Home Remedies for Eyelid Cysts

Home Remedies for Eyelid Cysts

What are Eyelid Cysts?

Eyes as well as eyelids are considered the body’s most sensitive parts. Due to their sensitiveness, even the slightest irritation and smallest infection can create problems for the eyes. One of the most usual problems is bumps appear on the eyelids which are cysts. The reason for cysts to appear can be oil gland blockages or even inflammation [1].

Eyelid cysts have different types but there is one thing in common that they all cause swelling in the eyelid area. Particularly there are cases which are caused from bites by insects. Normally, cysts can go away by themselves; however, occasionally, some cases require antibiotics treatment or even surgery. Also if the cysts remain for too long without treatment, there might be negative consequences on your vision.

Among eye problems, eyelid cysts are the norm as its frequency is the highest. Commonly known as chalazion, the cysts of this type are often solid and firm which contain fluid inside. It happens due to eye gland blockages and secretion will be stopped producing [2].

Types of Eyelid Cysts:

  • Stye: the most common eyelid cyst and is caused by infections. It is a bump which is swollen and red and painful. It often lasts for around 2 days but remember to consult the doctors if it takes longer [3].
  • Chalazia: is the second stage after stye is not treated. Happen when bacteria create a solid lump in the eyelid. Even though, it is not infectious or painful, it can remain for at least 2 to 3 months. In case it takes longer, surgery might be required for removal.
  • Sweat Gland Cysts: often look transparent and shiny lumps located near the tear ducts. This one is dangerous as it can lead to basal cell carcinoma; therefore, professional medical attention is required.
  • Keratosis Cysts: there are 3 types of this one which are seborrheic, actinic and keratosis pilaris.
  • Inclusion Cysts: look white with fluid inside that form a swelling lump on the eyelid. Normally, it is painless and harmless; however, get a doctor’s conclusion should be done for precaution.

What cause Eyelid Cysts?

Main reasons would be dirt or dust and bacteria get trapped around your eyes which result in cysts on the eyes.

  • The ducts and glands are the two most common parts which are often get blocked by dirt and dust.
  • Get infected with bacteria (Staph).
  • Lack of hygiene
  • Unhygienic contact lenses can cause eye infections.
  • Strong cosmetic chemicals can irritate and infect your eyes.
  • Leave make-up overnight without cleansing.
  • Use unclean hands to rub your eyes can cause infections and cysts.

Symptoms of Eyelid Cysts

Swelling is the most obvious symptoms. However, there are others for identification.

  • Feel itchy in your eyes.
  • Tear comes out too much.
  • Increase crust in your eyes.
  • Have water and mucus coming out of your eyes.
  • Swelling lumps appear on the eyelids.
  • Eye skin becomes tenderer.
  • Redness is observed in your eyes.
  • Eyes are more sensitive toward lights.
  • Feel pain in the area around eyes.

Here are the top 15 most effective home remedies for eyelid cysts which you can easily apply at home. Even though, cysts often disappear on their own, you can choose to take those methods to improve your healing process and make it more comfortable…

1. Warm Compress

The heat will promote circulation of blood in your eyes which will help clear blockages in the eye glands as well as alleviate swelling and pain.

How to use:

  • Take a piece of soft cloth; soak in hot clean water and then squeeze.
  • Apply the piece of cloth onto your eyelid for around 10 minutes.
  • Keep doing for 3 to 4 time for couple of week.
  • Another option is steaming with your face.

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2. Massage

Massage the affected area can encourage the draining and healing process.

How to use:

  • Sterilize your hand with soap and water.
  • Use warm compress on your eyelid before the massage.
  • Lightly massage the affected area using only the fingers for around 3 minutes.
  • Repeat the procedure for couples of time per day.

Massage therapy can bring many positive benefits, you can find out more at: Home Remedies for Lupus and Muscle Pain.

3. Guava Leaves

With anti-inflammatory property, guava leaves is effective at fighting against pain and swelling as well as promoting the recovery process [4].

Guava Leave - Home Remedies for Eyelid Cysts

How to use:

  • Choose few fresh leaves, clean and then heat them up.
  • Cover the leaves in a piece of cloth.
  • Apply on the affected area of your eyelid.
  • Reheat the leaves if they cool down.
  • Keep doing this process twice per day for couples of day.

For more information about the applications of guava fruits and leaves, please read: Home Remedies for Whiten Teeth, Wisdom Tooth Pain and Toothache.

4. Acacia Leaves

The anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties of acacia leaves can significantly alleviate swelling and pain from eyelid cysts [5].

Acacia Leaves - Home Remedies for Eyelid Cysts

How to use:

  • Take some clean acacia leaves into 2 cups of hot water.
  • When the leaves are warm, take them out and then dip a piece of cloth into the water.
  • Apply similarly to the warm compress remedy.
  • Keep doing for couples of time per day for few days.

5. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar - Home Remedies for Eyelid Cysts

Known for anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, apply compress using apple cider vinegar can decrease swelling and pain as well as prevent infections effectively.

How to use:

  • Mix 2 teaspoons of vinegar with 1 glass of hot water. Dip a cotton ball into the mixture and directly apply on the affected eyelid. Repeat 3 times per day for couples of day.
  • Drop 1 tablespoon of vinegar into 1 glass of water and consume twice per day for couples of week.

6. Castor Oil

Also contain anti-inflammatory property, using castor oil can have inflammation and pain reduced quickly and helps cysts disappear faster [6].

How to use:

  • Start with a warm compress for around 5 minutes first. Then take a cotton cloth to dip in castor oil before applying on the eyelid. Repeat twice per day for couple of week.
  • Make a paste using castor oil and half teaspoon of turmeric powder. After cleansing the eyelid, put the paste onto the affected eyelid. After 15 minutes, cleanse the eyelid again. Repeat for 3 times per day until the problem is solved.

7. Green Tea Bags

Containing anti-inflammatory property and tannic acid, green tea bags can efficiently relieve inflammation and pain as well as bring down cysts and prevent infections [7].

How to use:

  • Soak the tea bags in warm water for around 5 minutes.
  • Strain and squeeze the tea bags to get rid of excessive water.
  • Apply the wet tea bags onto your eyelid for around 5 minutes.
  • Keep doing for couples of time per day.

8. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera - Home Remedies for Eyelid Cysts

Strong in anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, Aloe Vera can be used to reduce such symptoms as swelling, redness and even infections [8][9].

How to use:

  • Use the gel from Aloe Vera leaves to apply onto the eyelid for around 15 minutes. After that, cleanse using warm water. Keep doing for couples of time per day for 1 week.
  • Use a cotton ball to dip in the gel and then put on the eyelid for around 20 minutes. After 2 hours, repeat the procedure. Keep doing for 1 week.

9. Parsley

Good at detoxify cysts as well as contain antibacterial substance, parsley can promote quick healing process and prevent infections [10].

How to use:

  • Take some fresh parsley into hot bowl of water.
  • When water is cool, soak a piece of cloth in the water and squeeze
  • Apply the cloth onto the eyelid for around 15 minutes.
  • Repeat 3 times per day for 1 week.

10. Milk

Using cold milk to cleanse your eyelid will promote a quicker healing process as well as soothe your painful eyelid.

11. Coriander Seeds

With anti-inflammatory property, coriander seeds effectively alleviate pain, swelling and redness from cysts [11].

How to use:

  • Take 1 teaspoon of the seeds into 1 hot boiling cup of water
  • After the water is cool, wash your eyelid using that water.
  • Repeat for 2 to 3 times per day until there is positive result.

12. Breast Milk

Breast Milk - Home Remedies for Eyelid Cysts

It is extremely effective against eyelid cysts; however, this remedy is also hard to come by as there is not always a pregnant woman close by. In case, there is breast milk, you can drop some on your eyelid to make the cysts disappear faster [12][13].

13. Onion Juice

  • Take some onion and squeeze them for the juice.
  • Put some drops onto the eyelid to quicken the healing process.
  • Repeat couples of time per day.

14. Rose Water and Honey

Rose water is the number one product for skin and so is honey. Therefore, using this combination solution for cleansing your eyelid is excellent at promoting a quicker healing process.

15. Personal Hygiene

Keep yourself hygienic not only help improve the healing process but also prevent infections.

  • Keep your eyelids clean with shampoo and warm water.
  • Avoid sharing handkerchief and towel for men and eye cosmetics for women.
  • Never touch your eyes with unclean hands.
  • Keep the skin area around your eyes as hygienic as possible.
  • Control your eye rubbing habit.
  • Restrain on using cosmetics as well as contact lenses.
  • Change your eye cosmetics on a 6-months basis, particularly mascara.
  • Keep your eyes out of polluted air and dust.
  • Never rub or squeeze the cysts and let them go on their own.
*Disclaim: The effectiveness from applying these natural tips will be depended on the body condition of the applicant.

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