Home Remedies for Anorexia

Home Remedies for Anorexia

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What is Anorexia?

Anorexia or in full medical term Anorexia Nervosa is an eating disorder problem which arises from a persistent digestive issue and results in a severe loss of body weight. Anorexia used to be observed from adolescent women; however, the target age gap has broadened from youngest as 7 years old to oldest as 80 years old. Furthermore, Anorexia is getting more and more popular with men and boys [1][2][3].

Symptoms of Anorexia

People with Anorexia can be diagnosed from various symptoms ranging from emotional, social and psychological to physical aspects.

  • Deny acknowledging the acceptable minimal weight
  • Even though being underweight, still having fear for obesity constantly
  • Withdraw from social life together with depression
  • Trouble sleeping and having fatigue
  • Low energy for attention and concentration
  • Having difficulties interacting with people
  • Being obsessed with foods
  • No or little self-perception
  • Experience regular swings in behavior, mood or personality
  • Emphasize or stressing importantly on the perfection of physical outer appearance
  • Few other symptoms can be listed such as loss of hair, fragile nails, dry skin and irregularity in menstrual cycle as well as low blood pressure.

People with Anorexia often possess symptoms such as unusual low in body weight, fear gaining weight constantly together with abnormal perception about body weight. Therefore, anorexia people tend to suffer loss in appetite and cannot keep a normal diet properly [4].

What causes Anorexia?

  • Hormones and genetics can be a factor which contributes to the development of anorexia
  • Pressure excessively from society about the standard of looking attractive and thin
  • Anorexia is also observed on people who get obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)
  • For people who obsessed with losing weight or maintaining the weight low, they can resort to such methods as eat very few calories per day, comply with strange diet or excessively exercise.
  • Extreme case can be seen with the use of diuretics or laxatives, even try to get the food out of the body by inducing vomit consciously.

Anorexia can lead to various severe problems such as abnormal heart rates, imbalance of body electrolytes, bone loss and anemia together with kidney issues, etc. [4][5][6][7]

The complication of Anorexia is that people who diagnosed with the problem do not acknowledge it. Therefore, the treatment will require psychology with the objective of changing the appetite and diet of the patients back to normal.

The treatment process for Anorexia patients requires the observation of professional doctors. However, there are home remedies which can effectively support the Anorexia treatment.

Here are top 10 natural home remedies for anorexia which you can easily apply at home in order to help you in curing the symptoms of anorexia and improve your health overall…

1. Garlic

One of the best home remedies for Anorexia and many other diseases is garlic. Garlic can help stimulating appetite as well as secreting juices in order to keep the digestive system healthy [8].

Rosated garlic - Home Remedies for Anorexia

How to use:

  • Chop 3 to 4 cloves of garlic finely
  • Boil the garlic with 1 cup of water
  • Add a bit of rock salt together with 2 tablespoons of lemon juice
  • Consume the liquid twice per day for couples of week

Garlic has always been an excellent home remedy for many diseases. You can find out more at: Home Remedies for Toenail Fungus.

2. Ginger

Similar as garlic, ginger is also an appetite stimulant which helps you not skipping meals. Moreover, ginger is nerve-calming and good for stress and anxiety reduction. Accordingly, it is worth to try to instantly treat Anorexia [9][10].

Ginger cookie - Home Remedies for Anorexia

How to use:

  • Eat ½ teaspoon of ginger which is finely chopped with a bit of rock salt. Remember to eat 30 minutes before the daily meals for couples of week
  • Mix ½ teaspoon of ginger paste, some lemon juice with a bit of black pepper powder and asafetida. Consume on empty stomach once per day for couples of week
  • Another method with ginger is consuming ginger tea few times per day.

Ginger is great for improving your health as well as curing uncomfortable illnesses such as cough or sore throat. You can find out more at: Home Remedies for Cough and Sore Throat.

3. Oranges

Oranges - Home Remedies for Anorexia

Another appetite stimulant for treating Anorexia is oranges. It also acts as a boost for your digestive health. Oranges is essential for cleansing the digestive system, so that you can find the hungry feeling. Furthermore, oranges’ smell is good for calming the nerves, fighting against anxiety and depression [11][12][13].

How to use:

  • Consume few oranges or few glasses of fresh juice every day. In order to increase the appetite, add a bit of rock salt, black pepper or lemon juice.
  • For mood changing, try breath in the smell of orange peels

Oranges are easy to find; however, it is a great home remedies for such problems as indigestion or canker sores. You can find out more at: Home Remedies for Canker Sores and Indigestion.

4. Mint

Mint with its strong and unique taste together with luring aroma is also a great treatment for Aneroxia. Additionally, mint can heal emotional stress [14][15].

Peppermint - Home Remedies for Anorexia

How to use:

  • Consume 2 teaspoons of extracted juice every morning
  • Consume mint tea several times per day. Prepare mint tea using 2 teaspoons of dry leaves with a glass of hot water. Let the leaves stay for 10 minutes before drinking.

5. Lemon Balm

Lemon Balm is known as a nerve tonic as well as a mild relaxant which is good for your appetite, help reducing anxiety and stress [16].

How to use:

  • Prepare 1 teaspoon of dried lemon balm and a glass of hot water
  • Dip and steep the lemon balm for 5 to 10 minutes in hot water
  • Consumer twice per day for couples of week

Note: Avoid excessively using this herb as it might create anxiety.

6. Herbal Tea

Such herbal teas as Green, Chamomile, Thyme and Sage tea is excellent for fighting fatigue, anxiety and stress. Besides stimulating appetite, it also helps improving mental focus as well as maintaining energy and hydration [17][18][19].

Thyme tea - Home Remedies for Anorexia

To treat Anorexia, it is best to consume 1 to 2 cups of tea every day to maintain your fluid intake as well as improve your appetite.

7. Massage

Apply massage therapy twice every week can help reducing Anorexia’s symptoms. It also encourages the production of norepinephrine and dopamine which is essential for a healthy body [20].

The best massage for Anorexia people is the remedial massage. This kind of therapeutic massage is about manipulating systematically the soft tissues in your body. Get the massage done by professional therapist for 3 to 4 times per week.

You can try applying massage yourself on your body parts such as shoulders, neck and back as well as feet’s bottom with coconut or olive oil. Apply this home remedy for Anorexia before bedtime is great for reducing anxiety and relaxing.

8. Yoga

Yoga - Home Remedies for Anorexia

Yoga is an excellent adjunctive therapy for fighting against the emotional symptoms of Anorexia [21].

There are several yoga poses which are effective for Anorexia treatment such as Squat Pose, Mountain Pose, Locust Pose, Pigeon Pose, Crab Pose and Goddess Pose.

You should practice those poses from professional yoga trainers for proper treatment of Anorexia.

9. Acupressure and Acupuncture

These two methods are very effective for relaxing and promoting well-being which can help treating the eating disorder problems [22][23].

Acupressure and Acupuncture are said to be great at improving people’s subjective sense about their own well-being which is essential for Anorexia treatments.

Several Acupressure and Acupuncture points for treatment are Yanglingquan, Neiguan, Taichong Zusanli and Hegu.

10. Meditation

Similar to Yoga, Meditation is effective for treating Anorexia as it also helps eliminating negative thinking and relaxing your body.

How to use:

  • There are different positions for meditation such as standing, sitting or even lying down, then concentrates on your breath rhythm
  • Keep repeating a mantra or phrase

It is important to keep out of stressful thought while in meditation. Furthermore, there are several meditation clubs or groups for you to participate in case you find difficulties practicing on your own.

Extra Tips:

  • Go to group therapy on regular basis
  • Put effort into following your meal plans despite of being uncomfortable
  • Create a habit of having breakfast every day, then having small meals during the day because it is great for your health
  • Vegetable soups are great appetizers for starting meals. Vegetable or fruit salad in each meal is also excellent for Anorexia treatment.
  • Spicy foods are good for Anorexia as it creates strong appetite.
  • Almonds and walnuts are good for promoting emotionally healthy when consuming daily.
  • Take nutrient supplement for restoring normal weight and creating healthy diet after consulting with professional doctors.
  • Consume various fluids daily for energizing and maintaining hydration.
  • Recovery process will need extreme encouragement and support from families and friends.
  • Parents should be responsible for leading children on healthy lifestyles.
  • Parents also need to help their children practice positive thinking by giving constructive criticisms and compliments.
*Disclaim: The effectiveness from applying these natural tips will be depended on the body condition of the applicant.

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