How To Gain Weight Fast

How To Gain Weight Fast

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Currently, the fitness industry is still witnessing the practicability of weight loss strategies in making people healthier; however, not every single person can work towards that goal. In fact, the question on how to gain weight fast has marked its emergence even more regularly. Underweight adults or skinny teenagers, all search for the ways to put on weight fast but effectively.

If your body type is still remaining stuck on skinny as you put every effort to gain weight but fail or recover from eating disorders, learning how to gain weight in a healthy way is badly needed. It is surely true that consuming sugary beverages [1] such as sodas or adding french fries to dishes can help you significantly weigh, but subsequently, your body can be negatively affected by the consequences of poor and unhealthy diets along with the lack of essential nutrients. Nutritionists have strongly suggested that taking care of food consumption in each meal or eating whole natural foods [2] related to the change in your lifestyle [3] and eating habits is among the best ways to gain weight fast and healthily.

Following are 10 simple and effective handy tips on how to gain weight fast that should be taken into consideration to help your body stay healthier and look more attractive.

1. Consuming over three meals daily

Naturally, possessing a very fast metabolism [4] with three meals per day does not effectively help you put on weight. The reason is after working, your body tends to burn calories fast; therefore, it needs feeding before the amount of calories is used up. It can be inferred that you should eat even though you do not feel hungry. Trying to eat up five meals per day is absolutely ideal when you seek helps on how to gain weight fast.

2. Eating nutrient-rich foods

We do, now, believe that the answer on how to gain weight fast is no longer difficult to tell because you can partly rely on foods to gain weight which are nourishing and rich in nutrients. However, while eating pizzas along with drinking sugary beverages, for example, help you greatly gain weight, it can pose a threat to your metabolism function by making you gain fat instead of muscle. As a result, whenever you are concerning about how to choose healthy foods to add extra pounds, following these instructions is hopefully useful:

  • Seeking for foods which are not relatively processed. For instance, grabbing the traditional oatmeal instead of the instant one or choosing unprocessed chicken products.
  • Avoiding frozen foods or fast foods that are proven unhealthily because they can offer lots of sugar, filler substances and salt.

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3. Eating more protein


Eating more protein [5] [6] is another incredible help on how to gain weight fast. As you might probably know, one of the key nutrients that help putting on weight is protein and without it, most excessive intake of calories no longer meet your expectation. According to a study, feeding a high source of protein during long period can contribute to more extra calories and then convert them into muscle. But one thing that should be kept in mind that protein can be a double-edged sword as it is highly filled up and thereby reducing your hunger, which make your body impossible to take in enough calories. Some protein-rich foods are highly recommended to use consisting of meats, eggs, fish, dairy products, nut and etc. In addition, whey protein [7] [8] can serve as good protein supplement if you are encountering with the sufficiency intake of protein in your diets.

4. Eating lots of calories

Have you ever tried to calculate your calories [9] intake in the body? Because knowing the number will help you determine how many calories you need to achieve the body’s goal of putting on a few pounds. Once you hope to gain weight steadily and slowly, about 300-500 calories more than your body burns per day is enough and 700 to 1000 calories more than the maintenance level for those who want to gain weight faster. A day with three big meals full of calorie-rich foods, sometimes, does not make you comfortable but it is widely known as the best way to gain weight fast.

5. Drinking plenty of water

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Undeniably, water is packed with numerous and incredible health benefits including promoting weight gain and playing such a vital role in helping your body deal with the excessive intake of protein as well as calories. Drinking some glasses of water [10] in every single dish is beneficial for not allowing your body to get dehydrated.  You can also consume some certain types of drink such as unsweetened tea, healthy beverages or fruit juices. Alternatively, do remember to ward off drinking Gatorade or any sport drinks [11] in the increasing amounts as they are loaded with lots of sugar.

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6. Engaging in a late dinner


A late dinner or a midnight snack is not apparently allowed when you are trying to get some pound lost; however, the opposite is true when you are in all attempts to gain weight fast. Before going to sleep, you can eat a small dinner or have a snack. This method is regarded as an impressive way to provide you with more calories while they do not have the chance to burn off yet.

7. Giving up smoking


Apart from the above-mentioned methods, another immediate help on how to gain weight fast that offers the best alternative is giving up smoking. For generations, smoking has scientifically proved having negative impacts on your overall health condition [12] . If you really want to put on weight, try to avoid smoking as much as possible since this unhealthy habit can spoil your appetite [13]. You can also ward off smoking a few hours before the main meals start if you cannot quit it completely.

8. Jotting down some notes


Writing some notes about your weight gain journal is likely to take lots of your time since you think that sometimes it is not necessary at all. But continuously doing it can generate great outcomes. Counting calories you are taking in to estimate how many the body burns each day helps you decide which strategies have benefited your weight and what you should do next. Additionally, you should take note of your weight to see how quickly your weight is gained per day and figure out how efficiently things are working.

9. Starting exercise training


Physical exercises [14] [15] are extremely good for weight gain in general as it can regain your appetite. The exercises will allow you to put on weight by building your muscles. Chest, abdominals, triceps, shoulders and hamstring are major groups that you should put each exercise in. You can also speed up the process of practicing by adding two or more exercises to each group when your body gets used to these activities. Effective strength training is composed of overhead presses, bench presses, squats, chin-ups, bicep curls, barbell rows, dips and leg curls. Remember that consistency is always leading the way to reach for long term success.

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10. Taking a rest


Being as important as other solutions to how to gain weight fast, taking a rest cannot be ignored if you want to put on weight fast and safely. You need to last your sleep [16] at least eight hours in case you are planning to take in plenty of protein as well as practice exercise training. Getting enough sleep during the night facilitates your body condition to rest enough and thereby developing the sufficiency of muscle mass since the body can build up muscle and tissue when you fall asleep.

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*Disclaim: The effectiveness from applying these natural tips will be depended on the body condition of the applicant.

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