How to Fight Opiate Withdrawal

How to Fight Opiate Withdrawal

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This article on Authority Remedies will help you understand top 15 tips on how to fight opiate withdrawal.


Opiates are the most common types of drugs used to help patients get rid of the pain in the back or legs. However, as opiates can cause addiction, doctors recommend patients to use opiates for only one or two weeks.

What causes Opiate Withdrawal?

Opiates are reported to be misused by approximately one-tenth of the population in their life. Many people who use illegal drugs, such as heroin, are more likely to experience opiate withdrawal. Meanwhile, when people abuse drugs prescriped to reduce the pain from time to another, they are dependent on the drugs and opiate withdrawal is commonly seen [1].

What are the symptoms of Opiate Withdrawal?

Opiate withdrawal can be noticed through some simple symptoms, such as muscle tensions, sweating and runny nose. Sufferers of this problem can find it hard to sleep at night, a problem known as insomnia. Besides, in some severe cases, people who suffer from opiate withdrawal can undergo dehydration, nausea or diarrhea. They may feel painful feeling in muscles [2].

If you think that opiate withdrawal is caused by the overuse of opiates, then you can get rid of it easily by dropping the drugs immediately. Nevertheless, this action triggers many unwanted effects on your health and your condition may be even worse. Therefore, you had better apply some methods to reduce the severity of these negative impacts and fight opiate withdrawal gradually [3].

Here are top 15 practical tips on how to fight opiate withdrawal that you can consider using in order to get rid of the symptoms of opiate withdrawal and regain the balance of your life.

1. Water

Dehydration can be considered as one of the scariest symptoms of opiate withdrawal and this problem can worsen other symptoms, including diarrhea. As a consequence, many people are finally taken to hospital. Therefore, a sufficient amount of water intake every day is the first tip on how to fight opiate withdrawal [4].

Drinking Water - How To Fight Opiate Withdrawal

Water can help you stay away from the muscle tensions which may reduce the blood circulation in these areas. As a result, the pain and swelling are commonly seen. Furthermore, when the body gets enough water on a daily basis, it can improve the elimination of toxins from the body by itself.

You can read more about Home Remedies for Dehydration.

2. Hot Bath

Another tip on how to fight opiate withdrawal that also includes the use of water is to take a hot bath. This is a simple way to deal with depression – a common effect of opiate withdrawal. Besides, a hot bath can increase your body’s temperature and the warmth of water will help fight against sudden chills caused by opiate withdrawal.

You are recommended to take a hot bath before hitting the sack to better the quality of sleep.

3. Cayenne Pepper

In cayenne pepper, scientists have found out the appearance of capsaicin that is claimed to be very important in the efforts to raise your body’s temperature. When your body gets more heat, the production of endorphins will be stimulated, which is good for curing body pain or stress. In addition, capsaicin can reduce significantly the number of chemicals which help the brain recognize the pain in your body.

Cayenne Pepper - How To Fight Opiate Withdrawal

  • Get half a spoon of cayenne pepper in a cup of warm water.
  • Consume the mixture about 20 minutes before you have breakfast every day.

4. Morning Sunlight

Morning Sunlight - How To Fight Opiate Withdrawal

Vitamin D is super beneficial for the joints and bones and what is better than the sunlight in the early morning? Therefore, it is one of the best tips on how to fight opiate withdrawal. A research of the Environmental Health Perspectives in 2008 indicated that the morning sunlight can provide a considerable amount of vitamin D to increase the amount of serotonin in your body. Serotonin is conducive to improve your emotions and make you happier.

If you are suffering from opiate withdrawal and depressed, you should have yourself exposed to the sun in the early morning every day to prevent the problem from getting worse and worse.

5. Epsom Salt

Epsom salt is a great source of magnesium which is believed to be good for the opiate withdrawal treatment. Furthermore, the skin can easily absorb the nutrients from epsom salt and your muscles will be relaxed instantly.

Epsom Salt - How To Fight Opiate Withdrawal

  • Get half a cup of epsom salt mixed with warm water.
  • After stirring them well, you ought to have yourself sit in the mixture for half an hour per day.

This method should be applied 2-3 times on a daily basis.

6. Massage

Whenever it comes to muscle pains, massage is always seen as one of the most effective natural home remedies. Therefore, it is a great recommendation on how to fight opiate withdrawal [5].

When you stop taking opiates, your body may experience a deficiency of endorphin whose purpose is to relieve the pain and cause severe joint pain. In this case, massage can help relax the muscles, enhance the flow of blood and restore the balance of your body’s temperature [6].

It is suggested that you should massage yourself in half an hour several times per week.

7. Acupuncture

Acupuncture - How To Fight Opiate Withdrawal

Since ancient times, the Chinese have been using acupuncture as a wonderful method to get rid of pain and stress. Undoubtedly, this traditional practice can be used to fight opiate withdrawal. After needles are inserted in some specific areas of your body, they can affect the brain and help enhance your mood. The efficiency of this method in opiate withdrawal was even proved by the World Health Organization in 2012 [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12].

8. Ginger

In the process of getting rid of nausea, ginger is a popular choice. And you can apply it in the opiate withdrawal treatment at the same time. With anti-inflammatory quality, ginger can enable you to ease the muscle pain quickly, which has been proved by the International Journal of Preventive Medicine. Furthermore, in 2012, the Journal of Ethnopharmacology also revealed that the antitolerant quality of ginger is super effective in fighting against morphine [13] [14].

Ginger - How To Fight Opiate Withdrawal

  • Get some fresh ginger slices in one cup of water.
  • Have them boiled in about 10 minutes before the mixture is strained.
  • You can pour a bit lemon juice or honey to make it taste better.
  • Consume the tea 2-3 times on a daily basis.

9. Fenugreek

If nausea caused by opiate withdrawal is disturbing you every day, then it is time to use fenugreek seeds that is also a great tip on how to fight opiate withdrawal.

Fenugreek - How To Fight Opiate Withdrawal

  • Get one spoon of fenugreek seed soaked in water for one night.
  • In the next morning, you can blend it and combine it with water to have a paste that should be consumed immediately.

10. Almond Milk

When opiate withdrawal causes you to have difficulty sleeping at night, you should consider using almond milk – one of the best tips on how to fight opiate withdrawal. The high content of magnesium and calcium in almond and milk is great to help you sleep more easily and better.

Almond-Milk - How To Fight Opiate Withdrawal

  • Get some almonds soaked in water for one night and then, drained.
  • Combine them with two glasses of water and have them blended in 2-3 minutes to get a thick paste.
  • Pour the paste into a glass of warm milk.
  • Consume the mixture before you go to sleep every night.

11. Passionflower

After stopping using opiates, stress is the most common symptom among sufferers. And to get rid of it and fight opiate withdrawal in general, you can choose passionflower. It can stimulate the brain to produce more chemicals that are good to reduce stress. This, in turn, can eliminate your troubles in sleeping as well.

  • Get 1-2 spoons of dried passionflower into boiling water.
  • 10 minutes later, you can consume it.

However, pregnant women had better not apply this remedy.

12. Sleep

Sleep - How To Fight Opiate Withdrawal

Sleep plays a crucial role in the opiate withdrawal treatment as it gives your body time to relax and recover from tensions. If you find it difficult to have a good sleep, you can read more about Home Remedies for Insomnia or How To Get Good Sleep.

13. Chamomile

Chamomile - How To Fight Opiate Withdrawal

A cup of chamomile tea is not only a great tip to help you get good sleep at night, but also a wonderful method to protect yourself from stress and depression. You can get either dried flowers or tea bag to dip in boiling water. After that, the tea should be drunk a few times each day.

14. Fruits

Fruits - How To Fight Opiate Withdrawal

What you consume has great effects on your opiate withdrawal treatment as well. The best idea is to increase the consumption of fruits that can provide your body with a variety of vitamins and nutrients. Lemon, orange, avocado or berries are strongly suggested.

15. Meditation

Meditation - How To Fight Opiate Withdrawal

Last but not least, an amazing tip on how to fight opiate withdrawal is meditation which can enable you to relax in both the mind and the body and quicken the opiate withdrawal treatment. In fact, this method can help you get to sleep more easily and boost the immunity quickly.

*Disclaim: The effectiveness from applying these natural tips will be depended on the body condition of the applicant.

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