Home Remedies for Burping

Home Remedies for Burping

Although burping is just a natural reaction of the body to reduce the amount of gas in the stomach, many people want to avoid it as much as possible. In this article, Authority Remedies will show you top 15 natural home remedies for burping.


When there is an excessive amount of gas in the stomach, burping will happen, along with some other problems, such as bloating. You might notice a sound or even an odor that is similar to that of the foods you ate when you burp. There is no need to worry about burping because it does not cause any harmful effects on your health [1].

However, in many situations, burping can lead to embarrassment and you might want to get rid of burping as soon as possible. There are some natural ingredients that can help you achieve that goal.

You should also bear in mind that if burping occurs repeated or too frequently, it might be a sign to indicate some stomach problems. In this circumstance, you had better have yourself examined so that a professional doctor can give you a conclusion.

Below are top 15 natural home remedies for burping that are easily applied and implemented at home to quickly reduce the symptoms of burping.

1. Yogurt

Yogurt - Home Remedies for Burping

Probiotic foods, such as yogurt, are definitely the best natural home remedies for burping and they can enhance the function of the entire digestive system in general [2][3].

Therefore, if you want to get rid of burping immediately, try consuming an unsweetened yogurt and you are also recommended to do so every day to prevent other digestive problems, such as stomach flu.

2. Peppermint

When it comes to peppermint, you think of its positive effects on the efforts to get rid of bad breath, don’t you? It is true in the burping treatment as well. As burping can come with an odor, other people might not be comfortable with this smell. Therefore, you should use pepper – one of the best natural home remedies for burping – to get rid of both problems at the same time [4].

Peppermint - Home Remedies for Burping

  • Get one spoon of peppermint leaves into boiling water.
  • They should be kept steeping in about 10 minutes before being strained.
  • The tea should be consumed 2-3 times on a daily basis.

Nevertheless, this remedy is not suitable for those who suffered from gallstones.

3. Chamomile

The habit of consuming a cup of chamomile tea after meals has been practiced for years in many parts of the world because of its benefits on the digestive system. According to a research in Molecular Medicine in 2011, chamomile is proved to be super effective in reducing stomach gas. Therefore, it is undeniable that it is one of the best natural home remedies for burping [5][6].

Chamomile - Home Remedies for Burping

  • You can use either tea bag or dried chamomile flowers.
  • Get them into boiling water and keep steeping it in 5 minutes.
  • Then, get the tea bag or flowers removed.
  • Consume the tea slowly a few times per day.

4. Ginger

Another familiar natural home remedy for burping is ginger. With carminative quality, ginger is good for relaxing the gastrointestinal muscles. Ginger is used to treat not only burping, but also bloating and stomach pain [7].

Ginger - Home Remedies for Burping

  • Get some fresh ginger thin slices and put them into boiling water.
  • Continue to steep the mixture in about 10 minutes before straining it.
  • You can pour some spoons of raw honey or lemon juice to maximize the benefits.
  • Consume the tea several times on a daily basis.

If you do not have much time to prepare the tea, you can consider using supplements. However, the second way needs the doctor’s recommendations.

5. Papaya

Papaya - Home Remedies for Burping

The consumption of papaya is beneficial for the condition of our skin, which has been well-known for ages. But papaya is very good to put an end to burping as well. It contains many essential enzymes to improve the digestion and stop the accumulation of gas in your stomach, which leads to burping. Therefore, you are strongly suggested to consume papaya regularly every day to get rid of burping [8].

6. Fennel

One of the most popular natural home remedies for burping is fennel. It has the same carminative quality as ginger and it is very powerful in the prevention of stomach gas. You may find fennel among Home Remedies for Heartburn as well.

To get rid of burping, you can take one spoon of roasted fennel seeds and chew them immediately after having meals. Alternatively, you can use it in the form of tea.

  • Have some fennel seeds crushed before putting them into boiling water.
  • Steep the mixture in about 10 minutes before straining it.
  • Consume the tea regularly during the day.

7. Cardamom

Cardamom - Home Remedies for Burping

Cardamom – another great natural home remedy for burping – can increase the amount of digestive juices in your stomach. This process will help deal with the stomach gas causing burping. Like fennel seeds, you can chew cardamom raw to get rid of burping quickly or apply the same process to get its tea.

8. Cumin Seeds

Cumin seed can be used alone or combined with other natural home remedies for burping, such as fennel seeds, to maximize the benefits.

  • Take equal amounts of cumin seeds and fennel seeds.
  • Have them roasted and mix them with warm water.
  • Consume it several times per day.

9. Lemon

The acidity of lemon will neutralize the gas in your stomach and give you a quick relief in the burping treatment.

Lemon - Home Remedies for Burping

  • Squeeze a lemon to get the fresh juice first.
  • Mix ¼ spoon of baking soda into one spoon of the juice.
  • Pour all of them into a cup of water.
  • Consume the mixture instantly after meals to get rid of burping.

10. Asafetida

With acidic quality, asafedia can serve as a powerful natural home remedy for burping, like lemon. This ingredient is especially effective in treating the stomach ache thanks to its antispasmodic quality. However, those who suffer from high blood pressure should not apply this method [9].

You can mix asafetida with warm water to consume regularly. Or you can bring it in daily cooking more frequently.

11. Anise Seed

In anise seeds, scientists found out the presence of many essential components that support the burping treatment. It can relax the muscles in the stomach and help expel more gas from the stomach [10].

Anise seeds can be chewed raw to get the best results. If you do not want to do so, you can make it into the tea.

  • Have them crushed before you put it into hot water.
  • Steep them in about 5 minutes before straining it.
  • Consume the mixture twice per day.

12. Holy Basil

Basil - Home Remedies for Burping

With antispasmodic and carminative qualities, holy basil can be seen as one of the most effective natural home remedies for burping. It can be chewed in the morning to help you undergo a day without burping. Or you can make the tea from steeping basil leaves and boiling water in 5 minutes [11].

13. Quit Smoking

Are you aware that burping actually occurs more frequently in smokers? It is because they inhale more smoke that will be trapped in the body. As a consequence, a series of problems, like burping or acid reflux, are more likely to be seen. Thus, if you want to get rid of burping and many embarrassing situation it leads to, it is time you quitted smoking [12].

14. Avoid Alcohol

An excessive amount of alcohol intake is responsible for excessive gas in the stomach as well. What experts suggest you is to reduce the consumption of alcohol as much as you can [13].

15. No Foods Producing Gas

None of these above mentioned natural home remedies for burping will bring positive effects if you still continue to consume foods that produce gas in the stomach. They include foods which are rich of carbohydrate or fat. You should limit the frequency of consuming beans, milk, wheat or breads.

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*Disclaim: The effectiveness from applying these natural tips will be depended on the body condition of the applicant.

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