Home Remedies for Diverticulitis

Home Remedies for Diverticulitis

What is Diverticulitis?

Diverticulitis, which is related to the colon, happens when the diverticula is inflamed. The inflammation is shown through the forming of small abnormal sacs in the wall of the intestines [1][2].

The causes of diverticulitis can be related to some unhealthy activities such as: having low fiber diet, controlling bowel movements or lacking physical activities.

Symptoms of Diverticulitis

Some common signs and symptoms of diverticulitis include: abdominal pain, cramp in the lower abdomen, nausea, bloating, constipation, fever, chills, and irregular bowel movement [3].

What causes Diverticulitis?

Diverticulitis can cause some sudden severe pains. Although the pain might be relieved after that but it will come back later and be worsen. Therefore, diverticulitis should be curbed as soon as possible [4].

Here are the top 15 most effective home remedies for diverticulitis which are easy for you to apply at home in order to treat the symptoms of diverticulitis and improve your digestive system.

1. Garlic

Garlic is one of the best home remedies for diverticulitis thanks to its antibacterial and antifungal properties. It can be found easily in your kitchen as one of common spices for cooking [5][6].

Garlic - Home Remedies for Diverticulitis


You can supplement garlic directly to your daily diet to get the best results. Eat some fresh garlic cloves by adding to your favorite food such as salads and soups. It is effective in not only treating diverticulitis but also improving the taste.

Raw garlic is very useful in soothing the digestive tract and get rid of harmful things that can create diverticula inside your body.

See more effects of garlic for home remedies for congestion, sore throat, and shingles.

2. Pears

Many people may have doubt about the usage of pear in treating diverticulitis. In fact, this amazing fruit is not only delicious, good for your health but also it helps cure diverticulitis effectively. This is thanks to its components that can soothe the digestive. In addition, pears also can reduce the inflammation [7].

Pears - Home Remedies for Diverticulitis

To apply the method with pear, you just need to choose and buy some fresh pears and keep them in your refrigerator. Take one pear and remove its skin. Cut it into some small pieces. Eat from 2 to 3 raw pieces each time.

Alternatively, you can make fresh pear juice by grinding them well and pour in a glass. Take a glass of juice every day to see the improvement. Read more: Home Remedies for Hemorrhoids.

3. Potatoes

Potatoes - Home Remedies for Diverticulitis

Potatoes are used very commonly in cooking. It can be processed in many ways ranging from baking, boiling to broiling. It is so amazing that this kind of food can also be applied to cure diverticulitis.

To apply potatoes, you just need to add them to your regular diet. However, it should be noted that fried potatoes is not recommended. Despite the fact that fried potatoes is favorite food of many people but it can be very harmful to your health.

4. Papaya

Papaya contains papain – one kind of natural digestive aid. This substance is very helpful in improving the digestion process and cleaning the digestive tract of blockages [8].

Papayas - Home Remedies for Diverticulitis

Choose a fresh papaya; remove its skin and seeds as well. Then cut the papaya into several small pieces. Eat 2-3 raw pieces of papaya daily. Alternatively, make a papaya juice by grinding its pieces. Every day, take a glass of the juice to see the improvement in your body. Read more: Home Remedies For Indigestion.

5. Heating Pad

Diverticulitis will cause some pain that can make you sick and discomfort. Therefore, how to deal with the pain is essential important during the time of curing diverticulitis.

One of simple way to get relief from the pain is to use a heating pad or hot compress. All you need to do is to dip a cotton towel into hot water and remove the excess water. Put it over your abdomen and try to relax your body. The pain will gradually reduce and disappear.

6. Relaxation Techniques

Besides the method of applying heating pad to your abdomen, some relaxation techniques are very necessary.

Relaxation techniques include: slow and deep breathing in a quiet room, a deep sleeping, and a suitable rest. These techniques can reduce the pain as well. It can keep both your mind and body fit so that you can quickly discovery from the disease.

7. Change The Eating Habits

It is better to have some small meals rather than have 2-3 big meals during a day. Having at least 6 smaller meals a day is highly recommended. The effect of having several small meals is promoting the digestive tract works. If too much food is supplemented into body, the bowel will be hard to digest all of them, which leads to more pressure inside colon. This may cause pain and diverticulitis.

Smaller meals will reduce these risks and provide reliefs from the pain, inflammation and discomfort.

8. Liquid Diet

Liquid Diet - Home Remedies for Diverticulitis

It is very necessary to apply liquid diet every day in case of having diverticulitis. This is because it can help heal the digestive tract and support the movement of waste material inside colon.

To make your body liquid, just simply supplement more water daily. Drink more water is the first choice. Let it become your habit as water is really good for your health. Another options, you can take fruit juices, carbonated beverages, ice pops, broth, etc.

A liquid diet is recommended to apply during the time of treating diverticulitis and at least a few weeks later.

9. Fiber Food

Fiber food is also needed in the process of healing digestive track. However, it should be apply to your daily diet slowly, after the time of having a liquid diet [9].

Start to add some kind of fiber foods such as boiled vegetables, eggs and yogurt. They are very good for the digestive system. The fiber contents support the healing process. In addition, it also makes sure that your digest system can work to digest the solids that you supplemented.

The level of fiber can gradually increase to support quickly healing and avoid recurrences.

10. Healthy Bowel Habits

Have meals at fixed times should be practiced along with lots of fluids intakes to have a healthy bowel habit.

In addition, avoid controlling bowel movements. This is very harmful for your health. Thus controlling bowel movements can be one of the main reasons that cause diverticulitis. This is because waste materials will be blocked inside the colon and cause pressure inside the large intestine. Remember to make a habit of using toilet at least once a day as well as whenever you need.

11. Avoid Using Laxatives

You should avoid using laxatives to improve your bowel movements because it is very harmful to your body. Side effects of laxatives such as flatulence, abdominal gas, bloating and abdominal cramps will create more pressure to the colon and lead to diverticulitis.

If laxatives are really needed in some cases, try to use natural laxatives to reduce the risk of having hard stools.

12. Regular Exercises

Exercise - Home Remedies for Diverticulitis

Every day, at least 30 minutes for doing exercises is really necessary for a good health. They can keep fit both inside and outside your body.

Regular exercises are also helpful in reducing the risk of diverticulitis. They will support the bowel movement and reduce the pressure inside the digestive tract.

13. Adequate Rest

Take adequate rest helps reduce the level of pain causing by a diverticulitis. It can also refresh your mind and support your body to recovery after a hard working or studying day.

A suitable time of rest can promote the healing process and prevent the situation of diverticulitis from worsening. You will get relief soon if try to keep your body in rest whenever it requires.

14. Glucomannan

Glucomannan – a kind of soluble fiber – can be helpful in relieving the symptoms of diverticulitis. It is better to be combined with rifaximin – a poorly absorbed antibiotic [10][11].

Glucomannan is available in the root of konjac, a kind of plant that often grows in Asia. It exists in the form of a soluble, bulk fiber. Take an enough amount of the combination to get relief from diverticulitis soon.

15. Psyllium

Psyllium - Home Remedies for Diverticulitis

Psyllium is a natural source of mucilage. Its initial usage is to contract the colon walls. In some cases, Psyllium can be used to cure diverticulitis as well.

Psyllium can exist in the form of power, capsule or water, so it will be very optional in choosing the way to take them.

Although both glucomannan and psyllium can be used for the treating diverticulitis, please notice you should check to make sure that your body could take response to these kinds of treatments.

*Disclaim: The effectiveness from applying these natural tips will be depended on the body condition of the applicant.

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