How to Fight Drowsiness

How to Fight Drowsiness

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Drowsiness, or sleepiness, is a natural reaction of the body to indicate that it needs time to relax. However, not in every circumstance is drowsiness considered as good. In this article, Authority Remedies will show you how to fight drowsiness instead of consuming caffeine.


As a result of industrialization and modernization, people spend less and less time on sleeping, which drives them to feel asleep all the time. This habit has extremely negative effects on their daily life, including work and relationships. And the best way is still to guarantee that you have a sufficient amount of time to relax the mind and muscles [1].

In some special cases where you have to be awake, such as meetings, you can actually make use of some natural ingredients to fight drowsiness, rather than consume too much caffeine which might affect adversely your health in the long run.

Here are top 15 simple but very effective tips on how to fight drowsiness that you can consider applying in order to get rid of drowsiness and improve your energy.

1. Green Tea

The first tip on how to fight drowsiness is related to your habit after waking up every morning. It is recommended that you consume a cup of green tea to get rid of drowsiness immediately. The nutrients in green tea can provide you an improvement in the energy level and you will feel energetic to perform activities. In addition, green tea is one of the best Home Remedies for Anxiety that might prevent you from having a good sleep [2] [3].

Green Tea 1 - How To Fight Drowsiness

  • Get some green tea leaves into boiling water.
  • Keep steeping the mixture in about 5 minutes before straining it.
  • Some spoons of raw honey can be poured into the mixture to make it sweet.
  • Consume it every day after you wake up.

2. Lemon

Another tip on how to fight drowsiness is lemon water – a perfect alternative for green tea. Lemon is super effective in preventing dehydration and expelling the toxins from your body. This is crucial in the drowsiness treatment because lack of fluid can have serious effects on the brain and make you feel sleepy all the time.

Lemon Juice - How To Fight Drowsiness

  • Get a lemon squeezed to have the juice.
  • Mix equal amounts of the juice and water.
  • Consume the mixture right after you wake up in the morning.

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3. Cold Water

Cold Water - How To Fight Drowsiness

The simplest and most traditional ways to fight drowsiness is to wash your face with cold water. The coldness will awaken most parts of the body and improve your energy level almost instantly [4] [5].

Therefore, if you want to fight drowsiness for the whole day, you had better take a bath with cold water every morning. This habit is believed to be beneficial for the flow of blood inside your body as well [6] [7].

4. Salmon

Salmon - How To Fight Drowsiness

According to the report of the University of Oxford in 2014, omega-3 DHA has a very close connection with a good sleep. Therefore, foods that contain this substance can be great tips on how to fight drowsiness, like the case of salmon. Furthermore, the considerable amount of omega-3 fatty acids in salmon will have positive influence on the immune system and help you stay away from many diseases.

5. Exercise

Exercises - How To Fight Drowsiness

Many people get good sleep because they exhaust themselves after doing exercises. It is a great way to make sure that you never experience lack of sleep and fall sleepy at an unsuitable moment. In addition to obvious benefits on your health in general, doing exercises regularly will foster the quality of your sleep and help you stay energetic when performing daily activities. Overall, it is a great tip on how to fight drowsiness [8] [9] [10].

You can devote half an hour every day to walking or swimming. Yoga is also strongly recommended for those who want to better their blood circulation.

6. Morning Sunlight

If you want to know how to fight drowsiness easily, you can have yourself exposed to the nature, especially the sunlight, more on a daily basis. The early morning sunlight is claimed to be the most wonderful source of vitamin D for the growth of your bones and the improvement in the condition of your skin. Moreover, if your body experiences a deficiency of vitamin D, you are likely to have problems relating to sleep.

Vitamin D - How To Fight Drowsiness

From now on, you had better wake up early every morning and go outside to let yourself be soaked in the morning sunlight for no less than 15 minutes. You do not have to use sunscreen because the morning sunlight is harmless to your skin.

7. Egg

Egg - How To Fight Drowsiness

Another great source of omega-3 fatty acids that is familiar to everybody all around the world is egg. The frequent consumption of eggs will not only help you fight drowsiness effectively, but also quicken the growth of your muscles and immunity.

8. Apple

Apple - How To Fight Drowsiness

Apple can work as efficiently as coffee in the efforts to fight drowsiness, but it outweighs the latter because it does not contain caffeine. In fact, the benefits of an apple go beyond the drowsiness treatment. Providing a considerable amount of fiber, apple can raise the energy level and strengthen the immunity very well. Thus, if you want to fight drowsiness, you had better have an apple every morning in your breakfast.

9. Breakfast

Breakfast - How To Fight Drowsiness

One of the simplest recommendations on how to fight drowsiness is to maintain the habit of having breakfast every day. In this day and age, many busy people skip the breakfast just to save a little bit time on working. However, breakfast is known as the most important meal in the day and not having breakfast can significantly affect your energy level. It might result in the low level of sugar in the blood and cause you to experience drowsiness all the day [11] [12].

To fight drowsiness, you are suggested to consume low-fat and protein-rich foods in breakfast, such as milk, cereals and smoothies.

10. Avoid Alcohol

While it is true that fluid is beneficial for the attempts to fight drowsiness, the consumption of alcohol is another story. You should avoid consuming alcohol as soon as possible if you want to fight drowsiness and foster the quality of your sleep at the same time. This drink is reckoned to be harmful to your sleep and health [13] [14].

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11. Peppermint Oil

When you feel sleepy but you resist to it, your body may suffer from a series of problems, such as headache or tiredness. To prevent both scenarios from happening, you should use peppermint oil – another great tip on how to fight drowsiness. This natural oil can be diffused in the room where you stay most of the time during the day. Besides, you can mix some drops of peppermint oil into your bath every day.

12. Rosemary Oil

Rosemary-Oil - How To Fight Drowsiness

Rosemary oil can work in the same way as peppermint oil in the efforts to fight drowsiness. You can follow the two above-mentioned methods to save yourself from sleepiness in the offices. Another way to make use rosemary oil is to put some drops of it into a napkin and inhale its smell whenever you want to sleep immediately.

13. Chewing Gum

This is actually a popular and very effective tip on how to fight drowsiness. It makes the brain think that your body is performing activities. Another advantage of chewing gum is to get rid of bad breath quickly.

14. Sleep Schedule

Sleep Schedule - How To Fight Drowsiness

If you have a sleep schedule which tells you when to sleep every day, you will not probably experience drowsiness during the day. It is because your body has followed a habit. Therefore, a good recommendation on how to fight drowsiness is to set up a time to go to bed every day and try to stick to the plan. Scientists point out that we need about 7-8 hours of sleeping per day so that the body has enough time to recover. To make it easier to fall asleep, you should keep all technological devices, such as TV or mobile phone, out of your reach in the bedroom.

15. Small Meals

Overeating is a common cause for drowsiness. Thus, if you want to fight drowsiness, you should divide large meals into small ones and try to consume it 5-6 times per day. This habit is even good for your stomach because too many foods at the same time will put the digestive system under much pressure. You ought to avoid eating anything two hours before sleeping as well.

*Disclaim: The effectiveness from applying these natural tips will be depended on the body condition of the applicant.

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