Home Remedies for Tennis Elbow And Why You Need to Know About Preventing It

Home Remedies for Tennis Elbow And Why You Need to Know About Preventing It

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Tennis elbow has its name for the most vulnerable group of victims: tennis players. However, it does not mean that we cannot experience tennis elbow. In fact, it is more common than you might think and the pain of tennis elbow often comes with many annoying problems, such as swelling and stiffness.

Today we examine tennis elbow and more, natural home remedies for tennis elbow to address it quickly!

What is Tennis Elbow?

First of all, this condition does not apply only for tennis players. Anyone who often performs physical activities which use wrist and arm movement repetitively can be prone to tennis elbow.

What Causes Tennis Elbow?

Also known in medical term as lateral epicondylitis, it often occurs due to overstrain of tendons and muscles at the forearm as well as elbow joint [1][2].

There will be soreness and pain at the elbow’s outer part. For the tendons which are involved in the movement of the wrist can also be painful from inflammation.

This condition usually happens to people from 35 to 65 of age. Also, it is widespread for people who play sports such as squash, badminton, racquetball, fencing, weightlifting and especially tennis.

Not only sports, people who have hobbies or jobs which requires repetition in movement such knitting, raking, painting, typing or carpentry. Most importantly, this condition mostly injures the dominant arm.


The intensity will be different from one to another. Common symptoms can be wrist and elbow pain, weak grasp, trouble with extending forearm entirely as well as pain during bending or lifting the arm.

This condition might last for couples of weeks to months; mainly there are cases which last for years due to the extremely slow heal of tendons. Typically, this condition often heals itself. All you need to comply is resting your injured arm well.

How Long Does Tennis Elbow Last?

The pain can be severe to some and mild to others. However, most people seem to raise the same question: how long does tennis elbow last?

Now you know that tennis elbow is a problem due to too much strain on your muscles and tendons. In other words, your elbow is injured, and you cannot expect the injury to disappear overnight or after a few hours.

We all wish that we could give you the best way to get rid of tennis elbow within minutes, but there is no such thing.

The healing process depends on countless factors, especially the severity of your pain. If you have developed tennis elbow for more than three weeks, the likelihood is that you are going to the chronic phase. And it would take a longer time to heal from tennis elbow.

Besides, your response is another factor that determines the recovery time. If you take actions early and you are committed to the treatment, it will be over quickly and might not come back.

If you choose surgery as a way to get rid of tennis elbow, you should expect your body to recover after about six months. Some can even have to wait for longer, and there is nothing to guarantee that the result will be successful.

Remember that if you want to speed up the recovery, you have to be patient and committed. Take a few minutes to look at our natural home remedies for tennis elbow to get to know some of the quickest ways to address the pain.

Home Remedies for Tennis Elbow

Here are the top 20 most effective home remedies for tennis elbow which are easy for you to apply to get rid of the painful elbow as well as strengthen your tendons and muscles.

1. Ice

Ice is the easiest and simplest method from the list of home remedies for tennis elbow, but it can alleviate swelling and pain. Furthermore, it can help you prevent the condition from progressing. In case ice is unavailable, you can opt for some frozen pea bags.

Ice - Home Remedies for Tennis Elbow

How to use:

  • Take some ice cubes and wrap them in a towel.
  • Use a pillow or cushion to rest the elbow.
  • Apply the towel to the affected area.
  • Keep it for about 15 minutes.
  • Perform couples of time per day.

Note: Do not directly put ice on the skin.

2. Contrast Hydrotherapy

A bit more complicated than using ice, this method from the list of home remedies for tennis elbow is the combination of cold and hot compresses. The heat will improve circulation of blood as well as alleviate pain while the coldness will soothe inflammation and swelling.

Contrast Hydrotherapy - Home Remedies for Tennis Elbow
Contrast Hydrotherapy

How to use:

  • Take a hot bottle of water and wrap in a towel then take some ice cubes and use another cloth to cover them.
  • Apply the hot compress directly onto the affected area for 3 minutes.
  • Replace with a cold compress for 1 minute.
  • Continue the cycle for at least 15 minutes.
  • Perform couples of time every day until there are positive changes.

3. Turmeric

The well-known curcumin compound is what makes turmeric essential to the list of home remedies for tennis elbow. It is also responsible for many other health benefits of turmeric.

Considered the natural painkiller and anti-inflammatory agent, it even contains antioxidant property which helps you destroy those free radicals while improving the healing[3][4].

Turmeric - Home Remedies for Tennis Elbow

How to use:

  • Take a teaspoon of turmeric powder into some milk. Warm up the mixture and put in some honey. Consume twice per day for at least several weeks.
  • Another way is taking turmeric in supplementary form of capsule for 250 – 500mg in 3 times every day. However, you still need to consult the doctor first.

4. Ginger

With powerful anti-inflammatory property, it is easy to understand why ginger appears in the list of home remedies for tennis elbow as it can effectively ease those symptoms of this condition [5][6].

Ginger - Home Remedies for Tennis Elbow

How to use:

  • Take a piece of ginger into some boiling water for about 10 minutes. Then have it strained and put in some honey. Consume slowly for three times every day.
  • Also, you might make a ginger poultice to apply. You can take four tablespoons of grated fresh ginger and use a cotton bag to wrap it. Take the bag into some hot water for about 1 minute then take out and let it cool down. Apply the pack directly onto the affected area for about 15 minutes. Perform couples of time every day.

5. Massage

Using either avocado or calendula oil to massage is the tip you should practice from the list of home remedies for tennis elbow. Those oils will be able to soothe your pain and inflammation[7]. Moreover, massage will enhance the circulation of blood as well as ease the soreness of muscles.

Elbow Massage - Home Remedies for Tennis Elbow

How to do:

  • Take some oil onto the affected area. Use your thumb to rub back and forth.
  • Another way is to perform some trigger-point massage by doing long and firm strokes.
  • Massage for 2 – 3 times every day until there are positive changes.

6. St. John’s Wort

With analgesic as well as anti-inflammatory qualities, this herb is one of the best home remedies for tennis elbow. It will be able to provide significant help for the treatment of tennis elbow.

How to use:

  • Take two teaspoons of dried herb into some hot water and steep for about 10 minutes. Then have it strained and add in some honey. Consume 2 cups every day.
  • Also, you can take the essential oil of this herb to apply to the affected area for couples of time per day in several days.

Note: Avoid using this herb in case you have prescription medications.

7. Fenugreek

This wonderful seed contains effective anti-inflammatory property that is capable of ease inflammation and swelling [8][9]. Therefore, it is no surprise that fenugreek is included in the list of home remedies for tennis elbow.

Fenugreek - Home Remedies for Tennis Elbow

How to use:

  • Take 1 to 2 tablespoons of fenugreek seeds into some milk to form a paste. Use the paste to apply to the affected area and keep it on for about 1 – 2 hours. Then cleanse off using warm water.
  • Also, you can consume a teaspoon of grounded fenugreek seeds with some warm water every early morning.

Perform those methods once every day until there are positive changes.

8. Garlic

Abundance in selenium and sulfur, garlic is capable of alleviate inflammation and pain effectively which make it suitable for the list of home remedies for tennis elbow.

How to use:

  • Take four cloves of crushed garlic into two tablespoons of mustard oil and heat up until the garlic is brown. Then have it strained and let the oil cool down to warm. Use the oil to apply directly to the affected area. Gently massage for couples of minutes and keep the oil on for several hours. Perform twice every day for couples of day.
  • Also, you can consume 2 to 3 cloves of garlic every day. In case you cannot stand the garlic’s smell, you might take garlic in supplementary form, but you need to consult the doctor first.

9. White Willow Bark

This herb is presented in the list of home remedies for tennis elbow due to its salicin compound which can act a potent natural painkiller.

White Willow Bark - Home Remedies for Tennis Elbow
White Willow Bark

How to use:

  • Take a teaspoon of dried bark into some boiling water and steep for about 15 minutes.
  • Then have it strained and consume warmly.
  • Perform every day.

10. Comfrey Leaves

Containing some certain chemicals which can assist the healing capabilities of your body, it is a mild painkiller which can support home remedies for tennis elbow rather well.

How to use:

  • Take some comfrey leaves and soak in hot water until soft.
  • Then apply the warm leaves onto the affected area.
  • Use a cloth to wrap and hold the leaves.
  • Keep it on overnight.
  • Perform every day until the symptoms are gone.

Also, you might want comfrey oil to run gently onto the affected area twice every day for couples of weeks.

11. Omega-3 Fatty Acids

To alleviate the inflammation from tennis elbow, you will need to consume more omega-3 fatty acids which can be obtained from tuna or salmon. This nutrient is something you cannot ignore in the list of home remedies for tennis elbow.

12. Cabbage

Cabbage - Home Remedies for Tennis Elbow

This common vegetable can be your perfect cure from the list of home remedies for tennis elbow. You need to take some cabbage leaves and soak in water for about 30 minutes. Then apply directly to the affected area. Use a cloth to wrap and hold for overnight.

13. Potato

Potato – a familiar ingredient of our daily meal – is another fantastic tip on home remedies for tennis elbow. It has a cooling quality that is beneficial for dealing with pain and swelling caused by this problem. Potato is also active to cure tennis elbow or forearms.

All you need to do is to keep some baked potato in a thin and soft towel. Then, apply the cloth on painful and swollen areas caused by this problem.

However, you ought not to use too hot potato which might have negative impacts on the skin. Warm potato is compelling enough.

14. Coconut Oil

Among natural home remedies for tennis elbow, essential oils also make up for a relative percentage. And coconut oil is one of the most common and available types that you can find easily.

You are suggested to use it directly on the skin and massage it for a while so that the risk of inflammation or swelling will be much lower. Do not forget that coconut oil even provides generous advantages for our skin conditions.

15. Pineapple

Pineapple - Home Remedies for Tennis Elbow

Are you excited to see pineapple among natural home remedies for tennis elbow? For me, it’s yes. Not only does pineapple possess wonderful taste, but it also provides a variety of health benefits.

Scientists have pointed out that most benefits of pineapple come from its richness of nutrients, especially bromelain. This is unique and strongly anti-inflammatory.

To accelerate tennis elbow treatment, the suggestion is to consume it or its juice every day.

16. Avocado Oil

Avocado is absolutely an amazing fruit. It can be used raw in salad or made into flavorful smoothie. In every way, avocado does wonder for our health.

In the treatments for tennis elbow, you are recommended to use avocado oil which helps to reduce inflammation, pain, and swelling. It also provides nutrients that you will find in raw avocado to nurture blood circulation inside our body. It helps to ease the sore muscles very well.

17. Celery Seeds

The quality of anti-inflammation is what makes celery seed one of the most significant home remedies for tennis elbow. Furthermore, you also benefit a lot from its abundance of nutrients. For example, the time it takes to heal tennis elbow will be much shorter.

By mixing some juice of celery seeds and warm water, you will have one of the most effective home remedies for tennis elbow. Remember to consume it a few times per day.

18. Tendon Exercise

This tip is the one you must undoubtedly follow in the list of home remedies for tennis elbow as it will strengthen your muscles and tendons against the damage of repetitive motion. You can practice some exercises like wrist flexor or wrist extensor as they are highly effective for the healing process of tennis elbow.

19. Supportive Brace or Sling

You can put on a sling or brace for supporting the treatment for tennis elbow as they can elevate the arm which will prevent the arm from any unwanted exertion that can pressurize the muscles.

20. Take a Rest

The primary reason for the occurrence of tennis elbow is the repetition of physical activities without any proper rest. Therefore, it is necessary to take rest in the periodic interval to decrease the stress as well as pain in the elbow.

Even when tennis elbow does not happen to you yet, a rest plays a vital role in your schedule as it helps your muscles to recover and develop more efficiently.


Complications of Tennis Elbow

With no proper treatment, tennis elbow may develop to something worse, such as chronic pain or entire loss of motion. Some feasible dangers you might have to encounter after leaving tennis elbow untreated are:

  • Severe pain for an extended period
  • Blood loss
  • Infections
  • Inability to straighten your arms
  • Anesthesia

Also, you need to be sure that you are struggling with tennis elbow, not “golfer’s elbow”.

It is common to be uncertain about golfer’s elbow and tennis elbow because these two problems have quite similar signs and causes. To be more specific, golfer’s elbow will cause problems to the tendons which are associated with your elbow’s inner side. The pain usually appears when your wrist has to flex forward.

In general, you do not have to experience surgery to overcome tennis elbow. It can recover if you rest enough and apply some practical treatments, such as natural home remedies for tennis elbow.

Nevertheless, when all of them do not work, surgery might be the recommendation of your doctor. It refers to cutting your tendons and eliminating some inflamed tissues.

When to See A Doctor

As we mentioned many times, tennis elbow can heal on its own as long as you give it enough time to recover. But apparently, you can talk to your doctor anytime if you need your inquiries to be answered.

If you have applied these natural home remedies for tennis elbow for up to 6 weeks but there is no significant improvement, then it is time to ask an expert for advice immediately.

Besides, tennis elbow usually leads to inflammation, so whenever you feel the pain when picking up anything, even the lightest things, it is a sign that the problem is bad.

How to Prevent Tennis Elbow

As there is no specific cause for tennis elbow, it is not simple to give detailed instructions on how to prevent tennis elbow. The best advice we could come up with for you is to maintain a healthy diet and avoid over-exercising.


Regarding nutrition, you should bear in mind that omega-3 fatty acids are necessary for the fight against inflammation in the body. They are present in many foods, especially fish and nuts.

Warm up exercise

To avoid injuries when doing training, you have to perform some simple activities to warm up the body. Otherwise, the risk of injuries will be much higher. Allow at least 15 minutes for the warm-up exercise, especially when you are about to play golf, tennis, or an intense workout.

Some of the best suggestions are a standing stretch or side plank. When you strengthen your forearms, they will become stronger to reduce the possibility of tennis elbow.

Invest in your equipment

Too much stress on the elbow can lead to tennis elbow. Therefore, one of the crucial tips to prevent it is to reduce the pressure on the tendons and elbow. Get a lightweight racket and maximize your comfort. It might be a little costly, but it is a deserved investment in the long term.

Besides, you should pay attention to the racket strings to make sure that they aren’t too tight. The elasticity should be great, which allows the racket to absorb more shock. Regarding the balls, they should be dry and light, which reduces your effort to hit.

Adjust your technique

When you feel the pain or tiredness in your elbow, you had better use both hands to play tennis for the rest of your long game. It enables your muscles to rest and heal more efficiently. If you are not familiar with using both hands, then take it as a chance to learn some new techniques and master them soon.

Last but not least, the recommendation is to play with some professional players so that they can help you adjust your techniques better. Otherwise, you will continue your incorrect techniques which easily lead to unwanted injuries.


Inflammation of your elbow and forearm is mainly responsible for tennis elbow. Once you suffer from this problem, it is difficult for you to hold things and do sports. With our home remedies for tennis elbow, we hope that you can find a better way to get rid of it quickly.

And it is essential that you need to apply our tips on how to prevent tennis elbow so that you hardly encounter this problem in the future. Let’s SHARE the article to get more people to know about this problem and its dangers behind your casual activities!

*Disclaim: The effectiveness from applying these natural tips will be depended on the body condition of the applicant.

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