Home Remedies for Fertility

Home Remedies for Fertility

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Although pregnancy depends on many factors, nutrition plays a very important role in helping nourish sperm as well as eggs and hormone balance.

There have been several studies demonstrating that the natural nutrients in foods can improve fertility in both men and women. Therefore, ensuring the balance of vitamins and minerals in your diet is very important [1].

That is the reason why if you want to enhance fertility naturally, paying attention to the food is compulsory. Below are the food that have the potential to improve the quality of sperm and egg cells, which help enhance fertility doubled for both men and women.

1. Banana

Banana is rich in vitamin B6, which works to aid a successful pregnancy by controlling hormone changes. If your body is lack of B6 then this can cause many extraordinary problems like irregular menstruation, less development of eggs and sperm, etc. So, to enhance your fertility, do not forget to add a banana to your daily meal [2][3].

Banana - Home Remedies for Fertility

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2. Asparagus

Folic acid is a property that can help mitigate risk of not ovulating in women. In fact, there are many women who want to stimulate ovulation in order to increase fertility so they always take supplements of drugs containing folic acid before and after conception. Meanwhile asparagus are the food that is very rich in folic acid. Therefore, instead of taking pills, you absolutely can supplement folic acid in natural way to increase fertility by adding more asparagus in your daily diet [4].

Asparagus - Home Remedies for Fertility

3. Almonds

Almonds are rich in vitamin E nuts, which are very good for improving sperm count in men. They are also a great antioxidant that protects sperm and DNA. Therefore, to enhance fertility, do not forget to put the nuts into your diet [5][6][7].

Almonds - Home Remedies for Fertility

4. Citrus

A scientific study has demonstrated that if men who have sperm that were bound together, supplementing approximately 200-1000mg of vitamin C per day will help solve this problem. On the other hand vitamin C has the ability to protect the sperm away from the oxidative damage, thereby contributing to improve quality, increase sperm count in men. Additionally, vitamin C is also being evaluated as a great medicine and is said to improve the hormonal balance in women [8][9].

Citrus - Home Remedies for Fertility

Natural Vitamin C is found in citrus. So, if you want to improve your fertility, please do not deceive citrus from your daily diet.

5. Salmon

Salmon is an essential food in the daily diet to promote fertility success. The presence of selenium – mineral characteristics can generate anti-oxidized which will protect eggs and sperm from free radicals. It is also very useful to prevent any birth defects or miscarriage [10].

Salmon - Home Remedies for Fertility

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6. Mackerel

If you are longing to have a baby, the mackerel is an excellent food to help you succeed with that plan. The essential fatty acids in mackerel are essential for healthy activities of the reproductive system in women. In addition, the study demonstrated that DHA – one of the fatty acids found in fish oil, have a major impact to improve sperm health. Fatty acid deficiency can lead to an increase in cholesterol in the sperm membrane, preventing proper maturation of sperm. So, do not forget to put mackerel on your menu in order to increase your fertility rate.

7. Avocados

Avocados contain a lot of monounsaturated fats, which helps improve fertility. Research has found success rates of women who fully complement healthy nutrients (found in avocados) while undergoing IVF treatments are three times higher than the others.

Avocado - Home Remedies for Fertility

8. Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds are abundant supplies of minerals, especially zinc which can help improve fertility. Zinc is considered as one of the important mineral for men when it comes to enhancing fertility. Scientists have demonstrated the overall effect of improving sperm quality of zinc [11].

9. Brazil nuts

Brazil nuts contain a lot of selenium minerals. This mineral has been proven to increase sperm count in men. To ensure high levels of selenium in the body, men should eat about 8 particles with frequency of 3 times per week [10].

10. Sunflower seeds

Sunflower seeds contain a large amount of zinc component which helps balance hormonal reproductive system and improve the quality of eggs. You can add this to the list of food snacks and eat at least three times a week [12].

11. Cinnamon

This spice helps regulate insulin levels in the body and rate of your ovulation.

Therefore, it is necessary to immediately add cinnamon to your foods. It not only improves the fertility but also makes your food become tastier.

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12. Eggs

You can eat eggs twice a week regularly as eggs contain a large amount of vitamin D and vitamin B6 – both of which are necessary for promoting the production of progesterone, a necessary hormone for pregnancy.

Eggs - Home Remedies for Fertility

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13. Barley

Barley is abundant of compounds that can help support adjusting insulin levels and levels of testosterone in the body. One cup of barley for dinner and frequency of eating three times a week will help boost your ovulation.

14. Oysters

Oysters are also seen as a natural medicine for fertility that can add flavor to honeymoon of couples. Dishes like grilled oysters or porridge oysters with salted duck eggs are considered as medicines helping increase energy most efficiently. Thus, the fertility of men will be improved significantly [13].

Oysters - Home Remedies for Fertility

15. Royal jelly

Royal jelly is a super food that can help improve health and quality of eggs and fertility naturally. This milk is produced from within the body of the worker bees to feed the queen bee and all the newly hatched chicks from eggs. The queen ate this specially prepared food from newly hatched from eggs and last for lifetime. The average life expectancy of the queen bees is 5-6 years and they lay up to 2,000 eggs per day [14][15][16].

16. Milk, cheese, yogurt and ice cream

Experts said that calcium is an important nutrient for the body of women of all ages, especially during pregnancy. Most pregnant women are aware of the importance of calcium in helping to strengthen the process of bone development in the fetus, as well as maintain the strength of bones in their body. In addition, calcium also plays an important role before pregnancy, to help women enhance fertility.

Dairy Products - Home Remedies for Fertility

The addition of calcium from products like high-fat milk, yogurt, ice cream and cheese not only strengthens bone health, but also helps functions in the body maintain efficient operating condition.

Recent studies conclude that, all kinds of products from dairy processing, contains high levels of fat, can help enhance fertility. By contrast, the types of products made from low-fat dairy products do not bring positive results in helping fertility in women [17].

In fact, the researchers said women who drink skim milk may decrease fertility. Therefore, to increase fertility, women should consume at least one serving of high-fat milk per day in order to provide enough calcium needed for the body.

17. Carbohydrates

In recent years, many people avoid consuming carbohydrates, saying it could increase their weight and waistline. It is a misconception because not all types of carbohydrates are the culprit causing weight gain.

According to experts, the types of carbohydrates contained in whole grains not only provide many health benefits but also help to improve fertility in women. Meanwhile, the intake of refined carbohydrates like carbohydrates found in bread and rice can increase blood glucose levels and insulin. This situation may hinder the body producing hormones related to reproduction, leading to delay or prevent conception. [18][19]

*Disclaim: The effectiveness from applying these natural tips will be depended on the body condition of the applicant.

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