25+ Home Remedies For Oily Skin and Pimples on Face and Nose

25+ Home Remedies For Oily Skin and Pimples on Face and Nose

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1. Introduction

2. What is Oily Skin?

3. What causes Oily Skin?

3.1. Genetics

3.2. Over-cleansing

3.3. Medication

3.4. Environment

3.5. Hormonal changes

3.6. Cosmetics

3.7. Poor diet  

4. What are the risk factors of oily skin?

4.1. Obesity  

4.2. Stress

4.3. Biotin deficiency   

5. Most common symptoms of oily skin

6. 25 Natural home remedies for oily skin in summer

6.1. 1. Egg

6.2. 2. Apple

6.3. 3. Blotting Papers

6.4. 4. Cucumbers

6.5. 5. Salt

6.6. 6. Tomato

6.7. 7. Green Tea

6.8. 8. Banana

6.9. 9. Cold Water

6.10. 10. Honey

6.11. 11. Change Towels

6.12. 12. Stress Management

6.13. 13. Enough Water

6.14. 14. Massage

6.15. 15. Healthy Lifestyle

6.16. 16. Clay

6.17. 17. Witch hazel  

6.18. 18. Wash with milk

6.19. 19. Reduce humidity

6.20. 20. Use homemade scrubs

6.21. 21. Nutmeg

6.22. 22. Sage tea

6.23. 23. Lemons

6.24. 24. Hachiya persimmons

6.25. 25. Sweating

7. How To Get Rid Of Oily Skin On Face

7.1. Use a milder facial cleanser

7.2. Wash excess oil with face pads or sheets

7.3. Use moisturizers except those with oils

8. How to get rid of oily skin on Nose

9. How to get rid of oily skin and pimples?

9.1. Use the ice for soothing pimples on the oily skin

9.2. Apply the tea tree oil to the pimples

9.3. Use baking soda to remove oily pimples

10. Other tips on how to remove oily skin naturally

11. 3 Best products for oily skin

11.1. Soap cleanser of Clinique

11.2. Jelly facial mask of Omorovicza

11.3. Spray toner of La Roche-Posay

12. Anti-Aging Tips For Oily Skin

12.1. Skip the foam

12.2. Bring sunscreen along

12.3. Nourish your complexion with moisturizers

13. How to prevent/control oily skin

14. Q&A

14.1. Does oily skin need the moisturizer?

14.2. How many times should I wash my face for oily skin?

15. Conclusion


Are you troubled with oily skin? So my best recommendation for you at this time is using some natural home remedies for oily skin to handle your skin issues. When trying hard to dry up your oily skin, it would backfire, especially when the stripped cell formation efficiently traps the oil and causes the breakouts.

Also, People with oily skin find it hard to put on makeup that suits their skin type since it quickly mixes with the sebum, leading to a wrong consistency. Those natural hacks will help reduce the symptoms without asking you to use any expensive cosmetics. Your oily skin deserves the great care if you truly want to look pretty.  

What is Oily Skin?

As you know, people need a particular amount of natural oil to maintain their complexion moisturized and supple. And your skin type will be decided by how much oil your skin on the face tends to release based on this. The skin type is sorted as a combination, dry, and oily.

Oily skin - Home remedies for oily skin
Oily skin

Oily skin is an acne-prone complexion with more open pores, and you can quickly recognize it as it’s covered with a shiny layer, acne, and blackheads.

Typically, the oil on our face serves as a shield to protect the skin from environmental impacts and signs of aging[1]. However, when the production of oil become excess, it can easily lead to acne and other skin problem.

When not treating it right, those pores are likely to turn into clogged and more massive while other skin cells get stored. Along with this, you will have pimples, blackheads, and different kinds of acne that are so common with this skin. 25 out of the easiest, but most effective home remedies for oily skin can enable you to learn how to stop oily skin naturally and effortlessly.

A light and flawless skin is an obsession among not only women but also men as one of the human basic needs are charming and attractive to the opposite sex. For those whose skin is oily, the attractiveness is far from easy. There are a lot of people who are ready to spend a considerable amount of money, time and efforts on different products that help them stop oily skin. However, few of them work.

What causes Oily Skin?

Before getting to know the best home remedies for oily skin to use, let’s find out what causes it! A variety of factors should get listed as the causes of oily skin, but it gets widely accepted that genetics has the most important influence. Also, the external environment also plays a vital role in the excessive production of skin oil. Your daily lifestyle should be responsible as well.


At times, you won’t only handle the genetics, and your oily skin is undoubtedly something belonging to it. We often have the naturally oily skin as our inheritance from our parents, right? Just like anything else, your parents will be the one who will determine whether you’re more or less likely to own such a skin type as well as the wrinkles.  

If you have the genetical skin like that, then the effect of using home remedies for oily skin only helps you improve the condition temporarily. There’s nothing you could do to deal with this except to control what raises your oil release the most through your skin care routine, diet, and lifestyle. And your skin tends to own more prominent pores to accommodate more oil release possibly.

What if your oily skin is not genetic, then the release of excess sebum can trigger those pores to stretch out. Do not think that these pore filters can reduce your pores and oil release; in fact, they only fill and stretch those pores, turning them into bigger.


It’s no wonder that double your cleansing is one of the best ways to refresh your skin, hydrate and balance it as well as get rid of any excess oil, dirt, and makeup while leaving the skin clean not oily. However, this could become a bad habit and would make your oily skin much oilier. How come?

Imagine that once the forehead is shining like a spotlight, it’s not strange that you’re driven to cleanse it as much as possible until all of that oil gets removed. Over-cleansing the skin probably feels like being a short-term way for diminishing the oil slicking down on the face. But in fact, it’s trying to offer some certain feedback to the skin that the oil is getting stripped.  

More than that, it’s said that the ingredients contained in each facial wash product, particularly the chemicals and some drying agents that are supposed to strip the skin of the natural oils. They just cause your skin to produce even more sebum than you need.

In reaction to it, the skin might think that the oil wants to be substituted, which ends up in the more significant production of oil and skin irritation from overusing the cleanser. If so, then what’s the best solution you will stick to?

Our advice here is applying the cleanser about twice per day, including once in the early morning to build a fresh and sufficient layer for applying your sunscreen or makeup, and once more during the night to remove your skin makeup with other pollutants from the outside.


Your medicine cabinet is the culprit to blame here. As reported, more than 70% of the US citizens take their prescribed drugs, and a lot of them tend to take OTC medications too often.

Medication - Home remedies for oily skin

Did you know that the hormonal birth control and other hormone substitution medications are the most popular elements that will lead to the overproduction of the oil? Those pills are known to be the primary reasons that cause your unwanted oil and sebum at the same time. Several drugs are listed to create a side effect, and this is the oily skin. However, it’s not a severe issue, but it’s always overlooked.

If using them frequently, you’re more likely to suffer the oily skin on the forehead or your t-zone. In that case, you can rely on some natural home remedies for oily skin to control it.

On the other hand, several common medications are said to lead to your skin dryness, which will cause the oily skin as well. As your skin gets dehydrated, it will announce the release of oil to guard itself, which triggers your oily skin.

Such a dryness is commonly caused by medication, and always unnoticed. Some other over the counter medicines like cough pills are said to dry the skin and cause it to be both oily and dry.


There are a significant number of environmental elements that lead to your pimples and acne, such as the pollutants and your skin exposure to the oily and greasy atmosphere. All of these factors are claimed to clog the pores and trigger the pimples.[2]

Also, the humidity and heat are two most popular factors that raise your oil production, so no wonder why the acne show up, not to mention the coldness in the weather will stress out the complexion and then leads to breakouts. How does that happen? During the winter, you will often feel the humidity and wind causing the surface of your skin to get dehydrated.

Once the skin’s moisture can’t be substituted, your oil is produced more, which quickly leads to clogged pores or the acne. And even in the winter, you might find yourself waking up with a strange greasy film in the morning.

So you see that environmental triggers are some of the most significant elements in most skin concerns, and the weather is on the top of that list. Once it gets colder and drier, you always have to switch between it and an overheated space inside; this would irritate the pores.  

Hormonal changes

There’s something you probably miss here: your oily skin and hormones appear to come hand in hand. And the androgens are known as the types of hormones in charge of the production of the oil.

At times, these will fluctuate, driving an increase in the overall sebum release. It usually takes place during your puberty, and right before your menstruation, when you get pregnant and suffer the menopause. Sure enough, each woman owns a sharp reaction to the hormonal fluctuations.

Note that even though every woman goes through the same hormonal changes in the menstrual cycle, not all of them would kick off with the similar degree of oil release. That’s because a few of them would own the higher degrees of androgen to start with, so the oil release tends to become more pronounced once those hormones rush after the ovulation during the menstrual cycle.   

Therefore, it’s not strange to see some of them feel the higher effects of increased sebum, greasy hair and even breakouts. However, also during this time, some others might not.  

Besides, throughout the reproductive years, the B-Estradiol will stimulate the fluid sebaceous gland secretion. Meanwhile, during your menopause, the levels of your estrogen lowers, and the testosterone that is released by your adrenal glands won’t be covered in the body at all. Next, the Testosterone will reveal by driving these sebaceous glands to emit the thicker sebum, offering you an oily look.  


Once availing too many various kinds of cosmetics would quickly change the pH of the skin, and this can be seen as the bad news for you. The surface needs to control to the brand new actives that get suddenly placed on it. But if you find it impossible to adjust it, you will end up decreasing the immunity of your skin by filling it with so many active substances.

In other words, if you keep switching between the products too frequently, it quickly leads your complexion to compensate more for such fast changes, raising the oil release, and raising your breakouts.

My recommendation for you before you decide to use some useful home remedies for oily skin is: rather than sticking to a routine to help your makeup last all day long, whenever you find yourself re-applying the makeup again and again, you’re blocking your pores.

Poor diet  

Without a doubt, oily skin gets generated in different ways, but a part of your skin’s oil and greasiness will lie in your diet. Consuming any food rich in vitamins and antioxidants can help maintain the skin glowing and bright at the same time. On the opposite of it, eating some foods that contain a lot of fats or just filled with many bad ingredients won’t be good at all.

They usually contain some specific ingredients that can cause you to have the higher oil production, especially on the face. As a result of it, you would find yourself with oily skin and unexpected breakouts.

What are the risk factors of oily skin?


Obesity contributes to raising the risk of your fatty liver illness, osteoarthritis, and even cancers. It gets gauged that the cost of curing your obesity that is relevant to other diseases will take up around 2-7% of the national health care costs in most developed nations.

Worse than thought, being obese is pretty much relevant to a significant number of effects on the skin health. It tends to affect your skin barrier ability, functions of other sebaceous glands as well as the production of sebum that will maintain your skin moisturized and supple. The sebum serves a crucial part in the inclusive acne growth.

When acne appears, that means your sebaceous channels are clogged or even infected. Your acne is worsened due to other obesity-related disorders. And in most obese individuals, the male hormones (also known as the androgens), growth hormone, insulin are all raised up. These elements are said to be the risk factors for oily skin or acne.

So obesity can change the health of your skin and its function, which probably leads to some of the following changes below:

  • Skin oil release will not be regulated.
  • Your skin barrier function characteristics are altered.
  • Impaired collagen release and structure
  • Postponed injury healing.


Have you ever wondered that stress could cause your oily skin? Well, you probably have tried different types of home remedies for oily skin, but I can say that the underlying causes of this condition are just something out of your expectation.

It’s stress! It will worsen any your skin issue without a doubt, especially your oily skin. Note that the excess oil release will be one of your most common skin concerns, and stress serves the main role here. When you become more stressful, the level of the stress hormone inside your body will rise up naturally.  

In turn, it triggers an increase in the overall oil release, which quickly leads to the oily skin and other skin issues. So whenever getting stressed, the cortisol hormones will be emitted, not to mention the increase in the testosterone that contributes to the oil production. It would naturally raise the risk for your bacterial infection to happen in your skin pores. Next, the pimples can get formed.

Obviously, once you begin breaking out, it affects your own confidence and then leads you to more stress than before. The process of breakouts is still going on from the sudden increase in cortisol that the body will keep producing.  

Biotin deficiency   

Biotin is added to some products for the aim of treating a few dry skin issues, and it would contribute to the skin moisture as well. Besides, the vitamin here can raise up your metabolism, so boost the general release of natural oils.[3]

And guess what? Such a thing will trigger an issue related to your oily skin. At this time, you can find that the skin is getting oilier, blocking the pores more considerably. A few of people who own an oily skin would feel that they have more breakouts due to the use of lotions or creams.

Most common symptoms of oily skin

After knowing these signs that your skin at this time would tell you that it’s oily, you can think of choosing the appropriate home remedies for oily skin. And those symptoms are listed as follow:

  • Greasy and shiny look
  • Large and noticeable pores
  • Looks thick and rough on the surface of the skin
  • Persistent or occasional acne
  • Blackheads
  • Your bangs get oilier.

The easiest and simplest sign of an oily skin is the excess amount of oil that crops up the whole day. We recommend you to carry some blotting sheets around instead of using blotting powder to remove that greasy and shiny appearance as well as prevent your cakey face with the makeup.

Aside from that, some pores are enlarged, and they’re mostly seen around your T-Zone, such as the chin, nose, and forehead. These are another side effect of your oily skin.

Well, with such an increase in the oil emission, your pores are clogged, which surely leads to your breakouts later on. In this case, you can use home remedies for oily skin or just applying a facial cleanser contained with salicylic acid to remove the pores as well as dodge other acnes.

How about blackheads? These are mainly triggered by excess sebum that tends to collect at the bottom of your hair follicles in the skin. As the sebum tries to touch the air, it will oxidize and then turn black forming the blackheads. To help improve the condition, we recommend you to use another facial cleanser with benzoyl peroxide if you want the oil to be broken down.

Also, you’re more likely to have that shiny look for hours even after you’ve washed the face and used the toners. For those with oily skins, try to switch from the foaming products which only drive the oil release to a gentler and water-based type only. Doing so can balance out the skin as well as keep your oil release at a moderate level.

Besides, that excess oil production doesn’t just impact your complexion, but it also affects the hair. Once spitting that the bangs of your own are getting oilier or greasier, let’s try tying them up to one side throughout that day. Doing this can prevent the oil from moving to the strands.

Last but not least, with such an overproduction of oil, these clogged pores will make you suffer the breakouts. In this case, only use the gentle facial cleanser to diminish the acne, and consider the product contained with salicylic acid to dodge any acne in the future. So what are the best home remedies for oily skin to glow? Here’s the answer:

However, from now on, you no longer need to worry about suffering from oily skin. Learn some natural home remedies for oily skin and apply them effectively, quickly, and effortlessly.

25 Natural home remedies for oily skin in summer

However, from now on, you no longer need to worry about suffering from oily skin. Learn some natural home remedies for oily skin and apply them effectively, quickly, and effortlessly.

Here are the top 25 most effective home remedies for oily skin which you can easily try at home in order to get rid of the oiliness as well as make your skin shine and bright.

1. Egg

This simple and inexpensive material helps a lot of people regain the confidence with their skin. And better than this, egg whites are one of the best home remedies for oily skin thanks to their ability to shrink your pores and tighten your complexion.

Egg - Home Remedies For Oily Skin
  • Try an egg yolk. Use a cotton ball to put the egg yolk in the oily skin areas.
  • Leave it for 15 minutes then wash the skin with cool water.

2. Apple

Apple is effective to not only treat the oily skin but also help you cure the acne because it is rich in fiber and vitamin C[4]. Read more: Home Remedies for Blackheads.

Apple - Home Remedies For Oily Skin
  • Mash an apple and mix a half of it with oatmeal.
  • Add beaten egg white and a spoonful of lemon juice.
  • Apply the mixture to your face.
  • Wait for 15 minutes and wash with cool water.

3. Blotting Papers

Blotting paper is designed to absorb an excessive amount of oil in the face, so using it regularly helps your skin clean and bright. It’s why they’re considered one of the best home remedies for oily skin you can use to maintain your healthy skin. Besides, these papers are quite affordable to buy and pretty refreshing to use. They can absorb any impurity without causing your skin to feel dry.

However, rubbing blotting paper on your face should be avoided, otherwise, it would hurt your skin. Gently press blotting papers to your face and keep it for 20 seconds before moving to another spot.

4. Cucumbers

Along with apples, cucumbers are one of the cheapest but best home remedies for oily skin, so use it to deal with excess oil on the face[5]. Cucumbers have particular properties that make them stand out among other fruits. Specifically, it is rich in vitamins and minerals[6].

Cucumber - Home Remedies For Oily Skin
  • Slice a cucumber into small pieces
  • Put them directly on your skin
  • Keep it overnight and wash your skin with warm water in the next morning.

You can repeat this every day to achieve the best results. Read more: How to Get Rid of Freckles.

5. Salt

Salt - Home Remedies For Oily Skin

Why shall we bring salt to the list of the best home remedies for oily skin this time? That’s because salt owns its fantastic pore tightening and unclogging features. It can help balance out the oil production, offers your skin with enough minerals as well as wash it carefully.  

Thanks to salt’s properties, you will soon banish the excess oil on your face[7][8]. All you need to do is:

  • Fill an empty bottle with tepid water.
  • Add a spoon of salt into the bottle and shake it well. Make sure that salt is all dissolved.
  • Spray the salty water on your skin gently.
  • Use tissues to clean your skin.

Remember to repeat this regularly during the week to get the best results.

6. Tomato

Tomato juice is a favorite drink for many people. Moreover, it has other benefits that people who are looking for a natural home remedy for oily skin should be fully aware of.

To be more specific, the tomato is able to slow down the aging process, rejuvenate the skin, and also make the facial skin dried and clean[9][10]. Just follow these steps bellows to see the significant changes:

Tomatoes - Home Remedies For Oily Skin
  • Choose a fresh and clean tomato.
  • Use a blender to make tomato juice.
  • Use a cotton ball to apply the tomato juice to your skin.
  • Leave it dried.
  • Rinse the skin with water.

7. Green Tea

If you think green tea leaves are only for making a drink, think it again. Moreover, it is a cure for oily skin, which has been tested by many people worldwide. It naturally becomes one of the most effective home remedies for oily skin thanks to its astringent taste that arrives from the tannins it has. And these compounds will shrink the pores and reduce the sebum release.

  • Crush green tea leaves after cleaning them with water.
  • Heat them up with water and drain off the water.
  • Pour water in and heat again for 15 minutes then throw tea leaves away.
  • Gently rub your face with the liquid
  • Leave your skin dried naturally.

In addition to helping your skin become dry, this method also makes your skin lighter in the long term[11][12].

8. Banana

There are thousands of reasons to eat bananas more regularly than you do. Thanks to its moisturizing properties, people use the banana to slow down the process of aging and look younger. Besides, another important benefit of them is to reduce the amount of skin oil.

  • Crush a banana.
  • Add 2 spoons of milk cream, 1 spoon of honey, oat flour, and water.
  • Apply this mixture onto your skin.
  • Wait for 30 minutes
  • Wash it off with warm water.

Read more: Home Remedies for Skin Rejuvenation.

9. Cold Water

The easiest way to limit the amount of oil on the face is cold water because it is known to maintain the best condition of the skin. Therefore, it is suitable to be used before you participate in a party or an appointment.

Keep a bottle of water inside the refrigerator in advance. Spray cold water into your face at least 3-4 times daily. Your skin will stop producing oil immediately.

10. Honey

Honey has been considered as an effective medical cure out of other home remedies for oily skin and many health problems. Besides, it also has many advantages in improving the quality of skin[13][14]. The most interesting part is that honey can be combined with a variety of ingredients to create effective cures for oily skin.

Honey - Home Remedies For Oily Skin

First, you can use honey with egg and lemon juice.

Take only egg white and mix it with a spoon of honey and lemon juice.

  • Apply this mixture to your face.
  • Leave it for 20-30 minutes.
  • Use cold water to wash your face.

You should apply this 2-3 times a week.

The second method is to use honey with strawberries.

  • Crush strawberries and mix them with honey and a spoon of flour.
  • Apply this mixture to the skin.
  • Relax for 20-30 minutes.
  • Wash the face with warm water and use soft towels to dry the skin.

You can read more about 10 Health Benefits of Honey.

11. Change Towels

As a matter of fact, a towel is the thing that touches your skin most regularly. Therefore, you will have to make sure it’s clean enough. In case your skin is not comfortable with the current towel, change your face towel. The oil, bacteria, and dirt will be easily trapped on the towels. Utilize a tinier sized hand towel or a cloth for greater convenience.

12. Stress Management

Controlling your mood or stress is undoubtedly one of the most excellent home remedies for oily skin. Too much stress will disrupt the balance of hormones inside your body, which increases the production of oil on your skin[15].

It is time you applied a worry-free lifestyle and led a healthy life. Read more: Home remedies for stress if you do not want to miss diverse ways to eliminate stress from destroying your appearance.

13. Enough Water

Water - Home Remedies For Oily Skin

Some people think that oily skin happens because there is too much water in their bodies. That thought turns out to be wrong. In fact, people whose skin is oily can still lack water. What you are suggested to do is to drink an adequate amount of water every day in order to refresh your skin and your body. This will help to reduce the excess oil and tighten the pores in your skin as well.

14. Massage

Massage your face 3-4 times a week can help to improve the situation. You can massage with buttermilk, after washing your face with cool water. The acid of buttermilk might eliminate dirt and narrow down the pores on your face.

15. Healthy Lifestyle

Last but not least, preventing your face from getting dirty is necessary. You should pay attention to how to wash your face clearly but gently and remember to use sunscreen in the daytime, especially in the summer. Rule the life of your own by adding some safe strategies into the whole skincare regime and then make some certain changes.

The condition of the skin actually reflects how healthy you are. So keeping a healthy lifestyle can be seen as a great way among other home remedies for oily skin.

16. Clay

Why should you choose clay as one of the best home remedies for oily skin? That’s because such cosmetic clay powders can absorb all sorts of impurities, tighten the skin pores, and just minimize their sizes. Here’s how to make a clay mask:

  • Pour enough rose water to your clay powder to make a paste.
  • Apply the mixture or a flat layer of the clay mask to your facial skin, and leave it there for 15 minutes.
  • Wash the mask off with fresh water.

Ensure to repeat the procedure about twice per week. In case that you’re unsure about the mask’s effectiveness, let’s carry out a patch testing before availing any clay on the face. They’re good for your oily skin, but if you’ve got dry skin, the clay might leave the complexion some discomforts.

17. Witch hazel  

Some people prefer to use witch hazel to banish the excess oil amount and raise the trapped dirt with the makeup residue from the pores. It never causes your skin to get dehydrated.

A lot of products are claimed to be a great moisturizer for your greasy skin, but they’re in fact filled with many chemical ingredients that remove too much oil from your skin. Such a thing will cause a red and itchy rash. It’s when the oil glands will overcompensate and release more sebum.

For witch hazel, its leaves and barks can be used to form a clear sort of liquid, not to mention its plant extract that is also availed in most topical ointments.

18. Wash with milk

Merely dip your skin in the raw milk with lavender oil if you find it necessary. Doing so will give your skin a great boost to the complexion naturally.

Also, the raw milk can work wonder for your oily skin since it helps decrease the oil buildup by clogging your skin pores.

Meanwhile, lavender oil is said to add the essence of preventing the skin cells from releasing too much oil. Milk can also fight against other unexpected oily germs that always stick to the walls of your epidermis as well as remove the toxins.

19. Reduce humidity

Is there anyone who has to suffer the oily skin and acne? If so, then you must be aware that any place with high humidity won’t be good for your skin at all. The hot and humid weather will be one of the most common factors that leads your skin to an increase in the sebum production from the sebaceous glands.   

The high humidity can influence the entire skin, and its pore function to absorb more moisture, which is not a good thing at all.

Try using some of our recommended home remedies for oily skin if you find it necessary when staying in such a condition. The high humidity also causes the excess sweat and sebum amount to a point that your pores will soon become clogged. For that reason, make sure to remain all indoors in the air-conditioned space.

20. Use homemade scrubs

These facial scrubs are available to buy in most markets, but some of them might be too costly or unsafe. It’s best to find the homemade scrubs with no chemical at all, but still good for the skin.

How about trying the coconut scrub? Coconut can absorb every impurity from the skin and then nourish it. It will keep the skin moisturized as much as possible before bringing the excess sebum release under control. Try the coconut scrub to exfoliate your dead skin cells and use it twice per week.  

21. Nutmeg

Is there any good way out of these home remedies for oily skin? Check out the nutmeg, which is super healthy for eating and for nourishing your skin.

Thanks to its anti-inflammatory features, these would help decrease the sight of your pimples. It will wake up your dead skin and help fade out the fine lines around the mouth. Due to its antibacterial factors, the nutmeg is highly favored for its ability to prevent infections, clogged pores, and sebum control.  

22. Sage tea

What would be the best to use among many home remedies for oily skin out there? It should be sage tea, especially when its leaves are availed to treat your oily, wrinkled, and sagging skin.

The tea is good for cleansing, stimulating the blood circulation, tightening pores, and restoring your skin elasticity. Meanwhile, its oil is availed for sebum control and maintaining your skin health.

23. Lemons

Lemons are here, on our wish list of the most effective home remedies for oily skin because it contains citric acid and antibacterial characteristics. Thus, it will handle any bacteria agent triggering the breakouts.  

The citric acid here is known as a compound that will absorb the excess oil amount and dodge any unnoticeable breakout. More than this, it serves as a natural exfoliator that gets rid of your dead skin cells which might clog your skin pores.

24. Hachiya persimmons

Hachiya persimmons are known as the strong astringent due to its high content of the tannic acids. You can try to apply it right on your skin for excess oil reduction. Let’s steam them up before mashing the persimmons and leaving it cool down.

Make sure to apply the whole mashed paste of Hachiya persimmons on your oily skin area. Wait for ten minutes and then rinse it off.  

25. Sweating

Do not forget to include some physical activities in your daily routine because it can help raise up your blood circulation. For this reason, you need to sweat, which helps open up all of the clogged skin pores.

Also, sweating can clean your excess sweat that arrives, and wash away all dirt and impurities. To sweat, spend 30 minutes doing intense exercises every day to boost your blood circulation.

How To Get Rid Of Oily Skin On Face

Oily skin on face - Home remedies for oily skin
Oily skin on the face

Use a milder facial cleanser

There are many skin care products you can choose to get rid of oily skin on the face, from CeraVe to Neutrogena, which never dry out your skin. Keep washing the face once or twice per day. If oil still appears, you can take the OTC acne cleanser with benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid to fix the improve the condition.[16]

Next, it’s fine to apply the moisturizer or sunscreen right after your washing, but ensure it to be oil-free. Doing so will trap the liquid on the face and maintain your complexion hydrated for a long time.

Wash excess oil with face pads or sheets

As spotting the oil start to build up gradually on your face, and it’s hard to actually wash it off, you can rely on some of our above home remedies for oily skin. If not, then consider the OTC products if you want to absorb the oil from your face. Here’s how you should do:

  • Pat the pads on your shiny skin spots, and pay more attention to the t-zone, such as the nose, chin, forehead where the acnes are the most common to happen.  
  • Remove the pads once they turn dirty.
  • If you don’t have any astringent pad, replace it with some tissues.

Use moisturizers except those with oils

Try to avoid using moisturizers that have oils such as the shea butter. That’s because these ingredients only contribute to the whole oil overproduction, so it causes your skin to get oilier than before.

Don’t miss reading the ingredients shown on each packaging before you bring it home. You only look for those named oil-free and contain dimethicone instead of the petroleum. Any moisturizer with dimethicone will form a matte effect for your skin so that it will look less oily.   

How to get rid of oily skin on Nose

  • Steam up your whole face or nose: One of the best things to improve the oily and shiny look on your nose is steaming your face. Doing so will unclog all pores and thus decrease the oil in your nose. Let’s rinse the face at first before getting rid of any makeup.

To do it, heat up a pot of water on the medium heat until you see its steam. Wrap a towel around the head and lean over the pot. Your skin can absorb the steam and ensure to spend ten minutes doing that.

  • Apply almond to the nose: Prepare ground almond and then grind it into little fragments using a food processor. Mix them with a little amount of honey before applying the mixture to the nose. Leave it there for 15 minutes before rinsing it off.[17]
  • Use vinegar and water: Combine a solution of water and vinegar here. Next, use a cotton swab to dab in the mixture. Put the swab onto the nose for 5 minutes. Remember to leave it to sit there for 15 minutes before rinsing it off.  

How to get rid of oily skin and pimples?

Your oily skin and pimples are quite challenging to manage, right? However, you can use the above home remedies above or just watch this VIDEO for how to get rid of that greasy look:

And another great method for keeping your skin completely free from pimples or acne as well as other skin issues is keeping it away from the pollutants or any dirt in the environment. Let’s start with the first tip:

Use the ice for soothing pimples on the oily skin

I bet that you might not expect that the ice can help reduce the inflammation or the redness of your pimples. It sounds simple, right? Better than that, you can use it to raise up the circulation of blood right in your affected skin area.

So how does it work? The ice is meant to tighten the pores as well as get rid of any impurity, dirt, and oil accumulated on the surface of the complexion. Try to wrap the ice in a piece of towel or cloth before keeping it stay still on the skin region for a while. Next, remove it and re-apply about four times.

Apply the tea tree oil to the pimples

It’s also one of the most effective home remedies for oily skin as compared to those mentioned above. Do not ever forget to apply the tea tree oil on your oily skin, especially when it’s an absolutely great agent for curing all pimples on your oily skin. It’s made up of the antibacterial characteristics which will help fight against the germs that might lead to the buildup of your pimples.[18]

Aside from that, the tea tree oil is stated to reduce the swelling of those pimples you’re having on the face. What to do here is simply dip one cotton swab in the tea tree oil. Next, apply it to the infected region and wash the whole face after 20 minutes.

Use baking soda to remove oily pimples

Using baking soda is one of the best ideas for getting rid of the pimples when it can exfoliate your dead skin cells and the dirt. Prepare a thicker paste by combining baking soda with juice or water. Apply the mixture on your pimples for a while before washing it with lukewarm water. Quick results will be surely achieved by repeating the process about twice per day.

Other tips on how to remove oily skin naturally

There are still some extra tips for your oily skin so that you won’t have trouble in putting makeup on the face.

  • Use masks 2 or 3 times a week
  • Exfoliate the skin twice per week
  • Consider your diet
  • Avail light moisturizers
  • Stop overdoing powder
  • Don’t skip toner

For more detailed information on skin care tips for oily skin, check out the video below:

3 Best products for oily skin

Products for oily skin - Home remedies for oily skin
Products for oily skin

Which are the most effective products for oily skin? As it comes to battling the excess sebum, you need to trust in the following products as much as possible:

  • Soap cleanser of Clinique

For anyone who loves to use a conventional soap for the cleanser, then Clinique Liquid Facial Soap would make the right choice. It doesn’t the only strip away the moisture from the skin but also leaves it comfortable and refreshing. The soapy cleanser also removes every dirt and impurity so that your complexion is left hydrated.[19]

  • Jelly facial mask of Omorovicza

The product is not just one of the best skincare names in the industry, but also known as one of the nicest ones made for oily skin. By having salicylic acid with black willow, the jelly mask of Omorovicza can work well to remove your dead skin cells and unclog the pores as well as reduce the sebum on skin.  

  • Spray toner of La Roche-Posay

If you’re interested in a fast skincare routine, then you must like to use the toner of La Roche-Posay. With a spritz-on formula, the product also contains the zinc sulfate, which can help reduce the excess oil amount and leaves the skin comfortable throughout the day.

Anti-Aging Tips For Oily Skin

It’s pretty common to see most oil-skinned women who tend to own less clearly lines or wrinkles than others with different skin types. However, we still need to be more thoughtful about how to take great care of our skin and reduce the signs of aging.

Skip the foam

A few of the most effective anti-aging tips that you shouldn’t miss will be something like changing your own skincare products. For detail, I used to love buying foam cleansers. But after knowing these foam products are quite harsh on skin, especially for the oily skin. So if you’re using it, let’s switch to another type that is less sensitive.[20]

Bring sunscreen along

What kinds of skin are you having? It doesn’t matter at all since using sunscreen is always a must o. Even though you’ve hardly ever paid attention to the protecting the skin from the sun, it’s never too late to do that now! The sun can easily penetrate both outer and inner layers of your skin. Let’s begin applying sunscreen to fight that damage to make your skin look young.

Nourish your complexion with moisturizers

Think of antioxidants, which will prevent the skin from oxidizing and help it stay as young as possible. Try to look for some oil-free moisturizers or water-based products. More importantly, maintain a diet that is high in antioxidants, including veggies, beans, and berries to feed your skin.

How to prevent/control oily skin

  • Wash your face every morning
  • Choose oil-free skin care products
  • Do not use oil-based or alcohol-based cleansers
  • Apply moisturizer every day
  • Put on sunscreen outdoor
  • Choose water-based or oil-free makeups
  • Never sleep in makeup
  • Do not touch the face through the day


Does oily skin need the moisturizer?

  • Yes, it does. Just never stop moisturizing when you’ve got the oily or acne-prone skin. But how come? If you skip using the moisturizers, your skin easily dries out and then ends up releasing more oil, which only triggers more serious breakouts. And reach the moisturizers with glycerin, aloe vera, hyaluronic acid because these never trap oils in your pores.

How many times should I wash my face for oily skin?

  • Keep it twice a day, including once in the early morning and once more before you go to sleep. But your skin type and workout schedules are the major factors that will determine how often you need to wash your face.


You’ll be surprised to know that you’ve already got many acne treatments right in the house. These natural home remedies for oily skin can be used anytime to help you prevent a shiny look, clear out pimples, and leave your skin supple, moisturized, and healthy.

However, if you have severe symptoms of oily skin, consult your dermatologist for protecting the skin from worse complications.

*Disclaim: The effectiveness from applying these natural tips will be depended on the body condition of the applicant.

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