Home Remedies for Diabetes

Home Remedies for Diabetes

What is Diabetes?

Diabetes, also known as diabetes mellitus, is a term used to refer to people who have high blood glucose (blood sugar). There are 3 main types of diabetes:

Type 1 diabetes is the case in which the insulin inside body is not produced enough. It is estimated that patients of type 1 diabetes make up 10% of all diabetes cases, near as equal as type 2 in which there is insulin resistance of cells, leading to the lack of insulin [1][2].

Another main type of diabetes, called gestational diabetes, happens mostly in pregnant women who do not even have record of diabetes before.

Causes of Diabetes

Although type 1 diabetes occurs at any age, it is likely to appear in children and young adults. On the contrary, type 2 diabetes tends to develop in middle-aged and older people who are also overweight or obese. The main cause leading to type 2 diabetes is obesity and physical inactivity. Besides that, diabetes is due to a combination of factors such as: [3]

  • Viruses and infections
  • Infant feeding practices
  • Abnormal Glucose Production by the Liver
  • Genetic Susceptibility
  • Autoimmune Destruction of Beta Cells
  • Environmental Factors

Symptoms of Diabetes

  • Frequent urinating
  • Increased thirst and hunger
  • Extreme debility
  • Weight loss
  • Bad eyesight
  • Slow healing
  • Tingling, pain, or numbness on hands or legs

Although there is no cure for diabetes, you still have several natural remedies for diabetes to control your blood sugar level so that you can live a normal life.

Here are top home remedies for diabetes that you’d better take note to protect and help yourself with the condition…

1. Cinnamon

In regard to methods for diabetes, cinnamon is the first option since it is able to stimulate insulin, leading to the blood sugar levels decrease, especially in type 2 diabetes [4].

Cinnamon - Home Remedies for Diabetes

However, be caution with choosing cinnamon for treatments. Ceylon cinnamon is highly recommended over Cassia cinnamon, which can be harmful to our liver.

  • Consume the solution of cinnamon and warm water daily
  • Another ways is to put cinnamon sticks in a cup of boiling water and leave it there for 20 minutes.
  • Add cinnamon to you daily diet
  • Do this until you see the improvement.

2. Bitter gourd

For a long time, bitter gourd have been used to improve health of both type 1 and type 2 diabetes patients thanks to its ability to lower blood glucose not only in organ or cells but all the body. However, bitter gourd cannot completely replace insulin treatment [5].

Bitter Gourd - Home Remedies for Diabetes

  • Extract the juice from some bitter gourds that are removed the seeds before. Mix the juice with some water. Drink it before breakfast every morning for at least 2 months
  • Alternatively, you can add bitter gourds to your daily diet.

Learn more about other benefits of bitter gourd at How to Stop Nail Biting.

3. Mango leaves

Mango leaves can act as a helpful assistant in the fight against diabetes since it can regulate the blood insulin levels [6].

Mango leaves - Home Remedies for Diabetes

  • Use the water which is soaked with mango leaves overnight to drink before breakfast every day
  • Another option is to eat 2 teaspoons of mango leaves powder daily
  • Keep doing this for a few months

4. Fenugreek

Thanks to the hypoglycaemic activity, fenugreek makes a wonderful remedy to lower blood glucose and control diabetes. Specifically, the properties containing in fenugreek will make the carbohydrates and sugars absorb slowly [7].

Fenugreek - Home Remedies for Diabetes

  • Consume the water and the seeds of fenugreek, which are soaked overnight before breakfast every morning. Do this for a few months until you see improvement.
  • Add fenugreek powder to you daily milk

Also, fenugreek is also used for many other health problems. For further information, read more at Home Remedies for Vaginal Discharge.

5. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is well known as a wonderful remedy for beauty treatment. Besides, it also work effectively to control the sugar levels in blood, which is good for diabetes patients, especially the ones of type 2 [8].Aloe Vera - Home Remedies for Diabetes

Use the mixture of ground bay leaves, turmeric and aloe vera gel with the same amount to consume twice daily.

6. Okra

As other remedies, okra, or “lady finger” helps balance the sugar levels in blood and control diabetes.

Take a few okras and cut off the ends of them, use a fork to prick them then put all into the water. Drink the water in the next morning before breakfast.

Alternatively, you can add okra into your daily meal.

7. Amla

Amla is an Indian glooseberry, which can be used to control diabetes thanks to its rich vitamin C content that helps enhance the pancreas function [9].

Indian Gooseberry - Home Remedies for Diabetes

  • Make the juice from 2-3 amla. Drink it every day before breakfast
  • For better effect, you can use the solution of amla juice and bittergourd juice
  • Keep doing this for a few months to get the best result.

Besides, amla is also on the top list of natural remedies to control urination. You can find out more at Home Remedies for Frequent Urination.

8. Guava

Guava is another efficient remedy, which is used to regulate the blood sugar level. However, do not consume guava excessively to get the best result [10].

9. Curry leaves

Thanks to anti-diabetic properties, curry leaves are popularly used as a diabetes controller and preventer since it is able to keep blood glucose in the body at the right rate [11][12].

Simply consume 10 fresh curry leaves in every morning. Do this for a few months to see the improvement.

10. Black Plum

Black plum is an Indian black berry, which is not only delicious but also rich in anthocyanins, ellagic acid, etc. which are helpful in blood sugar controlling [13].

Black Plum - Home Remedies for Diabetes

Specifically, the fruits and seeds of the plant can be used to reduce urine levels quickly. Besides, the seeds of black plum are also good for blood sugar regulation.

Try to add as many black plums as you can to your daily meal. Otherwise, you can consume the solution of plum powder with water twice a day to see the improvement.

11. Exercise

One of the main reasons that lead to type 2 diabetes is the lack of physical activities and obesity. In this case, exercise is the solution since it will help your body healthier in general and makes your liver work more effectively in particular. Therefore, at least 30 minutes of exercise everyday is highly recommended [14][15].

Additionaly, it would be necessary to combine a healthy diet and proper amount of water with exercise if you want to achieve the best result.

*Disclaim: The effectiveness from applying these natural tips will be depended on the body condition of the applicant.

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  1. I just want clarification on control/manage diabetes using mango leaves ” soaking mango leaves overnight in water” not boiling the water with mango leaves? Pls clarify if geting to boil or not to boil with the water.

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