Home Remedies for Nervousness

Home Remedies for Nervousness

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In this article of Authority Remedies, top 15 natural home remedies for nervousness will be introduced to you.


Nervousness is not a disease that can be infected. Nervousness is just a common natural part of being a human and we feel nervous when we sense dangers[1][2].

Nervousness does not show any symptom on the outer appearance and pose any threat to your health in general. It may occur when you are going to experience an examination or an interview. However, when the nervous feeling lasts longer, it can disturb your daily life on a larger scale. When you are nervous for a long period of time, it may be transformed into depression and stress that actually is the root of many health problems, from some skin problems to heart diseases. Your psychology is negatively affected as well and it will distort your personality. For example, researches showed that people grow more aggressive when they feel nervous, which can destroy relationships.

Unfortunately, there is no cure to get rid of nervousness forever. We also need nervousness so that your brain can know and react to the potential dangers. Nevertheless, in order to limit the bad effects of nervousness on your health, you can actually use some simple natural ingredients to treat nervousness.

Here are top 15 simple natural home remedies for nervousness that anyone can do at home to get rid of a series of related problems quickly.

1. Almonds

Almonds can be considered as one of the best natural home remedies for nervousness as there are many essential nutrients contained in little almonds. One of them is omega-3 fatty acids which are believed to be very beneficial for helping you get rid of nervousness[3][4]. They can limit the number of signals about dangers sent repeatedly among the brain cells. As a result, nervousness will be gone.

Almond - Home Remedies for Nervousness

  • You need to keep 10-15 almonds in water before you go to bed.
  • When you wake up in the next day, take them out of water and cut off the skin.
  • Have them grinded into powder that is going to be mixed with warm milk.
  • The mixture should be consumed before you eat breakfast.

You can apply this method a few times on a weekly basis to prevent nervousness from coming back.

2. Massage

One of the most traditional and effective natural home remedies for nervousness is massage. It has even become a profitable industry in many parts of the world and attracted millions of people to come and relax[5][6].

Massage - Home Remedies for Nervousness

To get rid of nervousness, you do not need to go to spa if you do not want to do so. Applying massage at home can bring the same benefits and to speed up the treatment, you should make use of some natural essential oils, such as sesame or coconut oil. They even can bring many benefits for the condition of your skin.

  • Some drops of oil should be put into your hands.
  • Use your hands to massage the body, especially some sensitive areas like the neck, shoulders or feet.

3. Breakfast

Breakfast - Home Remedies for Nervousness

In today’s world where people tend to bury themselves in the workload, breakfast is often skipped from their daily “to-do” list. This habit has extremely negative impacts on our health and mind and it is one of the main causes for frequent nervousness. It is worth understanding that breakfast is the most important meal in the day, followed by the lunch and diner[7][8]. If you drop the habit of having breakfast, you will have a low level of energy and hardly can you perform daily activities in the best way[9]. Your brain is forced to work too hard, but it does not get any necessary nutrient from food in the morning. As a consequence, it leads to the nervous feelings and even headache.

4. Chamomile

A cup of warm chamomile tea is claimed to be among the best natural home remedies for nervousness and there should be no denying[10][11]. Few years ago, there was an experiment conducted by the University of Pennsylvania Medical Center with the purpose of testing the effects of chamomile on nervousness. After the experiment, researchers concluded that it could help get rid of nervousness fast and efficiently.

Chamomile Tea - Home Remedies for Nervousness

  • Get a spoon of dried chamomile flowers into hot water. If you cannot get the flowers, a chamomile tea bag is acceptable.
  • After taking flowers into water, you should steep them in 5 minutes or so and then, strain it.
  • The tea should be consumed 2-3 times per day.

5. Orange

Oranges - Home Remedies for Nervousness

What most people do not know about orange is that our nerves can be relaxed with orange’s smell. It is definitely one of the simplest and most inexpensive natural home remedies for nervousness.

You can read more about the efficiency of oranges on How To Handle Anxiety to have a bigger picture.

6. Apple

Besides tremendous benefits on people’s physical health, apple can be also regarded as one of the best home remedies for nervousness – a mental problem. It is full of fiber, vitamins and other substances that contribute to speed up the efforts to remove the nervous feelings.

7. Banana

Banana is a great natural home remedy for nervousness. Containing a considerable amount of vitamins and nutrients, such as magnesium, banana can provide much energy for the body and brain to function better. It is recommended that you consume a banana in the morning and some during the day to get the best results.

For more benefits of banana, please read Surprising Benefits of Banana.

8. Fish

Fish - Home Remedies for Nervousness

As you find out the significance of omega-3 fatty acids in the first natural home remedy for nervous – almonds, there is no reason to exclude fish from your daily consumption. It is the richest source of these important acids in the nature and it is good for the brain as well[12]. Children are suggested to eat fish frequently to become more intelligent.

9. Forest Bath

Note: This natural home remedy for nervousness is more appropriate for those who live near a forest or in an area surround with many trees.

“Forest bath” is a method to get rid of nervousness coming from Japan. Some Japanese researchers set up an experiment in which a number of people were chosen to walk into a forest for approximately 20-30 minutes while others walked in the urban street in the same period of time. Coming back, the researchers measured the level of stress hormone of these people and the results revealed that the level of those walking in the forest was much lower than that of those walking in the street.

10. Lavender

If your mood can become better with the smell of orange, then lavender can replicate the same magic. It is one of the most effective home remedies for nervousness that has been applied by millions of people[13][14]. If you want a scientific proof, it is interesting that many students in Florida were introduced to lavender before they took examinations. Later, they performed with less nervousness than others who did not inhale the smell.

11. Meditation

The efficiency of “forest bath” was scientifically proved, but what if you could not get access to a forest? Maybe you are going to have an interview 30 minutes and you are totally frustrated now? In this case, you can apply meditation – one of the best home remedies for nervousness.

Meditation - Home Remedies for Nervousness

  • You just need to find a comfortable place and sit in silence.
  • Ask yourself to concentrate on the present, rather than what happened or what is coming.

12. Breathing

We seem to breathe so often that we take it for granted and do not discover the potential benefits of breathing techniques[15][16]. It is one of the simplest home remedies for nervousness, as long as you perform it in the right way.

When you feel nervous, get yourself to go out and inhale the fresh air, especially in the early morning. Exhale with your mouth and inhale with your nose repeatedly.

13. Fennel

Another kind of little seeds that can have enormous impacts on your mood is fennel – one of the most powerful home remedies for nervousness. It provides many nutrients to help the brain calm down and stop sending warning signals. Inhaling its smell is one of great ways to get rid of nervousness as soon as possible.

14. Exercise

Exercise is definitely fundamental to a healthy life, both physically and mentally. Therefore, no matter how busy you are, arrange at least 30 minutes per day to take part in sport activities, such as walking or swimming, so that your body and nerves have a sufficient amount of time to relax and recover from tiredness.

15. Credit

It means that you need to compliment yourself regularly. It is a meditation technique in which you embrace your state of nervousness and become ready for body changes. You can follow by talking to yourself about positive things in your life to forget the current anxiety.

You can get more advice from Home Remedies for Anxiety.

*Disclaim: The effectiveness from applying these natural tips will be depended on the body condition of the applicant.

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