The Best Home Remedies for Glaucoma You Need

The Best Home Remedies for Glaucoma You Need

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Everybody knows the important role of the eyes. They are a delicate body part and are easily injured. Keeping healthy eyes is not always easy for most of us. Nowadays, many factors that can contribute to eye problems. It could be from the polluted environment, a virus, or just because of our daily routine – from looking at the electronic device screen too much. Eye diseases can sometimes put you at risk of diminished vision.

In this article, Authority Remedies aims to show you top natural home remedies for Glaucoma, a popular eye disorder that can damage the optic nerve resulting in the loss of vision and blindness.

What is Glaucoma?

Basically, glaucoma is characterized by a group of diseases which possibly cause damage to the eye’s optic nerve. This condition is widely known as one of the most leading causes of blindness [1] in the United States.

A recent study has concluded that glaucoma contains several types in which the two major ones are known as open-angle and angle-closure glaucoma. Both of them are the result of an increase in pressure inside the eyes or intraocular pressure.

Open-angle glaucoma [2] is the most common type of eye disorder. It is due to the fact that the fluid inside the eyes does not flow properly although the eye structure looks normal.

Angle-closure Glaucoma [3] happens when the angle between the iris and cornea becomes narrow, and this can lead to pressure [4] in the eye.

Other types [5] can be:

  • Secondary Glaucoma
  • Traumatic Glaucoma
  • Uveitic Glaucoma
  • Pigmentary Glaucoma

What Causes Glaucoma?

Glaucoma takes place when the fluid pressure in the eyes decreases slowly; subsequently; hurting the optic nerve [6] [7].

In fact, there exists no symptom at the early stages; therefore, the surest way to know precisely whether you enable to contract glaucoma is to get frequent check-ups for the eyes to receive a proper diagnosis.

Is Glaucoma Contagious?

The short answer is no. Glaucoma is not contagious. It cannot be transmitted from a patient to other people through physical contact. However, it can be a hereditary condition. If someone has glaucoma, glaucoma can be transmitted to their unborn child.

Risk Factors of Glaucoma

Glaucoma is an eye disease that mostly caught by middle-aged and older people. However, young adults and children are not an exception. Even with a small risk, anyone is susceptible to this disease.

You are more prone to get glaucoma if you are:

  • African-American, Irish, Russian, Japanese, or Hispanic
  • More than 40 years old
  • From a family that has people suffering from this disease
  • Having diabetes
  • Under the influence of steroids medication

What are the Symptoms of Glaucoma?

In spite of the fact that glaucoma has no early sign, it can leave behind a number of other symptoms that include:

  • Serious pain the eye, followed by a headache
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Inability to adjust in the dark room
  • Blurry vision [8]
  • Watery Eyes [9] [10]
  • Swelling in eyelids
  • Vision impairment in one eye

People who are prone to glaucoma had better test their eye exams every two years. They can be African Americans who are over 40 years old, Mexican people who are over the age of 60 or people that have a family history of glaucoma eye disorder.

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How to Treat Glaucoma with Conventional Methods

There are currently many ways to treat this disease. Before looking at the home remedies for glaucoma, we will guide you through some medication options.

Eye drops

If your eyes are feeling unusual, the first thing to do might be to meet your eye doctor, and you will be prescribed with some eye drops to help with the situation. Glaucoma infected eyes are watery, and using eye drops will help with reducing the pressure on your eyes by reducing the production of fluid in your eyes.

Oral Medications

There are many people who do not find eye drops effective. If you are one of them, talk to your doctor for some prescribed pills. Normally, the doctor is likely to prescribe a carbonic anhydrase inhibitor for this.

When you take oral medications, there could be some side effects like upset stomach, kidney stones or depression.

Laser Therapies

Laser treatment is best used for people with open-angle glaucoma. This is because it can make the fluid production more efficiently. For people with angle-closure glaucoma, having laser procedure will remove anything that is blocking the flow of fluid.


In case of too much pressure on the eye causing glaucoma, sometimes doctor advise that you go through microsurgery.

The procedure includes draining the fluid from your eyes with doctor’s device like a tube.

We do not recommend surgery as it will somehow have vision impairment on you. Going through surgery also means you are more prone to infections.

Home Remedies for Glaucoma

Do remember that there remains no cure for glaucoma; however, it can be controlled and treated well if detected soon. This helps reduce the fluid pressure inside your eyes and thereby preventing further vision loss. Apart from using prescription eye drops or eye surgery, some home remedies for glaucoma have been proven to be useful for decreasing the pressure within the eyes. You can refer to one of them to find your best one.

Following are 15 incredible home remedies for glaucoma that should be taken into consideration.

1. Flaxseeds

Flaxseeds - Home Remedies For Glaucoma

One of the most powerful home remedies for glaucoma is flaxseeds. This fresh ingredient is loaded with omega-3-fatty acids that help inhibit the development of pressure inside your eyes. Consuming flaxseeds on a daily basis can aid in eliminating the symptoms of glaucoma. Besides tackling this problem, flaxseeds are widely used to decrease the level of cholesterol as well as fight off heart disease.

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2. Spinach

Spinach - Home Remedies For Glaucoma

Spinach can make itself one of the most trusted home remedies for glaucoma because of containing essential vitamins that treat those eye-related problems. Especially, vitamin E present this green leafy vegetable has been shown to be potential in repairing and flushing out radicals leading to the development of pressure in the eyes. Also of the fact, spinach has Carotenoids which plays a vital role in being appropriately functioned by the retina and eye tissue.

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3. Cayenne

To treat glaucoma naturally, cayenne is among the best alterations. This ingredient is packed with anti-inflammatory that is commonly used to treat eye diseases. You can consume gradually cayenne to help with macular degeneration prevention. Cayenne is widely known as one of most excellent home remedies for glaucoma and also for other eye disorder problems.

4. Curcumin

Curcumin - Home Remedies For Glaucoma

Another help on how to treat glaucoma efficiently is curcumin found available in turmeric. This substance which is packed with the antioxidants and anti-inflammatory enables to reduce the development pressure in the eyes and prevent against the optical nerve damage. That’s why curcumin is in the list of best home remedies for glaucoma!

5. Bilberry

Thanks to its container of antioxidants, bilberries are one of the best-known home remedies for glaucoma treatment. Most people, particularly the British Royal Air Force have found out that their vision is quite clear at night as they eat bilberry. This fruit is loaded with a compound that aids in preventing your eyes from severe damage for an extended period of time.

Other dark-colored berries like blueberries and cranberries are also extremely healthy for the eyes.

However, you should remember that these fruits contain sugar, so to keep your insulin levels under control, do not overeat them.

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6. Calabar Bean

Out of all home remedies for glaucoma, you cannot skip calabar bean. Being found native to a part of South America, calabar bean decreases the eye pressure and has essential properties to deal with glaucoma. Daily intake of calabar bean helps relieve the symptoms of glaucoma. Do notice to dry out the bean seeds before consuming them.

7. Rosehip

Rosehip - Home Remedies For Glaucoma

Considered as a rich source of vitamin C, rosehip becomes one of the most incredible home remedies for glaucoma. The vitamin C can repair the tissue and thereby creating collagen as well as stimulating the tissue repairing. Rosehip is good for treating the symptoms of glaucoma when you consume just one teaspoon of its juice. Besides, the components in rosehip can help promote the strength of eyes.

8. Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo Biloba - Home Remedies For Glaucoma
Ginkgo Biloba

Known as a herb, ginkgo biloba contains essential properties that help treat eye as well as memory problems. This healthy herb is powerful in regulating the flow of blood; subsequently boosting the blood circulation to the eyes. It also allows the amount of oxygen to increase in the eyes. Ginkgo Biloba is another useful tip to provide an excellent source of relief from the symptoms of glaucoma, making its way into the list of home remedies for glaucoma.

9. Lutein and Zeaxanthin

Both lutein and zeaxanthin are effective home remedies for glaucoma that can be easy to follow. They help keep your eyes stay healthy. The leafy greens contain an excellent source of lutein. Apart from that zeaxanthin is found mainly in the egg yolk. Do remember not to cook the egg because doing so will make zeaxanthin lose. To receive the best nutrient, you should eat poached and half boiled eggs. You can also consume fresh vegetable juice to aid in curing eye ailments.

10. Eat a Healthy Diet

Consuming a healthy diet is needed to help you stay active and healthy; however, it does not aim to prevent glaucoma against getting worse. Some nutrients combining with vitamins are extremely essential for your eye health such as leafy green, fish that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Healthy dietary habits make best home remedies for glaucoma!

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11. Walking 

Walking- Home Remedies For Glaucoma

Walking can partly contribute to helping deal with glaucoma and then improve the eyesight. According to some researchers, walking in the early morning has a negative impact on your eye health. Interestingly, walking on the green grass is useful since the color of grass can soothe the eyes and protect your eyes against eye diseases.

12. Yoga

Yoga - Home Remedies For Glaucoma

Believe or not, yoga is one of the amazing home remedies for glaucoma treatments. Typically, Pranayama can help with eye cure since it has been proven to be beneficial for the eye operation. Besides, this kind of yoga aims to regulate the breath. It boosts the flow of blood and prevents eye diseases from its root cause.

13. Essential Oil for Glaucoma

Essential Oils are known to have been favorite home-based remedies for many types of health problems. How are essential oils home remedies for glaucoma, which essential oil can we use, and how do we use it?

Glaucoma patient should look for Frankincense essential oil, helichrysum essential oil, and cypress essential oil. These types of essential oils can boost blood flow, enhance eyesight and eventually help with glaucoma.

You should put 1-2 drops of these oils into your finger or the palm of your hands and gently massage on your cheeks and temple for 2-3 minutes. Note that you should keep the essential oils from getting directly into your eyes.

14. Carrot Juice

Carrots are packed with vitamin A which is necessary for your eyes to be healthy. You can combine carrot with green leafy like spinach to get the best results. Spinach has been long known to be extremely nutritious, and it can help relieve stress on the eye.

You should make 200 ml of carrot juice and 200 ml of spinach juice. Mix them up together and drink within the day. You can make this healthy juice 3 – 4 times a week. This mixture can be considered one of the most simple home remedies for glaucoma.

15. Fennel seeds

This is one of the most effective home remedies for glaucoma. Fennel is considered very helpful in treating many illnesses as it has potent antioxidants like beta-carotene. Fennel essential oil can even lower blood sugar levels in people who have diabetes, so you should give it a try!

Every day, you should take out a spoonful of fennel seeds and chew them, not at once, but within that day.
Alternatively, you can make fennel tea by boiling 2 – 3 tablespoons of fennel seeds with 200 ml of water for 5 – 7 minutes. Strain the tea and serve.

Extra Tips on Relieving Glaucoma

Knowing the home remedies for glaucoma is one thing, but there are some simple tips on how to relieve this disease that we want to share with you. Let’s read on!

1. Sleep with the head elevated

Prior to bedtime, it is highly recommended to use a wedge pillow to keep the head slightly raised (20 degrees). This has been proven to decrease the intraocular eye pressure while sleeping. This is one of the first tips and easy-to-do home remedies for glaucoma!

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2. Drink Fluid Daily

If you are suffering from glaucoma at the early stages, try to consume fluids in a moderated amount at any time during the day. In fact, the adequate consumption of any liquid just in a short time can increase the risk of eye pressure. Before drinking those fluids, you should consult your doctors about the proper dosage.

3. Limit Caffeine Intake

You should take notice that caffeine consumption can make your eyes health weaken. In order to protect the eyes, you should try to limit the caffeine intake due to its effects of raising your eye pressure.

4. Animal-Based Omega-3 Fat Supplement

Omega-3 fat is a popular substance that is good for the eyes. It has Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), which is focused in the back of the eyes, with the function of sending signals to the brain about what is seen. It also makes sure to keep your eyes from macular degeneration, which could lead to the vision loss.

Omega-3 fat can be obtained in various kinds of foods such as mackerel, salmon, oysters, flax seeds, soybeans. You can also take an omega-3 supplement to boost the amount of omega-3 fat in your body.

5. Say No to Trans Fats

So as we have said, while omega-3 fat lowers the risk of you getting macular degeneration, trans fats do the opposite. What types of foods contain trans fat? You should avoid these following foods:

  • Processed foods
  • Fried foods
  • Shortening/margarine
  • Baked goods

6. Control Insulin Levels

We all know too much insulin can make diabetes much worse, hence putting more pressure on your eyes. How do we lower the levels of insulin?

Insulin is mostly from foods that have high sugar levels like grains or sugary foods. You should minimize the amount of grains and sugar intake. If you are worried about glaucoma, it is necessary that you take into consideration not to consume foods such as rice, pasta, bread, cereal, and potatoes.

7. Moderate the Light in Your Room

Do your eyes feel tired and sore if you are in a room that’s too bright or too dark? Even if you are looking at your phone screen for a while and if it is too bright or too dim your eyes would feel uncomfortable too, wouldn’t they?

Appropriate room brightness can be considered as one of the easiest home remedies for glaucoma. Once you pay attention to this and take good care of your eyes, they will always be healthy and sickness-free! Protect your eyes by keeping the room in the light that does not make your eyes feel stressed.

Are There Any Ways to Prevent Glaucoma?

Unfortunately, you cannot prevent glaucoma. But luckily with proper care, you protect your eyesight by taking eye test regularly to minimize the impairment.

Regular Eye Check

How frequent should you have your eyes checked, you might ask? It actually varies for people at the different time of their life:

  • If you are under 40, have your eyes checked every 2 – 4 years
  • If you are from the age of 40 – 55, 1 – 3 years
  • If you are from the age of 55 – 65, you should take an eye test every year
  • And lastly, if you are over 65, it’s advisable to check once or twice a year


We have mentioned that doing exercises is one of the home remedies for glaucoma, but if you are at risk of getting glaucoma, moderate physical activities regularly can be highly beneficial to your skin, your eyes, and your health in general.

What exercises should I engage in? The best exercises are walking, jogging, or yoga. One thing you should note is that you can stay healthy as long as you keep doing exercises. Lack of physical exercises can make you feel tired and drowsy, and you will be more susceptible to illnesses.

Use Eye Protective Eyewear

Home remedies for glaucoma are not everything you need to know. Many people often forget to protect their eyes when they are taking part in sports that require goggles or simply going out in the sunny weather without a pair of sunglasses!

Glaucoma is likely to happen if your eyes get injured, so remember to wear sunglasses before going outside to avoid catching dust or bright light. When you are engaged in activities like swimming or skiing, get yourself a pair of goggles that closely fit the face to avoid injuries or infections.

What to Avoid to Lower the Risk of Getting Glaucoma

  • Foods that can trigger your allergy: a lot of people are allergic to nuts, dairy, or seafood. What you need to do is not to eat those foods that your body cannot tolerate, since it can make the situation worse by raising the inflammation risk.
  • Caffeine: your eye areas need circulation, and caffeinated drinks lower the speed of that, which is harmful to your eyes. Cut down on caffeine, and take green tea instead. Green tea has antioxidant components that will help with glaucoma, and it soothes your body and mind as well!
  • The toxin in the liver can quickly lead to eye diseases, so do yourself a favor and restrict the use of alcohol, trans fats, and processed foods!
  • Let your eyes rest enough by closing them every 45 – 60 minutes when you are studying, working, or playing on a screen to avoid stress.
  • Do not look at your phone screen, laptop, or watching TV in a dark room for a long time because that can also lead to glaucoma.
  • Avoid smoking as long as you can. Smoking can prevent healthy blood flow in eye areas, much like caffeine!


We would not say glaucoma is not a serious eye problem. Nevertheless, you should not be too worried. You can follow the home remedies for glaucoma that we have introduced to you and the tips to protect your eyes better. The keys are moderation; moderation in dietary habit, daily routine activities and regular eye test and you are good to go!

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*Disclaim: The effectiveness from applying these natural tips will be depended on the body condition of the applicant.

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