Home Remedies for Bedwetting

Home Remedies for Bedwetting

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As you know, some kids are said to be the deep sleepers, so their brain might not receive the right signal that their bladder has been already full. For this reason, bedwetting becomes a big concern I want to discuss today. Calm down – you still can help your little child stop wetting their beds with 21 effective home remedies for bedwetting as below. Let’s find out what this condition really is about!

What is Bedwetting?

It is the term used to describe a fairly common problem of small children as well as infants. It is the state of releasing urine unknowingly during sleeping.

This is a standard issue in kids, particularly in those who are under 6 years old. And wetting is quite normal for them – most kids get some degree of bladder control are said to be only 4 years old.

As you see, kids naturally get that bladder control at night, and they’re supposed to do it at various ages. According to the reliable statistics, about 7 million kids wet the bed the whole nights. After the age of 5, approximately 15% of children would keep wetting their beds, and by the age, around 95% of them are reported to be dry at night.

The standard age at which the whole bladder control would be expected to vary remarkably. Some parents think that the dryness takes place at such an early age while some others won’t come until later. This type of timeline could affect the entire culture and behaviors of the parents. Besides, there are a few factors that might affect your age at which the bedwetting is an issue that consists of the following:

  • The kid’s gender: Bedwetting occurs commonly in boys.
  • The kid’s growth and maturity
  • The kid’s generally physical and emotional health status. Chronic disease and physical abuse might cause the bedwetting.

Even though, it is embarrassing, frustrating, and sometimes stressful about wetting their beds. It often happens when they spend a night at their friends’ houses or the camp. And guess what? Most parents feel helpless to stop that from occurring, but your child who wets the bed must have both parental support and reassurance.  

Therefore, daytime control needs to come first, and then the nighttime would come later.

Well, this is a treatable condition, especially when there have been many tools, treatments, and techniques that have been developed to help your kids stay dry as always once the night comes. Besides, wet beds often leave your children the awful feelings all the time. Any impatient parent occasionally states that a kid is trying to wet his or her bed out of the laziness.

And worse than that, kids tend to be anxious that there would be something so wrong with them, particularly when it comes to the fear of wetting the beds at their friend’s place. This would cause the social awkwardness.

For some parents, they suppose that bedwetting is indeed a certain piece of their kids’ development. But getting to know more about the real causes of bedwetting will be the first step to handling such a common childhood issue.

How many types of bedwetting are there?

To be aware of what indeed causes the leak, you’re recommended to know about the specific types of bedwetting you have. This condition can be seen as primary or secondary. It’s principal when the bedwetting keeps going without a break.

Thus, if the 7-year-old male or female who has been wetting the entire bed without a break, then it’s seen as the primary bedwetting. However, if the kid hasn’t had a bedwetting event for a remarkable time, for six months at least. Next, the habit can restart, then it’s the secondary bedwetting.

What causes Bedwetting?

Before learning what kinds of home remedies for bedwetting, you should rely on, let’s find out what indeed causes that condition. Most doctors won’t know precisely what causes that bedwetting or the reason why it pauses. However, it’s usually a natural piece of the whole development, and children grow out of it. And most of the time, such a condition is not considered as a universal sign of any severe medical or emotional problem.

What causes bedwetting? Home remedies for bedwetting
What causes bedwetting?

The cause is definitely not laziness but rather because of small bladder or late bladder maturation, excessive production of urine or urinary tract infection (UTI), sometimes stress and chronic constipation, as well as the imbalance of hormone, can also be the causes [1][2][3][4].

Additionally, some kids who are heavy sleepers which make it hard for their brain to receive the signal from a full bladder. Moreover, most of the cases of bedwetting are due to inherited genes. It’s so true since the scientists have even specified some of the particular genes that are the most likely to cause the delayed bladder control at night.

Bedwetting can stop as kids grow up; however, it can embarrass your children and make them shy and afraid of social activities like slumber parties. Apart from that, according to the experts, below are also the reasons that lead to bedwetting:

  • Psychological issues. They include anxiety and stress are precisely the primary elements that will cause the secondary bedwetting. If not handling it early, it’s the most likely to become a harsh habit. And bedwetting will trigger stress, so blaming your kid will only worsen the whole situation.
  • Caffeine intake. It raises the demand to pee. When your children own any caffeinated drink before getting to the bed, the higher chances that they would end up with a full bladder by the time the night gets over.
  • The abnormalities in your nervous system. It probably causes some neurological issues that possibly have the involuntary urination as another side effect.

Diagnosis of bedwetting

Based on the situations, your doctor might suggest the following things to verify any underlying cause of the bedwetting and then help decide on the specific treatment.

  • Physical test
  • Discussion of symptoms, family history, fluid intake, bowel, bladder habits, and issues linked to bedwetting.
  • Urine examination to check for common symptoms of the infection or diabetes.
  • X-rays and other tests on the kidneys and bladder to check out the texture of the urinary tract.
  • Other kinds of urinary tract examinations or any assessment, as necessary.

Most common bedwetting suspects

However, the genetics merely tells a small part of the entire story. According to the researchers, they have specified a significant number of elements that could donate to the bedwetting. And these are still debated, but each of them acts a primary role in a few kids.

  • Postponed bladder maturation: Both brain and bladder would get in touch with each other little by little during the sleep. This process takes much longer to occur in some children.
  • Low ADH (antidiuretic hormone): This type of hormone primarily tells the kidney to create less urine. As the studies state, some children who suddenly wet the bed tend to release less of this hormone during the sleep. Note that more urine means more bedwetting.
  • Heavy sleepers: Some families reveal that their kids who wet the bed sleep more deeply than other children that don’t. Since they sleep so deeply, so their brains can’t receive the signal that the bladder has been already full.
  • Less functional bladder: Even though a kid’s exact bladder size might be ordinary throughout the sleep, it would deliver the signal that it’s already full.
  • Constipation. Bowels will press on your bladder and might trigger uncontrolled contractions during the sleep.

21 Best home remedies for bedwetting

Here are 21 most effective home remedies for bedwetting which you can apply for your kids easily in order to help them stop bedwetting as well as boost up their confidence.

1. Cinnamon

The first and simplest from home remedies for bedwetting is cinnamon. By keeping the body warm, it will reduce the chance of bedwetting.

Cinnamon - Home Remedies for Bedwetting

How to use:

  • Take a stick of cinnamon for your kids to chew once per day.
  • Take some sugar together with cinnamon powder to put on toast. Have your kids have this toast for breakfast.

For more information about the benefits and applications of cinnamon as a home remedy, please read Proven Health Benefits of Cinnamon.

2. Indian Gooseberry

The first fruit in the list of home remedies for bedwetting is Indian Gooseberry. It is believed to be the most effective treatment of bedwetting for your kids.

Indian Gooseberry - Home Remedies for Bedwetting
Indian Gooseberry

How to use:

  • Take 2 Indian gooseberries and remove the seeds. Crush them with a tablespoon of honey and some turmeric. Have your kids consume 1 tablespoon of this mixture once per day in the morning.
  • Another way is having your kids consume a teaspoon of the mixture made of Indian gooseberry pulp and a bit of powder from black pepper.

3. Massage

Abdominal Massage - Home Remedies for Bedwetting
Abdominal Massage

The easiest one from natural remedies for bedwetting which you can give your kids any time is massaging. You can take some olive oil and warm it up. Then use it to massage the lower abdomen of your kids for couples of the minute. Perform from time to time until there are positive results.

4. Cranberry Juice

This remedy is probably favored by kids and one of the highly recommended tips from those home remedies for bedwetting.

Cranberry - Home Remedies for Bedwetting

Although liquid should not be consumed for a short time before sleeping, cranberry juice can be given to your kids for at least an hour before they sleep. Perform every day for couples of the week.

In case, bedwetting is caused by urinary infection, have your kids drink ½ cup of juice 3 times per day.

Besides treating bedwetting problems, cranberry juice is also rather effective at curing vomiting condition. You can learn more about cranberry at Home Remedies for Vomiting.

5. Walnut and Raisin

These snacks can make the list of natural home remedies for bedwetting; therefore, you should not overlook its effect in decrease the bedwetting frequency.

Walnut and Raisin - Home Remedies for Bedwetting
Walnut and Raisin

How to use:

  • Have your kids consume 5 raisins and 2 walnuts before sleeping.
  • Perform for couples of the week until there are positive results.

6. Bladder Exercises

Within the list of home remedies for bedwetting, this method is the most essential and practical as it can help you improve the capacity of the bladder as well as strengthen the muscle that controls urine release [5].

How to use:

  • You can have your kids practice exercises for muscle-strengthening which help to tighten the pelvic muscles. First, make your kids hold the position for about 5 to 10 seconds then take rest for about 5 seconds. Perform the exercise 10 times for 3 turns per day.
  • You can encourage your kids to hold it in when they feel like going to the bathroom. Even though this tip will be more effective against daytime wetting accidents, it can help decrease the frequency of bedwetting accidents. This exercise will train bladder to keep a larger amount of urine without making the kids to feel the urge, which help kids restrain the urge for a couple of minute more day by day.

Note: It is not recommended to always hold it in for a long while as bladder can become the nest for bacteria to grow and develop.

7. Honey

The home remedies for bedwetting cannot leave out the versatile ingredient – honey. It is easy to take for kids due to its sweet taste.

How to use:

  • Have your kids consume a teaspoon before bed.
  • Also, have your kids consume milk mixed with some raw honey for breakfast.

Aside from bedwetting problems, honey can also help you treat another problem related to bed which is snoring. If you want to know to get rid of snoring with honey, please read Home Remedies for Snoring.

8. Apple Cider Vinegar

Another potent ingredient that you should definitely apply for your kids from the home remedies for bedwetting is apple cider vinegar. It can balance the pH level in your kids’ body and decrease the level of acid which causes this problem. Furthermore, it can treat constipation and detoxify the body altogether.

How to use:

  • Take 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar into some water.
  • Add in some honey based on taste.
  • Have your kids consume the mixture each meal.

Plus, apple cider vinegar is also well known for its ability to treat shingles. Read more about the detail at Home Remedies for Shingles.

9. Mustard Seeds

For kids who have bedwetting problems due to urinary tract infection, there is one tip from home remedies for bedwetting that are extremely effective, which is mustard seeds.

Mustard Seeds - Home Remedies for Bedwetting
Mustard Seeds

How to use:

  • Take ½ teaspoon of mustard seeds into some warm milk.
  • Have your kids consume the milk at least an hour before bed.

10. Jaggery

The warm effect it brings for your kids’ body is the reason why it makes into the list of home remedies for bedwetting. Similar to cinnamon, it can help warm up the body, thus get rid of bedwetting problem.

How to use:

  • Have your kids eat a piece of jaggery together with milk every morning.
  • After an hour, you can have your kids consume some roasted sesame seeds and celery seeds with a bit of rock salt.
  • Perform every day for 2 months.

11. Fennel Seeds

Fennel Seeds - Home Remedies for Bedwetting
Fennel Seeds

If you are wondering how to get rid of bedwetting, you should have your kids take some warm milk with a teaspoon of fennel seeds and 2 tablespoons of syrup. Perform every day for your kids in order to improve the treatment of bedwetting.

12. Banana

Another way for how to get rid of bedwetting is that you encourage your kids to eat 2 to 3 bananas per day as it can significantly improve bedwetting treatment of your kids.

13. Pumpkin Seeds

Did you know that pumpkin seeds are one of the worth-to-try home remedies for bedwetting? By consuming a ground-up number of these seeds about once or twice per day will calm down your irritated bladder.

The diuretic functions from pumpkin seeds can promote the production of urine while they are not awake. Therefore, this treatment of bedwetting should be used in the daytime in order to encourage the urine production so that your kids can practice bladder muscles more during the day.

14. Parents Attitude and Support

Parents Attitude and Support - Home Remedies for Bedwetting
Parents Attitude and Support

It is extremely important to not scold your kids when there are bedwetting accidents. Instead, you should be gentle and explain to them it is a common problem and they can fix it themselves. After understanding, they will be ready to perform those home remedies for bedwetting in order to quickly get rid of this problem [6][7].

15. Appreciation and Reward

Kids are easy to be pleased and will try their best in order to be appreciated. Saying “We’re truly proud of you for trying these diapers at night” would be one of the most effective home remedies for bedwetting in reality.

Apart from that, you can give promise that the kids will be rewarded if they can keep their bed dry. It will be much easier if the kids are willing to perform on their own and they will make the best effort to not wet their bed so that they can get rewards. However, you need to keep a promise to avoid reverse effects.

16. Fluid restriction

Another easy and simple way out of these home remedies for bedwetting you can use is the fluid restriction. This is exactly when you have to lower the amount your child drinks in the late afternoon and the evening. It could help your child ask how to use the bathroom before he or she goes to the bed.

Also, remember that use the bathroom during the day would be an important thing. Such a thing will help your kid keep a great routine.

The fluid limitation can’t be made to appear like punishment. It needs to be carried out in a smart manner. Make sure to utilize a smaller glass than usual for liquids in the evening. Let’s use caution in the extremely hot weather to dodge the dehydration.

17. Bedwetting alarm

It’s widely known as the bell and pad method, which has been proven to be quite effective as compared to other home remedies for bedwetting. The overall success rate is around 70%. This method just works the best with kids who are a bit older and motivated. Using a moisture-sensitive pad that is put under the kid will be the best thing to do at this time.

At the same time, you should use the alarm sounds as the pad turns wet. All the members of the family are committed to the process.

The sound of the alarm may wake them during the night. Most children sleep through the alarm. But they tend to stop urinating when it sounds. Besides, a parent needs to assist the kid in their bathroom to finish. Note that any damp sheet or pajama needs to be changed instantly. Try to reset the alarm and your kid would be able to get back to bed.

Such a therapy tends to aid some kids in sleeping through the night without urination. Others probably keep getting up throughout the night to avail the bathroom. And this is called the nocturia. The period of treatment can vary among kids. It takes two weeks to many months. Don’t try to utilize this method for over three months. If the kid can’t improve for this length of time, then just stop the cure. Let’s try it again once the kid gets older.

18. Herbal tea

Have you ever heard of tea as one of the best home remedies for bedwetting before? Let’s mix one tablespoon of this herb in the dried form in 8.oz of water. Make it soaked for 20 minutes for the optimal results. Try a concoction including bearberry, horsetail, and oak bark to dodge the flow of your kid’s urine during the sleep.

Tea is often good for kid’s health, but it can’t be prescribed to any child who is under the age of two or those who are currently taking the antidepressants. Also, don’t forget to massage the oily form of tea for one hour before letting your child go to sleep since it’s quite beneficial.

19. Lemon balm

The herb is quite helpful for making the kid as calm as possible among the other home remedies for bedwetting. It’s pretty good in the treatment of bedwetting and decreasing the general urine frequency.

Any leave of lemon balm should be applied over the kid’s lower back for 2 times a day. Doing so can help a lot in curing your bedwetting. Besides, consuming lemon balm tea is a great herbal remedy in case you don’t know.

20. Causticum

This is supposed to be one of the most popular home remedies for bedwetting. It can be eaten in the initial few hours of sleep. And it needs to be consumed right at the moment when the kid has to suffer from the sneeze, allergy, or a cough from food.

21. Jaggery

Out of my top home remedies for bedwetting, jaggery is something you can’t miss. Twenty grams of jaggery are recommended to be offered to your child in the daily morning. Only give a half of teaspoon of celery seeds together with a small amount of rock salt after an hour of eating jaggery. Apply this routine for one time per week for a constant period of a month.


Bedwetting is a common condition that every kid under the age of 5 or 6 years experiences. As usual, this issue can resolve itself on its own, but in some rare cases, you still have to use some home remedies for bedwetting above to help them curb it or remove it for good. And last but not least, let’s train your kid to urinate before going to bed.

*Disclaim: The effectiveness from applying these natural tips will be depended on the body condition of the applicant.

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