Home Remedies for Hot Flashes

Home Remedies for Hot Flashes

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Hot flashes are a common problem in women, especially when they experience menopause. In this article, Authority Remedies introduces to you top 15 natural home remedies for hot flashes.


Hot flashes are a term used to indicate the condition in which the upper body suddenly turns hot. Normally, it is the face that suffers from the heat most, but it can expand to the neck or shoulder as well. Hot flashes can come along with some other annoying symptoms, like sweating or headache.

What causes Hot Flashes?

Scientists have not found the exact catalyst for the appearance of hot flashes, but it is possible that this problem is somehow related to the change in hormones inside the women’s body. Hot flashes are often considered as one of the many symptoms of menopause[1][2][3].

Hot flashes can happen anytime and it varies from a woman to another. However, the common point is that it may lead to many discomforts in their daily life. Imagine that you suddenly experience hot flashes at night and it prevents you from sleeping well. In the morning, you will be exhausted and lack energy to do anything during the day. Therefore, immediate treatment is crucial. You can get some reference from Home Remedies for Menopause.

Below are top 15 natural home remedies for hot flashes that should be applied immediately to help you overcome a series of annoyance.

1. Soy

The reason why soy is considered as one of the best natural home remedies for hot flashes is that it can restore the balance of hormones inside the body. This will solve the root of the problem and you can get rid of hot flashes instantly[4][5][6]. The efficiency of soy in hot flashes treatment was proved by the Journal of the North American Menopause Society several years ago.

Soy - Home Remedies for Hot Flashes

From now on, you should combine more soy foods in your daily meals. Soy milk can be used as a favorite drink in a long period of time as well.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar

The second natural home remedy for hot flashes is apple cider vinegar. Its ability to prevent hormonal changes in the body is well-known. It even can help you have a stronger immunity[7].

Apple Cider Vinegar - Home Remedies for Hot Flashes

  • Add apple cider vinegar into warm milk with one spoon of the former and one cup of the latter.
  • Half a spoon of baking soda should be added as well.
  • Consume the mixture 30 minutes before you have any meal.

3. Flaxseed

The abundance of phytoestrogens makes flaxseed become one of the most effective natural home remedies for hot flashes. Its effectiveness was tested by Mayo Clinic. The result revealed that eating 40 grams of flaxseeds on a daily basis could reduce the severity of hot flashes significantly (about 57 percent)[8][9].

Flaxseeds - Home Remedies for Hot Flashes

As a result, you are recommended to consume approximately 1.5 ounces every day. To consume it more easily, you can mix it with oatmeal or yogurt. If you are curious about more benefits of flaxseeds, read Flaxseed – The Most Powerful Food In The World.

4. Fish

Fish - Home Remedies for Hot Flashes

Omega-3 fatty acids can speed up the efforts to get rid of hot flashes quickly. Undeniably, fish is a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids and then, one of the best natural home remedies for hot flashes[10][11]. Fish also gives a lot of benefits to our immune system and general health.

5. Macafem

One of the most outstanding benefits of macafem is to repair the imbalance of hormones, which is very suitable in the hot flashes treatment. You can purchase the capsule of macafem and follow the advice of doctors.

6. Milk

Milk - Home Remedies for Hot Flashes

Providing the body with calcium plays an important role in the hot flashes treatment. Thus, milk can be considered as one of the best natural home remedies for hot flashes. You need to consume at least two cups of milk per day to have a sufficient provision of calcium. Besides, other foods containing much calcium are eggs or cheese.

7. Ginseng

Ginseng is one of the best-known ingredients in Asia, and it was believed to be consumed by the rich only. Now, it is more available in most parts of the world and becomes one of the best natural home remedies for hot flashes[12]. It will remove symptoms of hot flashes, such as tiredness or nausea.

You should consult a physician and use dosage every day.

8. Chamomile Tea

Chamomile can relieve the pain caused by hot flashes, especially in the head, quickly and effectively. It is possible to consider it one of the simplest natural home remedies for hot flashes[13].

  • Take a few chamomile leaves into hot water.
  • They have to be steeped in at least 10 minutes and then, strained.
  • Consume the tea several times per day, probably after each meal.

9. Lavender Tea

Lavender - Home Remedies for Hot Flashes

Just one cup of lavender tea can make a great difference in the efforts to get rid of hot flashes. With comfortable smell, lavender can help you sleep better and stay away from headache and muscle pain. Thus, it is undeniable that lavender tea is one of the best natural home remedies for hot flashes.

10. Licorice

With the support of nutrients in licorice root, the metabolism can be improved, which helps deal with the hormonal imbalance – the main cause of hot flashes[14].

  • Take a spoon of licorice root into boiling water.
  • They should be steeped and 20 minutes later, strained.
  • Consume the mixture once or twice per day.

This remedy should not last for long periods of time as it may cause some side effects.

11. Cold Water

To eliminate the hot sensations caused by hot flashes instantly, you can resort to cold water. It is one of the simplest, but most effective natural home remedies for hot flashes. Drink a cup of cold water slowly when you are disturbed by symptoms of hot flashes.

12. Cold Bath

Another way to make use of cold water in the hot flashes treatment is to take a bath with cold water on a daily basis. This will ease the pain caused by hot flashes within a short time.

13. Yoga

Yoga consists of many postures that can be beneficial for the attempts to get rid of hot flashes, such as deep breathing. Women should start practicing yoga if they want to stay away from irritating symptoms of hot flashes in the long term[15][16][17]. After all, yoga – one of the best natural home remedies for hot flashes – has hundreds of positive impacts on our health and mind.

14. Vitamin B

Making sure that your intake of nutrition is sufficient every day is a significant part among natural home remedies for hot flashes. And vitamin B is indispensable. There are many different types of vitamin B and you can get them from a variety of sources. Therefore, you will not become bored when consuming these foods.

Vitamin B - Home Remedies for Hot Flashes

  • Some fruits that contain much vitamin B5, such as avocado or banana, should be eaten raw or made into the juice.
  • Vitamin B6 can be found in sunflower seeds or turkey.
  • Vitamin B3 is present in a large amount in green leafy vegetables.

15. Exercise

Doing exercise regularly is not an immediate home remedy for hot flashes, because the result may not come within minutes or even hours. However, this habit will make significant changes in your health and maybe next time, you will not suffer from severe hot flashes any more[18][19].

You can spend only half an hour per day on swimming or walking. This amount of time is sufficient for improving your immunity.

*Disclaim: The effectiveness from applying these natural tips will be depended on the body condition of the applicant.

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