Home Remedies for Blood Poisoning

Home Remedies for Blood Poisoning

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Known as a severe health disease, blood poisoning can become life-threatening if there is no proper treatment. In this article, you will have chance to know how to prevent this condition by learning the symptoms, causes, some natural treatments that work effectively.


Blood poisoning happens as bacteria that trigger infection inside several parts of the body enter the bloodstream. In fact, the occurrence of those bacteria is considered as septicemia [1] or it is also known as sepsis [2] . Sometimes, both terms are used interchangeably; however, while septicemia is the state of possessing bacteria in the blood that enables to cause death, sepsis is regarded as severe and becomes life threatening if remained untreated.

Such infection is commonly found in the lungs, urinary tract and abdomen. Blood poisoning can occur mostly in hospitalized suffers where the risk of infection is reported to be relatively high.

What causes Blood Poisoning?

You might not develop sepsis if there is no any infection first. Basically, this condition is caught in people who recover from surgeries, serious wounds or dental extraction [3] [4] [5] . More importantly, the elderly, infant and young children, who experience weak immune systems [6] are more prone to this health issue. Also, you are at higher risk of contracting blood poisoning if suffering from some chronic diseases, including diabetes, cancer, AIDS, liver or kidney disease, a severe burn [7] or physical trauma [8] [9] .

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What are the symptoms of Blood Poisoning?

Some common symptoms of blood poisoning consist of:

  • Fever
  • Chills
  • Accelerated breathing, along with heart rate
  • Rash
  • Confusion
  • Disorientation

A blood test to know whether the number of white blood cells is normal or not is widely used to help diagnose blood poisoning.

Advanced symptoms of blood poisoning include red spots on the skin, shock, little or no urine production.

Home Remedies for Blood Poisoning

Do remember that blood poisoning can result in respiratory distress syndrome [10] [11] , accompanied with septic shocks [12] . In case it is not treated completely and immediately, those complications ailment can torture patients to death later.

For safety reason, it is necessary to contact with your doctors to get your blood tested. It is not always easy to self-diagnose blood poisoning since the symptoms are similar to other conditions. Doctors use to examine a physical exam, including checking your blood pressure and body temperature.

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Take a note that proper diagnosis and treatments are extremely critical because the infection can spread to the tissues or heart valves [13] [14] . Once you are contracting blood positioning, you will receive the treatment at hospital. In case the symptoms of shock happens, they will require the intensive care. Some early signs of shock can consist:

  • Fast and Weak pulse
  • Dizziness
  • Unconsciousness
  • Paleness
  • Rapid breathing

If you are a blood poisoning suffer, you should not look down on this article. Even though this severe health disease is so complicated that it offers immediate medical attention, some top natural home remedies for blood poisoning can also help. Those remedies are beneficial for alleviating the symptoms and accelerating the process of recovery in many patients.

Following are top 10 natural cures for blood poisoning that need to be taken into consideration.

1. Turmeric

Turmeric - Home Remedies for Blood Poisoning

Turmeric is known as one of the traditional home remedies for a wide variety of health problems, including, of course, blood poisoning. Thanks to its curcumin compound, turmeric is used to promote the protein level in your blood. As infused with more protein, the blood in your body can combat and inhibit various kinds of infection. Also, this healthy ingredient is beneficial for preventing swelling and bonds with its antibiotics, leaving with little or no side effect.

To help treat blood poisoning, you had better include some turmeric in your daily meals while cooking. You can opt for mixing a teaspoon of turmeric with boiled as well as cooed water and then consuming the solution every day. The recommended intake of turmeric is about 2 grams monthly.

2. Garlic

Garlic - Home Remedies for Blood Poisoning

Pretty much people know that garlic is among best vegetables that can be widely used to treat lots of health ailments and blood poisoning is no exception. Garlic is a trusted home remedy for this condition since it has a component called allicin [15] to help fight against some certain types of inflammations in the body leading to blood poisoning. Using garlic frequently can boost the immune system to a great extent.  Plus, it was used as a natural solution for warriors having wounds and infections such as gangrene [16] and sepsis.

If you are suffering from blood poisoning, don’t forget to add garlic to your daily meals to stave off the impacts of sepsis. Another option is to mix some chopped garlic cloves with honey and continue to swallow it. This treatment can get rid of other infection and relieve the symptoms of blood poisoning effectively.

3. Honey

Honey - Home Remedies for Blood Poisoning

A research carried out by the University of Western Ontario has demonstrated that honey is potential for fighting with blood poisoning, and thereby promoting your immune system. Honey is considered as fast recovery booster. In the future, it will be used more extensively as an impressive pharmaceutical tool.

Regarding the application, all you need to do is to consume two spoons of honey each day. In addition, it can be mixed with milk and other beverages to keep the body staying healthy. In case you get a wound, then applying honey to those affected skin areas per day is a perfect cure for better results is.

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4. Vitamin C

Vitamin C [17] plays an important role in treating blood poisoning. It helps greatly prevent the onset of blood poisoning. In fact, you can choose either infecting or consuming it orally. Vitamin C in the form of pills is commonly found at most drugstores and proven to be safe for eating. You can also eat some rich vitamin C fruits and products to help combat with infection.

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5. Mung Bean

Feinstein Institute for Medical Research scientists has pointed out that mung bean [18] extract is good for eliminating sepsis infection. The bean belongs to India and has proven its extensive use in Chinese food.

As taking in this bean, it can decrease the function of a deoxyribonucleic acid protein – HMGB1 [19] , associated with inflammation. Consuming bean helps neutralize HMGB1 and restrict the sepsis formation.

6. Echinacea Herb

Echinacea Herb - Home Remedies for Blood Poisoning

Another natural cure for blood poisoning is Echinacea herb [20] . This herb helps boost the immune system and thereby keeping the infections at bay. A cup of boiled water mixed with two teaspoons of powdered Echinacea herb successfully combat with sepsis. You should consume the mixture when it cools down. Remember to perform the same process up to thrice daily for positive outcomes.

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7. Irish Potato

Irish Potato is a life-saver for most people who have blood poisoning or wounds. This ingredient can make redness caused by blood poisoning go away. Besides, another symptom of this condition will be relieved successfully if you can use Irish potato as one of the most amazing home remedies for blood poisoning.

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How to apply:

  • Take an Irish Potato and wash it
  • Cut it on half before mashing a pile of mushy raw potato
  • Place a slice of it into a plastic bag to keep the juice
  • Warp the juice around the affected area

8. Slippery elm and lobelia

Slippery Elm - Home Remedies for Blood Poisoning


These are considered as one of the most amazing home remedies for blood poisoning. As earlier mentioned, bacteria from wound spreading to the blood takes responsible for the blood poisoning.

How to apply:

  • Create a paste from these herbs with their equal amount
  • Mix it with small amount of water
  • Apply this paste as bandage
  • Repeat the process until your condition gets improved

9. Herbal Infusions

Dandelion leaves, nettle and birch leaves are good ingredients to help make herbal infusion. It is highly recommended to grab a teaspoon of each herb. Then, place this mixture in boiled water. The treatment helps your body flush out the toxins inside your body triggering blood poisoning.

10. Avoid Germ

Take a note that to prevent the blood poisoning, you need to keep your unwashed hands away from some of the following contributing factors:

  • Sores, cuts, scratched places (stay away from staph infections);
  •  Mouth, face, eyes and other body parts (stay away from E. coli infections):

Don’t forget to get your hands washed when, going in and coming out of the bathroom, handling public door handles, toilet and etc.

*Disclaim: The effectiveness from applying these natural tips will be depended on the body condition of the applicant.

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