Home Remedies for Bruises

Home Remedies for Bruises

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In this article, Authority Remedies will help you understand what are bruises, the symptoms and top 15 natural home remedies for bruises.

What are Bruises?

Bruises are small spots on the skin whose color is transformed into the dark color. The most common ones are black or blue. You may see the appearance of bruises when there is damage to small blood vessels lying under your skin after a fall [1].

What causes Bruises?

Any injury to the skin can lead to bruises. This problem is more frequently recorded in old people as the flexibility of the skin reduces throughout time. Besides, genetic factor should be carefully considered as well because there are many cases in which people in a family all get bruises [2].

Symptoms of Bruises

The first symptom is that painful feeling may emerge when you touch the skin areas affected by bruises. Besides, redness and swelling are the most common symptoms of bruises. In some severe circumstances, bruises can expand themselves to other parts of the body and affect seriously people’s eyes.

But overall, bruises are a common problem and it often disappears within several days. If they do not, you can use some natural home remedies to get rid of bruises quickly. The advantage of this method is that your health is not affected badly due to side effects of drugs.

Here are top 15 simple natural home remedies for bruises that might make you surprised by its amazing effects.

1. Pineapple

Pineapple - Home Remedies for Bruises

As the root of this problem lies under the skin, you need something that provides the nutrients absorbed easily through the skin. And here is pineapple – one of the best natural home remedies for bruises. In pineapple, scientists found out the presence of bromelain, a special enzyme that can remove the bruises effectively. The anti-inflammatory quality of pineapple is another benefit you can enjoy when you apply this remedy [3][4].

You can either eat a pineapple raw or make the juice from it.

2. Papaya

Papaya - Home Remedies for Bruises

Another fruit that can provide the body with a considerable amount of bromelain is papaya. Therefore, it can be considered as one of the most effective natural home remedies for bruises as well. The vitamins a papaya can supply to the body  are very beneficial for the immune system.

From now on, you had better bring more papaya into your list of daily foods to get rid of bruises as quickly as possible.

3. Tea Bag

If you want a naturally home remedy for bruises that take effects from the outside and most importantly, is inexpensive, then tea bag is the most ideal for you.

Tea Bag - Home Remedies for Bruises

  • Take an used tea bag and put it into warm water for several minutes.
  • Put the tea bag over the areas affected by the bruises.

After a few minutes, you will realize the pain is gone and you should keep doing this for several days until you notice improvements.

4. Egg

This remedy does not require you to spend time on preparation or cooking. Egg itself can become one of the simplest, but most effective natural home remedies for bruises. The main purpose of this method is to make the dark color fade away soon and prevent the swelling.

Egg - Home Remedies for Bruises

All you need to have is a boiled egg.

Then, remove its skin and roll the warm egg over the skin areas affected by bruises for several minutes.

5. Comfrey

This traditional remedy has been applied for thousands of years to help cure the injuries on the skin and bruises. It is one of the oldest home remedies for bruises from the nature [5].

Comfrey - Home Remedies for Bruises

  • Take one spoon of dried comfrey into boiling water.
  • Put the mixture over the heat and steep it for at least 10 minutes.
  • Wait till the mixture is warm.
  • Dip a cotton ball in the mixture and place it over the areas affected by bruises.

You should follow this method 2-3 times per day until the bruises disappear.

6. Butter

Butter is super beneficial for the bruise treatment. People also make use of butter to cure burns.

  • Prepare fresh butter.
  • Place it over the skin areas affected by bruises.
  • Give these areas some massage with your hands.

7. Potato

The soothing quality of potato is necessary in the efforts to get rid of bruises. It can have positive impacts on the skin immediately and turn its color into pink. Besides, the nutrients from potato can enter the skin easily and fix the problems in the blood clot.

Potato - Home Remedies for Bruises

  • Take a clean potato and cut it into thin slices.
  • Place each slice on the each area where bruises appear.

8. Lemon

Lemon is one of the most effective home remedies for bruises, although it may cause an uncomfortable sensation when applied on the skin. You can read more about Top 10 Natural Benefits of Lemon.

  • First, you need fresh lemon juice by crushing a lemon.
  • Then, take advantage of a cotton ball to soak in the juice.
  • Use the cotton ball to apply the lemon juice over the bruises and leave it there in about 5 minutes before you take water to wash the skin.

9. Coffee

Do not worry about the unwanted consequence of coffee on your mind; for example, it may make you sleepy. You do not need to consume coffee to get rid of bruises. Applying coffee directly on the skin is one of the best natural home remedies for bruises, or even injuries.

  • Take a few black coffee that has been grinded before.
  • Place them on the areas affected by bruises.
  • Use a bandage to cover the areas. Keep them there in several hours.

10. Arnica

Arnica is a wonderful herb used to remove the painful feeling and prevent inflamed skin effectively. It can improve the flow of blood into the areas affected by bruises and therefore, reduces the dark color on the skin [6].

  • Prepare the gel extracted from arnica.
  • Apply the gel slowly on the bruises 2-3 times per day.

11. Onion

Almost everyone do know the anti-inflammatory quality of onion, but only a few people think about applying onion in the bruise treatment. When bruises can cause inflamed skin, onion is definitely one of the most effective natural home remedies for bruises [7].

Onion - Home Remedies for Bruises

To get the best results from this ingredient, you can place raw onion slices over the bruises so that the skin can absorb more nutrients. You can cover these areas with a bandage. It should be done several times a day.

If you are interested in onion, you can read Top 10 Health Benefits of Onion.

12. Sugar

Strange as it may sound, sugar can be used to help you get rid of bruises quickly. But you do need to prepare hot sugar syrup first.

  • Rub sugar syrup over your skin areas affected by bruises. This remedy should be used when it is hot, but if you are not willing, you can use it warm.
  • Then, take an ice pack to put on these areas.

13. Lard

If the bruise treatment does not take place early, bruises can expand their areas and make a big area of the skin darker and darker. To deal with this problem, you can make use of lard – one of the best home remedies for bruises.

  • Prepare one spoon of lard and half a spoon of salt.
  • Combine them together properly.
  • The mixture should be put over the bruises in some minutes.

14. Alfafa

Vitamin K plays a vital role in the bruise treatment and the healing process. Thus, consuming the foods that contain much vitamin K must be the first priority of sufferers. Alfafa is one of these foods. It serves as one of the most effective home remedies for bruises [8].

Alfafa Leaves - Home Remedies for Bruises

You can place alfafa leaves immediately on your bruises to avoid the worse scenario.

15. Grape Seed

Grape seed can provide an enormous amount of flavonoid, a substance that can speed up the healing process of the wound [9][10].

  • Take 10-15 grape seeds and have them crushed to get the juice.
  • Consume the juice at least twice per day until you see the improvements.
*Disclaim: The effectiveness from applying these natural tips will be depended on the body condition of the applicant.

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