Home Remedies for Vaginal Discharge

Home Remedies for Vaginal Discharge

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Any problem that happens in the vaginal area may cause embarrassment for women. It may destroy the romantic moments between you and your partner. Besides, the vaginal area is extremely important to a woman, as it enables them to perform one of the most meaningful activities in their life – giving birth. Therefore, it is a great idea to take good care of the vaginal area – let’s find out my top home remedies for vaginal discharge right away!


As you know, vaginal discharge acts an essential role in women reproductive system, and this fluid is caused by glands within your vagina and cervix. It can help move any dead cell and germ away so that your vagina is kept clean and prevent other infections. Note that vaginal discharge is not always a regular issue, especially when that discharge could be yellow, green, and having a terrible odor.

The amount of vaginal discharge varies since the odor and color can change from clear to milky or white-ish. It mainly bases on the amount of time in the female menstrual cycle. For instance, you’ll have more vaginal discharge whenever you’re almost ovulating or breastfeeding. And it would smell more different once you get pregnant or when you don’t keep good personal hygiene.

However, it is not an easy task. There are many troubles that can appear in a woman’s vaginal area. Some may cause only itchiness and irritation for few days, but some can lead to more severe symptoms and last longer. One of the most common ones is vaginal discharge and it has consequences that are worthy of being concerned[1][2][3].

What causes vaginal discharge?

Before getting to know the best home remedies for vaginal discharge, you need to be aware of the root of it! The leading cause of vaginal discharge is the infection of bacteria in this area. Besides, the change of hormones in the body can be an active catalyst for this problem. Pregnant women are more vulnerable to vaginal discharge than non-pregnant ones.

And you can say you are infected with vaginal discharge when you notice one of these symptoms in your vaginal area: itchiness, pain, odor, and even pain. There will be a great number of various infections that will be more likely to cause the changes in the consistency, color, and smell of your vaginal discharge. Here they are:

Bacterial vaginosis

This is seen as a condition that is primarily caused by the imbalance of the germ growth that is often present in your vagina. But it’s not known precisely why such an imbalance takes place. All we know is how the condition was once considered as Gardnerella vaginitis, which won’t cause harsh irritation or pain during your intercourse.


You can see it as an infection triggered by a parasite called the Trichomonas Vaginalis. This infection gets transmitted through sexual intercourse.


Another sexually-transmitted disease you can’t ignore here is Gonorrhea, which results from the infection caused by the bacteria called Neisseria gonorrhoeae.  


It’s the STD (sexually transmitted infection) caused by the bacteria Chlamydia trachomatis. Though an infected female doesn’t have any particular symptom, the vaginal discharge remains to show up.

Yeast infection

This type of disease (also known as candidiasis) tends to show up whenever there’s a development of yeast in your vagina, which is often due to your antibiotic use. Or because of other elements that might affect your balance of germs in your vaginal region. Besides, some Candida species are said to be the sort of yeast that is the most responsible.

Other causes:

  • Diabetes: Your high blood sugar will raise the risk of your vaginal infections that probably triggers your vaginal discharge.
  • Antibiotics: Some of these medications are said to affect your normal germs existing in your vagina so that it can cause the yeast infection.
  • Birth control drugs: Contraception would cause a change in discharge that does not harm.
  • Foreign body: Use some items such as a tampon or a piece of toilet paper, which leads to discharge. Doing so often cause a bad smell.
  • Cancer: This happens rarely, but vaginal discharge is likely to relate to a more severe issue, especially when it tends to be bloodier than your usual menstrual cycle. And such a bloody discharge during your post-menopausal needs to be assessed right away.

In case you don’t know, vaginal discharge shows up in different shades and consistency. While some of them are supposed to be normal, the others might be considered an underlying condition that needs the proper treatment. Be patient since we’re going to reveal the most practical home remedies for vaginal discharge soon. But before that, let’s check them out – the most commonly seen sorts of discharge in your vagina.

Types of vaginal discharge

Different types of vaginal discharge - Home remedies for vaginal discharge
Different types of vaginal discharge
  • White discharge

You will see a bit of white discharge right from the start or the end of the menstrual cycle, which is seen as pretty normal. But if your discharge goes along with itching, or owns a thick and cheese-like texture, then it’s not ordinary so that you will need treatment. This kind of discharge can be seen as a universal sign of the yeast infection.

  • Watery and clear discharge

Do you have a wet and clear discharge? It’s quite reasonable to occur to you since this type of discharge can show up anytime during the month. It could be heavier right after you do exercises.

  • Stretchy and clear discharge

When seeing your release quite clear but a bit mucous rather than watery, then it means that you’re more likely to ovulate. Well, this is an ordinary sort of discharge.

  • Brown or bloody discharge

Once you see your discharge brown or even bloody, then calm down because this is normal. It happens during or right after the menstrual cycle. Bear in mind that your late discharge at the end of your period tends to appear brown instead of red. But you probably experience a little amount of bloody liquid between periods, which is supposed to be spotting.

So when spotting takes place within the time of your period, and you’ve intercourse lately without any protective method, it will be the sign of pregnancy. Besides, if spotting occurs at the early phase of your pregnancy, this could be a common sign of miscarriage. In a few cases, this bloody discharge is also a sign of cervical cancer, which can be prevented by taking regular Pap tests.

That’s why it’s necessary to take a pelvic examination and Pap test every year. And the gynecologist will be the one who checks your cervical changes.

  • Green or yellow discharge

Your green or yellow discharge, particular when you find it slightly thick and chunky or followed by a foul smell, isn’t good at all. This sort of release can be a sign of your trichomoniasis infection. And this often spreads through your sexual intercourse.

Vaginal discharge symptoms

Are you ready to face it yet? Vaginal discharge tends to feel a lot uncomfortable and quite embarrassing to talk over. A lot of women probably link the issue to the infection and feel hesitant to chat with your friends or the doctor. In fact, vaginal discharge arrives in a range of colors and consistencies. In this case, it’s a regular thing to maintain that sensitive area as clean and healthy as possible.

Nearly every woman owns some normal discharge even though its amount might vary. Some people would have it daily while some others only experience it at times. For most of the cases, it will be clear or white, but this also varies, especially when you’re pregnant or in the menstrual cycle. It will change based on the time of your period or during your sexual intercourse.

Your vaginal discharge indeed deserves more attention since it changes all of a sudden or is linked to some symptoms. Here are the most concerning signs you can’t miss before applying some home remedies for vaginal discharge:

  • Terrible Odor
  • Itching
  • Ache
  • Inflammation
  • Redness
  • Thicker consistency like cheese
  • Yellow or green shade
  • Feels uncomfortable during sexual activities
  • The trouble with your urination

Your 16 natural home remedies for vaginal discharge

Fortunately, there exist home remedies for vaginal discharge that can show us how to get rid of vaginal discharge easily without spending too much money and time. You can combine some methods to apply at the same time, but if vaginal discharge triggers too many discomforts, you should discuss with a doctor.

Here are top 16 natural home remedies for vaginal discharge that any woman can apply on her own without spending a lot of money and effort to get rid of this annoying problem…

1. Yogurt

Yogurt is very familiar to women because it does have positive effects on skin and hair care[4].

However, they should know about health benefits of yogurt in the vaginal discharge treatment as well. Lactobacillus which is present in yogurt can help you prevent and stop the growth of bacteria in this area. Thanks to this substance, the yeast infection can be prevented effectively and you can get rid of vaginal discharge easily[5][6].

Yogurt - Home Remedies for Vaginal Discharge

You can use a cotton pad to apply yogurt into the vaginal area several times per day. After that, you should wash this area with warm water.

2. Tea Tree Oil

With antiseptic qualities, tea tree oil is one of the best home remedies for vaginal discharge[7][8]. It can stop the development of bacteria and help you get rid of uncomfortable odor in the vaginal area. However, it should be noted that only diluted tea tree oil is used. You do not want to worsen the itchiness and irritation by applying undiluted one into the vaginal area.

Tea Tree Oil - Home Remedies for Vaginal Discharge
Tea Tree Oil

3. Apple Cider Vinegar

Like yogurt and the above home remedies for vaginal discharge, apple cider vinegar is also very popular in treating many health problems. And now, you can learn how to get rid of vaginal discharge by using it. The antifungal and antibacterial quality of apple cider vinegar makes it ideal to remove the bacteria accumulated inside the vaginal area[9].

Another benefit of this remedy is to restore the balance of pH of the body. You can mix some spoons of apple cider vinegar with your bath water and soak yourself in it for half an hour. The vaginal odor will disappear shortly.

Apple Cider Vinegar - Home Remedies for Vaginal Discharge
Apple Cider Vinegar

4. Garlic

Is there another one you can find in the kitchen out of these home remedies for vaginal discharge? To eliminate the uncomfortable odor, you should use another ingredient whose odor is also uncomfortable. It may sound illogical, right? However, garlic is well-known to speed up the vaginal discharge treatment considerably. It is antifungal, so it can remove all the fungus that may be the main cause for vaginal discharge[10].

You can digest some garlic cloves mixed with water before you have breakfast every day. Or you can have them crushed and applied into the vaginal area.

Garlic - Home Remedies for Vaginal Discharge

5. Banana

Banana has been commonly believed to be a spiritual fruit in the medical world, so no wonder why it’s listed as high as other home remedies for vaginal discharge. And now, it proves that the claim is true when supporting the vaginal discharge treatment. You should eat 2-3 bananas on a daily basis so that you can get rid of vaginal discharge as soon as possible.

A banana contains a large number of vitamins and calcium, which not only helps to regain the hormonal balance but also improves the conditions of your skin and general health.

Banana - Home Remedies for Vaginal Discharge

6. Fenugreek seeds

The problematic changes in hormones can be solved thanks to fenugreek seeds. In fact, it is one of the best home remedies for vaginal discharge. The nutrients of this remedy even enhance the production of female sex hormones.

  • Put some fenugreek seeds inside water and leave them overnight.
  • In the next morning, they should be strained.
  • Then, consume them before you have breakfast.

You should apply this method several times per week until you notice improvements.

7. Baking Soda

The damaged pH level can lead to a series of diverse health problems, including vaginal discharge. Therefore, if you are disturbed by the itchiness or pain going beyond your control, you can make use of baking soda. You can mix it with water and drink the mixture. Or in case you want to remove the uncomfortable odor, you can wash your vaginal area with the mixture.

8. Turmeric

To know how to get rid of vaginal discharge, you should be aware of the benefits of turmeric first. With the antibacterial qualities, it can be used to prevent your vagina from getting infected with bacteria. You should drink turmeric along with a cup of warm milk 2-3 times each day to get the best results.

Turmeric - Home Remedies for Vaginal Discharge

Learn more about turmeric’s benefits at Home Remedies for Sinus Infection.

9. Cranberry

The toxic substances that are not good for the health can be eliminated from the body if you drink a cup of cranberry juice every day. The acidity of cranberry will prevent the bacteria from causing the bad odor in the vagina, which makes it an ideal way out of my best home remedies for vaginal discharge. After drinking it, the vaginal discharge treatment will finish quickly.

  • Soak your cranberries in the water through the night before sipping this mixture through your day. Doing so will undoubtedly help wash away toxins and dodge any bacterial infection.
  • Blend the cranberries and drink its juice without needing to get rid of its pulp. But it’s fine to remove it if you’ve got trouble with the bowel.

10. Milk

Is milk as good as other home remedies for vaginal discharge? Yes, absolutely! It is certain that some cups of milk every day will boost your immunity, which is very beneficial in the vaginal discharge treatment. You can use milk to wash your vaginal area to treat the uncomfortable odor and itchiness at the same time.

Milk is also used to treat other health problems such as Home Remedies for Restless Legs Syndrome.

11. Neem

With antifungal and antiviral properties, neem can be considered as one of the most effective home remedies for vaginal discharge.

Neem - Home Remedies for Vaginal Discharge
  • Put neem leaves on the pan and turn on the heat for 3-5 minutes.
  • When the leaves are cool, have them crushed to turn them into powder.
  • Mix it with water to make a paste that is applied into your vaginal area.

Learn more about neem’s benefits at How to Reduce Breast Size Naturally.

12. Guava

When mixed with hot water, guava leaves can become a great method out of other home remedies for vaginal discharge to remove the foul odor caused by the condition. It is reasonable to say that guava is a great addition to the vaginal discharge treatment. What you need are four or five guava leaves and one liter of water.

13. Indian Gooseberry

This herb appears in many treatments for different health problems and can be seen as one of the most promising home remedies for vaginal discharge. It provides a considerable amount of vitamin C and essential nutrients needed for the removal of bacteria from the body. In fact, you can digest Indian gooseberry raw to absorb the best nutrients. But if it is not your favorite way, you can mix its powder with honey and drink 2-3 times per day.

Indian Gooseberry - Home Remedies for Vaginal Discharge
Indian Gooseberry

14. Avoid Tight Clothes

I’ve got another simpler way among these home remedies for vaginal discharge you should try now. When the bacteria attack your vaginal area and cause uncomfortable odor, the best way to deal with this problem is to wear fitting or loose-fitting clothes. Tight clothes may worsen the odor and itchiness, which may make you stuck on vaginal discharge for a longer time.

15. Avoid caffeine and alcohol

The secret of how to get rid of vaginal discharge lies in your diet and lifestyle. This is much easier to do as compared to other home remedies for vaginal discharge, right? Therefore, it is a good idea to remove the proportion of caffeine and alcohol in your daily meals, because they can activate the growth of bacteria causing vaginal discharge.

Instead, you should consume more citrus foods that provide your body with vitamin C, such as grapes or oranges. They will strengthen your immune system, helping you fight against vaginal discharge.

16. Other seeds and nuts

Is there anything we can count on apart from the above home remedies for vaginal discharge? Both nuts and seeds tend to own a great amount of Vitamin E, which can help you prevent the dryness and itching in the vagina. Feel free to use pumpkin or almond seeds which are so rich in zinc; therefore, they would inhibit the growth of bacteria and bad odor.

Besides, some nuts, from walnuts to flax seeds, are quite rich in Omega-3 fatty acid, not to mention the hazelnuts and sunflower seeds. These are also good at regulating your menstrual cycle and dodging the imbalance of hormone.

Other preventive methods

In any particular case of severe vaginal discharge, using these home remedies for vaginal discharge might not work the best. It should be treated by a doctor, so there must be some preventive steps that should be taken. Why are you still waiting? Let’s save yourself from those hassles Here they are, the best preventive treatments:

  • Clean gently

Whenever you feel a strong need to rinse off your vagina, let’s consider using the lukewarm with a bit of mild soap. Try to avoid using any chemical douche, bubble bath, sprays, or even perfumed soaps because these would trigger your infections and severe irritation.

  • Wipe your front to back  

After availing your bathroom, let’s wipe away from your vagina to help it avoid any contamination with germs or stool.

  • Change out of your damp clothes

Remember not to put on any bathing suit or your sweaty outfit after doing exercises for too long. Instead of this, only wear the dry clothes as one of your best home remedies for vaginal discharge.

  • Choose loose-fitting outfits  

Never wear tight pants and even underwear that is likely to cause the irritation and increase the risk for the infection. Only choose the loose fitting or comfortable outfits in all cases.

  • Always change your tampons or pads regularly

This should be done during your period when you’re recommended to keep all of the necessary supplies on hand.

  • Have an appointment with a doctor

Pay a visit to a doctor for a more accurate examination or testing. It’s the best way to help you determine the true cause of any concerning discharge. In most of the cases, medication would be the only way to fix your issue fast.


After looking through my top recommended home remedies for vaginal discharge, now you’ve known how to get through this problem naturally. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to try out any of these simple methods to fix your vaginal discharge properly. And don’t ever forget to share your own feedback or opinions in the comments below.

*Disclaim: The effectiveness from applying these natural tips will be depended on the body condition of the applicant.

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