Top 23 Home Remedies for Heat Rash (Prickly Heat) in Adults and Babies

Top 23 Home Remedies for Heat Rash (Prickly Heat) in Adults and Babies

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Have you ever suffered the telltale rash? Seemingly out of nowhere else, you have just had little and reddish bumps. So your big question here is “what is it?” or “how can I get it?” and “how to remove it?” Here’s what you need to know about this skin condition: The leading causes, symptoms, and the best home remedies for heat rash in adults.

What is heat rash/prickly heat?

Heat rash - Home remedies for heat rash
Heat rash

Heat rash is a skin disorder that often happens when the weather is hot[1][2]. The disease develops when the sweat ducts are blocked, and sweat is stagnant under the skin. In other words, the trapping of your sweat is one of the main reasons that cause the inflammation and itching around your sweat pores.

Miliaria is another medical term of the heat rash aside from being called prickly heat as well. Such a condition tends to occur mainly after the repeated moments of sweating too much in a hot and moist setting. And the rash probably appears like the clear blisters. In case you don’t know, there are three various kinds of prickly heat, including:

  • Miliaria Crystalline: It’s the mildest type of heat rash, often showing up as the blisters that won’t ever feel itchy or painful at all.
  • Miliaria Rubra: It often occurs deeper into the outer layer of your skin, and feels itchy with many red bumps. This form of prickly heat is commonly found in both infants and adults.
  • Miliaria Profunda: It’s the least common form of heat rash, often in adults and right after continued events of prickly heat and colored lesions.

As usual, heat rash or prickly heat is usually identified by its external appearance, and won’t need the medical attention. In this case, you can freely choose any of the reliable home remedies for heat rash for temporary relief.

However, if you see it not going away after three or four days at all, or when it seems to be getting worse and worse than before, or when you grow a fever, then make sure to contact your doctor at once.

Pictures of Heat Rash

As you know, heat rash is the red or pink rash that you might spot on some body areas. For a clearer picture, see the image below:

Heat rash - Home remedies for heat rash
Heat rash

What causes heat rash?

Before learning how to use home remedies for heat rash, let’s get to know more about its real causes:

  • Excessive sweat clogs your skin pores.
  • When your sweat gets trapped under the skin
  • Wear synthetic-fibers clothes
  • Work out too much with high levels of sweat
  • Use oil-based products
  • Put on hot clothes
  • Use certain medicines, for blood pressure or ADHD

The time when you find yourself staying in a warm environment and wearing too many clothes leads you to prickly heat or heat rash. And a hot or warm atmosphere naturally takes on different forms out of your expectations. For instance, a hot summer day and a non-air-conditioned place is the cause of a heat rash.

Or when you try to overheat the entire house during the winter and keep yourself bundled up, it raises the high risk as well. And since you get overheated, he or she will naturally sweat, but not successfully before growing the heat rash. To dodge this, you must find back the balance between what you’re supposed to wear and where you’re going to put it on.

But in general, heat rash is trusted to occur due to the blockage of your sweat ducts and even the follicles of the skin. And it’s the plugged sweat glands with your trapped sweat contribute to the little bumps noticeable in this case.

You must know that our sweat has a high content of salt, which means being a quite potential irritant that might lead to the skin rashes. To stop it, it’s best to wash off the sweat with soap and lukewarm water.   

Risk factors for heat rash

There are said to be many risk factors of heat rash that will cause a particular person to grow the prickly or sore rash. It often starts with an unsatisfied sensation before the reddish and little blisters show up. The itchy feeling will be followed by a prickling condition that reaches the peak once the person gets sweating in the hot times of that day.

As people always thought, the heat might be the leading element why you have to suffer from the heat rash; in fact, we have more reasons than that, and these add more effects to it. They are your age, physical activities, and climate in tropical areas, which will cause a few of us more likely to suffer the condition.

  • Your age: prickly heat will influence people from every walk of life, but infants are the ones more prone to it due to their thin and sensitive complexion. For the older people, they’re also more likely to suffer this condition due to the shortage of their physical movements. It would cause some of their body regions not to gain the right ventilation.
  • Your physical activities: When lacking physical motion, it means that you, especially the older adults will be at risk of dealing with the irritating skin rash. And when having too many of it, you’re led to growing the final prickly rash for sure. It occurs since you sweat too much as a consequence of your intensive activities.
  • Climates: I’m pretty sure that once staying in the countries with tropical climates, then you quickly raise the heat rash risk. If that area owns hot and moist weather the entire year, not just you but also the citizens who live there are more prone to growing the rashes.  
  • Heavy clothes or elements: Stop wearing clothes with heavy materials because they won’t be able to absorb any sweat or can’t offer you sufficient air circulation. And such a thing will add to the whole development of the skin rash condition.
  • The use of medications, creams, and moisturizers: These types of cosmetics can quickly place you at risk since they’re likely to trigger the blockage of your sweat ducts.

Most common symptoms of heat rash

Your pediatrician is the one who will give the complete diagnosis before you decide to use any of our recommended home remedies for heat rash. It’s essential to seek any skin region with an outbreak that has tiny red bumps covered by the redness of your skin. Take a quick look at some noticeable signs of them:  

  • Red/pink rashes or swollen regions of skin
  • Little blisters on some body areas
  • Itchiness and irritation  
  • Shows up in neck, shoulders, neck, chest, armpits, elbow and groin.

As you see, symptoms of heat rashes are the blisters under the skin and tiny red itchy spots in some regions that strongly sweat like back, armpits, abdomen, groin, chest, forehead, elbow folds, under the breasts, buttocks, neck[3]… They may cause prickle and discomforts.

Meanwhile, if in infants, you might detect the heat rash on the neck, chest, and shoulder. Besides, such a condition gets often accompanied by the pins-and-needles feeling, so ensure to watch out for some scratching as well.

But note that the severe heat rash tends to feature a higher degree of discomfort and big welts as well as enhanced red bumps. In other words, you will see a few people with heat rash feel quite itchy while some others might have no irritating sign.

Typically, heat rash can heal itself, but some severe causes need the proper treatment. The best method to repel the symptoms is to cool the skin and anti-perspiring.

Heat rash affects mainly in children, but the disease can occur in 1/3 of adults living in the tropics and can affect everyone in the hot and moist climate.

Top 23 home remedies for heat rash

Here are top 23 home remedies for heat rash which you can apply easily and instantly at home to get rid of this annoying problem quickly.

1. Ice

Ice should be at the top of the list of your best home remedies for heat rash in adults. Prepare an ice pack by putting some ice cubes in a dishcloth. Place the pack on the heat rash areas. Let it on your skin from 5 to 10 minutes then leave it. Repeat the process 3-4 times a day and continues for some days after to get the relief from heat rash.

Ice - Home Remedies for Heat Rash

Another way, dip a clean cotton towel into the frozen water completely and wring it. Place the towel on your skin and leave it for 5-10 minutes. Try this method several times a day as your heat rash will disappear soon.

2. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera - Home Remedies for Heat Rash
Aloe Vera

Also known as a useful hack among many other home remedies for heat rash out there, aloe vera will be our second recommendation.

Cut an aloe leaf into many small pieces. Place these pieces on your affected areas and gently rub them. Keep rubbing for 2-3 minutes then let them be on the skin for 5-10 minutes. Finally, remove and wash off with cool water. Aloe will quickly cool down your skin as soon as you apply it[4][5].

Aloe Vera is also good for burns, acne and hydrating skin. Read more: Home Remedies for Acne Scars.

3. Oatmeal

Oatmeal - Home Remedies for Heat Rash

No doubt, oatmeal makes it place in your trusted home remedies for heat rash without difficulty.

Prepare a bath filled with cool water. Add to the bath a cup of oatmeal[6]. Stir it well so that the power can be completely dissolved. Until the water has a milky color, soak your body in the bath. Keep soaking for at least 20-30 minutes. After that, rinse off with cool water and dry your body with a cotton cloth. Follow the method 2 times per day to get the best results. Read more: Home Remedies for Canker Sores.

4. Lime Juice

Not only is rich in antioxidant properties, but lime juice is also one of the most effective home remedies for heat rash.

Cut a lime into 2 pieces and squeeze them to get the juice. Add some water to dilute the juice if it is needed then put into this a little sugar or honey. Enjoy the lime juice daily, and 3 glasses are recommended. The lime juice will cool down your body from inside and cure the heat rash soon.

5. Watermelon

The whole watermelon can be used as remedies for curing heat rash.

Watermelon - Home Remedies for Heat Rash

Cut a watermelon and take the gut to eat. The rest of the watermelon will be used to treat heat rash from outside. Cut the pulp into some pieces with average size. Then apply these pieces of pulp directly to the heat rash areas.

Wait about 15-20 minutes then remove them. Wash off with cool water to complete the process. Apply watermelon pulp 2-3 times a day to get rid of heat rash.

In addition, do not skip other Health Benefits of Watermelon.

6. Margosa Leaves

Take some fresh margosa leaves[7] and grind them well to get a paste. Pour a little water into the paste and mix it well if needed. Apply the paste directly to the affected areas. Leave it for 10-15 minutes so that the paste can dry naturally. Finally, wash off with cool or cold water as well. Apply this method daily.

7. Gram Flour

Apart from helping absorb the excess moisture from your body, gram flour is also renowned for being one of the most practical home remedies for heat rash.

Put 2-3 teaspoons of gram flour into a glass that has a little water in it then stir well. Apply the mixture to the affected areas for 10-15 minutes. After that, remove it by rinsing off with cool water. Follow this once a day.

Alternatively, take ½ cup of gram flour and 15-20 margosa leaves. Grind the leaves and mix the two ingredients well. Add some water if it is needed. Place the texture into the affected skins. Let it be there for at least 15 minutes. After that, remove the texture and wash off with cool water. Repeat the method once a day and continues for a few weeks.

8. Cucumber

Again, cucumber is a great candidate among a lot of home remedies for heat rash I’ve mentioned today. Cut a cucumber into some small pieces. Then apply these pieces directly to the affected areas as you often make a cucumber mask. Let them be on the skin for about 30 minutes then rinse off with cool water. Repeat this 3-4 times a day.

Cucumber - Home Remedies for Heat Rash

Alternatively, dip some slices of cucumber in a bowl of water. Add some amounts of lemon juice. Keep soaking for 10 minutes then take these pieces of cucumber and apply to the rash. Follow this method 3 times a day.

9. Mangoes

Using mangoes is one of the most excellent home remedies for heat rash you can’t miss. It’s all thanks to its ability to fight against the irritation.

Peel a mango, remove seed then cut it into some small pieces. Put these pieces into a sauce and add 2 cups of water. Boil it for about 3-5 minutes. After that, take these boiled pieces out and grind them. Add some salt or sugar into the paste depending on your taste along with cold water. Stir it well and drink this mango smoothie. Repeat 1-2 times a day to quickly remove the heat rash.

10. Mint Tea

Sure enough, there are many natural and simple home remedies for heat rash or prickly heat, and mint tea is not the exception here. Mint tea can your body from inside and support the process of healing heat rashes.

Mint - Home Remedies for Heat Rash

Prepare a cup of hot water. Dip the mint tea bag into the water. Let it be soaked for about 5-10 minutes. Add some lemon juice and honey for both improving the taste and bringing more effects. Drink the tea several times a day and continue for some days after to get relief soon.

11. Coriander Powder

So you’ve just known all ten home remedies for heat rash, now it comes to coriander powder, which you can grind into the paste for the cure.  

Mix 2 teaspoons of coriander powder with an equal amount of sandalwood powder. Put enough amount of rose water into this mixture to make a paste. Cover the affected areas with this paste and let it become dry naturally. After that, remove the mixture with cool water. Follow the method 2-3 times a day.

12. Gooseberry

Do you love eating gooseberry in summer? If so, then we recommend it because it’s one of the best home remedies for heat rash you’ve found!

Cut gooseberries into small pieces then put them into a large bowl. Pour into the bowl some fresh water then cover the bowl well. Let the gooseberries soak into the water for all night. In the morning, grind the berries in the bowl then strain. Add sugar or honey to this water and drink as well. The water will cool down your inside body.

13. Sandalwood Power

Another home remedy for heat rash is sandalwood power. Mix well enough amount of sandalwood power to the equal amount of rose water. After the mixture became a thick paste, apply this paste directly to the affected skin. Let it dry naturally. After that, remove the paste by washing off with water. Repeat 2 times per day.

Sandalwood - Home Remedies for Heat Rash

Alternatively, after having the bath, you can use the power to sprinkle over the heat rash. This method also brings great effect.

14. Baking Soda

Let’s say goodbye to the irritation with the use of baking soda – a helpful tip among these home remedies for heat rash you can apply anytime you want. It’s the fast way to soothe your skin condition.

Put 2 teaspoons of baking soda into a large bowl of cool or cold water. Stir it well. Dip a cotton cloth into the bowl then wring it to remove excess water. Place the towel on the heat rash areas and let it sit on for 5-10 minutes. After that, remove the towel and wash off with cool water. Follow the method 4-5 times a day and repeat it daily to see the improvement.

15. Fuller’s Earth

Thanks to its ability to relieve your inflamed skin region, the fuller’s earth is no wonder a great treatment among so many home remedies for heat rash out there.

Add 2-3 teaspoons of rose water to 5 teaspoons of fuller’s earth. Mix the combination well to get a paste. Apply the paste to the heat rash skin areas. Let it become dry naturally. After that, remove the fuller mask and rinse off with cool water. Follow this method once a day to get the best effects.

16. Henna

Another potentially useful way out of other 24 home remedies for heat rash has just been exposed! It’s Henna.

Grind some leaves of henna and add some water if it is needed to get a paste. Place the paste on the heat rashes and let it sit on for several minutes. After that remove the paste and rinse off with cool water. Notice that henna has a coloring effect, so you should apply this method to the skin areas that are covered well by clothes.

17. Raw potatoes

Using raw potatoes is also a great idea when it comes to the best home remedies for heat rash. It’s a kind of veggie that plays a vital role in soothing your heat rash itchiness. For many people, they see potatoes as the emollient. Let’s pick up one medium-sized potato before cutting it off. Next, you can apply them to your affected skin rash.

Make sure to leave these slices of potatoes on that region for ten or fifteen minutes. After that, you can wash the skin with fresh water and dry it up with a dry cloth gently.

18. Honey


We probably know the benefits of honey, but you might not know that it can be one of the most effective home remedies for heat rash as well. Prepare the raw honey only, and start rinsing your affected skin area before applying right on it. Let the honey stay there for fifteen minutes or even twenty minutes before washing it off.   

You need to repeat the whole procedure one or two times per day. As you know, most Asian countries, they love to use honey thanks to its antibacterial properties. Honey can help soothe all itchy sensations and discomfort from prickly heat as well as nourish the skin.

19. Papaya

There’s a good reason why papaya is one of the best home remedies for heat rash. Only a small piece of this fruit can reduce the severity of your condition. Let’s have the papaya mashed at first before applying it straight on your skin. Leave it there for 25 minutes and then rinse it off with warm water.

Don’t forget to repeat this application every single day or whenever required. And know what? The tropical papaya is meant to remove the burning sensation and offer you a temporary relief from the itchiness. Also, the fruit will help unclog every pore and exfoliate any boring-looking skin cell.

20. Neem

Let’s take some neem leaves at first and have them ground well before adding some water to the mixture to create a specific paste. Feel free to add more water if you want to make a thicker paste. Next, just apply this mixture on your skin or the heat rash. And know what? Neem will be able to help recover your skin region affected by this condition.

If not, feel free to use some neem oil and add to it a bit of the camphor extract. Make sure to mix it well so that you can apply it on the rashes. Don’t forget to massage the region a few times and leave it to stay there for thirty minutes. Lastly, rinse it off with cold water.

21. Rosewater  

Get hands-on making a concoction with some ingredients you can prepare, such as rose water, honey, water, and mix these.

Remember to freeze the mixture into an ice tray. You can use those ice cubes, maybe about five at one time, and then cover them in a soft cloth. Make sure to press softly on your heat rash. The rose water will keep the pH balance from the skin, and take control of your excess oil.

22. Talcum powder

Try another great method out of 24 home remedies for heat rash – Talcum powder. It’s made to be so gentle on your skin. Besides, the powder is used mostly to maintain the skin dry the whole day. Meanwhile, you can massage your affected skin slightly to decrease your excess sweat and moisture. Doing this can relieve your symptoms quite effectively.

23. Epsom salt

Epsom salt will be a perfect choice for you to make as it comes to the treatment of heat rash. It’s also known to work effectively for relieving all muscle pains, discomforts, and disinfecting your body. As you know, its name comes from the saline springs of Epsom, England.

You can choose to take a bath in Epsom salt, which is a traditional cure for all skin disorders. The salt will flush out the harmful substances and dirt from your skin as well as cure the blisters of prickly heat.

For specific treatments for heat rash, check out this VIDEO as follow:

4 Best home remedies for heat rash on face

Heat rash on face - Home remedies for heat rash
Heat rash on the face

Don’t worry too much since most situations of the rash on your face or neck will disappear within a few days. To speed up the healing, you can try a few of the following home remedies for heat rash on face:  

1.Cold compress

Once finding your face show up the reddish bumps or experience the burning sensation, then try the cold compress to your affected skin on your face. Feel free to apply a few ice cubes to soothe the whole surface, but make sure to wrap them up in a towel at first when it feels too cold to you.

2. Witch hazel  

It’s just another tremendous natural hack among so many home remedies for heat rash out there. It can help cure different types of skin infections or rashes. As you know, a lot of alcohol-free toners are said to contain this ingredient are all sold in the market. Use them for preventing the heat rash on your face, or for removing the wrinkles if you want[8].

3. Honey and oats

The mixture of oats and honey would be another ideal remedy for curing your prickly heat, especially on the face or neck. Let’s create a pack by grinding those oats and then pour some honey into the paste. Apply it to your face and over your neck. Leave it there for some minutes before rinsing it off with lukewarm water.

4. Olive oil

Olive Oil

The use of olive oil is also recommended here, especially when most plant oils can help recover the skin of yours pretty well. It can pause your itchy feeling related to the prickly rash and then raise your complexion regeneration. Therefore, you can rub the virgin olive oil on the affected skin region sometimes every day until it’s fully recovered.

Or it’s fine to add a bit of the turmeric powder to the olive oil mixture and then apply it about two times per day. Keep doing this for a few days more. With the antibacterial properties, turmeric can boost the rashes and reduce the itching quite well.

3 Effective home remedies for heat rash on legs

  • Coconut oil with cucumber

The coconut oil has been recognized for its ability to soothe the inflamed skin. Apart from that, the oil contains some essential fatty acid and many minerals that can heal your skin’s structure. Besides, you can use it to cleanse all of the pores if you like. For cucumber, it will contribute to the effectiveness by cooling your skin as well as offering the instant relief when you encounter any itchiness[9].

Let’s squeeze the cucumber juice and mix it with coconut oil. Apply this paste on your legs, and leave it there for 30 minutes. Wash it off with water.

  • Cod liver oil

Cod Liver Oil

Don’t miss using cod liver oil, primarily when it contains a lot of good omega-3 fatty acids. These can avoid your skin on the leg from being swollen. Besides, the oil is made up of the Vitamin A that will help the skin healthier than usual.

  • Lawsonia Inermis  

This powder owns a nice cooling effect that not many home remedies for heat rash would have. It’s commonly used for dealing with many skin issues, and heat rash won’t be the exception.  

Try to pour some water to a little amount of Lawsonia Inermis powder to create a thick mixture. Apply it over the affected skin on legs, and leave it there for fifteen minutes. Rinse it off with cold water.

How to get rid of heat rash in babies

It’s true that the heat rash might be not too serious, but it’s also a signal that the baby gets overheated, which quickly leads to other serious cases. It might enhance his or her risk of the sudden infant death syndrome  Here’s how to get rid of the heat rash in babies:

  • Loosen the clothing: The best tip among different home remedies for heat rash in babies is removing the baby’s clothes and put him in an air-conditioned site. Don’t forget to pour fresh water on his or her skin to get rid of the sweat and excess oil. It’s recommended to use the moist and cool cloths to reduce the temperature of his or her affected skin.
  • Dry and cool off: You can do this by using the fan and put it close to the baby instead of drying him with a towel. But if your doctor hasn’t guided you to do this, do not use any cream or ointment on the impacted region.
  • Expose the skin to the air: Doing so can allow her or his skin to breathe comfortably. Put him or her in a room with fresh air as much as you can. Don’t put on too many clothes, and you can even take off them, or just put a lighter layer of clothing on your baby[10].

When to see a doctor

It’s always a nice thing to check with a doctor to guarantee that your skin condition will be prickly heat or not. Here are some signs that might tell you that seeing the provider is the best idea!

  • The rash gets more severe, aching, and won’t be gone for a few days.
  • You grow an infection in a particular skin region affected by heat rash.
  • You have a fever or experience any signal of the illness.
  • Your skin turns red or comes with long streaks.
  • Prickly heat begins after you’ve just taken a new medicine.

Topical ointment and Cream for Heat rash

When the heat rash turns into more serious forms, you need to invest in some ointments and creams for a greater relief and preventing other complications. Below are a few common over-the-counter solutions you can consider for the treatment:

  • Calamine lotion: Apply the lotion for curing your heat rash just like other remedies. It can soothe the impacted skin and the itchiness quite well.
  • Topical steroids or creams: Most topical steroids are availed for curing rashes or prickly heat. Not just can these adjust the aching itchiness and burning sensation, but they can also boost your quality of life. Only use them in severe cases.
  • Anhydrous lanolin: The ingredient here is known for dodging your sweat ducts from getting stuck and helping your skin deal with the blisters as well as stop new ones from being formed. However, those who are allergic to wool should stop using it.

How to prevent heat rash

Well, you probably experience various types of symptoms of heat rash, from the bumps to harsh itching. However, the condition is totally preventable and will go away on its own if you know how to fix it. Let’s keep your skin as cool as possible and dry as well no matter if you’re indoors or outdoors.

  • Wear looser, lighter and smoother cotton clothes.
  • Avoid wearing tight clothing to prevent excess sweating.
  • Cool off the body by staying close to the fan or in an air-conditioned room.
  • Stop using soaps with harsh ingredients or moisturizers.
  • Do not apply lotions or creams.
  • Dry out the skin after you take a bath or shower.
  • Ensure the bedroom to be airy and fresh  
  • Bathe in cool water
  • After exercising, take a shower

For more dermatologist’s tips for heat rash, watch this VIDEO now:


How do you get rid of a stress rash?

As usual, treating a stress rash can be carried out at home by relying on the antihistamines. It will soothe the itching sensation. Apart from this, cooling off your skin is another great way to relieve the condition. It’s mostly done by taking a bath in cool water or simply availing the cold compress.  

However, when your case turns more severe, your doctor would recommend you to take more intense antihistamines, some antibiotic pills, and even steroids.

Can stress and anxiety cause skin rashes?

Everybody has to deal with stress occasionally in life, and you probably don’t know that stress can easily put an effect on more than just the mental health. It’s the main reason causing a few symptoms physically, and that’s the heat rash.

Normally, most people encounter this stress rash once in their lifetime. But luckily enough, a stress-based rash won’t be that serious, so that you can treat it at home.

What does heat rash look like?

There are three forms of heat rash you should bear in mind:

  • Miliaria Crystallina: is comprised of little noticeable or white bumps in which each bump is filled with your sweat or fluid. These show up on the surface of your skin. You will see them commonly in babies rather than adults.  
  • Miliaria Rubra: it tends to have red bumps right on the skin with the inflammation. You will hardly see them because they usually occur in the deep layers of your skin. Once they get severe, they will be filled with pus.  
  • Miliaria Profunda: only appears in the deepest layer of the skin, and will recur as well as turn into chronic. The bumps will appear bigger, tougher, and have the color of your flesh.

How long does heat rash last?

In most of the mild or moderate cases, the heat rash will go away on their own within a few days. In babies, it’s necessary to keep him or her as cool as possible. If it’s the hot day, simply put your child in the air-conditioned rooms, or at least nearby the fans.

But if the rash can’t disappear after three or four days, or when you see it getting worse than the start, contact the doctor. In this case, the rash might be triggered by a particular infection.


As you see, no matter how old you are, you still experience the heat rash at least once in your lifetime. Look above for your favorite home remedies for heat rash if you want to get rid of it fast! They’re the best ways to help you improve the condition, but if you have more than just these symptoms, let’s seek the instant medical attention.  

*Disclaim: The effectiveness from applying these natural tips will be depended on the body condition of the applicant.

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