Home Remedies to Boost Testosterone Naturally

Home Remedies to Boost Testosterone Naturally

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In the article, you can discover top simple home remedies to boost testosterone naturally without spending much money.

What is Testosterone?

It is the steroid hormone which is secreted primarily from men’s testicles[1]. Women do have testosterone as well; however, the amount is very small.

Testosterone is in charge of developing sexual characteristics for male. It is essential for sustaining muscle bulk as well as sufficient red blood cell levels, maintaining sexual function as well as the sense of well-being.

The level of testosterone will start to decline with age, normally after 30 years old.

What cause Low Testosterone?

Low level of testosterone can be due to diabetes, chronic disease of kidney and liver, infection or injury, radiation and chemotherapy treatments, abnormalities in genetics, dysfunction of pituitary gland, hemochromatosis[2] or overload of iron, some inflammatory diseases which affect pituitary gland, obesity, alcoholism, stress as well as some particular medications. Sometimes, it can be related to deficiency of certain nutrition.

What are the consequences of Low Testosterone?

Low level of testosterone can significantly affect your health as well as life quality. You might experience depression, fatigue, insomnia, lack of concentration, emotional issues, low density of bone, accumulation of body fat and most importantly erectile dysfunction[3][4].

Here are the top 14 most effective home remedies to boost testosterone naturally which are easy for you to follow in order to increase the level of testosterone naturally as well as improve your male sexual appearance.

1. Lose Weight

The connection between imbalance of hormone and weight gain is fairly strong[5]. The low level of testosterone will trigger the increase of body fat, thus lead to more severe imbalance of hormone as testosterone will start to convert into estrogen.

It is report that 40% of men who are non-diabetic as well as 50% of men who are obese-diabetic above 45 years old have less than normal the concentrations of free testosterone (The Journal Diabetes Care 2010).

Therefore, lose the excessive weight can support men in the middle-age who have prediabetes to decrease the prevalence of low levels in testosterone by approximately 50%.

Lose Weight - Home Remedies to Boost Testosterone Naturally

The best method for boosting your level of testosterone is losing about 1 – 3 pounds of body fat every week. You must not abruptly cut the intake of calorie in your diet because once the body is starved or in survival mode, it will cease the production of testosterone.

The best and recommended method from the list of home remedies to boost testosterone naturally is maintaining a healthy level of body weight by applying a balance diet with exercising regularly.

2. Exercise

Exercise regularly will boost testosterone for men who have low levels. Moreover, it also increase endurance and energy as well as promote sound sleep. Additionally, it will eliminate the risk of overweight that lead to low levels of testosterone.

Exercise - Home Remedies to Boost Testosterone Naturally

How to do:

  • The most efficient activity for increasing testosterone is weight lifting. In order to achieve best effect, you need to lift heavier weights with less repetition. Some ideal types of weight-lifting exercise are shoulder presses, dead lifts, squats and bench presses. Perform these exercises for at least 30 minutes in 4 to 5 times per week.
  • Another exercise which you can consider practicing is high-intensity interval training. It means the exercises will be short but intense then followed by recovery easier exercises. You can practice those exercises with either treadmill or elliptical trainer, or even in the swimming pool.
  • Also you will need to include some cardio workouts in the routine couples of time per week. Spinning, swimming, running and aerobics are all significantly helpful. However, avoid overtraining as it will lead to decline in the level of testosterone.

In order to benefit the most from exercising, you need to have resting time between sessions to allow your body to recover. Or else the exercise regime will bring counter-effects. It is recommended to receive training from professional trainers in order to have the appropriate training plan as well as proper practice.

3. Get Adequate Sleep

Reduce sleeping time will drastically decrease the levels of testosterone even for healthy young men.

Men who have sleeping time less than 5 hours per night will experience 10 – 15% decline in the levels of testosterone compared to men who sleep sufficiently.

Sufficient Sleep - Home Remedies to Boost Testosterone Naturally

Besides dropping in the production of testosterone, insufficient sleep will also raise the cortisol amount or commonly known as the stress hormone. Certainly, high cortisol levels will have negative impact on the levels of testosterone.

Therefore, it is recommended to have sound sleep at night and the time should approximately 8 hours for adults.

Moreover, in order to enhance the sleeping quality, you need to switch off all electronics devices at least an hour before bedtime. Also you need to keep out of caffeinated drinks at late night, practice some meditation, have a hot bath or shower as well as maintain precisely the time for bed. In case you are having difficulties with sleeping soundly, you will need to consult the doctor as soon as possible.

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4. Reduce Stress

High levels of stress often connect with low levels of testosterone[6][7]. Also stress will usually take impact on your sleep, in turn affect the levels of testosterone as well. Furthermore, the cortisol or stress hormone will induce body fat and excessive weight, thus contribute to low levels of testosterone.

Relieve Stress - Home Remedies to Boost Testosterone Naturally

There are some methods from the list of home remedies to boost testosterone naturally which you can consider following in order to stop stress.

  • Practice some exercises for deep-breathing.
  • Perform yoga and meditation for about 20 minutes every day.
  • Have some time to enjoy art, music as well as other hobbies of yours.
  • Try to identify factors that trigger stress and prevent them.
  • Have your daily activities organized systematically and realistically so that you can manage your time efficiently and wisely.
  • Uphold a realistic and positive attitude.
  • Spend more time with your loved ones.

In case, you are having trouble managing stress, you need to consult a counselor as well as attend class for stress management.

5. Eat Healthy Fats

Similar to minerals and vitamins, healthy fats are essential for your body to function optimally. A diet which less than 40% of its energy comes from fats will lead to a decline of testosterone.

Also, omega-3 fats are the one in charge of boosting the level of testosterone[8][9]. Omega-3 fats can be found in fish, olive, egg yolk, nuts and avocados. The monounsaturated fat which can be obtained from canola oil, palm oil, peanut butter as well as peanut will take effect directly on the levels of testosterone as well.

Healthy Fats - Home Remedies to Boost Testosterone Naturally

6. Optimize Levels of Vitamin D

Deficiency of vitamin D can lead to low levels of testosterone[10][11]. There are some tips from the list of home remedies to boost testosterone naturally that can help you with this issue.
Expose regularly to the sun rays is the optimal method to obtain vitamin D. You can have some sunbath in the early morning for about 15 minutes every day. This will stimulate the production of vitamin D.

Furthermore, consume more foods which are abundant of vitamin D such as fatty fish, eggs, liver, cheese, fortified cereal and milk. You might take vitamin D in supplementary form in order to improve the levels of testosterone but only after consulting the doctor.

7. Zinc

In the list of home remedies to boost testosterone naturally, this mineral is classified as the most important for the production of testosterone. Therefore, deficiency of zinc will definitely lead to a decline in the levels of testosterone[12][13].

Healthy diet is the most recommended method for increasing intake of zinc. Foods such as yogurt, nuts and beans, cheese and milk, crab, oyster, fish, kefir and red meat are the best sources.

In case you are taking zinc supplement, it is suggested to have less than 40mg per day as it is appropriate for adults.

Also the recommended level of zinc intake for adult is the 11mg per day. Therefore, it is necessary to consult the doctor for the proper level of zinc intake that suits you. Excessive intake of zinc can prevent your body from absorbing other minerals like copper.

8. Limit Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol is capable of damaging the reproduction on all 3 levels of reproductive unit in male which are hypothalamus, pituitary and testes. Even worse, alcohol can take impact directly on testosterone[14][15].

Quit Alcohol - Home Remedies to Boost Testosterone Naturally

In order to sustain healthy levels of testosterone, you need to keep watch of your alcohol intake. It is suggested that men should not have more 3 – 4 units of drink per day. A unit is equivalent to ½ a standard wine glass. Also men should take 2 day per week to be off-alcohol.

9. Control Sexual Desire

Having sexual intercourse repetitively each day can lead to enlargement of prostate for male. In order to boost testosterone naturally, it is suggested that you alter your lifestyle through decrease in sexual yearning. Also you should perform sexual intercourse in the morning rather than night because the production of testosterone is the highest during that time.

10. BCAA and Whey Proteins

The Branched Chain Amino Acids or BCAA can supplement the production of testosterone naturally. It can be found in dairy products; therefore, you can consume high-quality cheese for breakfast in order to enhance the production of testosterone during that time. You might consume more foods which are abundant of whey protein as they are also beneficial for improving testosterone deficiency.

11. Strawberry

It is the most recommended fruit in the list of home remedies to boost testosterone naturally as it is the best source for vitamin C which is considered the most potent antioxidant[16][17].

Strawberry - Home Remedies to Boost Testosterone Naturally

Moreover, consume more antioxidant can regulate the levels of cortisol which can be triggered from workouts.

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12. Ricotta Cheese

This type of cheese is the best source from the list of home remedies to boost testosterone naturally for you to obtain whey protein.

13. Wheat Bran

Wheat kernel contains the fiber-rich bran which is an abundant source of magnesium. Besides zinc, magnesium is one of the most essential mineral from the list of home remedies to boost testosterone naturally which is beneficial for the production of testosterone. Furthermore, magnesium can even work better if it is combined with exercises which are high-intensity.

You can consume more wheat bran through foods such as beans, sunflower seeds, oat bran, whole grains, almonds, cocoa powder, peanut butter…

14. Coconut

Coconut Water - Home Remedies to Boost Testosterone Naturally

Contain saturated fat, coconut is the last but not least tip in the list of home remedies to boost testosterone naturally. Due to the decline in the levels of testosterone if you change from high-fat diet with 13% saturated fat to low-fat diet with only 5% saturated fat[18]. Therefore, coconut can help you supply the lack of saturated fat without the risk of coronary woes.

*Disclaim: The effectiveness from applying these natural tips will be depended on the body condition of the applicant.

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