How to Deal with Epilepsy

How to Deal with Epilepsy

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What is Epilepsy?

Epilepsy is known to cause repeated seizures. Seizure can be problematic with muscle control, movement, speech, vision, etc. Epilepsy is very scary even though it does not last long [1].

Even doctors find it hard to identify the causes of epilepsy. Some problems such as head injury, brain infection and brain tumor can also cause epilepsy [2].

The epilepsy’s main symptom is seizures that are repeatedly happened without giving any warnings [3].

There are many different types of seizures. People can suffer from one kind of seizure while others can suffer more than one kind [4]:

  • Lose control of muscles
  • Stare off into space
  • Lose consciousness
  • Fall down
  • The senses may not work well.

If we do not have any treatments for epilepsy, seizures will definitely become worse and more frequent [5].

You can go to your doctors to get some medications, while there are some useful home remedies for you to follow at home to reduce the symptoms [6].

Here are the top 15 most effective home remedies for how to deal with epilepsy which you can follow easily in order to help you reduce the level and frequency of seizures as well as improve your conditions.

1. Herb

Herbal treatment has always been one of the most popular treatments for many diseases. According to Medical Center from NYU Langone, there should be 20% of people who consume both drugs and herbs.

There are some common herbs which are widely used by people:

  • Burning bush
  • Hydrocotyle
  • Groundsel
  • Valerian
  • Tree of Heaven
  • Scullcap
  • Lily of the valley
  • Peony
  • Mugwort
  • Mistletoe

All the above herbs can reduce the seizures in some ways. However, there are some herbs that people need to avoid using:

  • John’s wort and Gingko
  • Kava, passion flower, and valerian
  • Garlic
  • Chamomile

2. Vitamin

Certain kinds of vitamin can also help people to treat seizures. Always remember that vitamins do not work alone so you need your doctor’s advice to use these vitamins [7] [8] [9] [10].

Vitamin 1 - How to Deal with Epilepsy

The vitamins that are widely used are: vitamin D, E, B6, folic acid, etc.

3. Mind Control

In general, people who have epilepsy tend to manage their brain activity to get rid of seizures [11].

NYU Langone Medical Center, symptoms of the seizure can be felt 20 minutes prior to when the seizure actually happens. In some cases, other people may feel all the symptoms even several days before. The symptoms can be headache, fatigue, depression, anxiety, etc [12].

Therefore, self-control method can be used to alleviate the seizure when it happens. There are some techniques that you can follow, for example walking, meditation, immersing yourself in works, literally telling “No” to the seizure, sniffing some strong odors, etc [13].

However, there is a truth that all the above techniques cannot work every single time.

4. Biofeedback

There is another method which involves biofeedback. Its purpose is also managing the activities of your brain because biofeedback can manipulate brain waves by utilizing electrical sensors [14].

Biofeedback - How to Deal with Epilepsy

The therapists are the one who usually use biofeedback. Therefore, if you would like to try this method, you should consult with them [15].

5. Acupuncture

Acupuncture is the activity that can change brain activities so that it may reduce seizures. The Chinese people use this method to alleviate chronic pain as well as other medical problems [16].

This method refers to the procedure of placing needles on particular body parts to improve the body self-healing [17].

For more information about the benefits of acupuncture, please read: Home Remedies for Neck Pain, Depression and Lupus.

6. Spinal Manipulations

Spinal manipulations can also reduce the seizures. Like acupuncture, it helps the body self-healing. Specific manipulations can be used by the chiropractors to help control seizures [18].

7. Dietary

Some dietary can reduce seizures with the ketogenic diet as the most common one. The ketogenic diet is consuming a higher ration of fats. It can also be referred a low-protein or low-carb diet.

8. False Pepper

False pepper which is found in India has yellow-green colored tiny flowers. It has antitumor, anti-inflammatory, antifertility and antioxidant properties. Moreover, it has the active component which is called embelin. Embelin is belonged to the chemical class which is called benzoquinone. This property can help reduce the epilepsy.

9. Bo Tree

Bo Tree - How to Deal with Epilepsy

Bo tree can be found in some countries on southern Asia. This tree is often used for ritual and medical purposes because the tree is also holy to Buddhist. There is a research which was conducted in June 2009 and shown in the Journal Ethnopharmacology. It said that the figs of the Bo tree can contain a large number of serotonin so that it can reduce epilepsy. It is discovered by the researchers that Bo tree can definitely get rid of seizures because it can grow the serotonin amount which nerve cells use for transmission.

10. Violet Tree

Violet tree is the small tree that possess purple flowers with fragrance which can be found in African tropical regions. People use its roots to treat a wide range of psychological as well as physical problems for example headache, nervousness, irritation or discomfort and even epilepsy, etc. There is a research which was issued in May 2010 in the Ethnopharmacology Journal compared the extract of the violet tree’s root to phenobarbitone which is a kind of anticonvulsant drug. The research comes to a conclusion that violet tree can be used as one of the natural treatments for epilepsy.

11. Kava

Kava - How to Deal with Epilepsy

Kava is said to contain the sedative effect which are very advantageous for people who suffer from epilepsy. Additionally, kava may also actually elevate the effects of other anti-epilepsy medications. People who use the medications along with kava can have a better result. However, kava might possess some unwanted effects such as hepatitis and live failure. It might also counter with the impacts from other medicines like Parkinson’s disease medications. Therefore, you need to speak to your doctor or advisor before taking kava to treat the epilepsy.

12. Valerian

Valerian is the herb that should be labeled as one of the best remedies from nature for epilepsy because it has anticonvulsive effects. Using valerian for treatment in a short amount of time is considered safe. However, it can cause some unwanted effects such as trouble sleeping, anxiousness and headache. In addition to that, valerian should not be used in the long term. This herb can interact with various medications therefore you should consult your doctor whether it’s appropriate for you to consume valerian. For more information about the benefits and applications of this herb, please read: Home Remedies for Anxiety and Measles.

13. Magnesium

Magnesium is an essential element for helping people to reduce epilepsy. Many people decide to utilize magnesium sulfate. There are businesses which concentrate on supplying entirely-pure ‘food grade’ Epsom salt because this salt contains magnesium sulfate. However, you should try to see if it is suitable for you.

Besides, you can purchase magnesium supplements at healthy food shops, or consume spinach, cashew and almond. Researches have proved the connection between epilepsy and lack of magnesium. However, excess in supplementing magnesium can flush other vital minerals out of your body, thus inducing more deficiencies in dietary. That is the reason why you should be wise when choosing whether to get this treatment.

You can find out more about the benefits of this element at: Home Remedies for Bursitis and Increase Stamina and Energy.

14. Passionflower

Passion Flower - How to Deal with Epilepsy

According to The Medical Center from University of Maryland, passionflower might help avoid seizures. Passionflower can be used with other herbs such as valerian to help reduce epilepsy. Moreover, it is probably safe if it is used for treatment in a short time amount. However, there are some side effects which are drowsiness, dizziness and confusion. Especially, if you’re pregnant, it is recommended to avoid this herb. Passionflower will likely also counter the effects of some other medications, so you had better consult professional specialist or doctor before you decide to use this treatment.

15. Coconut Oil

The medium-chain fatty acids which can be found in coconut oil are excellent for epilepsy due to its therapeutic impacts on the cells of brain. Furthermore, they even bring more energy for the cells thus reduce the chance of having epilepsy.

How to use:

  • Consume a teaspoon of coconut oil for 3 times per day. Later on, you can increase the intake amount to couples of spoon per time.
  • Other options are add into your cooking daily such as salads.

Above are some of the most useful tips for treating epilepsy. Depending on the health as well as the condition of individuals, you can choose what the most suitable treatment for you is. Hope that you can get rid of epilepsy.

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*Disclaim: The effectiveness from applying these natural tips will be depended on the body condition of the applicant.

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