 2 weeks and you will get the best results.

19. Pumpkin

Pumpkin - How To Get Rid of Blemishes

Pumpkin is not only a good source of food for health, but also an useful ingredient used in a tip on how to get rid of blemishes. This is due to the fact that it contains lots of vitamins and zinc. Many people claim that pumpkin is a great home acne treatment as well.

How to apply: 

  • Crush pumpkin and place it in a bowl,
  • Add glair and olive oil.
  • Mix these ingredients together and apply it to your face
  • Leave your skin for about 15 minutes then rinse off with warm water


Infographic - How To Get Rid Of Blemishes
Infographic on how to get rid of blemishes

Extra tips on how to get rid of blemishes

  • Keeping yourself hydrated as much as possible, which is the main key that solves all your skin problems. To do this, make sure to drink at least eight or ten glasses of water daily.
  • When using cosmetics, always go for the comedogenic-free items and ignore any product that contains lanolin oil, or the Isopropyl myristate. If not, they’re likely to penetrate deep into your pores and block them.
  • For anyone who has the oily skin, it’s best to buy the water-based skin care stuff, particularly the oil-free ones. Try to avoid any product containing alcohol, which only dries up the skin.
  • Keep in mind that prevention is more important than the treatment. Thus, let’s begin with curing your pimples, whiteheads, or blackheads at first. But never think of popping those zits and strongly squeezing out those pimples harshly.
  • Daily skin care is another essential element of your prevention. By keeping the skin as clean and pure as you can, your blemishes can be washed away. Let’s wash the face regularly, about twice per day.
  • Dodge the use of any skin cleansing product that has the unfriendly chemicals because these can easily irritate your skin further.
  • Avoid exposing your skin to the sun, when the rays can surely worsen your acne, leading to more blemishes and dark spots. For how to get rid of blemishes, in this case, cover your skin as much as possible with face masks, clothes, socks, hats, etc. Besides, it’s better to utilize a sufficient amount of sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 15 at least before you decide to step out into the sunlight.
  • How to get rid of blemishes if you don’t have any natural ingredient available at home? Simply rub a good amount of calamine lotion – a medication that is used to treat the itchiness on your skin with blemishes. This calamine will dry up the excessive production of your sebum effectively.
  • Prepare some icy cubes and cover them with a towel. Hold that compress on your blemishes, which is considered a good way for soothing the skin, reducing your inflammation.


The truth is that nobody likes some blemishes appearing on his or her face. Not only are they bad-looking, but they also affect your confidence.

Since they’re the big trouble in your daily life, you must need proper treatment to make them go away soon. So for the best idea on how to get rid of blemishes, don’t miss one of our recommended home remedies above today! But to see how effective each method is, don’t hesitate to give it a test at home!


*Disclaim: The effectiveness from applying these natural tips will be depended on the body condition of the applicant.

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  10. Another simple way to make use of lemon to treat blemishes is mix it with a little water then directly apply onto the blemishes or acne before bed. Do this for a few days and you will soon see improvement. And do not wear sunscreen to protect your skin. Good luck!

  11. Here is another way to apply oats to treat blemishes you might want to try. I use it whenever acne or blemishes appear and it really works.
    1. Cook ½ cup of oatmeal, then cool it in the refrigerator.
    2. Mix oatmeal with 1 raw egg and 1 teaspoon of lemon juice.
    3. Apply to skin and leave on until your face feels dry and tight.
    4. Rinse with warm water, massaging in circular motions.Do this daily
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