Top Natural Home Remedies for Neuropathy – 15 Useful Treatments

Top Natural Home Remedies for Neuropathy – 15 Useful Treatments

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Do you find the term “neuropathy” familiar? In fact, you may experience it without knowing its medical term.

In this article, Authority Remedies is about to equip you with some information about it and more importantly, top 15 natural home remedies for neuropathy.

What is Neuropathy?

Neuropathy is considered the pain and weakness in some certain areas that are caused by the damages of the peripheral nerves[1][2].

The areas that are most commonly affected in the body are hands and feet. However, this does not mean other parts cannot be affected.

Neuropathy can lead to the loss of feeling pain and failure in controlling muscles.

What Causes Neuropathy?

Before we look at our top home remedies for neuropathy, let’s see the causes of this problem. It has been said in plenty of studies that one of the typical causes of neuropathy is nerve damage. This can lead to other health problems such as infection, trauma, metabolic issues and exposure to toxins.

Another cause of neuropathy that is well-known is diabetes. It’s called diabetic neuropathy, and it mostly impairs nerves in your legs and feet. People who have existing diseases related to liver or kidney dysfunctions are also at higher risk of catching neuropathy.

Apart from the causes above, lifestyle plays a role in the cause of neuropathy as well. Those who are heavy drinkers are more likely to have neuropathy.

Besides, there are other causes of neuropathy:

  • The lack of Vitamin: Vitamin B, B1, B12 and B6 are crucial for nerve health. Niacin and vitamin E also plays an important role in improving nerve health as well.
  • Infections: several viral and bacterial infections can partly contribute to the disease, such as shingles, Lyme disease, hepatitis C, HIV/AIDS or Epstein-Barr virus.
  • Genetic Disorders: It could be Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease, which is a group of health conditions damaging the peripheral nerves of our body; or it could be amyloid polyneuropathy diseases.
  • Nerve Pressure or Injury: Trauma, like sports injuries or motor vehicle accidents, can highly pose a threat to the nerves. For that reason, it can be made to contract pressure from the usage of crutches, motions that are repeated for several times or acting in an unusual position.

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Is Neuropathy Contagious?

The answer is no.

Neuropathy is not contagious. This condition does not spread from a person to another because it is not caused by any bacteria or virus.

What are the Symptoms of Neuropathy?

The symptoms might be different for each patient. However, it is common for them to feel the pain in their hands or feet. Some people do not take this pain seriously, but it can affect them when they touch things.

It has been reported that the damages done by neuropathy impair human autonomic nerves, resulting in blood pressure changes. This can make you feel dizzy or lightheaded.

Home Remedies for Neuropathy – Best Natural Treatments

For many people, it is highly effective that they relief by using various types of home remedies for neuropathy.

Neuropathy is not a deadly disease and the bright side of it is that you can treat it yourself immediately at home by making some dietary changes.

However, if you have tried many home remedies for neuropathy for days, it is advised that you go to the doctor for health tests, so that you can be diagnosed and treated in the hands of professionals.

We are showing you our top 15 natural home remedies for neuropathy that will definitely help you deal with this issue in the most simple ways without spending too much of your budget and effort.

1. Lavender

This is one of the most excellent home remedies for neuropathy since it acts as a painkiller.

In addition, lavender has anti-inflammatory properties that can help you so much by keeping you from being inflamed and swelling in the nerves[3][4].

Lavender has an amazing aroma that can put you to relaxation and help you get rid of anxiety.

Lavender - Home Remedies for Neuropathy

How to apply:

  • Put a few drops of lavender oil on the affected areas
  • Massage the area for 2 – 3 minutes
  • Apply the method a couple times each day.

2. Soy

Soy - Home Remedies for Neuropathy

Some people have to suffer from neuropathy caused by nutritional inadequacies. Among the home remedies for neuropathy, soy can be considered to be helping you deal with this condition quite effectively.

Soy is packed with vitamin B6, which is believed to cope with the pain of neuropathy[5].

When you take in soy, serotonin in your nervous system will be produced more. This is a substance that makes you feel happier and is similar to a painkiller.

You can consume soy products in daily meals. The options vary from soy milk, tofu, soy sauce and many other foods.

3. Rosemary

Rosemary-Oil - Home Remedies for Neuropathy

Rosemary is known to have antifungal, anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial nature and that makes it one of the most wonderful home remedies for neuropathy[6].

You can use rosemary essential oils to get rid of the pain and reduce muscle spasms. The effect is immediate and another great thing about rosemary is that it can make your respiratory system stronger.

How to apply:

Rub a few drops of rosemary essential oils over the affected areas in your feet or hands several times each day to release yourself from neuropathy.

4. Peppermint

Peppermint - Home Remedies for Neuropathy

Known to be a perfect way to eliminate body pains, peppermint surely deserves a spot in the list of top natural home remedies for neuropathy.

Peppermint has nutrients that are believed to improve the blood circulation in your body and when more blood is transferred to your hands and feet, you will feel less painful[7].

In addition, it is super effective in putting the muscle spasms under control.

You can consume the tea from mixing peppermint leaves with boiling water. Or if you do not have much time, simply rub the leaves over the areas affected by neuropathy.

5. Broccoli

Broccoli - Home Remedies for Neuropathy

Apart from vitamin B, you need other kinds of vitamin to speed up the neuropathy treatment.

For example, vitamin C which is crucial for a strong immune system can protect your nerve from being inflamed[8][9].

Therefore, broccoli that is rich in vitamin C can be considered as one of the most effective home remedies for neuropathy and you are strongly recommended to bring it more frequently in daily cooking.

You may be surprised at Benefits of Broccoli.

6. Banana

Another great source of vitamin B6 is banana – one of the best natural home remedies for neuropathy. Vitamin B6 in banana is water-soluble and it is required for nerves to function well.

There are many well-known advantages in a small banana and now, you are suggested to consume it several times per day to get rid of neuropathy and its annoying symptoms.

7. Mushroom

Mushroom - Home Remedies for Neuropathy

Vitamin B9 also plays a vital role in the efforts to get rid of neuropathy.

Also known as folic acid, this kind of vitamin B can raise the number of red blood cells, protect the nerves from being damaged and foster the strength of your muscles[10].

With all of these qualities, foods that can provide much vitamin B9 can become great natural home remedies for neuropathy.

Undeniably, mushrooms are perfect choices for you.

8. Cayenne Pepper

The presence of capsaicin is one of the most outstanding features of cayenne pepper that is introduced as one of the best home remedies for neuropathy.

This compound is very powerful in dealing with the pain in the nerves.

On the other hand, pepper can provide a considerable amount of vitamins A and C to help boost your immunity in general.

Find out more top 1o incredible ways that cayenne pepper benefits you.

9. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is known as an excellent natural treatment for neuropathy.

Some grains can become the best natural home remedies for neuropathy because they contain much glycemic which is claimed to affect the level of blood sugar significantly.

One of the most common grains, oatmeal, is more suitable for those who suffer from diabetes.

It can help them get rid of neuropathy and its irritating symptoms quickly.

So what you need to do is eat a lot of oatmeal. You can cook it with milk, broth or egg.

10. Tomato

Tomato - Home Remedies for Neuropathy

When you know that tomato is full of vitamin C, B6 and B9, you will not be doubtful whether it is among great natural home remedies for neuropathy in feet and hands or not.

You can get all of these necessary nutrients for the neuropathy treatment just from a single small tomato. It is really a bargain, isn’t it?

If you are interested in tomato, please read Health Benefits of Tomatoes.

11. Avoid Alcohol

As mentioned before, alcoholism is a contributor to neuropathy.

After reading what causes neuropathy, do you realize how harmful alcohol is to your nerves?

You are not completely forbidden to drink alcohol, but keep the habit of consuming little each time.

If you want to get rid of neuropathy as soon as possible, the best recommendation is to give up drinking for a period of time so that the healing process is accelerated.

Alcoholism can be treated in many different ways. Read more at: Home Remedies for alcoholism.

12. Walking

While the pain in the feet or hands makes you unwilling to perform some activities, it is important that you do some exercises to enhance the blood circulation in these areas.

It will help reduce the pain significantly.

About 30 minutes of walking on a daily basis can be much more beneficial than treatment which takes place for hours, right? This could easily beat other home remedies for neuropathy in terms of movements for health!

It is also a great way to relax your mind and strengthen your muscles.

13. Massage

Massage is one of the simplest and most popular natural home remedies for neuropathy as it can help you stop feeling painful immediately.

It is good for both the mind and the body at the same time. Massage boosts blood circulation to every area in your body, to your hands and feet and magically relieve your pain.

Do not hesitate to go to your therapist right now to get rid of neuropathy quickly.

14. Fish

Fish - Home Remedies for Neuropathy

There is another type of vitamin B you need in the neuropathy treatment – B12. And fish is the best supplements for neuropathy because of vitamin B12. Therefore, it makes one of the most amazing home remedies for neuropathy.

This vitamin is important for the function of the nerves since it can stimulate the formation of red blood cells in your body.

On the other hand, fish is well-known to be super beneficial for our brain. The frequent consumption of fish can make us become more intelligent.

Please read Health Benefits of Salmon to know more about fish.

15. Avoid Smoking

If you are smoking right now, then give it up immediately.

Like alcohol, smoking is one of the most dangerous factors that can worsen your condition immediately.

It stops the flow of blood from carrying blood to every part of the body and increases the possibility of your suffering from foot problems.

In brief, if you want to get rid of neuropathy as fast as possible, it is high time you gave up smoking.

Quitting smoking is no longer difficult with these simple but effective tips.

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When to See Doctor

It is indeed easy for us to just apply simple home remedies for neuropathy. However, after you have tried these methods for a while and your situation shows no improvements, you should go see a doctor.

We are going to break down what diagnoses and examinations you might have to go through:

  • When you talk to your doctor, you need to tell them your full medical history. This includes all the symptoms you notice, how your lifestyle is, if you drink, or if a family member of yours has experienced neurological diseases.
  • The doctor might also have you go through a neurological examination. It might be tendon reaction, your muscle quality, if you can feel particular sensations, and your stance and how the different parts of your body work together.

There are other tests you will possibly have when seeing your doctor, such as:

  • Blood tests: What blood tests can do is identifying any vitamin inadequacies, diabetes, irregular immune function, and various issues that can lead to peripheral neuropathy.
  • Imaging tests like computed tomography (CT) scan or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan. They can recognize herniated disks, tumors or different dysfunctions.
  • Examination procedures to test if there is anything wrong with your nerves. Electromyography is a typical one, in which the doctor will take in the information of electrical movements in your muscles to find any nerve damage.
  • Other nerve function examinations. It could be the recording of how the autonomic nerve filaments function, a sweat examination, or tangible tests that keep an account of how you feel touch, movements, cooling, and warmth.
  • Nerve biopsy, which includes expelling a little nerve segment, typically a tactile nerve, to search for any anomalies.
  • Skin biopsy: The professional will take a sample of your skin to see if there is any decrease in the endings of nerves.

How To Prevent Neuropathy In The Future

Besides learning about the home remedies for neuropathy, you need to avoid the risks. Therefore, to help prevent this condition, we have some recommendations you should follow for a better health:

Take frequent blood glucose level check

If you have diabetes, checking your blood glucose (blood sugar) is crucial because you will know better what treatments and prevention methods you need.

Knowing your blood glucose level will help you understand how the contributing factors such as diet, exercises, or illnesses affect your condition. You will be able to keep your blood sugar under control, and this is how you can step-by-step treat neuropathy.

You can do this test yourself with an electronic device called a glucometer to measure your blood sugar level with a drop of your blood.

Take care of your feet

It is advised that you take care of your feet, especially if you have diabetes. The feet tend to receive less care than other body parts, probably because they are the lowest part of the body.

Remember to protect your feet when you do sports, particularly sports that have a lot to do with kicking. Wearing tight socks and shoes can do damage to your feet as well, so it’s best to wear soft and loose cotton socks and comfortable padded shoes.

Every day you should wash your feet and inspect them carefully to see if there are any blisters or cuts. Don’t forget to keep your feet moist with body lotion.

Another great option is to get a semicircular hoop to keep your sensitive feet from touching bed sheets. You can get these hoops at a medical supply store.

Avoid alcohol

Alcohol has a negative effect on those who with peripheral neuropathy. All the home remedies can’t do you any favors if you consume alcoholic beverages too much.

If you drink, keep it at a moderate level. Alcohol is known to worsen your problems if you are already suffering from neuropathy.

Avoid smoking

Studies have shown smoking can restrict the blood flow and prevent the communication between the brain and the microscopic nerve cells in your body.

Besides, smoking can also negatively affect your blood glucose levels. Those who are suffering from diabetes are at much higher risk of getting neuropathy if they smoke. Therapies and treatments cannot help if you are a smoker.

What you need to do is to quit smoking even though you might feel like it is an impossible thing to do. Take care of your health! If you have a family member with neuropathy that smokes, you should help them stop smoking. It can lead to further complications.

Make dietary changes

You are what you eat! In this case, your health reflects what you eat. Good nutrition is what keeps your body running! Some foods act as natural home remedies for neuropathy!

You should have a well-balanced diet with the sufficient amount of minerals and vitamins. It is essential to your nerves that your diet have dairy products and lean meat. An important thing to remember is to consume plenty of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Keep yourself hydrated as well!

The foods you should avoid are saturated fat, sugar, and gluten. Skip processed food and white bread!

Exercise regularly

You know the amazing benefits of physical activities to your body! You should do light exercises like walking at least three times per week to boost your immune system so that you can fight off diseases more efficiently.

We think exercises can be considered home remedies for neuropathy as well because they can reduce pain and help you control the blood glucose levels.

You can also do gentle yoga or tai chi to aid in getting rid of the discomfort caused by neuropathy.


The feelings that neuropathy gives you are very frustrating because they make you feel like you are losing control over your own body. However, you don’t need to be worried because you can follow the home remedies for neuropathy that we have shared with you. They are safe, easy to make and effective, so give it a try. If your condition does not get better after a while, you should consult your doctor.

Feel free to ask questions, as we would love to hear from you guys and help you out. Share the information with your family and friends!

*Disclaim: The effectiveness from applying these natural tips will be depended on the body condition of the applicant.

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