Home Remedies for Constipation

Home Remedies for Constipation

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What is Constipation?

Constipation is a problem with your digestive system, not a kind of illness.

In fact, it is a situation when your bowel movements are hard to work or happen less than normal. It takes a long time of you to sit in the toilet and try to push things out of your bowel, but nothing happens. Sometimes, it causes pain.

If constipation lasts for a long times, it can be the main reason to directly cause hemorrhoids.

In recent years, the state of constipation in young people, especially those who work in the workplace is on the rise. The main reason is due to heavy work pressures, excessive psychological stresses, lacks of physical activities, sports and long time sitting in office [1].

Symptoms of Constipation

The common symptoms of constipation are little defecation (no defecation in almost 3 days or less than 3 times in a week) and some bouts of abdominal cramps; stools are small, hard and black. The bowel have to push very hard, sometimes it causes pain and leads to bleed at anus [2].

These symptoms can cause much trouble to the patient and affect the quality of life.

Causes of Constipation [3]

  • Poor diet and lack of drinking water regularly.
  • Lack of physical activities.
  • Irregular defecation.
  • Weakness of abdominal muscles.
  • Laxative abuse.

Here are top 15 home remedies for constipation that you definitely should take into account to prepare yourself before constipation happens…

1. Lemon

Lemon is one of the most effective home remedies for constipation. It can help you relieve constipation by stimulating and strengthening digestive system.

Lemon - Home Remedies for Constipation

Squeeze half of a lemon to get the lemon juice. Pour out some water and then add a little salt and honey. Drink this kind of water in the morning, when you have not eaten something yet.

Also you can add some lemon juice to your tea and enjoy. It will not only treat constipation, but also make your tea tastier.

These methods will help you keep drinking more water every day which is really good for your long term digestion.

Keep drinking lemon water daily to get the best results.

2. Honey

Honey - Home Remedies for Constipation

Honey is an amazing natural ingredient that can be used to treat a wide range of diseases at home. For how to get rid of constipation, you can use it as a mild laxative [4].

The simplest way to use honey is directly eat it. You can take honey 3 times a day with the amount of 2 teaspoons each time.

Another way, mix 1 teaspoon of honey with lemon juice and add some warm water. Drink this honey-lemon juice every morning before having breakfast to see its wonderful usage.

You can also learn more about using honey for home remedies for congestion as well as home remedies on how to get rid of blemishes.

3. Sesame Seeds

Sesame - Home Remedies for Constipation

This kind of home remedy for constipation is favored by Chinese and Amish folk healers. Sesame seeds consist of the oil that can help keep moisturize the intestines to prevent the problem from happening.

Sesame seeds can be used as additional ingredients to your cereals or salads. Try them and you will get relief from the constipation.

4. Mint or Ginger Tea

Ginger tea

Mint or ginger tea not only can alleviate the digestive problems but also help relax your mind.

Peppermint can help reduce the digestive tract thanks to the menthol that is carried in it. Ginger is a kind of herb that can warm up the body and speed up sluggish digestion. The usage of both kinds of teas are stimulating digestion and relieving constipation [5][6].

You should warm up your body with ginger tea or peppermint tea every day to quickly get rid of the problem.

Also you can read the more usages of ginger tea as well as mint tea in home Remedies for Toothache, home remedies for wisdom tooth pain or even to get rid of clogged pores.

5. Coffee

Rather than being a kind of favorite drink in each morning, coffee can act as a natural home remedies for constipation.

Coffee - Home Remedies for Constipation

Caffeine that contained in each cup of coffee we drink every day can help stimulate the digestive system and reduce the symptoms of constipation [7][8].

The most suitable amount of coffee that you should drink every day is from one to two cups. An enough amount is beneficial. But remember not to over drink because it can cause some side effects. A long with this, you also need to drink more water to make sure you urinate more frequently.

6. Fiber and water

The lack of fiber is considered as the main reason that can cause constipation. One of the fiber’s functions is to maintain the level of water in your intestine that softens the stool. Therefore, one of the best home remedies for constipation must be the combination of fiber and water [9].

To supplement fiber to your body, you should add some kinds of food such as: beans, potatoes, carrots, fresh fruits, green vegetables, pumpkin, sunflower seeds and so on. These kinds are very rich of fiber.

Besides, you should create the habit of drinking a lot of water every day. At least 8-10 cup of water is recommended.

7. Fennel

Fennel is one kind of herb that can be used not only to get rid of constipation but also to solve many kinds of diseases such as: indigestion, bloating and irritable bowel syndrome. When entering in your body, it helps the digestive tract move smoother and relieves the constipation.

Roast 1 cup of fennel seeds. Grind them and save the power in a jar. Every time using fennel seeds power, you take ½ teaspoon of it and put into a cup of warm water. Stir and drink this kind of water.

Home remedy with fennel should be daily taken to get the best result.

8. Figs

Fig is a natural constipation treatment that can help improve laxation. It contains a lot of fiber and calcium that are very necessary for treating constipation. It can be used when it is fresh or dry [10].

If you have fresh figs, just simply eat them without removing their skin because the skin is the part that contains most fibers.

If you have some dried ones, follow these simple steps: take 2-3 dried figs and the same amount of almonds. Deep these kinds of fruits into water for several hours. Remove the almonds’ skin and grind the ingredients to get a paste. Add some honey and eat this paste.

Follow this remedy every night and you will see the results.

9. Grapes

Grapes - Home Remedies for Constipation

Grape is one kind of favorite fruits that can provides a lot of nutrients to your body. It also can be used for reducing the discomfort of constipation thanks to its insoluble fiber composition [11][12]. This makes the fruit a wonderful solution for how to get rid of constipation.

Follow this remedies, you just need to add grape to your daily bowl of fruits and enjoys them. A fresh grape juice is also recommended if you want to drink something.

If you don’t have some fresh grapes, another choice is to make a solution with dry grapes. Add 10-12 dried grapes to a cup of milk and boil this for some minutes. Take this solution in very evening to get the best results.

10. Spinach

Spinach contains some compositions that can help clean, reconstruct and generate the intestinal tract. The patient will no longer suffer from constipation if he uses this kind of herb for home treatment [13].

Fresh spinach should be added to your daily diet. You can cook or even eat fresh spinach, it depends on how much you response to this kind of vegetable.

Another option, you can make for yourself a cup of spinach juice and enjoy it if you want to quickly alleviate the constipation. Drink this kind of juice 2 times a day and continue some days after.

11. Aloe

Besides soothing the minor cuts and burns, aloe can help soothe your tummy and improve the digestive movement.

Pure aloe gel from the plant will bring the best effects. But if you don’t have any plants, you can relate it by drinking commercial aloe juice.

To make your aloe drink, you can mix 2 teaspoons of pure aloe gel with fruit juice and take it every morning until the situation is improved.

A part from treating constipation, aloe can also be used as one of trusted ingredients in Home Remedies for Shingles.

12. Yogurt

Yogurt - Home Remedies for Constipation

Yogurt contains a lot of healthy bacteria that can help your digestive system work effectively. If in your body, these bacteria are strong and plentiful, they can act to reduce the risk of constipation [14].

Home remedy with yogurt is very easy to take. You just need to eat 1 cup of yogurt each time and repeat 3 times a day. It can be filled with probiotics, breakfast or with snacks.

You can see more amazing usages of yogurt in How to Get Rid of Dry Skin.

13. Baking soda

Baking soda is one of the very first home remedies for constipation. It is one kind of bicarbonate that can help push air out of your body and reduce the level of pain from pressure. Also it can neutralize acid and throw out things in your gut.

To apply baking soda, take 1 teaspoon of it and mix with a quarter cup of warm water. Stir well and drink this mixture.

As soon as you take baking soda, the constipation will be quickly removed.

Baking soda can also be used as the natural treatment for how to get rid of clogged pores, home remedies for wisdom tooth pain as well as home remedies for food fungus.

14. Molasses

Molasses is a sweet treatment for the constipation that can help improve the bowels’ movement.

Before sleeping at night, you can eat one teaspoon of molasses. If not, you can reduce the sweet level of molasses to make it easier to eat by mixing it with milk or fruit juice. Then drink this mixture and wait for goods results.

One additional choice, at morning, you can mix 2-3 teaspoons of molasses with the same amount of peanut butter and enjoy them.

However, you should notice that molasses is very rich of calories that can cause obesity if you take a lot amount of it. So, just apply this method for many times with a suitable amount each time and do not repeat this too much.

15. Castor Oil

Being on the list of home remedies for constipation, castor oil is considered as a stimulant laxative that can stimulate the intestines and support the movement of the bowel. The constipation will quickly be defeated and your will get the relief soon.

To use castor oil for constipation, just simply supplement some amount of the oil, often 1-2 teaspoons before you eating something.

To make the oil become more attractive, you can mix it with some kind of fruit juices and enjoy your beneficial juice.

However, we recommend that you should not take this remedy for a long time because it can cause some unexpected results.

These natural home remedies may help if you find the ones that are suitable for your body’s response. However, if you have to face with serve constipation and the situation is not improved after having applied some of these remedies, it is better to go to the doctor and take some advices as well as suitable treatments for your case.

*Disclaim: The effectiveness from applying these natural tips will be depended on the body condition of the applicant.

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