How To Get Amazing Results From Squat

How To Get Amazing Results From Squat

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You are probably new to squatting and are wondering, will I get that perfect booty and toned thighs that I so badly want or is squatting a waste of time? Maybe you have been working your ass off (no pun) at the gym and you are about to literally throw in the towel. Regardless of your issue, we all want the same thing; to see results from squatting

With a lot of false information and half-truths about squat, you are probably wondering whether squat actually work or are they just a myth designed to make trainers wealthy. Well, to answer your question, yes, squat does work; but you have to do more than basic squatting to see results. This brings me to the billion dollar question; what should you do to get those thighs, hamstrings and of course buttocks that you are carving?

Forget everything you knew about squat, as I am about to give you expert tips on how to get results from squat while avoiding common mistakes.

Perform Proper Workout Stances And Form

Perform Proper Workout Stances And Form

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of proper form and stance while performing squat. Good form and stance will not only ensure you obtain the most from squatting but will only prevent common gym injuries. This is the first rule of getting gains from your squat, a rule that many individuals neglect hence ending up frustrated with poor results or worse, permanent injuries.

Moreover, squat are regarded overall lower body exercise meaning that by adjusting your stance you can target different parts of your body such as the hamstrings, thighs, calves, and glutes. However, it is important to note that the rule of thumb for targeting the butt with squat is to adopt wide stances while squatting whereas narrow stances target the thighs.

Progressive Increase In Weight Load, Sets And Reps

If you have been using the same weights and doing the same number of sets and reps you have probably discovered that you are no longer feeling sore in your muscles. What this means is that your muscles have been used to the same exercise routine and it’s time to switch things up.

Challenging your muscles by pushing them to their limit will guarantee fast and visible results. Experts advise performing between 8 to 12 reps using a given weight. If you are able to exceed 12 sets then it’s time to switch gears to a heavier load. Below 8 reps mean those weights are too heavy for you so you will need to go down a few pounds and use lighter weights. Simple right?

Consider Other Exercises Alongside Squat

If you have been using squatting over and over again and you are not seeing any changes, this could probably be the problem. Squat are a tremendous exercise. If anything, they are the mother of lower body exercise. Unfortunately, squat alone cannot get you to the bigger, better results you require; you need to incorporate other exercises with squat so as to target the overall glute and leg muscles. For instance, bridges are considered more effective at targeting the butt compared to squat.

Eat! Eat! Eat!

This is where the magic actually happens. After hitting your weights hard, your muscles are screaming to be replenished. By eating, you provide your muscles with nutrients necessary for growth. Remember muscle growth is what will give you a nice bubble butt and toned thighs. Get more information about What to Eat after Workout.

While a balanced diet is important for muscle growth, the need for a protein filled diet should be emphasized. Why? Proteins are the building blocks for muscles. Eating adequate amounts of the different varieties of protein will get you results faster.

You should eat a light carb immediately before the workout and immediately after the workout to prevent burning excess energy and replenish your energy levels respectively. During the rest of the day eat protein packed meals for healing and recovery.

Incorporate Adequate Recovery Time To Your Routine

Incorporate Adequate Recovery Time To Your Routine

Believe it or not, you do not need to squat every day for great results. If anything, too much exercise can be counterproductive to your growth goals. You are probably raising an eyebrow because you heard the 30-day squat challenge is the real deal, right? You could not be more wrong! Squatting every day will result in wearing out your muscles which can lead to severe injuries. So if you have been squatting daily, count yourself lucky and stop before you hurt yourself.

Instead, adopt a routine that allows at least a day’s rest between workouts and three days of workout a week. You should, however, ensure that you do not go more than three days without working out, if you do so, compensate the missed workout days with your rest days. This may seem too slow for you but trust me, your muscles need rest so as to repair hence grow.

You might benefit from Home Remedies for Muscle Pain or Home Remedies for Leg Pain.


The bottom line to taking remarkable before and after picture of your booty and toned things can be narrowed in three basic rules. Workout smart, eat right and give your muscles time to recover. By doing this, you can be guaranteed tremendous results within 2 months. Remember to keep your schedule simple and more importantly, to have fun while working out!


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*Disclaim: The effectiveness from applying these natural tips will be depended on the body condition of the applicant.

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