Home Remedies for Chapped Lips

Home Remedies for Chapped Lips

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What are Chapped Lips?

Chapped lips or lips become dry and cracked is a common problem for many people. Common symptoms of dry chapped lips are redness, cracking, peeling skin and pain.

What cause Chapped Lips?

It is often caused by a deficiency of essential vitamins in the body, some kinds of allergic reaction, dehydration, smoking, excessive licking the lips, exposure to sunlight, extreme climatic conditions…

Chapped lips can be easy to treat by using some kinds of commercial products. However the best ways to heal and nourish your lips are to use natural home remedies. They are effective, simple and convenient treatments that you can easy to apply. Don’t hesitate to try because they are totally safe for your health without any side effects.

Here are the top 15 natural home remedies for chapped lips which are easy for you to apply at home in order to get rid of the dryness and restore your beautiful lips…

1. Sugar

Sugar is a natural home remedy that helps in recovering your soft lips by exfoliating dead cells.

Mix 2 teaspoons of sugar with 1 teaspoon of honey. Use this mixture to apply to your lips. Keep it for some minutes. Then gently rub it around your lips by your fingers to remove the dead cells. Finally, wash off with water to remove both the mixture and the dead cells.

2. Honey

Honey is an amazing natural ingredient that is very good for healing process. In home remedies for chapped lips, honey can both heal and keep moisture for your lips [1][2].

Honey - Home Remedies for Chapped Lips

The method to apply honey is very simple. Just simply take some pure honey and rub it on your lips. Make sure to cover your lips well with honey, apply this method several times a day to see the improvement.

Alternatively, mix honey with glycerin to take a paste. Place the paste on your lips before sleeping and keep it there for all night. Wash it off in the next morning. Read more: Home Remedies For Oily Skin.

3. Rose Petals

Rose petal is one of effective natural home remedies for chapped lips. It not only keeps moisture but also enhances the beautiful color for your lips.

Take some rose petals and clean them with water. Then, dip them thoroughly in milk. Keep dipping for several hours. After that, grind the petals so that you can take a paste. Apply the paste to your lips and leave it there as long as possible.

Repeat the process 2-3 times a day for the best effects.

4. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil should be one of top home remedies for chapped lips. Besides the fact that it is very powerful in keeping moisture, it can also prevent cold or dry weather affecting your lips [3].

Coconut Oil - Home Remedies for Chapped Lips

Take an enough amount of coconut oil and apply to your chapped lips. Just simply keep it as long as you can.

Apply the remedy with coconut several times a day and your will see the improvement soon.

Also, coconut oil also makes a perfect remedy for many other health problems. You can find out more Home Remedies for Jock Itch.

5. Castor Oil

Castor oil - Home Remedies for Chapped Lips

Castor oil is considered as an alternative of home remedy for chapped lips made with coconut oil. It also brings many advantages for your lips.

All you need to do is to take some castor oil and apply it to your lips. Repeat this process several times a day to get rid of chapped lips.

Alternatively, mix well 1 teaspoon of castor oil with 1 teaspoon of glycerin and add some drops of lemon juice for more effects. Apply the mixture onto the lips before you go to sleep. Keep it sit on overnight before remove it in the next morning with water. Repeat every day to promote the healing process. Read more: Home Remedies for Stretch Marks.

6. Milk Cream

Milk cream is very rich of fat contents that are very helpful in keeping moisture for your lips and promote the healing process.

Take an enough amount of milk cream and apply it directly to the affected lips. Leave it for about 10 minutes. After that, remove it by washing off with lukewarm water.

Follow the treatment of chapped lips so that your lips can be softened quickly.

7. Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera gel is well known for its amazing properties that are very helpful in treating some diseases relating to the lack of moisture [4].

Apply Aloe Vera gel to the affected lips. Make sure to cover the lips well. Keep the gel as long as possible. Although it has unpleasant taste, the gel will bring an incredible effect. Your lips will be softened as soon as you apply this method.

8. Cucumber

Cucumber - Home Remedies for Chapped Lips

Cucumber is one of favorable fresh fruits for your diet that contains a lot of water and vitamins. It also can be used as a natural mask for your face skin and also the treatment for chapped lips as well. In recovering the chapped lips, cucumber acts as a moisturizer and promotes the healing process [5][6].

Choose a fresh cucumber and slice it into several small pieces. Take a slice and rub it well on your lips. The juice in the slice will help soften the dry lips.

Keep holding the slice on your lips for at least 15-20 minutes. After that rinse off with water. Repeat the method several times a day to get the best result.

9. Petroleum Jelly

Another effective home remedies for chapped lips is petroleum jelly. The components in petroleum jelly can be very helpful in nourishing the dry lips.

Take some petroleum jelly and apply it directly to your affected lips. Keep it be on your lips for as long as possible. Repeat the process several times as you can.

Alternatively, rub a layer of honey onto your lips and wait until it becomes dry. Then continue with a layer of petroleum jelly. After some minutes, remove these layers by washing off with warm water. Follow the method 2 times a day to get the best effects.

10. Jojoba Oil

This kind of oil nourishes your dry lips and promotes the healing process. Your lips will be recovered as soon as you apply the oil.

Take a little amount of jojoba oil and apply it directly to the dry lips. Let it be there for at least 15 minutes then wash off with water.

The oil will help you get relief soon if you apply it as regularly as you can.

11. Green Tea Bag

Home remedy with green tea bag is used for along times as one of oldest home remedies for chapped lips. The tea bag is powerful in keeping moisture on your lips [7].

Prepare a cup of hot water. Dip the green tea bag into the water for several minutes. After that, take the tea bag out of the cup. You can enjoy the tea as you often do and just need the used tea bag for the treatment. Wait until the bag becomes cool then apply it to the lips for at least 4 minutes.

Repeat the remedy for several times and you will see your lips are well softened.

12. Lemon Juice

Lemon juice - Home Remedies for Chapped Lips

Lemon juice is very helpful in nourish the lips and lower the process of aging of skin.

Cut half of a lemon and squeeze to get the juice. Add 1 teaspoon of cream or milk to 3 teaspoons of lemon juice. Mix this well and put the mixture into your refrigerator to cool it for 1 hour. After that, apply this cooled mixture to the affected lips before you go to sleep.

Keep repeating this process daily and continue for at least 3 days. You will realize that the chapped lips are recovered soon.

You can find out more about health benefits of lemon juice at Home Remedies for Toenail Fungus.

13. Mango Butter

Mango butter is very rich of fat acid that makes it become an effective moisturizer. It will protect your lips from becoming dry and healing the affected lips.

Take a little amount of mango butter and apply the butter directly to the chapped lips. Keep it being dried naturally then washing off with water.

Repeat the method daily until the chapped lips is healed.

14. Oil

Oil acts as effectively as mango butter in treating chapped lips. Therefore, if the mango butter is not available, you can replace it by using oil- the one that is always available in your kitchen.

Pour a little amount of oil into a bowl and use your fingers or a cotton tip to rub the oil gently on your lips. Make sure to cover the lips thoroughly. Let the oil be on your lips until it become dry naturally. Finally, rinse off with lukewarm water.

The oil will keep your lips softening and lock the moisture as well. It is better to repeat this remedy daily.

15. Water

Water - Home Remedies for Chapped Lips

The lack of water can relate to the chapped lips. It is very important to keep your body fresh from inside by drink a lot of water per day.

Try to drink water several times a day. Each time, a glass of water is recommended. Drink water as much as you can and don’t wait until you feel thirsty. The benefits of drinking water are to keep your body hydrated and flush toxins out of your body.

Besides water, you can also drink some kind of fruits juice or eat a lot of green vegetables. They not only provide water but also supplement vitamins and nutrients for your body.

These natural home remedies are totally safe and worth to be tried. Choose either of them so that you can escape from the chapped lips soon and keep your lips always softening.

*Disclaim: The effectiveness from applying these natural tips will be depended on the body condition of the applicant.

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