How To Build Muscle

How To Build Muscle

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There remains a well-known fact that building muscle is one of the most prevalent trends to get stronger and maintain a healthy body, which once you do not get accustomed to using it, your muscle can probably get weaker and even smaller. People, particularly men, are among individuals who are willing to scour the Internet searching for helps on how to build muscle effectively or even fast.

Recently, most people take years to strive for putting on muscle or getting more pounds; however, they are unlikely to make it happen. Others look at themselves wearing swimsuits in the mirror and hope that they can fill out some muscles but do not know where to start. As a matter of fact, whether you hope to enhance your chest, reach for more curvaceous calves or obtain every muscle building goal, you will be on the successful way of putting on muscle mass to the body if pursuing consistently the following steps.

Below are the best 10 handy tips that you can find it easy to follow without causing any harm to the body.

1. Raising the intake of calories

The increase in caloric consumption [1] [2] is known as one of the incredible helps on how to build muscle fast and efficiently. For instance, if you are eating regularly about 2,000 calories, you can get the figure raised up to 2,500 calories or even more. However, do remember to balance your daily diets and not to eat too much.

2. Eating more fat


Not only does fat [3] [4] become one of the contributing factors to make your dishes taste good but it also helps greatly with the muscle growth in a healthy way. However, you might wonder which kind of the fat and how much you should eat on a daily basis. In fact, saturated fat [5] that can be found in certain types of products including bacons, butters or chips is not strongly suggested and needs to be limited to around 20g or less while unsaturated one is shown to be effective or even necessary. The consumption of 50 to 70g of mono-unsaturated fat or poly-unsaturated fat [6]  [7] depending partly on the total intake of the calories in the body provides you with good muscle training.

  • Poly-unsaturated fat is found in canola, olive and sesame oils; nuts such as cashews, peanuts, and pistachios; avocado.
  • Mono-unsaturated fat can be in cottonseed, corn and safflower oils; soybeans and soybean oil; flaxseed and flaxseed oil.

To decide the amount of fat in grams that should be taken in, the best way is to multiply the intake of calories by 0.001, 0.008 and 0.03 for maximum trans-fats, maximum saturated fats and “good” fats, respectively.

3. Eating regularly

In fact, having up to six small meals on a daily basic both becomes much more potential than eating only two to three main meals per day and thereby generating greater outcomes in the help on how to build muscle mass. Changing your daily diets from now on is not actually late if you are aware of how important these small meals are in ways they can greatly influence your muscle building planning. The aim of this modification is to keep the intake of protein high [8] [9] and thereby building up more muscles naturally. You can totally refer to hundreds of delicious protein shakes that can be found quickly on the Internet.

4. Consuming enough water

As you might not know about, your entire body requires a sufficient quantity of water to aid in growing muscle at an optimal level. In case you have no idea of how much water you need to drink in a precise way, try to use the suggested formula: Body weight in lbs X 0.6 = water intake in ounce.

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5. Taking in some vitamins


Apart from a well-balanced diet, adding vitamins supplement [10] to your daily consumption is another impressive help on how to build muscle and can ensure that your entire body is getting enough essential vitamins and minerals it needs to stay healthy. Relying on your age, sex or individual health condition and specific diets, you can find the right vitamins for you and try to make them become a part of your routine per day.

6. Working the whole body

If you are looking for helps on how to build muscle fast, do not miss this part since it is time you needed to put an effort to make your whole body work out for different muscle training. In fact, the more muscle you use for training, the more hormones [11] you can produce. This is effective for facilitating your muscle to grow when you do exercises during the entire days. You should:

  • Provide most of your muscle groups with equal concentration to boost the growth and flexibility of the muscle.
  • List certain types of compound exercises that are strongly recommended including dead-lifts, presses, rows or squats required by lots of different muscle groups.
  • Practice your whole body in each session or separate the sessions into different parts. For instance, you can exercise the lower body in one day and then spend the next day for the upper body.

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7. Lifting Heavy


Currently, most individuals are in their attempt to build muscle without accessing to an adequately heavy weight. You should lift a heavy weight ranging from 7 to 12 repetitions per set, accomplishing from 3 to 8 sets each exercise and using a weight resulting in muscle failure when completely finishing each set. It is ideal to practice muscle training with your partner since he can help you when the weight gets too heavy to lift. If there is no workout partner, you should stop as getting too tired to lift, take a few seconds to rest and then continue to complete the remaining set. This is regarded as one of the best ways to grow muscle which lets you comfortably perform a set of training without hitting muscle breakdown.

8. Inhibiting Your Cardio Exercises

Cardio exercises are related to any training that is partly committed to the increase in your heart rate [12] . While this kind of exercise is known as one of the great ways to burning fat, it can have negative impacts on your muscle growth by burning up amino acids [13] as well as glycogen [14] [15] . If you need to keep cardio training as one of the vital parts of your fitness strategies, try to apply the following instruction:

  • Spending only one minute on running with all your efforts
  • Then, performing a two-minute light jogging
  • Repeating this action less than thirty-minutes with the frequency of three-times per week

If you are a sport lover, consuming more foods is badly needed to make up for the lost calories in the body.

9. Reducing stress

No matter where your stress can probably come from, one more important thing to help on how to build muscle efficiently is to reduce your levels of stress. Normally, stress is responsible for some severe health diseases; therefore, trying to reduce or eliminate it is what you need to do. Although stress can increase the formation of the hormone cortisol [16] , a hormone that makes your body possible to store fat and burn muscle tissue, it is not good for the improvement of your health condition in general.

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10. Taking a rest


Whether you do anything to help build your muscle fast, do not forget you need to take some rest before getting extremely exhausted. That sounds a bit weird but we all know the body needs quality of time to rest, recover and build muscle; therefore, a regular 7-8 hour sleep at midnight is a must if you want to stay stronger and healthier. Additionally, caffeine or adult beverages such as alcohol needs to be stopped using during sleeping hours.

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*Disclaim: The effectiveness from applying these natural tips will be depended on the body condition of the applicant.

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