Home Remedies to Improve Blood Circulation

Home Remedies to Improve Blood Circulation

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In this article, top natural home remedies to improve blood circulation will be clearly presented to help you become healthier. 


When we talk about health, we often care for various essential organs inside the body systems such as the heart, lungs, stomach, kidney, etc. However, not many people think of blood as an aspect of our health that needs attention. In fact, blood is a helpful assistant that keep other organs to function well. A good digestion or a strong heart is attributed to steady and healthy blood circulation. Moreover, it also helps to flush out waste and balance the acidic pH levels in the body.

Since this aspect of body health doesn’t get enough attention by people, there are a lot of problems happening to it such as poor blood circulation, blood clot[1], etc. The common symptoms of poor circulation are tingling, muscle cramps, pain, numbness[2] and so on.

If you find out you are facing this condition, do not be afraid and rush for medication or doctor consultation. There are plenty of natural treatments that you can easily apply at home to improve blood circulation without causing side effects or spending tons of money.

Let find out 12 home remedies to improve blood circulation.

1. Exercise

There is no medicine or foods that can help you improve blood circulation if you do not do exercise regularly. This is the first and simplest thing you should do to start improving your blood circulation. If you do not wish for weight loss, simple aerobic exercises like yoga are good enough[3][4].

You can choose yoga, walking, swimming, or other physical activities a few times a week. In case your circulation is poor, you can just do the mild exercises for legs and hands 15 minutes in the morning.

Exercise - Home Remedies to Improve Blood Circulation

Exercise also gives you many other benefits than improving blood circulation, including strengthen your bone structure. For more information, read How to Keep Your Bone Strong and Healthy.

2. Massage

Massage not only helps you relax but also promotes good blood circulation. By applying a regular massage to whole body, you can unblock the congested areas and boost blood flow[5][6].

  • Massage the whole body, including the hands, legs, shoulders, and other parts a few times a week.
  • You can use some oils such as coconut oil, olive or lavender oil to maximize the effect.
  • Alternatively, soak you body into a hot bathtub added with some drops of oil. At the same time, massage your body in the hot water. This is another effective way to relax and improve blood flow

Massage - Home Remedies to Improve Blood Circulation

3. Raw seeds

Raw seeds like flax, fenugreek, chia and so on are extremely good for those who have poor blood circulation. The rich of fiber, antioxidants and omega 3 fatty acids is necessary to reduce bad cholesterol and improve the blood flow. Furthermore, it also helps to inhibit the acidity[7].

  • Make use of raw seeds by add it into your daily diet

Chia seeds - Home Remedies to Improve Blood Circulation

4. Turmeric

Turmeric is not just a spice, it is also a great remedy to promote blood flow and improve blood circulation[8][9]. This is thanks to a substance present in turmeric, which is able to prevent blood clots formation and the buildup of plaque.

  • Make a solution of milk, 1 tbsp of turmeric powder and 1 tbsp of honey to drink several times a day
  • Add turmeric into your daily diet

Turmeric Tea - Home Remedies to Improve Blood Circulation

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5. Garlic

Another remedy for better blood circulation is garlic. This has been confirmed in several studies that garlic has the ability to reduce blood pressure and protect against the buildup of plaque in the arteries[10][11].

  • Consume 2-3 raw garlic cloves daily
  • In case you cannot stand the taste of raw garlic, add it into your meal to reduce the flavor

Garlic - Home Remedies to Improve Blood Circulation

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6. Celery

Our list would be never completed without celery as it contains various essential nutrients good for blood circulation and blood clotting. Thanks to the electrolytes present in celery, the vegetable has the ability of removing all wastes out of body, making a clear easy way for blood to flow[12][13].

  • Make a drink of green juice of smoothie with celery and other green vegetable
  • Use celery as an ingredient in culinary such as soup, salads, etc.

7. Cayenne

The capsaicin in cayenne pepper functions to effectively assist the blood flow, as well as reinforce the capillaries and arteries. As the blood circulation is improved, the conditions related to it such as pain or tingling sensation will quickly go away. Although cayenne is excellent for better blood circulation, it is not recommended for women during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

  • The simplest way to apply cayenne is to include it in you daily meal
  • Another option is to make a mixture of cayenne pepper, apple cider vinegar and blackstrap molasses with water and drink it several times a day

Cayenne pepper - Home Remedies to Improve Blood Circulation

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8. Coconut oil

Coconut oil is considered as a multifunction ingredient as it helps deal with various health and beauty problems, including poor blood circulation. The healthy fats and medium-chain triglycerides actively reduce inflammation in the arteries, leading to an improvement of blood flow[14][15].

  • Use the coconut oil to massage your body a few times a week
  • Consume 2-3 tbsp of coconut oil every day

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9. Green tea

Being rich in antioxidants and many other nutrients, green tea is believed to successfully dilate blood vessels and promote the flow[16].

  • You can use either fresh leaves or green tea bag to make the tea.
  • Consume 2-3 cups of it every day to quickly see the improvement

Green tea - Home Remedies to Improve Blood Circulation

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10. Dark chocolate

Studies have found a lot of health benefit of dark chocolate, including enhancing blood circulation. Specifically, after being absorbed, the flavanols works to encourage the production of nitric oxide, making the arteries to relax. As a result, your blood circulation is improved significantly.

  • Consume 1-2 small pieces of dark chocolate per day.
  • Note: Eat dark chocolate in moderation, otherwise it will cause you side effect

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11. Ginger

Thanks to various nutrients present in ginger, the blood circulation can be greatly promoted. More clearly, the gingerols and zingerone take effect to warm up the body, improving the flow of blood throughout the body[17].

  • Consume 2-3 cups of ginger tea daily
  • Alternatively, chew some fresh ginger slices or include ginger in your dishes

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12. Oat

Oat makes a perfect remedy to flush out cholesterol in the body. Furthermore, it possesses antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, which helps to clear the arteries and boost the blood flow better.

  • Add oats into your daily meal.
  • Gluten-free oats are recommended as the best choice of oat
  • For better effect, you can soak them overnight then consume in the next morning.
*Disclaim: The effectiveness from applying these natural tips will be depended on the body condition of the applicant.

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